72 Sweet Names That Mean Honey

Honey has been used in food and medicine for thousands of years, and is known for its incredible sweetness and health benefits.

It has also inspired many people to come up with sweet and unique names for their loved ones, or even as a special name for themselves.

In this list, we’ve compiled 72 of the sweetest names that have a special connection to honey.

Baby Names That Mean Honey

Adonica (English) – A variant of Adoncia, meaning “sweet,” this name brings a gentle and pleasant connotation, perfect for someone with a kind and nurturing personality.

Adoncia (Spanish) – Directly translating to “Sweet” in Spanish, Adoncia is a name that evokes a sense of warmth and kindness, ideal for a beloved individual.

Amber (English) – Originating from the fossilized tree resin known for its honey-colored hue, Amber is a name that reflects warmth and earthiness.

Asal (Persian) – Simply meaning Honey in Persian, Asal is a sweet and endearing name, offering a touch of sweetness and affection.

Asalbonu (Persian) – Translating to “Honey lady,” this name suggests elegance and sweetness, perfect for someone cherished for their grace and kindness.

Asalgua (Persian) – Meaning Honey flower, Asalgua combines the sweetness of honey with the beauty of a flower, ideal for someone both beautiful and sweet.

Asali (African Swahili) – With “Honey” as its meaning, Asali is a name that implies sweetness and preciousness, resonating with warmth and affection.

Asaline (French) – Derived from the French word for “honey,” Asaline is a name that exudes softness and sweetness, befitting someone gentle and loving.

Asaliti (Egyptian) – Meaning “My honey,” this name is a tender expression of affection, perfect for a dearly loved individual.

Asaloo (Persian) – Translating to “Honeycomb,” Asaloo suggests complexity and intricacy, ideal for someone with depth and uniqueness.

Asaloye (Persian) – Meaning Honey-comb, similar to Asaloo, it indicates richness and depth, suited for someone with a multi-faceted personality.

Balganym (Kazakh) – Simply “Honey” in Kazakh, Balganym is a name that embodies sweetness and charm, ideal for a loved and cherished person.

Bochanto (Latin) – Stemming from a Latin name meaning honey-like, Bochanto suggests sweetness and pleasantness, fitting for someone with a gentle and agreeable disposition.

Burtie (English) – Derived from an Old English name meaning “bright” or “honey-bright,” Burtie evokes brightness and warmth, perfect for someone with a radiant personality.

Divsha (Hebrew) – Translating to “Sweet as honey” in Hebrew, Divsha is a name that exudes sweetness and loveliness, perfect for someone with a sweet nature and kind heart.

Florimel (Literary) – Created by Edmund Spenser for “The Faerie Queene,” it means “honey flower.” A beautiful, poetic name ideal for lovers of literature and beauty.

Foyinsola (Yoruba) – Meaning “Add honey to wealth” in Yoruba, Foyinsola suggests prosperity and sweetness, fit for someone who brings joy and richness into the lives of others.

Haniko (Japanese) – Meaning Honey child in Japanese, Haniko is a tender and affectionate name, perfect for a beloved and cherished child.

Hanisha (Origin and meaning unclear) – Hanisha might symbolize uniqueness and individuality, perfect for someone with a unique personality.

Honey (English) – Directly referencing the sweet substance produced by bees, Honey is a name that embodies sweetness and affection, suited for someone deeply loved and cherished.

Honeybee – Named after the honey-producing insect, this suggests hard work and positive contribution, ideal for someone industrious and impactful.

Iracema (Tupi) – Meaning Honey-lips in a Brazilian indigenous language, Iracema is a name that evokes beauty and sweetness, fitting for someone with a sweet speech and kind words.

Malinda (English) – A mix of “Melinda” and “Malinda” or from Greek “melitta” meaning “honey.” This name suits someone gentle and sweet.

Mealla (Irish) – Meaning Honey; pleasant in Irish, Mealla is a name that radiates sweetness and amiability, suited for someone who is likable and sweet-natured.

Meleena (English) – A variant of Melina meaning “honey,” Meleena is a name that carries a sense of warmth and sweetness, perfect for someone endearing and kind-hearted.

Melia (Greek) – Meaning “Ash tree” or “honey” in Greek, Melia combines natural beauty with sweetness, perfect for someone with both qualities.

Melina (Greek) – Directly meaning Honey in Greek, Melina is a name that exudes sweetness and warmth, suited for someone with a warm and pleasant personality.

Melisma (Greek) – Meaning honey-like, from the Greek word for honey, Melisma symbolizes sweetness and melody, ideal for those with a musical talent or sweet voice.

Melita (Latin) – Derived from Greek “melissa” (honey bee) or Latin “melitus” (sweet as honey), symbolizing sweetness and hard work, perfect for someone diligent and sweet.

Metaxia (Greek) – Derived from the Greek word for “sweet,” Metaxia is a name that implies sweetness and charm, suited for someone with a pleasant and engaging personality.

Miela (Lithuanian) – Meaning “Honey” in Lithuanian, Miela is a name that radiates sweetness and affection, perfect for someone dear and beloved.

Miel (Spanish) – Simply “Honey” in Spanish, Miel is a name that embodies warmth and sweetness, ideal for someone with a kind and loving heart.

Mindie (English) – A charming nickname for Melinda, which is thought to mean “honey,” symbolizing sweetness and affection.

Mindy (English) – Another variation of the nickname for Melinda, suggesting the same sweet connotation of “honey.”

Minh (Vietnamese) – A name derived from Sino-Vietnamese “mαΊΉo” translating to “honey” or “sweet,” indicative of sweetness and charm.

Nasheelah (Arabic) – Literally translates to “Sweet as honey,” illustrating a person’s delightful and pleasant nature.

Nasila (Swahili) – Means “Honeycomb,” signifying the intricate beauty and sweetness found in nature and life.

Nectaria (Greek) – A name possibly derived from the Latin word for nectar, symbolizing “sweetness,” or it might refer to a type of honey, highlighting natural sweetness and richness.

Nieshe (African Swahili) – Translates to “Sweet as honey,” a name that embodies the essence of sweetness and delight.

Nirmesh (Sanskrit) – Meaning “Pure honey,” it signifies purity, natural sweetness, and the essence of life’s simple pleasures.

Nirmla (Hindi) – Also meaning “Pure honey,” this name emphasizes purity, sweetness, and the unadulterated beauty found in nature.

Nosheen (Persian) – A beautiful name meaning “Honey-sweet,” reflecting the pleasant and delightful nature of an individual.

Noushin (Persian) – Simply means “Sweet,” embodying the gentle and delightful characteristics of a person.

Oyindamola (Yoruba) – This name beautifully combines “honey” with wealth, translating to “Honey has mixed with wealth,” symbolizing prosperity and sweetness in life.

Oyindasola (Yoruba) – Meaning “Honey has become wealth,” it reflects the idea that sweetness and kindness can lead to a rich and fulfilling life.

Oyinkansola (Yoruba) – Translates to “Honey has become abundant,” signifying a life filled with sweetness, prosperity, and abundance.

Pamala (English) – A variant of Pamela, which means “all sweetness,” illustrating a person’s wholly sweet and delightful nature.

Pamella (English) – Another variant of Pamela meaning “all sweetness,” emphasizing a person’s complete and utter delightful nature.

Pamla (English) – A variant of Pamela, again meaning “all sweetness,” highlighting the entirety of someone’s sweet disposition.

Pammy (English) – A diminutive form of Pamela, symbolizing “all sweetness” and the endearing qualities of a person.

Panan (English) – Derived from the Old English “pane” meaning “honey,” this name suggests a natural sweetness and the simplicity of pure joy.

Paniz (Persian) – “Honey,” a name that embodies the essence of sweetness and the delightful aspects of life.

Qurayshat (Arabic) – Derived from the Arabic word for “honey bee,” symbolizing industriousness, sweetness, and the ability to create beauty in life.

Rayen (Mapuche) – Meaning “Flower of the honey,” it represents the beauty and sweetness of nature, combining the elegance of flowers with the richness of honey.

Sariel (Hebrew) – Possibly derived from the Hebrew word for honey wine, symbolizing the sweetness of life and the joy found in celebration.

Sendhen (Javanese) – “Honey,” a simple yet profound name that embodies the essence of sweetness and the natural beauty of life.

Shada (Arabic) – “Honeycomb,” representing the complexity and beauty of life, as well as the sweetness that can be found within it.

Sudha (Sanskrit) – Meaning Honey or nectar, this name symbolizes the ultimate sweetness and the pure, delightful essence of life.

Tarala (Sanskrit) – Meaning Honeybee or bumblebee, it symbolizes industriousness, the sweetness of hard work, and the contribution to the beauty of the world.

Tova (Hebrew) – Means “good” or “sweet,” a name that embodies the positive and pleasant aspects of life and character.

Ximena (Spanish) – Possibly derived from Basque “simin,” meaning “honey,” or from Old Spanish “ximen,” potentially from Greek “xanthos,” meaning “yellow,” suggesting sweetness and the brightness of life.

Zafirah (Arabic) – “Victorious” or possibly derived from Arabic “nuzf,” meaning “honeycomb,” symbolizing triumph and the sweetness of success.

Zayna (Arabic) – “Beautiful” or possibly derived from “zaina,” meaning “honey-colored,” reflecting beauty, sweetness, and a warm, inviting nature.

Ziwa (Swahili) – “Sweet as honey,” a name that perfectly encapsulates the essence of sweetness, warmth, and the delightful aspects of life.

Devash (Hebrew) – Means “honey,” symbolizing the land flowing with milk and honey, representing prosperity, sweetness, and delight in life’s blessings.

Jarah (Hebrew) – “Honey”; symbolizes sweetness and richness.

Madhu (Sanskrit) – Directly translates to “honey,” representing sweetness and pleasure, akin to the sweet moments life offers.

Madhuk (Sanskrit) – “A honeybee”; representing sweetness and hard work.

Madhur (Sanskrit) – “Sweet”; signifies sweetness in character and demeanor.

Meliadus (Arthurian Legend) – While not directly meaning “honey,” this name is reminiscent of meadows covered in honey flowers, signifying richness, sweetness, and a connection to nature.

Melito (Greek) – A name derived from “meli,” which means “honey,” symbolizing sweetness and richness in character.

Pamir (Turkish) – Meaning honey, this name reflects the sweetness and preciousness of a child, much like the rare and valuable honey collected from high mountain flowers.

Shahad (Arabic) – Translates to “honey,” symbolizing the sweetness and nourishment that the child brings into the lives of those around him.

Bottom Line

A World of Sweetness Awaits

And there you have it β€” a list as sweet and rich as the nectar of life itself.

These names, inspired by the age-old delight of honey, offer not just a tag for identity but a mantle of warmth, sweetness, and natural beauty for your little one.

Whether you are charmed by the elegance of Rayen, the cultural depth of Madhav, or the simplicity of Devash, each name carries with it a story, a flavor, and a promise of sweetness.

But the sweetness doesn’t end here! 🍯Join the Buzz!  Together, let’s make the world a bit sweeter, one baby name at a time!

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