100+ Baby Names That Mean Friend

In many cultures, the role of a friend is seen as an important and cherished one. Friends are there to support us, make us laugh, and stand by our side through thick and thin.

It’s no surprise that many parents choose to give their children names that mean friend.

These names hold a special meaning and often reflect the qualities we look for in our closest companions.

Here are some beautiful names that mean friends and their origins.

Baby Boy Names That Mean Friend

Baby Boy Names That Mean Friend

Alden – An evocative Old English name that conveys the warmth and enduring quality of an “old friend,” perfect for someone valued for their deep and lasting relationships.

Alvin – Originating as a variant of the Old English name “Ælfin”, Alvin carries the enchanting meaning of “elf friend”, hinting at a mystical and loyal companionship.

Amit – This name has its roots in the ancient Sanskrit language, meaning “infinite, boundless”. It beautifully captures the essence of an unending friendship and is often associated with the unbreakable bonds between friends.

Buddy – A distinctly modern American name that straightforwardly means a close friend or companion, reflecting a casual and approachable personality.

Dakota – With origins in Native American culture, Dakota means “friendly one”, embodying warmth and approachability, and is often associated with a welcoming and kind-hearted spirit.

Damon – This name of Greek origin symbolizes a loyal friend, famously celebrated in the story of Damon and Pythias, making it synonymous with trust and loyalty.

Edwin – Hailing from English roots, Edwin means “rich friend”, suggesting not only material wealth but also the richness of character and generosity towards friends.

Eldwin – Similar to Edwin, Eldwin has its foundation in Old English, meaning “old friend”, which evokes a sense of enduring friendship that stands the test of time.

Euston – An English name with a deeply emotional connotation, meaning “heart’s friend”, perfect for someone who forms deep emotional connections.

Farrell – This Irish name translates to “heroic friend”, ideal for a child characterized by a strong spirit and loyalty, embodying the qualities of a hero in friendship.

Ferdinand – With its origins in German, Ferdinand means “bold voyager” or “adventurous friend”, perfect for someone who loves adventure and is always ready for new experiences with friends.

Garwin – An English name meaning “spear friend”, which may hint at a protective characteristic of the bearer towards their friends, symbolizing loyalty and defense.

Gilbert – With Germanic roots, Gilbert means “trusted friend”, a name that stands for strength, reliability, and the profound trust placed in a true friend.

Hamza – Arabic for “strong, steadfast friend”, this name is perfect for someone who showcases resilience and unwavering support in friendship.

Ishir – A unique and powerful name of Sanskrit origin, meaning “powerful, strong friend”, ideal for someone who provides strength and support to their companions.

Jeb – Rooted in biblical tradition, Jeb is a concise name that translates to “beloved friend”, embodying warmth and affection in friendships.

Jedidiah – Also biblical in origin, meaning “beloved friend”, Jedidiah is a name that signifies deep affection and a cherished companionship.

Jonathan – Hebrew for “God has given”, often interpreted as “gift from God to my friend”, reflecting the precious nature of the friendship.

Khalil – Arabic for “close friend”, Khalil is a name that signifies deep bonding and closeness between friends, often used to denote someone very dear.

Kiernan – This Irish name means “little dark one”, possibly referring to physical characteristics or symbolizing a mysterious charm.

Leofwine – An Old English name meaning “beloved friend”, perfect for someone who brings joy, love, and light to the lives of those around them, embodying the essence of cherished companionship.

Levin – A variant of the name Leofwine, meaning “dear friend”, Levin carries the same warmth and affection, suitable for someone highly valued in friendships.

Livingston – A Scottish name meaning “dear friend’s estate”, which not only symbolizes a strong, enduring bond but also the idea of legacy and lasting friendship.

Mykelti – A modern American name signifying “my friend”, reflecting a personal and intimate connection with the bearer’s friends.

Nadim – Of Arabic origin, meaning “intimate friend”, highlighting the deep and cherished nature of the friendship, perfect for someone who is a confidant and close companion.

Nigel – With roots in Irish and Latin, Nigel means “champion friend”, ideal for someone who stands out as a protector and champion for their friends.

Nolan – Of Irish and Gaelic origin, this name means “noble, renowned friend”, symbolizing someone who is distinguished and valued highly in their friendships.

Norvin – A diminutive of Norman, meaning “northman’s friend” or “northerner”, which could reflect heritage or characteristic loyalty and warmth.

Omar – Arabic in origin, signifying “long-lived friend”, representing a friendship that is enduring and stands the test of time, reflecting loyalty and longevity.

Oswin – An Old English name meaning “god’s friend”, perfect for someone who embodies kindness, compassion, and a godly spirit of friendship.

Philos – An Ancient Greek name meaning “loving friend”, suitable for someone who exudes warmth, love, and care towards their friends.

Philemon – A Greek name translating to “loving friend”, representing someone with a kind, compassionate personality, who values and nurtures their friendships.

Rafe – Of English and Scandinavian origin, meaning “wise friend”, ideal for someone known for their wisdom and sage advice in friendships.

Raymond – Derived from Germanic elements meaning “protecting friend”; a name that epitomizes loyalty, protection, and dependability in a companion.

Reuel – Biblical in origin, meaning “friend of God”, suitable for someone who has a deep spiritual connection and is seen as a friend to all.

Sadik – Turkish for “loyal friend”, emphasizing steadfastness, loyalty, and unshakeable trust within the bond of friendship.

Samir – An Arabic name meaning “companion in evening talk” or “friend of the night”, perfect for someone who is a cherished confidant during late-night conversations.

Sebastian – Derived from the Greek word for “venerable friend” or “revered one”, indicating someone who is deeply respected and cherished in friendship.

Sigfred – Of Scandinavian origin, meaning “victory peace” or “peaceful friend”, suitable for someone who brings peace and harmony to their friendships.

Swithin – Old English for “strong friend”, indicating someone who provides strength and support to their friends, symbolizing a solid and dependable companion.

Theophilus – A Greek name that translates to “loved by God” or “friend of God”, reflecting a divine connection and a compassionate, loving nature.

Winslow – Of English origin, translating to “hill of friendship”, symbolizing a strong foundation and high aspirations within the realm of friendship.

Yadid – Hebrew for “beloved friend”, embodying the essence of cherished, deep, and affectionate friendships.

Zephyr -A Greek name meaning “west wind”, symbolizing a person who brings refreshing change and new beginnings to friendships, like a rejuvenating breeze.

Bedwyn – Of Welsh origin, this unique name translates to “birch tree friend”, hinting at someone who is steady, reliable, and deeply rooted in their friendships, offering shelter and support.

Baby Girl Names That Mean Friend

Amita – This name is derived from the Sanskrit language, embodying the concept of “infinite friendship”, making it a profound choice for someone who values deep, enduring connections.

Anissa – Originating from Arabic, Anissa stands for “friendly”, a simple yet powerful testament to warmth and approachability.

Belle – With its roots in French, Belle translates directly to “beautiful, lovely friend”, perfectly capturing the essence of inner and outer beauty in friendship.

Bellamy – This chic French name means “beautiful friend”, offering a stylish yet deeply meaningful option for a girl’s name.

Bethany – Of Hebrew origin, Bethany means “house of figs”, a term often associated with a welcoming place where friends gather and share life together.

Cara – In the romantic Italian language, Cara means “beloved friend”, highlighting the cherished and loved nature of the bond between friends.

Damica – A unique feminine variant of the name Damon, which means “to tame a friend”, suggesting a friendship that brings peace and calm.

Dakota – A name that is equally meaningful for boys and girls, Dakota signifies “friendly one”, embodying an open and welcoming spirit.

Davina – With Scottish and Hebrew roots, Davina means “beloved friend” or “cherished”, emphasizing the deep affection held for close companions.

Edwina – A feminine form of Edwin, Edwina carries the meaning “rich friend”, suggesting wealth not in material terms but in the richness of relationships.

Elvia – Spanish for “loved friend”, Elvia is a token of deep affection and closeness in a friendship.

Farrah – Originating from Arabic, Farrah conveys the joy and happiness of “joyful, friend” or “one who rejoices”, perfect for someone who brings light and joy to others’ lives.

Khalida – This Arabic name means “eternal friend”, symbolizing an undying and everlasting friendship that withstands the test of time.

Leala – In French, Leala signifies “loyal friend”, a testament to unwavering loyalty and steadfast support in a friendship.

Mina – With German and Persian roots, Mina carries a dual meaning: “love” in German and “blue glass” in Persian, symbolizing the clarity, purity, and depth of a heartfelt friendship.

Mira – In Sanskrit, Mira means “ocean”, representing vastness and depth, but in Latin, it signifies “wonderful friend”, blending the notions of wonder and friendship.

Nita – Of Spanish and Native American origin, Nita means “graceful friend”, highlighting the elegance and grace that a true friend brings to one’s life.

Phila – A variant of Philos, Phila represents a loving and caring friendship, one that is nurturing and tender.

Philippa – The feminine form of Philip, meaning “lover of horses”, Philippa is also associated with the qualities of friendship, suggesting a strong and adventurous spirit.

Raya – In Hebrew, Raya simply means “friend”, a straightforward yet powerful acknowledgment of the role of friendship.

Rayna – Of Slavic origin, Rayna means “peaceful friend”, embodying the tranquility and calm that a true friend can offer in turbulent times.

Reuelle – A variation of Reuel, Reuelle means “friend of God”, indicating a divine connection or a spiritually profound friendship.

Ruth – Of Hebrew origin, Ruth signifies “companion” or “friend”, a name that has come to represent loyalty and devotion through the biblical story of Ruth and Naomi.

Safia – Derived from Arabic, Safia means “pure friend”, ideal for a girl with a kind and pure heart, who shines brightly in her friendships.

Sakha – A unique and meaningful name in Sanskrit, Sakha means “friend”, emphasizing the importance of companionship and connection.

Salima – Derived from Arabic, meaning “safe, healthy friend”, Salima embodies the protective and nurturing aspects of friendship, ensuring well-being and safety.

Salma – Arabic for “peaceful”, Salma perfectly captures the essence of a harmonious and serene friend, one who brings peace and calm to those around her.

Shafaq – An Arabic name that translates to “tender-hearted friend”, Shafaq evokes the image of a compassionate and caring individual who is always there to support their friends.

Tada – Derived from Japanese, Tada means “loyal and faithful friend”, highlighting the virtues of loyalty and fidelity in a strong, enduring friendship.

Valda – A powerful Germanic name meaning “powerful, ruler”, Valda is also associated with the strength found within deep friendships, offering support and guidance.

Venna – A variant of the name “Venna”, suggesting “friend” in several cultures, Venna is a versatile and globally appealing choice that resonates with the universal value of friendship.

Vida – A Slavic name that signifies “beloved friend”, Vida is a celebration of love and friendship, honoring the cherished bond between close companions.

Winifred – Of Welsh origin, meaning “blessed peacemaking” or “fair friend”, Winifred combines the notions of peace, fairness, and friendship in a beautiful and meaningful way.

Winola – A combination of the names “Winifred” and “Viola”, meaning “fair friend” and “violet”, Winola is a poetic and visually evocative name that suggests delicacy and depth in friendship.

Yaffa – Hebrew for “beautiful, lovely friend”, Yaffa is a celebration of beauty, both internal and external, in the context of friendship.

Zara – Arabic for “princess”, Zara is widely perceived as a friendly, approachable name, suggesting a regal yet warm and inviting personality.

Amico – In the beautiful Italian language, Amico stands out with its simple and pure meaning of “friend”, reflecting the warmth and closeness of friendships that transcend boundaries.

Arne – With roots in Scandinavian lore, Arne embodies a dual essence of “eagle” and “friend”, symbolizing both freedom and companionship in one powerful name.

Arya – Hailing from Sanskrit, Arya meaning “a noble friend” is a testament to the noble qualities of integrity, honesty, and loyalty found in true friendship.

Balthasar – This German name, Balthasar, resonates with the spirit of protection, being “protector of the people” and encourages a sense of bold guardianship amongst friends.

Bud – Quintessentially English, Bud is a term of endearment, drawing from “buddy” to highlight the informal yet profound bond between close friends.

Camara – In various African languages, Camara signifies “teacher” or “friend”, promoting the idea of friendship as a learning and growing experience.

Camryn – Of Irish origin, Camryn bridges the physical and the emotional with its meaning “crooked nose” and “friend”, suggesting the acceptance of imperfections within friendship.

Corbin – Corbin, a French name, carries the essence of “raven” and “friend”, invoking the intelligence and mysterious bond shared among friends.

Damon – Rooted in Greek, Damon stands for “one who is faithful”, encapsulating the virtue of unwavering faithfulness and loyalty in friendship.

Gender-neutral Names That Mean Friend

Alvy – A name of English and Scandinavian origin, this charming name means “friend of the elves” or “elf friend,” suggesting a magical and endearing quality, perfect for a child with a lively imagination and a love for fantasy.

Dakota – With its roots in Native American culture, Dakota means “friendly one,” a name that embodies the spirit of friendship and harmony. It’s an ideal choice for a child expected to grow up valuing connections with others and spreading kindness.

Dustin – Originating from Old Norse and Germanic roots, Dustin carries the meaning “brave warrior/friend.” It combines elements of courage and camaraderie, making it a strong, yet friendly name choice for a boy.

Edin – This unisex name comes from Old English origins and means “rich friend.” It suggests not only wealth in the material sense but also in the richness of relationships, making it a sophisticated and meaningful name for any child.

Hollis – An English name meaning “friendly one” or “kind-hearted,” Hollis is another name that captures the essence of kindness and the ease of making friends. It’s a fitting choice for a child with a gentle spirit and a warm heart.

Mishi – Derived from Native American culture, Mishi signifies “friendship.” It’s a simple yet profound name, reminding us of the importance of building strong bonds and cherishing our connections with others.

Nefertari – An ancient Egyptian name, Nefertari means “beautiful companion” or “friend of God.” It evokes images of grace and divinity, suitable for a child with a strong presence and a kind soul.

Odele – A variation of Odila, Odele means “wealthy friend.” This name speaks to prosperity in life and relationships, offering a unique choice with a touch of elegance and a promise of friendship.

Quinn – Originally an Irish surname meaning “descendant of Conn,” Quinn has also come to be associated with “queen” in Gaelic and “counsel or friendship” in Arabic. It’s a versatile name that balances heritage with the contemporary appeal of gender neutrality.

Rei – A Japanese name that signifies “friend,” Rei is concise yet powerful, embodying the simplicity and beauty of friendship in just three letters. It’s an excellent choice for a child who brings people together.

Renny – Stemming from Old English, Renny is a name for someone who is cheerful and friendly. It conjures images of a person always ready with a smile, making it perfect for a jovial and approachable child.

Rowan – Of Celtic origin, Rowan means “little red one” or “friendly.” It’s a name that carries a hint of mystique and charm, ideal for a child who is both unique and warmly sociable.

Bottom Line!

From classic names like William and Elizabeth to more unique ones like Winola and Corbin, there are endless options for choosing a name that embodies the essence of friendship.

These names not only carry beautiful meanings but also serve as a reminder of the importance of strong relationships in our lives.

Moreover, with gender-neutral names gaining popularity, there are many options available for those who want to break away from traditional gender norms and celebrate the power of friendship.

Ultimately, no matter what name you choose for your child, may it serve as a constant reminder of the value of true friendship and inspire them to be a great friend themselves.

After all, as the saying goes, “A true friend is one soul in two bodies.” 

Let’s celebrate the spirit of friendship with the names we give our children, letting these names remind us of the value of love, trust, and companionship.

Happy naming!

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