91 Names That Mean Healing or Healer

Welcome to our illuminating exploration of names that carry the profound meaning of “healing.”

Each name, like a gentle whisper of wellness, holds the power to inspire strength and rejuvenation.

As we venture through this carefully curated list, you’ll discover names that resonate with the deep-seated desire for healing and harmony, not just of the body, but of the soul.

Whether you’re seeking a name that embodies the essence of recovery for a newborn or looking for a symbolic gesture of renewal for yourself, you’re on the right path.

Engage with us as we reveal these names, each one a beacon of hope and a testament to the enduring human spirit’s capability to heal and to be healed.

The Symbolism of Healing Names

Names that mean healing or healer are steeped in symbolism. These names are more than just labels; they carry a significant weight, representing the human desire for physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

They remind us to embrace our vulnerability and to never underestimate the power of hope and resilience.

In many cultures, these names are also associated with deities or mythical figures known for their healing abilities.

For instance, in Greek mythology, the god of medicine and healing is Asclepius, while in Norse mythology, Eir is the goddess of healing.

Names That Mean Healing or Healer

Baby Boy Names That Mean Healing or Healer

  1. Alexei – Of Greek and Russian origin, meaning “defender” but often associated with healing due to its historical connection to saints and miracle workers.
  2. Alois – A less common name of German and Hawaiian origin, meaning “famous warrior” or “renowned fighter,” but in its essence, it denotes the healing and protection from battles.
  3. Apollo – A Greek god associated with healing, medicine, and the arts, this name has become synonymous with strength and power.
  4. Arpachshad – A biblical name with multiple meanings, one being “healer” or “medicine man,” derived from the Hebrew word for physician.
  5. Arphaxad – Another variant of Arpachshad, this name also symbolizes healing and protection.
  6. Asa – A Hebrew name meaning “healer” or “physician,” borne by a few ancient kings in the Old Testament.
  7. Aeson – Derived from Greek mythology as well, this rare name means “healer” and was, notably, the father of Jason.
  8. Bliant – An Arthurian name signifying “healer” or “physician,” making it a unique and meaningful choice for those fascinated by legends.
  9. Eirik – A powerful Norse name meaning “eternal ruler” or “complete ruler,” but in some interpretations, it is thought to have associations with “healer.”
  10. Errapel – A Basque name derived from Raphael, meaning “God has healed.”
  11. Galen – Stemming from Greek, Galen is a name borne by a famous ancient physician and means “healer” or “calm.”
  12. Grannus – A Celtic name borne by a god of healing, often associated with hot springs and mineral-rich waters believed to have curative powers.
  13. Helem – A biblical name meaning “circumspect” or “protection,” but often interpreted as “healer.”
  14. Heka – This Egyptian name translates to “magic” or “magical healer,” making it a fascinating choice for those drawn to ancient cultures.
  15. Hygeia – From Greek mythology, Hygeia was the goddess of health, cleanliness, and hygiene, making this name an ideal choice for those seeking a unique and meaningful name.
  16. Jason – A name of Greek origin, meaning “healer,” a nod to the mythological hero who was famous for his role as the leader of the Argonauts.
  17. Jaison – A variation of Jason, this name also encapsulates the essence of a healer.
  18. Josias – A Hebrew name meaning “God heals” or “healed by God,” emphasizing the belief in divine healing.
  19. Lenus – In ancient Celtic mythology, Lenus was a healing god, offering a unique and profound name choice that directly translates to “healer.”
  20. Melchi-Shua – A Hebrew name meaning “king of salvation” or “my king is a healer,” offering a powerful and unique choice for parents.
  21. Rafal – A name of Arabic and Hebrew origin, meaning “God has healed,” paying tribute to the healing powers that are believed to come from above.
  22. Raphael – Of Hebrew origin, meaning “God has healed.” Raphael is one of the archangels in Judeo-Christian traditions known for healing.
  23. Salvador – Derived from Spanish, meaning “savior” or “healer.”
  24. Samson – A Hebrew name meaning “sun” but often linked to strength and the ability to heal, as the sun is a universal symbol of healing and renewal.
  25. Ase – A Norwegian name meaning “healer” or “doctor,” stemming from the Norse god Eir.
  26. Ashwinkumar – A Sanskrit name meaning “son of Ashwin,” the Hindu gods associated with medicine and healing.
  27. Bishop – Derived from Old English, Bishop means “overseer” or “guardian,” but in some cultures, it is linked to healing and protection.
  28. Bhesaj – A Sanskrit name denoting “healing” or “medicine.”
  29. Chiron – In Greek mythology, Chiron was a centaur known for his healing abilities, making this name a unique and meaningful choice.
  30. Hannibal – A name of Phoenician origin, meaning “gracious god,” but in its essence, it also symbolizes healing and protection.
  31. Daktari – A Swahili name meaning “doctor” or “healer,” making it a popular choice in East Africa.
  32. Dilawar – Derived from Persian, Dilawar means “one who cures hearts,” making it a beautiful and meaningful name for a boy.
  33. Eshmun – In Phoenician mythology, Eshmun was a deity associated with healing and protection.
  34. Giasone – A variant of Jason, Giasone means “healer” or “to heal.”
  35. Jibri – An Arabic name meaning “hope,” but in its essence, it also symbolizes healing and renewal.
  36. Hale – An Old English name meaning “healthy” or “whole,” often associated with healing and well-being.
  37. Hickey – An Irish name meaning “healer” or “physician,” often associated with a strong and powerful personality.
  38. Hippocrates – The father of modern medicine, Hippocrates is a Greek name that has become synonymous with healing and medicine.
  39. Jayr – A name of Indian origin, Jayr means “healer” or “physician.”
  40. Josiah – A biblical name meaning “God supports” or “heals,” symbolizing the belief in divine healing.
  41. Maponus – In Celtic mythology, Maponus was a god of healing and youth, often associated with the powers of rejuvenation.
  42. Meng – A Chinese name meaning “hope” or “wish,” often linked to the belief in the power of hope for healing.
  43. Maximon – A Guatemalan deity revered for his healing abilities, often depicted with medicinal herbs and remedies.
  44. Ninazu – In Sumerian mythology, Ninazu was a god of healing and rejuvenation, closely linked to the underworld.
  45. Wongai – An Australian Aboriginal name meaning “healer” or “doctor,” often given to those believed to possess healing abilities.

Each of these names carries a story of healing, resilience, and the strength to overcome, making them remarkable choices for those who cherish these values.

Baby Girl Names That Mean Healing or Healer

  1. Aala – An Arabic name that encapsulates “healing” or “serenity,” offering a sense of tranquility and restoration.
  2. Aceso – In Greek mythology, Aceso is the goddess of healing and recuperation, perfect for those desiring a name deeply rooted in wellness.
  3. Afiya – A Swahili name meaning “health” or “well-being,” presenting a unique and energetically powerful choice.
  4. Althea – Greek for “with healing power,” this name is linked to the goddess of healing.
  5. Bona – Latin for “good” or “health,” offering timeless elegance for those seeking a name with healing implications.
  6. Brigh – An Irish name signifying “strength or exalted one,” connected to the ancient Celtic goddess of healing and life.
  7. Cannenta – A distinct Cornish name meaning “healing,” ideal for those intrigued by unique, ancient names.
  8. Carmentis – Latin for “healing,” associated with the goddess of prophecy, music, and healing.
  9. Damiana – From Greek mythology, linked to the goddess of healing, often tied to plants and natural remedies.
  10. Eir – A Norse name for the goddess of healing, rich in heritage and significance.
  11. Fayola – An African name meaning “walks with honor,” associated with healing for its graceful dignity.
  12. Galena – Greek for “healer” or “calm,” named after the mineral believed to have healing properties.
  13. Guinevere – Known as the queen of Camelot, her name means “white shadow” or “white wave,” denoting purity and healing.
  14. Iaso – The Greek goddess of recovery from illness, offering a unique name that’s directly connected to healing.
  15. Jahleel – A Hebrew name for “waiting on God,” symbolizing the healing hope faith provides.
  16. Jasonia – The female variant of Jason, linked to healing qualities similar to its male counterpart.
  17. Luna – Latin for “moon,” symbolizing the tranquility and healing nature of the night.
  18. Maeve – From the Irish Méabh, meaning “she who intoxicates,” associated with healing through the queen’s legendary powers.
  19. Panacea – The Greek goddess of universal remedy, symbolically rich in healing.
  20. Raphaela – Meaning “God has healed,” this name carries a divine essence of healing and rejuvenation.
  21. Reselda – German for “healing, protector,” offering a unique choice that embodies strength and healing.
  22. Saira – Arabic for “traveler,” often related to the healing journeys and self-exploration.
  23. Selena – From the Greek for moon, representing a beacon in darkness, embodying healing and renewal.
  24. Sirona – A Celtic name meaning “healing,” associated with the goddess of healing, fertility, and abundance.
  25. Vitalia – From “Vitalis,” Latin for “life,” embodying the essence of vitality and healing.
  26. Yara – An Indigenous Australian name meaning “seagull,” symbolizing the sea’s healing nature and the value of care and freedom.
  27. Żywie – Polish for “to live,” honoring the goddess of health and vitality, presenting a unique choice that celebrates life and healing.
  28. Airmed – In Irish mythology, Airmed was the goddess of healing and herbalism, often depicted with a magical herb that could heal any ailment.
  29. Asclepias – From Greek mythology, Asclepias was the god of medicine and healing, making it a powerful and unique name for a girl.
  30. Amethyst – The name of a healing crystal, amethyst is believed to promote calmness and spiritual clarity.
  31. Iris – From the Greek word for “rainbow,” iris symbolizes hope, renewal, and healing.
  32. Beiwe – In Sami mythology, Beiwe is the goddess of the sun, fertility, and healing. Her name means “bright” or “white.”
  33. Bridget – From the Irish name Brighid, meaning “exalted one,” Bridget is associated with healing and protection.
  34. Elethea – Greek for “healing,” Elethea is also the name of a healing plant used in ancient times.
  35. Febris – Latin for “fever,” this name was given to the Roman goddess of fevers and healing.
  36. Ishtar – The Mesopotamian goddess of love, fertility, and healing, Ishtar’s name means “she who causes to exist.”
  37. Ianuaria – Latin for “January,” this name is associated with the Roman god Janus, who was believed to hold healing powers.
  38. Liliana – A Spanish/Italian variant of Lily, which symbolizes purity and healing.
  39. Miriam – Derived from the Hebrew word for “bitter,” Miriam is also linked to the meaning “wished-for child” and is often associated with healing.
  40. Myrtle – A fragrant plant used for medicinal purposes, myrtle symbolizes hope, love, and fertility.
  41. Meditrina – In Roman mythology, Meditrina was the goddess of wine and healing. Her name means “middle” or “healing.
  42. Sekhmet – The ancient Egyptian goddess of healing and destruction, Sekhmet’s name means “powerful” or “the one who is powerful.”
  43. Vivienne – Derived from the Latin word for “alive,” Vivienne symbolizes energy, vitality, and healing.
  44. Altheo – A variation of Althea, this name means “healing power,” offering a unique and modern twist on a classic.
  45. Kadaklan – In Ifugao mythology, Kadaklan is the god of harvest, health, and healing. His name means “to heal.”

These names, rich in meaning and heritage, offer a beautiful way to bestow the gift of healing and hope upon a newborn girl.

Each embodies a unique aspect of recovery, resilience, and the nurturing power inherent to the act of healing.


Naming a child is an opportunity to give them a meaningful name that reflects their identity and values.

The names listed above, all with the theme of healing or healer, offer a unique way to honor the journey of life and its inherent struggles.

Whether you choose a name rooted in ancient mythology or one with modern origins, each carries its own story and significance.

These names serve as a reminder of the power of healing and the strength it takes to overcome obstacles.

No matter what name you choose, may it serve as a source of inspiration and hope for your child’s future. 

So, take your time, research thoroughly, and find the perfect name that resonates with you and your little one. Happy naming!

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