145 Names That Mean Hunter (Hunter Names) For Boys & Girls

Welcome to our adventurous exploration of names that echo the spirit of the wild, the essence of the chase, and the thrill of the hunt!

Are you on the hunt for a name that embodies strength, agility, and the timeless connection between nature and those who wander its paths?

Whether you’re seeking inspiration for a character in your next great novel, naming a newborn, or just curious about the meanings behind these powerful monikers, you’re in the right place.

From ancient gods of the hunt to names that breathe the wildness of the natural world, come along as we track down the most captivating names that mean Hunter.

Hunter Names For Your Boy

Acetaeon – A masculine Greek name, representing a mythical hunter and considered the first human to be sacrificed.

Apollo – Renowned in ancient mythology as the Greek god of archery, poetry, and sunlight, and also the name of a giant asteroid.

Apsat – A name of Georgian origin linked to the deity of hunting, birds, and animals.

Arawn – A pivotal figure in Welsh mythology celebrated for his hunting prowess and ability to shape-shift.

Aristaeus – Known as the Greek guardian of hunters, symbolizing “the best.”

Artemas – A name of Greek origin related to Artemis, the goddess of the hunt, wilderness, and wild animals. Although Artemis is traditionally a female deity, Artemas is used for boys.

Arrow – A gender-neutral English name inspired by the indispensable tool for hunting.

Bow – Not just a tool for archery but a weapon for hunting large game, like elk or deer.

Cayde – A name inspired by video games, specifically Cayde-6 from Destiny, popular among hunters.

Chase – A French name meaning “to hunt down,” offering a classic touch for hunters.

Chasen – With French and Hebrew roots, this name means “huntsman,” presenting a robust alternative to Jason.

Chiron – The Greek centaur mentored by Artemis in hunting and archery.

Cocidius – Of Celtic origin, representing the mythical god of war and hunting, paralleled to Mars.

Colt – An English name referring to either a young horse or a firearm utilized in hunting.

Connor – A Celtic name meaning “master of hounds” or “hunter.”

Davy – Short for David, remembered through sharpshooter Davy Crockett.

Draven – Originates from “drafend,” Old English for “to hunt.”

Eros – The Greek god of love, noted for his hunting prowess among his many victories.

Esau – A Hebrew name meaning “man of the field,” renowned as one of the Bible’s famed hunters.

Firas – In Arabic, it means “lion,” echoing the animal’s predatory prowess.

Fowler – An English term for “bird hunter.”

Fred – Derived from Alfred, meaning “peace,” and linked to legendary archer Fred Bear.

Gahiji – An Egyptian name meaning one who hunts, prevalent in the Middle East.

Grosvenor – French for “great hunter,” ideal for your little sharpshooter.

Holter – A unique French name referring to hunters or fishermen.

Huntley – An English name meaning ‘hunter’s meadow’, portraying a serene yet vibrant place where hunters might find their game.

Huntington – A British surname that means “hunter’s settlement.”

Ivar – Scandinavian for “archer” or “bow warrior,” perfect for a precise young man.

Jaeger – A German surname for the elite hunting guys.

Kanati – Named after a Cherokee who taught his people to hunt.

Khonvoum – Of African origin, symbolizing the hunting deity with a rainbow weapon.

Lelantos – The Greek titan of the air, known for his stealth in hunting.

Leo – Latin for “lion,” one of the most formidable hunters.

Niabi – A Native American name meaning “fawn spared while hunting,” ideal for a compassionate soul.

Nimrod – A Hebrew name celebrated in the Bible as a great-grandson of Noah, known for his hunting skills.

Nodens – A Norse figure akin to Mars, revered as a supreme hunter.

Nyyrikki – Finnish for the god of hunting, associated with Nimrod.

Oden – A variation of Odin, noted for the infamous Odin’s Hunt, heralding misfortune.

Odysseus – A name from Greek and Roman mythology, belonging to a titan who adored hunting.

Oringo – African for “one who enjoys hunting.”

Orion – Named after the hunter depicted in the constellation.

Rudra – In Indian lore, it means “storm” or “the hunt.”

Sidon – A Hebrew name for boys associated with “hunting,” “fishing,” and “venison.”

Theron – Greek for “one who hunts” or “pursuer.”

Thimba – Swahili for “lion hunter.”

Todd – An English surname originally given to fox hunters.

Trapper – English for someone who hunts with traps.

Tyoma – The Russian deity of hunting and childbirth, affectionately called Ty.

Wallace – Welsh, potentially referring to the Wallace hunting kilt.

Washington – Named after George Washington, the U.S. President known for his hunting endeavors.

Wepwawet – The Egyptian hunting and war deity, depicted with a wolf’s head.

Wesson – English, a prominent brand of firearms for hunters.

Woodman – An English surname meaning “one who hunts,” also fitting as a first name.

Wylder – German for “adventurer” or “hunter,” embodying the spirit of exploration and the hunt.

Each name, with its unique origin and meaning, brings to life the legacy and adventure of hunters through the ages, possibly providing the perfect name for a new life story or character.

Huntrer Names For Your Girl

Huntrer Names For Your Girl

Aala – Originating from the United States, “Aala” signifies “she who hunts.”

Abnoba – With Celtic roots, this name is associated with the huntress goddess, charmingly nicknamed Abbie.

Aife – A variant of the Celtic name Aoife, renowned for extraordinary hunting prowess.

Airmed – Celebrated in Celtic mythology as the goddess who hunts for medicinal herbs.

Alcyone – Greek for “kingfisher,” a bird distinguished by its fishing skill.

Alessia – An Italian name meaning “hunting girl,” perfect for a self-reliant girl.

Andromache – In Greek mythology, “man battler” and spouse of the legendary hunter Hector.

Annie – Hebrew for “full of grace,” linked to the adept sharpshooter Annie Oakley.

Arduinna – Roman deity of forests and hunting, depicted astride a boar.

Artemis – From Greek mythology, the hunting goddess, known as Apollo’s twin and “butcher.”

Atalanta – A Greek huntress renowned for her agility, her name signifies “equal in weight.”

Aurora – The Roman dawn goddess, highlighting the prime hunting time at dawn.

Auryon – An American rendition of Orion, meaning “hunter.”

BelisamaCeltic hunting goddess, affectionately called Bella.

Bendis – The Thracian equivalent to Artemis, moon and hunt goddess.

Brenda – Norse for “blade of the sword,” suited for a formidable hunter.

Brielle – French for “hunting ground,” and a diminutive of Gabrielle.

Britomartis – The Cretan goddess of hunting and mountains, celebrated in Greek mythology.

Callisto – A nymph of Artemis transformed into a bear and set among the stars as the constellation Ursa Major; embodies the huntress turned protector.

Camilla – Immortalized by Shakespeare and Virgil as a hunt-loving tomboy.

Cynthia – Another name for Artemis, embodying the essence of mythical female hunters.

Cyrene – A fierce Greek huntress and daughter of Hypeseus.

Dali – The Georgian deity overseeing hoofed animals, ideal for a mountain-loving girl.

Devana – Slavic goddess akin to the Roman Diana, celebrated for her dominion over the forests and hunt.

Di – A concise form of Diana, the Roman hunting goddess.

Diana – Symbolizing the Roman authority over hunting and forests, with both Greek and Latin origins.

Diane – A variation of Diana, representing the hunting and moon goddess, perfect for night admirers.

Divana – Stemming from Devana, the Polish sovereign of nature, forests, hunting, and the moon.

Enda – An Irish name meaning “like a bird,” indicative of a natural hunter.

Fianna – Irish for “warrior huntress,” favored by WoW enthusiasts.

Flidais – Egyptian “divine mother,” related to the huntress goddess.

Guinevere – A French name associated with King Arthur’s hunting companion and spouse.

Jameka – An African name meaning “hunter” or “loyal,” embodying noble traits.

Kacela – An African name meaning “great huntress,” perfect for a girl with a strong and adventurous spirit.

Kainda – Meaning “hunter’s daughter” in African dialect, ideal for hunting aficionados.

Katniss – A Greek name made famous by Hunger Games’ sharpshooter Katniss Everdeen.

Kenzleigh – English for “spirit hunter,” endearingly nicknamed Kenzie.

Lara – Borne by the fictional treasure hunter and warrior Lara Croft, with Russian and Greek roots.

Makaya – From the Hopi tribe, meaning “one who hunts eagles.”

Merida – Latin-origin name of Disney’s archery virtuoso princess.

Mielikki – Finnish goddess of forests and the hunt, known for her compassion and skill.

Neith – An ancient Egyptian goddess of the hunt and war, displaying both protector and nurturer aspects.

Nimue – Though more famous in Arthurian legend, it represents the magical, mysterious nature of the huntress spirit.

Pakhet – Egyptian for “she who scratches,” denoting the huntress goddess.

Sedna – Inuit mythological goddess of the sea, fishing, and marine life.

Skaði – A Norse goddess associated with bowhunting, skiing, winter, and mountains.

Sylvanas – A nod to World of Warcraft’s leading huntress, ideal for gamers.

Teresa – Greek for “from Theras” or “huntress.”

Tauriel – Although a fictional character from modern literature, her name embodies bravery, skill in archery, and a deep connection to the forest.

Tessa – A Greek diminutive of Theresa, meaning “hunter.”

Valda – A variant of Holda, mythologically known as Woldan’s wife and hunt co-leader.

Venatrix – Latin for “hunter,” akin to a female gladiator.

Winda – Swahili for “hunter,” beautifully expressing African heritage.

Zada – Arabic for “fortunate” or “hunter,” perfect as a lucky charm.

Zambadi – Arabic for “hunter,” fitting for an Arabian beauty.

Zarola – A celebrated Muslim girls’ name, meaning “hunter” or “huntress.”

Each of these names carries with it a legacy of strength, independence, and a profound connection to the natural world.

Unisex Names That Mean Hunter

Alex – Merges Greek names for hunters, symbolizing one who vanquishes foes.

Archer – An English name with dual appeal for fans of the bow.

Aris – Short for Aristaceus, this name ties to the divine realms of hunting and pottery, suitable for any child.

Asp – Named after the Egyptian cobra known for its ambitious prey hunts.

Bear – Embodies the raw strength and stealth of nature’s formidable predator.

Betelgeuse – An Arabic name echoing the legacy of Orion, the celestial hunter.

Caine – A Hebrew name meaning “spear hunter,” infamous yet compelling.

Caliber – A nod to hunters’ language, indicating bullet size.

Canowicakte – A Native American name that translates to “forest hunter.”

Cernunnos – Celebrates Celtic mythology’s hunting deity, often depicted amidst hounds.

Falcon – Represents the majestic bird of prey, a hunter’s ally.

Fiagai – The Irish term for “hunter,” versatile for any gender.

Fisher – An English surname for those who hunt beneath the waves.

Fletcher – A Scottish name for arrow craftsmen, indispensable in the hunt.

Forager – Honors the ancient practice of hunting and gathering.

Forest – An English name that evokes the heart of hunting grounds.

Gauge – Speaks to the dimensions of firepower, pronounced “GAYJ.”

Gwyn – A Welsh name tied to mythic hunts.

Hawke – A variant spelling that captures the essence of a hunting companion bird.

Herne – A name from Celtic lore, associated with woodland hunts.

Hunter – Direct and to the point, it defines the pursuit itself.

Huntingden – An elegant surname that evokes imagery of verdant hunting grounds.

Huntley – Refers to a serene meadow, a setting for the hunt.

Jaecar – German for “hunter,” with a modern flair in the nickname Jae.

J’onn – Borrowed from DC Comics, a name synonymous with pursuit.

Lubdhaka – A Sanskrit name that lends a mysterious aura, meaning “hunter.”

Lynx – A wild cat known for its keen hunting instinct, with a trendy “X” appeal.

Meadow – Reflects the tranquil spaces where prey is often found.

Mixcoatl – Tied to Aztec culture, representing the divine huntress among the stars.

Nujalik – A name that crosses cultures, linked to the guardianship of hunting lands.

Nullah – An Australian name evoking the tools of the hunt.

Oakley – Inspired by Annie Oakley, it merges nature with marksmanship.

Oceane – French for the vast expanse hunters traverse for marine game.

Pager – A French term for a marksman on the path to knighthood.

Paris – A name that conveys defense, much like hunting tactics of old.

Pyro – Greek for fire, capturing the spirit of the hunt in gaming and mythology.

Rama – An Indian name that points to the tradition of hunting as depicted in lore.

Raven – A nod to the bird’s cunning, a skill admired by hunters.

Remington – A surname that’s become synonymous with hunting gear.

Rigel – Arabic for “foot,” linking to the hunter constellations.

Robin – A name forever tied to the legendary Robin Hood, a master of the hunt.

Sabre – Recalls the hunt’s age-old reliance on blades.

Sage – Evokes wisdom and the ancient art of foraging.

Sig – German in origin, associated with renowned firearms.

Skade – Draws from Norse mythology, celebrating winter hunts.

Talon – The powerful grasp of hunting birds, captured in one word.

Waltonian – An homage to Izaak Walton, a name intertwined with angling and nature conservation.

Wilde – German for “hunter,” perfect for a child with untamed spirit.

Wolfe – Derives from Wolf, encapsulating the essence of stealth and strategy in hunting.

Bottom Line

And there we have it, a comprehensive array of names that resonate with the spirit of hunting, bridging cultures, mythologies, and the raw beauty of nature itself.

Whether you’re enchanted by the allure of ancient deities, inspired by nature’s magnificent beasts, or drawn to names that carry a legacy of strength and prowess, there’s something here for everyone.

Now, we turn the hunt over to you!

Which of these names captures your imagination?

Could one of them be the perfect choice for your little adventurer?

Together, let’s celebrate the wild, the powerful, and the timeless tradition of the hunt through the beautiful act of naming.

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