95 Names That Mean Green, Greenery

Welcome to our vibrant exploration of names that embody the essence of “Green”!

If you’re seeking a name that radiates freshness, growth, and the rejuvenating spirit of nature, you’ve landed in the perfect spot.

Green, the color of life, renewal, and energy, has inspired cultures around the globe to name their offspring in its image.

Whether you’re enchanted by the lush landscapes, the tranquil forests, or simply adore the idea of bringing a piece of the natural world into your family, this collection is meant for you.

Join us as we uncover the most captivating names that mean Green, each with its own unique hue and story.

baby Names That Mean Green

Baby Boy Names That Mean Green

  1. Arden – An evocative English name meaning “valley of the eagle,” often bringing to mind scenes of lush greenery.
  2. Berilo – Originating from the Spanish word for “beryl,” this name celebrates the beauty of the green gemstone.
  3. Beryl – Of Greek origin, named after the vibrant green gemstone.
  4. Chloris – A name that means “greenish” in Greek, also belonging to the Greek goddess of flowers.
  5. Cyan – A contemporary name inspired by the greenish-blue hue.
  6. Denver – More than just a place name, it evokes images of greenery of valleys and the tranquility of nature.
  7. Drake – An English name meaning “dragon,” conjuring visions of mythical creatures in lush, green settings.
  8. Elon – Hebrew for “oak tree,” symbolizing strength and the resilience of green nature.
  9. Fernley – Meaning “fern clearing” in English, it brings to mind the fresh, green ferns of the forest floor.
  10. Forrest – Directly refers to expansive areas filled with green trees and underbrush.
  11. Harith – An Arabic name meaning “ploughman” or “cultivator,” evoking images of fertile, green earth.
  12. Ilan – Means “tree” in Hebrew, reminiscent of forest greenery.
  13. Irving – Stemming from a Scottish surname, this name is linked to green waters or rivers.
  14. Jade – Traditionally feminine but increasingly unisex, inspired by the elegant green stone, symbolizing the color green.
  15. Leif – Scandinavian for “descendant,” echoing the word “leaf” and images of green foliage.
  16. Linden – Named after the tree known for its heart-shaped leaves, it’s synonymous with lush, green landscapes.
  17. Lorne – Of Scottish origin, conjuring images of the land of lochs surrounded by verdant greenery.
  18. Oliver – Widely recognized for its connection to the olive tree, it evokes images of tranquil, green groves.
  19. Oren – Hebrew for “pine tree” or “ash,” bringing to mind the deep greens of the forest.
  20. Palash – An Indian name meaning green, referring to a tree with vibrant green foliage.
  21. Perry – Suggests the lushness of green pear trees, derived from the word for a pear tree.
  22. Raleigh – An English name that brings to mind the verdant, green meadows.
  23. Raylan – A modern name that evokes images of sunlight filtering through a green forest.
  24. Silvan – Latin for “of the forest,” embodying the essence of green woods.
  25. Sinclair – With origins in a French place name meaning “bright, clear,” it’s often linked to serene green landscapes.
  26. Verde – Italian and Spanish for “green,” directly referencing the color.
  27. Viridios – An ancient Latin name meaning green, capturing the vitality and life force of nature.
  28. Walden – Anglo-Saxon for “valley of the Welsh,” it inspires thoughts of wooded, green valleys.
  29. Yale – An old Welsh name meaning “fertile upland,” evocative of lush, green fields.
  30. Aoto – A Japanese name meaning “blue-green,” representing the balance of green and blue in nature.
  31. Midori (みどり) – A unisex Japanese name meaning green, symbolizing new beginnings and growth.
  32. Elio – Of Spanish origin, meaning “sun,” evoking images of vibrant green landscapes flooded with sunlight.

Baby Girl Names That Mean Green

  1. Ardith – Of Hebrew origin, “Ardith” embodies the beauty of a “flowering field,” reminiscent of verdant landscapes.
  2. Beryl – Greek in origin, “Beryl” refers to a gemstone, evoking images of sparkling green.
  3. Briar – This name signifies a thorny expanse of green plants, symbolizing nature’s beauty and resilience.
  4. Cassia – Named after a green, aromatic plant, “Cassia” conveys freshness and purity.
  5. Chloe – “Chloe,” meaning green shoot in Greek, represents new beginnings and the renewal of spring.
  6. Clover – A symbol of fortune and the vibrant green of lush meadows.
  7. Daphne – Derived from the laurel tree, “Daphne” is associated with perpetual green leaves and triumph.
  8. Emerald – Named after the precious green gemstone, it symbolizes wealth and beauty.
  9. Esmeralda – Spanish for “emerald,” this name conjures deep, rich green hues.
  10. Evanthe – In Greek, “Evanthe” means “fair flower,” suggestive of a blossom amidst green foliage.
  11. Fay – Often associated with fairies, it evokes enchanting, verdant forests.
  12. Fern – A direct reference to the green fern plant, embodying lushness.
  13. Hazel – While commonly linked to eye or hair color, “Hazel” also evokes green nuances in nature.
  14. Heather – Named after the green plant with purple blooms, it symbolizes beauty in solitude.
  15. Iris – Beyond eyes and flowers, “Iris” suggests the vibrant greenery of floral surroundings.
  16. Ivy – Represents the enduring, green ivy plant.
  17. Jade – Inspired by the green stone, “Jade” embodies purity and peace.
  18. Juniper – Named after the tree with green, needle-like leaves, symbolizing protection and wellness.
  19. Kelby – An Old Norse name meaning “farm by the spring,” indicative of fertile, green lands.
  20. Laurel – Emblematic of victory, “Laurel” is known for its green leaves crowning ancient victors.
  21. Linden – Named after the linden tree with heart-shaped, vibrant leaves.
  22. Linnea – Reminiscent of the cool, green forests of Scandinavia, named after the Linnaea flower.
  23. Meadow – Evokes images of a flower-dotted, lush green field.
  24. Myrtle – From a plant symbolizing love and eternity, often verdant.
  25. Olivia – From “olive,” symbolizing peace and fertility through its green tree and fruit.
  26. Opal – Though multi-colored, “Opal” often flashes green, symbolizing hope and rejuvenation.
  27. Peony – A flower name that also suggests the rich green foliage accompanying its blooms.
  28. Perrine – A French name from “pear tree,” evoking images of branches laden with green fruit.
  29. Quincy – Derived from a French place name, it brings to mind France’s verdant countryside.
  30. Sage – Named after the green herb, symbolizing wisdom and eternity.
  31. Sylvie – Latin for “from the forest,” directly ties to the diverse greens of woodland splendor.
  32. Tansy – Represents the green herb of immortality.
  33. Teal – An English name inspired by the calming greenish-blue hue.
  34. Verna – Latin for “spring,” a time of green renewal.
  35. Verdandi – From Norse mythology, “Verdandi” means “becoming,” evoking nature’s perpetual renewal.
  36. Willow – Named after the willow tree, known for its graceful greenery.
  37. Wisteria – Known for its stunning purple flowers, “Wisteria” also celebrates the plant’s lush greenery, symbolizing hospitality and grace.
  38. Zelenka – A distinctive Slavic name meaning green, embodying the essence of verdancy.

Names Centered Around a Green Theme

  1. Verdelet – Inspired by the fresh, lively shades of green found in nature, this name evokes an image of lush, green landscapes.
  2. Emeraude – Drawing from the French word for emerald, this name captures the vibrant, rich green color of the precious gemstone.
  3. Kiwi – Not only is it a delicious fruit, but it also brings to mind the bright, fresh green hues of its skin and flesh.
  4. Moss – A simple yet striking name that conjures images of soft, velvety green moss covering rocks and trees.
  5. Fernweh – Meaning “a longing for faraway places,” this German name showcases the deep connection between wanderlust and nature, particularly the color green.
  6. Chartreuse – A bold and unique name inspired by a vibrant shade of green named after a French liqueur.
  7. Aurora – While commonly associated with the colors of the sunrise, this name also means “light green,” reflecting the color of new growth and spring.
  8. Meadow – This name not only brings to mind open fields of bright green grass but also symbolizes a peaceful and tranquil setting.
  9. Chlorophyll – Derived from the Greek words for “green” and “leaf,” this name is a nod to the essential pigment found in plants that gives them their green color.
  10. Kermit – A fun and playful name associated with one of the most iconic green characters from pop culture.
  11. Pistachio – After the popular nut, this name not only suggests a vibrant shade of green but also symbolizes growth and prosperity.
  12. Forest – This name captures the essence of the color green and conjures images of dense, lush forests with towering trees.
  13. Olive – With its subtle yet unmistakable green tones, this name symbolizes peace, wisdom, and fertility.
  14. Mint – A refreshing and crisp name that brings to mind the cool, invigorating scent and taste of the herb.
  15. Sylvan – This Latin-inspired name means “of the forest” and evokes images of vibrant, green woods.
  16. Pickle – An unconventional yet endearing name inspired by the popular pickled cucumber, known for its bright green color. 
  17. Shamrock – A symbol of luck and a vibrant shade of green, this name is perfect for those who love all things Irish.
  18. Jadeite – This name not only references the precious green gemstone but also has origins in Chinese culture, where it symbolizes purity and wisdom.
  19. Peridot – Another name inspired by a green gemstone, this one comes from the French word for “olive,” reflecting its yellow-green color.
  20. Holly – While commonly associated with Christmas, this name is also reminiscent of bright, glossy green leaves and symbolizes protection and hope.
  21. Leaf – A short and sweet name that perfectly captures the essence of the color green.
  22. Aloe – Named after the succulent plant known for its healing properties and green color.
  23. Heath – Refers to a tract of open and uncultivated land, often covered with green vegetation.
  24. Myrtle – A name inspired by the evergreen shrub with deep green leaves and symbolic of love and immortality.
  25. Oliveira – A Portuguese surname meaning “olive tree,” showcasing the color and symbolism of peace and fertility.
  26. Clover – From the lucky four-leaf clover, this name not only has a vibrant green hue but also symbolizes good fortune.


In the vibrant tapestry of names that mean “green,” each one brings its own shade of meaning, imbuing not just a color but a slice of nature, a character, or even a story into the lives it touches.

From the deep, tranquil hues of Emeraude to the playful zest of Kiwi, these names are more than mere labels; they are invitations to explore, to dream, and to connect with the natural world in its most verdant forms.

May you find inspiration among these names, a guiding light towards a name that not only resonates with the beauty of the green spectrum but also with the heart and spirit of its bearer.

Here’s to the adventure of naming, wrapped in the endless green of imagination and wonder!

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