125 Baby Names That Mean Grace

In the symphony of life, names carry not just identity but profound meaning and intention.

Among these, names that mean Grace echo with a harmonious blend of elegance, spirituality, and a whisper of the divine.

Each name is a reflection of a timeless beauty, embodying poise and a serene strength that resonates deeply within various cultures around the globe.

Here, we explore the vibrant tapestry of names that are inspired by grace, each conveying its unique hue of gracefulness and charm.

Whether you’re seeking a name that sings with cultural heritage, one that dances with a touch of the ethereal, or simply a name that radiates with a gentle strength, our curated selection promises a name that not only sounds beautiful but carries a deep, graceful essence.

Baby Girl Names That Mean Grace

Baby Girl Names That Mean Grace

Here are 50 baby girl names that encapsulate the essence of “Grace”:

Alannah – An enchanting Irish name that means “serenity,” perfectly capturing the essence of calm grace and tranquil beauty.

Amara – This name carries the beautiful meaning of “grace” in the Igbo language, reflective of elegance, beauty, and dignity.

Anna – A classic name derived from the Hebrew for “grace,” symbolizing favor and compassion in many cultures.

Annabeth – A harmonious blend of Anna and Elizabeth, this name embodies the meanings of grace and “God is bountiful,” showcasing a divine favor.

Annalise – A combination of “Anna” and “Lise,” meaning grace and God is bountiful, representing a graceful and blessed existence.

Anneliese – A German variant of Annalise, this name carries the same graceful and divine connotations, enriched with cultural depth.

Anouk – A diminutive form popular in Dutch and French, derived from Anna, meaning grace, and exuding a charming simplicity.

Anaya – A modern name with the profound meaning “God answered” or “look up to God,” often associated with grace and spirituality.

Charis – Originating from Greek, this name means “grace, kindness,” embodying the virtues of benevolence and compassion.

Charissa – A name that takes its roots from Charis, meaning grace, kindness, and life in Greek, echoing the qualities of empathy and vitality.

Chloeanne – A unique and inventive combination that reflects the vibrant imagery of a “young green shoot” and the subtlety of “grace.”

Danna – While it means “God is my judge,” in modern contexts, it’s often associated with grace, dignity, and judicial fairness.

Eliana – A name of Hebrew origin, meaning “My God has answered me,” signifying a divine grace and the fulfillment of spiritual quest.

Elleanna – A blend that combines the elegance of Elle and the grace of Anna, offering a sophisticated and graceful choice.

Engracia – Spanish for “endowed with God’s grace,” this name is imbued with religious significance and spiritual wealth.

Evangeline – Meaning “bearer of good news,” it reflects the spirit of grace, kindness, and the joy of divine message.

Faye – Signifying “fairy” or “fate,” this name evokes a connection with mystical grace and enchanting destinies.

Fiona – While primarily meaning “fair,” it’s often associated with gracefulness, through its portrayal of beauty and elegance.

Gianina – An Italian diminutive of Giovanna, encapsulating the gracious message that “The Lord is gracious” in a delicate form.

Gianna – Italian for “The Lord is gracious,” offering a direct homage to divine grace and generosity.

Grace – A timeless and classic name directly embodying the concept of elegance, charm, and a benevolent spirit.

Gracia – A direct Spanish word for grace, denoting favor and thanks, embodying the essence of gratitude and divine benevolence in one word.

Graceleigh – A modern American twist to the traditional “Grace,” adding a contemporary flair while retaining the original’s dignified essence.

Gracelynn – A blend of “Grace” and “Lynn,” evoking a modern sense of elegance, grace, and a smooth, lyrical sound.

Gracey – A variation of Grace, infusing a youthful charm and freshness into the classic virtue of graciousness.

Grazia – Italian for “grace,” offering a cultural depth to the timeless virtue, wrapped in linguistic beauty.

Graciela – A Spanish diminutive of Grace, tenderly meaning “little grace,” embodying the qualities of delicacy and kindness.

Hannele – A Finnish diminutive of Johanna, meaning “God is gracious,” presenting a Nordic twist to the theme of divine grace.

Hannah – Of Hebrew origin, meaning grace or favor, a name that has been beloved for centuries for its simple elegance and spiritual depth.

Igraine – A name from Arthurian legend, signifying a majestic and graceful presence, imbued with the mystique of ancient tales.

Ivana – A Slavic name meaning “God is gracious,” offering a Slavic interpretation of the theme of divine grace and kindness.

Jane – Of English origin, derived from “Jehanne,” an old form of John, meaning “God is gracious,” symbolizing the generosity of the divine spirit.

Janina – A Polish diminutive of Jane, meaning “God is gracious,” adding a Slavic charm to the acknowledgment of divine grace.

Jannah – Arabic for “garden,” often related to grace, paradise, and the ethereal beauty of celestial realms.

Joanne – Signifying “God is gracious,” this name combines traditional roots with the universal theme of divine benevolence.

Karen – Of Danish origin, a form of Katherine, which means “pure,” but widely associated with grace through its gentle sound and elegant simplicity.

Karis – Another form of Charis, meaning “grace,” presenting a modern twist on the ancient Greek virtues of kindness and benevolence.

Keanna – A Hawaiian form of Joanna, meaning “God’s grace,” offering a tropical and spiritual interpretation of divine favor.

Keren – Of Hebrew origin, meaning “ray of light” or “grace, elegance,” symbolizing a luminous beauty and refined grace.

Liana – Means “to bind” or “to twine around,” commonly associated with graceful vines, symbolizing growth, connection, and natural elegance.

Lorraine – Primarily a place name, it’s also associated with “the queen of grace,” adding a regal and majestic dimension to the concept of grace.

Mairead – A Scottish Gaelic form of Margaret, meaning “pearl,” embodying grace and elegance with the luster and rarity of a pearl.

Mila – Slavic for “gracious, dear,” capturing the essence of endearment and graceful charm in a concise and beautiful form.

Nanea – Hawaiian, meaning “fascinating” or “grace,” offering a glimpse into the alluring charm and graceful appeal of the islands.

Nora – A short form of Honora, meaning “honor,” often linked with grace in its dignified poise and humble elegance.

Siobhan – The Irish version of Joan, meaning “God is gracious,” carrying the rich cultural heritage of Ireland and the timeless grace of divine favor.

Talia – Hebrew for “dew from God,” signifying a gentle grace, reminiscent of the delicate blessings of nature and divine subtlety.

Thea – Of Greek origin, meaning “gift of God,” related to grace and blessings, encapsulating the divine gifts in a simple yet profound name.

Yanne – A variation of Jane, echoing the theme that “God is gracious,” offering a contemporary spin on the traditional virtue.

Zane – An American name meaning “God is gracious,” blending modernity with the timeless appreciation of grace and divine kindness.

Baby Boy Names That Mean Grace

In the realm of names, those that allude to “Grace” for boys carry a distinct softness, strength, and nobility.

These names span cultures and languages, offering a rich diversity of options.

Altaf – An Arabic name symbolizing graciousness and tenderness, often given to boys to inspire kindness and empathy in their dealings.

Anugtaha – A Hindu name representing grace and favor, reflecting a divine blessing and the beauty of gracious living.

Ashane – A graceful name originating from Jamaica, it carries the vibe of the island’s serene and beautiful nature.

Chanak – A term from Spanish, referring to a graceful young man, often used to describe someone with elegant manners and a dignified character.

Charan – A name that signifies grace and favor, derived from Chanan, indicating a serene and blessed presence.

Chezian – Derives from Indian roots, embodying grace, kindness, and elegance, ideal for someone who stands out for their compassionate nature.

Daiwik – A Sanskrit term meaning divine grace, reflecting an extraordinary kind of favor and beauty that is thought to be given by the gods.

Eastman – An American name that conveys grace, often associated with individuals who are gracious in their actions and speech.

Eoin – A Gaelic name signifying God’s graciousness, it is a powerful testament to the divine grace that influences character.

Esmond – An Old English name meaning saving grace, symbolizing a protective and noble grace that rescues or saves.

Evan – A Welsh name representing graciousness, popular in various cultures for its simplicity and profound meaning.

Fadl – An Arabic term for graciousness, often used to highlight the virtue of generosity and grace in one’s character.

Fazzal – A Muslim name denoting grace and favor, it implies a special kind of blessing and elegance bestowed upon someone.

Gio – A concise Italian abbreviation of Giovanni, meaning “The Lord is gracious,” often chosen for its stylish simplicity and deep meaning.

Giovanni – An Italian name that means God is gracious, reflecting a deep spiritual connection and the grace that comes from divine favor.

Gracian – A name that resonates directly with grace, chosen for individuals expected to embody gracefulness in every aspect of their life.

Ian – The Scottish rendition of John, signifying “God is gracious,” popular across the English-speaking world for its elegance and simplicity.

Ivan – A Russian name signifying “God is gracious,” it carries a strong cultural heritage while emphasizing the gracious nature of divine favor.

Jack – An English moniker that also translates to “God is gracious,” beloved for its short form and deep, meaningful grace.

Jamil – In Arabic, this name beautifully conveys “grace and beauty,” chosen for boys to reflect both inner and outer elegance.

Juan – The Spanish equivalent of John, meaning “God is gracious,” it’s a common name that spans cultures, beloved for its timeless grace.

Kian – From India, this name means “the grace of God,” suggesting a divine elegance and favor in one’s life.

Sulo – A Finnish name embodying “charm or grace,” it evokes images of serene beauty and the calm elegance of the Nordic landscapes.

Yannick – A unique Breton adaptation of John, meaning “God is gracious,” encapsulating an exceptional grace in both character and presence.

Zayne – An Arabic name with the meaning “God is gracious,” chosen for its modern appeal while maintaining a connection to traditional values of grace and kindness.

Aeshan – A Hindu name that carries the essence of grace, often bestowed upon boys to inspire them to lead a life of elegance and compassion.

Altair – Derived from an Arabic word meaning “falcon,” this name is often associated with grace, beauty, and freedom.

Baxley – An English name meaning “baker’s field,” it also has connotations of graciousness, representing someone with a noble and generous character.

Efron – A Hebrew name that symbolizes “grace or fruitful,” highlighting the bountiful blessings of divine favor and a life full of grace.

Gia – This Italian name means “God’s grace,” reflecting a strong spiritual connection, while also exuding charm and elegance.

Ephron – A name of Hebrew origin that means “fertile or fruitful,” representing the abundant blessings of divine grace and favor.

Kaemon – With roots in Japan, this name symbolizes nobility and elegance, often given to boys believed to be blessed with the grace of the gods.

Kaito – A Japanese name meaning “graceful or noble person,” highlighting qualities such as elegance, kindness, and dignity.

Hugh – This English name meaning “heart, mind and spirit,” carries a sense of grace and nobility that is often associated with inner beauty.

Galen – A Greek name signifying “calm or tranquil,” it also suggests an admirable gracefulness and poise in character.

Iain – A Scottish name that means “God is gracious,” it represents a powerful connection to the divine and the grace that comes from it.

Leo – This Latin name meaning “lion,” also has connotations of grace, strength, and leadership, making it a popular choice for boys.

Mayur – A Sanskrit name meaning “peacock,” it symbolizes grace and beauty, often given to boys believed to possess qualities of charm and elegance.

Zane – An American name that means “God is gracious,” chosen for its modern appeal while also emphasizing the importance of divine grace in one’s life.

Zibiah – A Hebrew name meaning “female deer,” it also has connotations of grace and beauty, representing a kind and gentle nature.

Raffaele – An Italian name derived from the archangel Raphael, it signifies God’s healing grace and is often chosen for its spiritual significance.

Aaminah – This Arabic name means “safe or secure,” and also carries connotations of grace, representing a nurturing and compassionate nature.

Tzuriel – A Hebrew name meaning “God is my rock,” it symbolizes the strength and grace that comes from divine protection and favor.

Kanhaiya – A Hindu name often given to boys believed to be blessed with divine grace and charm, it also carries connotations of playfulness and joy.

Takumi – A Japanese name meaning “artisan,” often chosen for its association with skill, creativity, and gracefulness in one’s craft.

Gender-neutral Names That Mean Grace

Chaniel – This Hebrew name means “God’s grace,” reflecting a deep spiritual bond and divine favor. It’s a unique choice for parents looking for a name with religious meaning.

Charis – This Greek name meaning grace and combines elegant simplicity with associations of kindness and beauty. It’s a great pick for fans of Greek mythology or those valuing grace.

Hanan – This Hebrew name means “grace” or “gracious,” offering a beautiful expression of warmth and compassion. It’s a less common choice that stands out for its deep meaning.

Hansel – This German name means “God is gracious.” Most famously known through the fairy tale “Hansel and Gretel,” it’s a name rich with cultural resonance and a divine quality.

Hannibal – This Roman name means “grace.” While often associated with the ancient military commander Hannibal Barca, it’s a name that carries a legacy of both strength and grace.

Jannick – This German name means “God is gracious.” It’s a modern take on traditional names like John or Johan, offering a unique option with the same cherished meaning.

Milan – This Slavic name means “kind, loving, and gracious.” It’s not only a beautiful European city but a name that conveys a deep sense of gentleness and generosity.

Sean – The Irish version of John, meaning “God is gracious,” shows the lasting appeal of names with divine grace. Popular in Ireland and elsewhere, Sean keeps a timeless charm.

Shane – This Hebrew name means “God is gracious.” Shane, similar to Sean, is an anglicized version embraced for its smooth sound and deep meaning.

Althaf – A Persian name meaning “graceful” or “elegant,” it represents a harmonious blend of beauty and kindness, making it a perfect gender-neutral choice.

Amarachi – A Nigerian name meaning “God’s grace,” it represents a strong connection to divine blessings and is often given to children believed to possess special favor from God.

Aniq – An Arabic name meaning “graceful,” it symbolizes elegance and beauty, while also carrying connotations of kindness and generosity.

Arula – A Sanskrit name meaning “grace,” it represents the blessings of divine favor and is often chosen for its spiritual significance.

Enfys – This Welsh name means “rainbow,” representing the beauty and grace that comes after a storm, making it a meaningful and unique choice.

Creasy – A gender-neutral name of English origin that means “grace,” it’s a simple yet powerful option for parents looking for a name with deep meaning.

Gael – This Irish name meaning “generous and kind” also carries connotations of grace, making it an elegant choice for both boys and girls.

Jeanelle – A feminine variation of the French name Jean, meaning “God is gracious,” it’s a delicate and graceful choice for a girl.

Joost – A Dutch name meaning “God is gracious,” it’s a unique and elegant choice for parents looking for an international name with a deep spiritual meaning.

Keyan – A Persian name meaning “grace of God,” it symbolizes divine favor and blessings, making it a special choice for both boys and girls.

Juail – An Arabic name meaning “grace,” it represents the beauty and kindness that comes from divine blessings, making it a beautiful gender-neutral option.

Sarita – A Sanskrit name meaning “flowing grace,” it symbolizes elegance and beauty, while also carrying connotations of gentleness and compassion.

Aalin – A gender-neutral name of Irish origin meaning “handsome and cheerful,” it represents a combination of qualities that exude grace and charm.

Bao – This Chinese name means “graceful” or “precious,” representing the delicate balance between beauty and strength, making it an elegant choice for both boys and girls.

Cosmo – A Greek name meaning “order” and “beauty,” it represents grace and harmony, reflecting a peaceful and graceful nature.

Dara – An Irish name meaning “noble” or “wisdom,” it also carries connotations of grace, representing a kind and gentle spirit.

Hawkyn – An Old English name meaning “grace,” it’s a unique and unconventional choice for parents looking for a gender-neutral name with a strong meaning.

Kaimana – A Hawaiian name meaning “power of the ocean,” it represents grace, strength, and resilience in the face of challenges, making it an inspiring choice.

Jannis – A Greek name meaning “God is gracious,” it’s a modern take on traditional names like John or Johan, offering a unique option with the same cherished meaning.

Poe – A gender-neutral name of English origin meaning “graceful,” it symbolizes elegance and beauty, while also carrying connotations of strength and resilience.

Sachi – A Japanese name meaning “blessed” or “fortunate,” it represents a deep sense of grace and favor, making it a meaningful choice for both boys and girls.

Bottom Line!

In the tapestry of names we’ve explored, each thread is woven with the richness of grace, echoing stories that span cultures, histories, and continents.

From the serene beauty of “Ashane” to the divine protection of “Esmond,” these names are not just identifiers but bearers of legacy, character, and deep meaning.

Whether inspired by the simple poetry of “Gio” or the cultural richness of “Ivan,” there’s a name in this collection for every new life, ready to be filled with its unique story of grace.

Which name resonated with you the most?

Could you feel the grace it emanates, or did it spark a vision of a future personality? After all, behind every name is a story of grace waiting to be told.

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