75 Precious Names That Mean Gold

Choosing a baby’s name is an intimate and significant decision for every parent.

It’s not just about a unique sound or how well it pairs with the last name; often, the meaning behind a name carries the heaviest weight.

Names that mean Gold epitomize wealth, not just in the material sense but also as a symbol of prosperity, radiance, and enduring value.

These names, sourced from various cultures and languages, reflect an aspirational hope that parents hold for their child’s future – one filled with success, happiness, and abundance.

Below, we explore some of the most beautiful names that carry this golden significance, each with its own unique charm and rich history.

Significance of the Names That Mean Gold

Gold has captivated and adorned humans for centuries, serving as a symbol of power, beauty, and wealth.

It’s not surprising that this precious metal also holds deep meaning in many cultures.

In ancient Egypt, gold represented the sun god Ra and was seen as a divine metal with magical properties.

The Greeks believed gold to be the tears of the gods and associated it with their ruler of the skies, Zeus.

In Chinese culture, gold symbolizes prosperity and good fortune, while in Hinduism, it represents knowledge and spiritual enlightenment.

As such, names that mean “Gold” carry a powerful message of beauty, strength, and auspiciousness.

Boys Names That Mean Gold

Boys Names That Mean Gold

  • Altin – A name of Turkish origin, meaning “Gold,” symbolizing not just material wealth but also success and prosperity. It reflects a sense of value and achievement that shines bright.
  • Anganemi – Originating from Indonesia, this name signifies “gold water” and is deeply associated with notions of purity and clarity. It evokes the image of something precious and serene.
  • Aron – With Hebrew roots, this name translates to “light” or “gold,” embodying radiance and brilliance. It carries connotations of illumination and positivity.
  • Aurelio – Derived from Italian and Spanish, originating from the Latin “Aurelius,” which means “Golden,” this name suggests something precious and of high value. It represents a sense of rarity and uniqueness.
  • Aurum – Coming from Latin, this name directly translates to “Gold,” symbolizing not just material wealth but also the inherent value and significance of something precious.
  • Auron – Rooted in Hebrew, this name signifies “light” or “gold,” symbolizing strength and prosperity. It conveys a sense of resilience and abundance.
  • Chrisanto – of Greek origin, meaning “Golden flower,” this name symbolizes beauty and rarity. It paints a picture of elegance and uniqueness.
  • Chrysanthos – Also from Greek roots, this name means “golden flower,” representing beauty and abundance. It conveys a sense of opulence and vibrancy.
  • Chrysos – This name, originating from Greek, signifies “Gold,” associated with wealth and immortality. It carries a sense of permanence and value.
  • Cronus – With Greek origins, this name means “golden” and is closely linked with the Greek god of time and wealth. It reflects notions of power and authority.
  • Darian – A name of Persian origin, which translates to “rich,” encompassing notions of material wealth and abundance. It signifies a sense of prosperity and success.
  • David – Rooted in Hebrew traditions, traditionally meaning “beloved,” this name is also associated with gold due to its biblical narrative linking David with wealth and victory. It embodies a sense of preciousness and admiration.
  • Flavian – Derived from Latin, originating from “Flavius,” meaning “Golden,” or “Blond,” indicating preciousness and uniqueness. It suggests a sense of rarity and value.
  • Goldwin – Originating from English, this name means “Golden friend,” symbolizing a valuable and precious companion. It represents a sense of loyalty and worth.
  • Haru – With Japanese roots, meaning “Sunlight,” often perceived as golden sunlight, symbolizing warmth and growth. It conveys a sense of positivity and energy.
  • Huang – A name of Chinese origin, meaning “Yellow/Gold,” representing royal or precious status. It signifies a sense of regality and importance.
  • Jin – Coming from Chinese roots, meaning “Gold” or “Metal,” emblematic of strength and richness. It reflects a sense of resilience and opulence.
  • Kanok – Rooted in Thai origins, translating to “Gold,” denoting wealth and prosperity. It signifies a sense of abundance and success.
  • Ofir – With Hebrew roots, a biblical name associated with gold and wealth. It carries a sense of richness and value.
  • Ori – Originating from Hebrew, meaning “My light,” often associated with the glow of gold. It conveys a sense of warmth and brightness.
  • Orville – Originating from French, from “or” meaning “gold” and “ville” meaning “town,” suggesting a prosperous town. It embodies a sense of wealth and success.
  • Sona – With Indian origins, meaning “Gold,” symbolizing preciousness and beauty. It represents a sense of value and elegance.
  • Vang – Originating from Vietnamese roots, meaning “Gold,” signifying wealth and prosperity. It conveys a sense of abundance and richness.
  • Zahab – Originating from Arabic roots, meaning “Gold,” representing wealth and prosperity. It signifies a sense of luxury and opulence.
  • Zlato – Coming from Slavic origins, this name directly translates to “Gold,” embodying richness and value. It signifies a sense of preciousness and significance.

Girls Names That Mean Gold

  • Alfrida – Alfrida is a name of Old English origin, which means “Elf power.” It is often linked to enchanting golden fairy tales, evoking a sense of magic and wonder. 
  • Aruna – Aruna originates from Sanskrit and signifies “The Radiance Of The Rising Sun.” It is associated with the golden hues of dawn, reflecting the beauty and warmth of a new day’s beginning. 
  • Aubriana – Aubriana is a charming name that combines “Aubrey” (Old German for “Elf ruler”) with “Ana” (grace). This fusion symbolizes preciousness akin to gold, highlighting grace and elegance. 
  • Aurelia – Aurelia, derived from Latin, translates to “The golden one,” symbolizing preciousness and sophistication. It conveys a sense of elegance and luxury. 
  • Aurora – Aurora, of Latin origin, means “Dawn,” often associated with the golden glow of sunrise, representing hope and new beginnings. 
  • Chrisoula – Chrisoula has Greek roots, meaning “Golden,” connoting warmth, value, and preciousness, akin to the glow of gold. 
  • Cressida – Cressida, with Greek origins possibly linked to “Chryseis,” translates to “Golden,” symbolizing beauty, rarity, and intrinsic value. 
  • Daania – Daania, an Arabic name meaning “Beautiful,” captures the essence of beauty akin to gold – something precious and captivating. 
  • Gilda – Gilda, an Italian name signifying “Golden,” represents value, beauty, and richness, akin to the luster of gold. 
  • Golda – Golda, with English origins, directly signifies “Gold,” embodying richness, prosperity, and the precious nature of the coveted metal. 
  • Hema – Hema is an Indian name meaning “Gold,” symbolizing eternal beauty, prosperity, and the richness of this precious metal. 
  • Jinjin – Jinjin, a Chinese name, is a diminutive form meaning “Gold,” symbolizing prosperity, charm, and auspiciousness. 
  • Kanaka – Kanaka, originating from Hawaiian, translates to “Gold,” denoting something precious, highly valued, and symbolizing wealth. 
  • Kin – Kin, a Japanese name meaning “Gold,” symbolizes wealth, rarity, and the precious nature of this coveted metal. 
  • Marigold – Marigold, an English name inspired by a flower, denotes “Golden flower,” symbolizing growth, prosperity, and the beauty of nature. 
  • Nubia – Nubia, with African roots, references the ancient region known for its gold, symbolizing wealth, beauty, and the richness of culture. 
  • Oriana – Oriana, originating from Latin, means “Golden Dawn,” signifying beauty, new beginnings, and the radiant glow of the morning sun. 
  • Saffron – Saffron, an English name inspired by a costly golden spice, symbolizes rarity, value, and the uniqueness of this precious ingredient. 
  • Solana – Solana, of Spanish origin, translates to “Sunshine,” often associated with golden warmth, radiance, and the brightness of sunlight. 
  • Sovanna – Sovanna, derived from Cambodian, means “Golden, Dream,” reflecting preciousness, aspirations, and the beauty of dreams. 
  • Tila – Tila, originating from Sanskrit, means “Sesame Seed,” which has a golden color, symbolizing immortality, prosperity, and the richness of life. 
  • Thangam – Thangam, a name from Tamil origin, signifies “Gold,” symbolizing wealth, beauty, and the precious nature of this metal. 
  • Vanna – Vanna, with Cambodian roots, translates to “Golden,” denoting preciousness, wealth, and the beauty associated with the color gold. 
  • Yarkin – Yarkin, a Turkish name, means “Strong as Gold,” symbolizing strength, durability, and the enduring qualities of gold. 
  • Zahava – Zahava, an Israeli name meaning “Gold,” represents richness, splendor, and the precious nature of this valuable metal. 
  • Zahavi – Zahavi, with Hebrew origins, translates to “Golden,” symbolizing preciousness, glow, and the intrinsic value akin to gold. 
  • Zari – Zari, a Persian name, translates to “Golden,” denoting elegance, rarity, and the luxurious nature associated with the color gold. 
  • Zlata – Zlata, originating from Slavic, means “Gold,” symbolizing preciousness, beauty, and the richness of this highly valued metal.

Unisex Names That Mean Gold

  • Auryn – This name of Welsh origin is derived from the word “aur,” which translates to “gold.” It carries the symbolic meaning of wealth and prosperity, reflecting the essence of abundance and success.
  • Aurin – Originating from Bengali, this name signifies “Golden,” embodying the concept of preciousness and value. It encapsulates the idea of something rare and highly esteemed.
  • Aureus – With Latin roots, Aureus translates to “Golden,” symbolizing attributes of wealth and strength. It paints a picture of opulence and resilience, evoking a sense of power and prosperity.
  • Arnik – Coming from Armenian heritage, Arnik denotes “Golden,” representing beauty and rarity. It conveys a sense of elegance and uniqueness, highlighting the allure of the precious metal.
  • Deor – Of French origin, Deor translates to “Of Gold,” embodying notions of luxury and value. It suggests a sense of refinement and exclusivity, synonymous with richness and worth.
  • Eilin – Hailing from Norwegian origins, Eilin is a variant of the name “Eilert,” meaning “Gold ruler.” This name signifies authority and wealth, evoking images of leadership and prosperity.
  • Eldoris – Rooted in Greek, Eldoris means “Golden gift,” symbolizing preciousness and generosity. It conveys the idea of something invaluable bestowed upon others, radiating warmth and value.
  • Ilora – With Hindi roots, Ilora signifies “Golden Earth,” representing the richness and value of nature. It celebrates the beauty and abundance of the natural world, emphasizing its importance and splendor.
  • Jinseok – Originating from Korean, Jinseok translates to “Precious Gold,” symbolizing rarity and immense value. It conveys the idea of something precious and highly treasured, reflecting significance and uniqueness.
  • Kanchan – Originating from India, Kanchan translates to “Gold,” representing wealth and prosperity. It exudes a sense of opulence and abundance, embodying the essence of affluence and success.
  • Kim – This Vietnamese name means “Gold,” symbolizing prosperity and wealth. In Korean, it is a common surname but also signifies “Gold,” reflecting affluence and success.
  • Kravann – Of Khmer origin, Kravann means “Gold,” symbolizing beauty and rarity. It evokes a sense of elegance and uniqueness, highlighting the preciousness and allure of the metal.
  • Loreal – A name of French origin, Loreal is a combination of “Lora,” meaning “Golden crown,” and “Aurelia,” meaning “The golden one.” It conjures images of royalty and elegance, embodying regality and beauty.
  • Orla – Derived from Irish roots, Orla stems from the word for gold, symbolizing beauty and wealth. It conveys a sense of elegance and richness, reflecting the allure and value of the precious metal.
  • Orielle – This Hebrew name means “Golden,” representing preciousness and light. It embodies the idea of something valuable and luminous, radiating warmth and brilliance.
  • Shway – Originating from Burmese, Shway translates to “Gold,” symbolizing wealth and prosperity. It exudes a sense of opulence and success, reflecting affluence and abundance.
  • Sonaar – With Sanskrit origins, Sonaar means “Made Of Gold,” signifying preciousness and value. It suggests something cherished and esteemed, embodying richness and significance.
  • Sovann – Of Cambodian origin, Sovann is akin to “Sovanna,” meaning “Golden,” emblematic of prosperity and preciousness. It conveys a sense of abundance and value, reflecting wealth and significance.
  • Tahari – Originating from Africa, Tahari means “Golden,” representing beauty and value. It symbolizes elegance and worth, embodying the concept of preciousness and allure.
  • Valturi – Hailing from Finnish roots, Valturi derives from the word for gold, signifying wealth and prosperity. It conveys a sense of affluence and success, reflecting opulence and abundance.
  • Zoravar – With Armenian roots, Zoravar means “Golden warrior,” denoting strength and valor. It embodies the notion of resilience and power, reflecting courage and nobility.


The various names that mean “Gold” reflect the diverse interpretations and symbolism associated with this precious metal.

From notions of wealth and prosperity to beauty and rarity, these names capture the essence of gold in different languages and cultures.

Gold, a symbol of strength, elegance, and opulence, is universally valued. These names are significant choices for both boys and girls.

So, if you’re looking for a unique name with a touch of luxury and significance, consider one of these names that mean “Gold.”

The possibilities are endless! So, choose a name that resonates with you and your family, one that embodies the preciousness and beauty of gold.

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