110 Baby Names That Mean Giant

Step into the world of the colossal, the mighty, and the grandiose! 🌍✨

Whether you’re penning a high-fantasy novel, naming a character in your next epic game or looking for baby names that will make him or her stand tall in society.

Names that mean Giant carry a weight and power unlike any other.

If you’d like to give your baby a name that means giant, perhaps you’ll like the names Mira, Orion or Atlas. For example, Tytianna is a name of Greek origin meaning “giant woman.”  Similarly, the name Fafnir comes from Norse mythology and means “giant wolf.”

Discover 110 names that embody the spirit of these larger-than-life beings, and let your imagination take flight. 🚀🔥

So why not explore this list and add a bit of magic to your baby’s name? These names are perfect for parents who want their child to stand tall in life, with strength, courage and a hint of mystery.

And who knows, maybe your little one will grow up to become a true titan among men and women.

Baby Names That Mean Giant

Baby Names That Mean Giant

  • Titan – Greek mythological giants who ruled the world before Olympians.
  • Briareos – Greek mythology inspiration, one of the Hecatoncheires, giants with a hundred hands.
  • Goliath – Well-known Bible giant symbolizing strength.
  • Iliana – Greek name meaning “Trojan,” tied to grand Trojan heroes depicted as giants.
  • Kapre – From Philippine folklore, a giant amid the trees.
  • Lug – Irish deity often seen as a giant in folklore.
  • Nephilim – Ancient Hebrew name for legendary giants.
  • Orion – Greek mythology’s giant huntsman, a constellation in the sky.
  • Polyphemus – Notable from Greek mythology, a Cyclops giant.
  • Quinametzin – In Aztec myth, giants preceding humans.
  • Skrymir – Norse mythology giant who tested Thor with illusions.
  • Talos – Giant bronze man in Greek myth guarding Crete.
  • Uk – Celtic origin name for a mythological giant of immense strength.
  • Vimana – Sanskrit for “measuring out,” linked to giant mythical structures.
  • Wendigo – Algonquian folklore giant with insatiable hunger.
  • Xing Tian – Chinese myth’s headless giant who fought even after decapitation.
  • Ymir – Norse creation being and giant.
  • Zirnitra – Slavic dragon god, often depicted as a giant symbolizing the mystical.
  • Atlas – Greek myth’s Titan bearing the heavens, symbolizing the burden of the world.
  • Argus – A name of Greek origin, referring to a giant with a hundred eyes.
  • Balor – From Irish mythology, Balor is a fearsome giant known for his deadly eye.
  • Cyclops – Originating from Greek mythology, refers to one-eyed giants.
  • Daidalos – Greek name symbolizing grandeur and complexity.
  • Etan – Hebrew name meaning “firm”, associated with giant strength.
  • Fomor – Reference to dark, powerful Fomorians in Irish mythology.
  • Gargantua – Inspired by giant from Rabelais’ novels, symbolizing immense size and appetite.
  • Herakles – Greek hero often depicted as giant for superhuman strength.
  • Igor – Old Norse name meaning “warrior”, conveying giant might.
  • Jotunn – From Norse mythology, relating to Jotnar, a giant race.
  • Kumbhakarna – Hindu mythological giant known for enormous size and strength.
  • Loki – Norse trickster god, father of many giant offspring.
  • Mimas – Giant in Greek mythology, one of Titans who fought Olympians.
  • Nalakuvara – Hindu mythological giant blessed with immense strength.
  • Osiris – Egyptian god often towering over mortals.
  • Porphyrion – Strongest Giant in Greek mythology, rebelled against gods.
  • Quirinus – Roman god depicted as towering figure, symbolizing strength.
  • Ravana – Legendary emperor in Hindu mythology, giant with ten heads.
  • Surtur – Norse giant presiding over fiery world of Muspelheim.
  • Typhon – Most deadly monster of Greek mythology, giant and father of monstrous offspring.

Unusual Rare Baby Names That Mean Giant

  • Alcyoneus – A name from Greek mythology, one of the giants who challenged the gods.
  • Brontes – Meaning “thunder”, from Greek mythology, one of the Cyclopes giants.
  • Cottus – One of the Hecatoncheires in Greek mythology, giants with a hundred hands.
  • Dunlend – Inspired by the vast and mighty landscapes, connoting a giant presence.
  • Ephialtes – Another giant from Greek mythology who attempted to storm Olympus.
  • Fafnir – In Norse mythology, a dwarf who turned into a mighty dragon-giant.
  • Goliard – A name that suggests largeness and robustness, reminiscent of the biblical giant Goliath.
  • Humbaba – From Mesopotamian mythology, a giant guard of the cedar forest.
  • Iapetus – A Titan from Greek mythology, often considered a giant figure.
  • Jumbo – Deriving from the historical giant elephant, symbolizing great size.
  • Kaiju – A Japanese term meaning “strange beast,” often depicting giant monsters.
  • Lestrigon – From Greek mythology, a cannibal giant encountered by Odysseus.
  • Muirchu – An old Gaelic name implying ‘sea giant’ or ‘great hound.’
  • Nephilim – Biblical giants, offspring of the “sons of God” and the “daughters of men”.
  • Otus – A giant from Greek mythology known for his great height and strength.
  • Polybotes – A Greek mythological giant, one of the opponents of the Olympian gods.
  • Quellan – Suggesting enormity and power, akin to the might of a giant.
  • Rukh – Inspired by the mythical bird of enormous size, denoting giant-like qualities.
  • Sphyrna – Greek for “hammer”, alluding to the giant hammerhead shark and symbolizing strength.
  • Thyrm – From Norse mythology, a giant known for stealing Thor’s hammer.

Unique Baby Names That Mean Giant

  • Aegir – Norse mythology’s giant associated with the sea.
  • Belobog – Slavic myth’s white god, depicted as a giant bringing light and sun.
  • Caligorant – A mythical giant from medieval legends, symbolizing vastness.
  • Deucalion – In Greek mythology, a figure who survived a great flood, towering in resilience.
  • Eurytus – A giant famed for his archery skills in Greek mythology.
  • Frosti – Norse name meaning “frost giant,” indicative of immense power and stature.
  • Gerd – Norse mythology’s giantess embodying nature’s grandeur.
  • Hrungnir – A formidable giant defeated by Thor in Norse mythology, symbolizing strength.
  • Inguma – Euskera myth’s giant that symbolizes the mystery of the night.
  • Jiraiya – From Japanese folklore, a character of towering skill and ability.
  • Kanipinikassikueu – The giant from Native American folklore known for controlling weather.
  • Ladon – A dragon giant that guarded the golden apples in Greek mythology.
  • Mastema – Hebraic lore’s giant who tests faith, representing daunting challenges.
  • Ningirsu – A Sumerian god, often depicted as a towering protector of the city.
  • Og – Biblical giant king, symbolizing formidable power and legacy.
  • Pallas – A giant of wisdom and warfare in Greek mythology.
  • Quox – A name from L. Frank Baum’s universe, representing a mysterious giant.
  • Repheaim – Biblical term for an ancient race of giants.
  • Skadi – Norse giantess goddess of winter and mountains, symbolizing immense power and independence.
  • Tityos – A famed giant from Greek mythology, punished in the underworld for his hubris.

Literature-Inspired Baby Names That Mean Giant

  • Argante – Inspired by a character in Arthurian legend, known for her towering presence.
  • Brobdingnag – From Jonathan Swift‘s “Gulliver’s Travels”, a land of giants.
  • Cormoran – The giant from English folklore, notably in “Jack the Giant Killer”.
  • Dorimare – From Lud-in-the-Mist by Hope Mirrlees, suggesting a vast, giant-like magic.
  • Eldorado – Symbolizing the immense riches and size of the mythical land in various literature.
  • Fezzik – The beloved giant from “The Princess Bride” by William Goldman.
  • Gargamelle – Gargantua’s mother in Rabelais’ novels, embodying immense size.
  • Hagrid – The lovable half-giant from J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series.
  • Iliaster – Inspired by the expansive universe in Philip Pullman’s works.
  • Jotnar – Referencing giants in Neil Gaiman’s “Norse Mythology”.
  • Kilgharrah – The great dragon from “Merlin,” symbolizing a giant’s wisdom and power.
  • Lennie – From John Steinbeck’s “Of Mice and Men,” reflecting innocent strength.
  • Morion – A giant character from Renaissance literature, representing might and valor.
  • Nimrod – A mighty hunter before the Lord, often depicted as a giant-like figure in literature.
  • Oromis – A character from Christopher Paolini’s Eragon series, reflecting ancient, towering wisdom.
  • Pantagruel – Son of Gargantua in Rabelais’ novels, a giant in both size and intellect.
  • Quellerina – A fictional giant from lesser-known fairy tales, symbolizing strength and kindness.
  • Rog – Short for “Rogmorton,” a giant from Robert E. Howard’s stories.
  • Skrymir – A giant featured in J.R.R. Tolkien’s interpretation of Norse myths.
  • Tolman – Suggesting the broad, sturdy nature of Tom Bombadil in Tolkien’s universe.

Nature-Inspired Baby Names That Mean Giant

  • Alder – Like the towering alder trees, symbolizing strength and protection.
  • Banyan – After the vast banyan trees, embodying growth and grandeur.
  • Cedar – For the majestic cedar trees, representing endurance and resilience.
  • Drumlin – Inspired by the large, whale-shaped hills formed by glacial ice.
  • Everest – Named after the Earth’s highest mountain, symbolizing peak strength and achievement.
  • Fjord – Reflecting the deep and giant grooves made by glacial activity.
  • Grove – Inspired by a group of trees standing tall and strong together.
  • Horizon – Denoting the vast and unending line of the Earth’s surface, symbolizing boundless potential.
  • Irminger – After the Irminger Sea, suggesting depth and vastness.
  • Jungle – Symbolic of untamed and expansive natural landscapes.
  • Kelpie – Reflecting the giant seaweed in the ocean, symbolizing flexibility and survival.
  • Lagoon – Denoting a large and often deep body of water, surrounded by a barrier.
  • Monsoon – Inspired by the powerful and grand seasonal winds.
  • Nimbus – After the enormous rain-bearing clouds, denoting presence and awe.
  • Orinoco – Named after the mighty Orinoco River, symbolizing flow and power.
  • Prairie – Reflecting vast, open landscapes that stretch widely.
  • Quercus – The scientific name for oak trees, symbolizing strength and endurance.
  • Ridge – Inspired by the long, towering crests of mountains or hills.
  • Sequoia – Named after the giant redwood trees, embodying grandeur and longevity.
  • Tundra – Reflecting the vast and open Arctic region, symbolizing endurance and adaptability.


In exploring the realm where the mythical meets the majestic, our list traverses through the rich tapestry of folklore, literature, and the awe-inspiring dimensions of nature itself.

From the might of titans etched in ancient myths to the whispered strength of towering trees and vast landscapes—these names carry stories of power, resilience, and transcendence.

Whether drawn to the fantastical allure of names that echo the tales of old or the grounding force of those inspired by the Earth’s natural grandeur, the choice you make is a gift of identity, a story waiting to unfold.

Choose a name that resonates, whispers to the heart, and prepares the way for a life of epic proportions.

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