60 Names That Mean Grey (Boy, Girl, Gender-neutral)

Any parent in tune with the latest trends knows that the color grey exudes sophistication and coolness.

Opting for names that mean grey for your newborn can accentuate her innate qualities of modesty, serenity, and practicality.

While grey is associated with the Virgo sign, a name embodying the color grey can suit children born under any Zodiac sign.

Our comprehensive compilation features names from diverse cultures worldwide that have symbolized grey for generations.

Rest assured, our list is far from being a ‘grey area,’ ensuring you discover a name that sets your exceptional little one apart with style. Enjoy exploring!

Significance of the Name Grey

The name “Grey” conjures an image of elegance and composure, often associated with wisdom, stability, and maturity.

It’s a name that speaks to a balanced character, someone who is capable of navigating the complexities of life with grace and tact.

In literature and popular culture, characters named “Grey” are frequently depicted as having a sophisticated intellect and a diplomatic nature, able to find harmony in contrasting situations.

This name doesn’t shout for attention but rather commands respect through its understated confidence.

Choosing the name “Grey” for a child could symbolize a wish for them to grow into a thoughtful, balanced individual who appreciates the intricate balance between differing viewpoints and the vast spectrum of life’s experiences.

Baby Names that Mean Grey

Baby Names that Mean Grey

In our quest for capturing the essence of grey, we have meticulously selected names that not only sound beautiful but carry the depth and diversity of grey within their meaning.

Here’s a refined list of baby names inspired by the myriad shades of grey, perfect for your little one.

For Boys:

  1. Graeme / Graham: Originating from a Scottish surname, these names mean “gravelly homestead,” reflecting a connection to the land and nature. They are traditionally associated with the color grey, symbolizing versatility and adaptability.
  2. Farran: This unique name has Irish origins and means “iron-grey,” representing strength and resilience. It embodies a sense of fortitude and determination.
  3. Lloyd: With roots in Welsh language, Lloyd implies “grey” and carries an air of nobility and timelessness. This name exudes a sense of sophistication and elegance.
  4. Arian: Coming from Welsh origins, Arian translates directly to “silver,” evoking the lighter spectrum of grey with a subtle hint of shimmer. It conveys a sense of grace and refinement.
  5. Zilar: An uncommon name of Basque origin, Zilar means “silver,” offering a distinctive choice that resonates with the beauty and elegance of grey tones. It brings a touch of uniqueness and sophistication.
  6. Slate: As a word name, Slate refers to the dark-grey rock often used in construction, symbolizing strength and durability. It can be an edgy yet cool choice for your little one, evoking a sense of resilience and solidity.
  7. Ashken: This Hebrew name is derived from the word “ash,” meaning “grey,” and symbolizes tranquility and harmony. It’s a name that can grow with your child, representing maturity and wisdom.
  8. Ashwin: This Indian name means “dark grey horse,” representing power and grace. It’s a popular choice for boys, symbolizing strength and endurance.
  9. Slate: As a word name, Slate refers to the dark-grey rock often used in construction, symbolizing strength and durability. It can be an edgy yet cool choice for your little one, evoking a sense of resilience and solidity.
  10. Sterling: With roots in the English language, Sterling means “little star,” but also symbolizes “pure” or “genuine.” It’s a name that conveys a sense of authenticity and sincerity.
  11. Athos: A Greek name meaning “immortal” or “long-lived,” Athos is also associated with the color grey. It represents resilience and perseverance, making it a strong choice for your little one.
  12. Jett: Meaning “black gemstone,” this name has Latin origins and comes from the word “gagates,” which refers to the stone jet.
  13. Bailen: A name with Spanish roots, Bailen means “grey” and represents stability and reliability. It’s a name that conveys a sense of trustworthiness and dependability.
  14. Grigor: This name comes from the Greek word “grigori,” meaning “watchful” or “wakeful.” It can also be associated with the color grey, symbolizing thoughtfulness and contemplation.
  15. Grissom: A unique name of English origin, Grissom refers to the grey-haired man and is associated with maturity and wisdom. It’s a strong choice for parents looking for a traditional yet distinctive name.

For Girls:

  1. Arianrhod: In the enchanting realm of Welsh mythology, Arianrhod reigns as the mystical goddess who commands the moon and stars. Her name, “silver wheel,” elegantly reflects the ethereal essence of light grey, resonating with luminous qualities.
  2. Zilar: Originating from the rich tapestry of Basque heritage, Zilar stands as a name that embodies the essence of “silver.” It captures not only the brilliance but also the tranquil allure of the color grey, symbolizing radiance and serenity.
  3. Liri: Rooted in the Albanian language, Liri draws its meaning from “freedom.” This name evokes the gentle and nuanced shades of grey, symbolizing independence and a peaceful perspective on life.
  4. Glenda: With origins traced back to Welsh roots, Glenda signifies “pure” or “clean.” It also reflects a clear, luminous grey hue, embodying notions of purity and transparency.
  5. Argenta: Hailing from Latin origins, Argenta translates to “silver,” embodying the graceful and gleaming qualities of the color grey. It presents a refined and sophisticated choice for a name.
  6. Griselda: Emerging from the depths of Germanic heritage, Griselda translates to “grey battle” or “grey heroine.” This name symbolizes attributes of strength, resilience, and the noble essence of the grey shade.
  7. Haze: Inspired by the natural wonder of haze, this English name paints a picture of the soft, grey mist that often blankets landscapes, invoking a sense of mystery and gentle yet powerful allure.
  8. Abelle: With roots in French and Hebrew languages, Abelle signifies “breath” or “meadow.” It also evokes the image of soft, grey tones, representing tranquility and serenity.
  9. Ailsa: This Scottish name means “elf victory” and is derived from the Old Norse name Aillse, meaning “isle of alder trees.” It also represents the light silver-grey color of the rocks on the Isle of Ailsa Craig off Scotland’s west coast.
  10. Ashe: A name of African origin, Ashe means “powerful” and is associated with the color grey, symbolizing strength and authority. It’s a unique and strong choice for a girl’s name.
  11. Misty: This English word name brings to mind images of soft, hazy fog or mist. It embodies a sense of calmness and tranquility, evoking the subtle shades of grey.
  12. Belen: Originating from the Spanish name “Belén,” meaning “Bethlehem,” Belen also has a Hebrew origin, meaning “house of bread.” It’s associated with the color grey and symbolizes strength and stability.
  13. Sable: As a word name, Sable refers to the soft, dark-grey fur of the sable animal. It’s a strong and elegant choice for a girl’s name, representing both beauty and resilience.
  14. Shadya: This Arabic name means “singer” and is associated with the color grey, symbolizing harmony and balance. It’s a unique and musical choice for a girl’s name.
  15. Sheyla: With origins in both Spanish and Irish languages, Sheyla means “blind” or “grey-eyed.” It’s a name that evokes the peaceful and calming qualities of the color grey.


  1. Arian: Originating from various cultures, the name Arian carries meanings ranging from “holy” to “silver,” embodying the multifaceted and inclusive essence of the color grey. It symbolizes purity and sophistication, reflecting the intricate beauty found in shades of grey.
  2. Ash: With a direct and impactful nature, the name Ash draws imagery from the soft, muted tones of grey ashes. These tones symbolize the concept of renewal and transformation, portraying a sense of calm and resilience that resonates deeply.
  3. Sage: Rooted in tradition, the name Sage embodies wisdom and medicinal value. It reflects the cool, silvery-green tones of grey in nature, conveying a serene and thoughtful meaning that resonates with life’s delicate balance.
  4. Sterling: The name Sterling evokes high-quality silver, exuding brilliance and sturdiness. Symbolizing elegance and endurance, it transcends gender norms, embodying strength and sophistication.
  5. Storm: This powerful name conjures images of storm clouds ranging from dark to light grey, representing the dynamic and formidable forces of nature. It symbolizes strength, resilience, and the natural balance between calm and turbulence.
  6. Silver: Directly reflecting the precious metal with a shiny grey hue, Silver as a name signifies wealth, clarity, and purity. It carries an air of sophistication and timeless beauty.
  7. Greyson / Grayson: Meaning “son of the grey-haired one,” these names have evolved beyond their literal origins to represent wisdom, dignity, and timeless appeal. They embody an essence that is both classic and contemporary.
  8. Raven: While primarily known as a black bird, the sheen and undertones of a raven’s feathers reveal layers of deep, dark grey. This name symbolizes mystery, intelligence, and a profound connection with the natural world.
  9. Echo: Echo, a sound reflection, brings to mind the ambiguous and multifaceted nature of grey. It suggests depth, resonance, and the ability to blend and adapt to surroundings, embodying a subtle yet impactful presence.
  10. Pewter: Representing the alloy known for its robust yet malleable nature, Pewter as a name signifies resilience, versatility, and a unique blend of strength and softness that echoes the diverse aspects of grey.
  11. Armani: Meaning “warrior” in Italian, this name also carries connotations of silver and luxury. As a name, Armani embodies strength, confidence, and sophistication.
  12. Aska: Meaning “grey” in Swedish, Aska embodies the pure and serene qualities of the color with its soft yet powerful sound. It represents clarity, tranquility, and a connection to nature.
  13. Ashby: Of Old Norse origin, Ashby translates to “ash tree farm,” embodying a sense of groundedness and strength like that of an aged ash tree. It also carries a touch of elegance and sophistication with its association to the color grey.
  14. Charcoal: The name Charcoal evokes the soft, dark grey tones of the material used for drawing and sketching. It symbolizes creativity, adaptability, and a depth of character that is both complex and beautiful.
  15. Smokey: This name embodies the hazy, silver-grey tones of smoke, representing an air of mystery and intrigue. It also symbolizes resilience and the ability to rise above adversity.

More Names That Echo the Shade of Grey

Exploring further into the spectrum of names that encapsulate the elegance and diversity of grey, we uncover additional options that are sure to enchant and inspire.

Whether you’re searching for something traditional, modern, or uniquely international, the following names offer a deeper connection to the serene and sophisticated qualities of grey.

  1. Rajiv: An Indian name meaning “striped” which can imply shades of grey found in nature, offering a connection to the natural world.
  2. Jaspe: A name of French origin that refers to a type of quartz often found in shades of grey, evoking the earthy and enduring aspects of the color.
  3. Ciara: An Irish name meaning “dark-haired,” which can evoke the darker shades of grey, symbolizing mystery and depth.
  4. Garnet: Although commonly known as a red gemstone, garnets can also appear in grey forms, making this a unique option that symbolizes protection and strength.
  5. Silverio: A name of Spanish origin, it literally translates to “silver,” embodying the luminous and reflective qualities of the color silver, a variant of grey with a hint of sparkle.
  6. Gin: Derived from Japanese, meaning “silver,” this name reflects the sleek, sophisticated aspects of grey, offering a short but impactful option..
  7. Skylar: Not directly linked to grey, the name brings to mind the open sky with its various shades of grey, symbolizing freedom and endless possibilities ahead.
  8. Claiomhán: Meaning “little grey dove” in Irish, this name evokes the peaceful and gentle nature of doves and their soft grey feathers.
  9. Zahara: Of Hebrew origin, meaning “grey dawn,” this name carries a sense of serenity and new beginnings with its connection to the early hours of morning.
  10. Glenna: A Scottish name meaning “glen” or “valley,” symbolizing the cool, misty tones of grey found in nature’s landscapes. It also evokes a sense of peace and tranquility.
  11. Gulliver: This name, meaning “gull lover,” may not directly relate to the color grey, but it does evoke images of seagulls gliding over stormy seas with their soft grey and white feathers. It symbolizes resilience and adaptability.
  12. Lumi: Of Finnish origin, this name means “snow” or “ice,” representing the cool and ethereal aspects of the color grey. It also carries a sense of purity and innocence.
  13. Mavis: This name has Old French origins, meaning “songbird” or “thrush.” It embodies the soft and subtle tones of grey found in the feathers of these birds, symbolizing grace and beauty.
  14. Aster: Of Greek origin, this name means “star,” representing the cool and ethereal aspects of grey with its connection to the night sky.
  15. Nimbus: A Latin name meaning “dark cloud,” evoking the deep and moody shades of grey found in stormy skies. It also carries a sense of power and strength.

Final Thoughts

These names add to the choices for parents aiming to give their child a name reflecting qualities of grey – sophistication, balance, and serene beauty.

With its diverse meanings and connections to nature, culture, and history, grey continues to be a source of inspiration for parents searching for the perfect name.

So whether you choose a traditional or modern option, one thing is certain – your child’s name will be unique and timeless, just like the color grey itself. 

So why not embrace this multifaceted hue and give it a rightful place on your list of potential names for your little one?

After all, grey is not just a color; it’s an embodiment of balance, elegance, and resilience.

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