100 Names That Mean Memory, Remembered, or Remembrance

In many cultures and religions around the world, a name is believed to have a significant impact on an individual’s life.

It not only serves as a form of identification but also carries deep meaning and symbolism. Select the perfect baby names symbolizing memory for a newborn!

Dive into a world full of diverse cultures and languages where names carry immense significance, reflecting identity, heritage, and the aspirations of loved ones.

Explore names embodying memory, a category filled with sentimentality woven into our linguistic tapestry, honoring the power of remembrance.

Join our journey as we uncover the beauty and stories behind these evocative names, paying tribute to the incredible element of memory.

Discover a vast list of names for girls, boys, and gender-neutral options that signify memory. Let’s find the ideal name that embodies memory for your little one!

Baby Boy Names That Mean Memory

  • Zakhar – Derived from the Hebrew word meaning “remember”, Zakhar carries the essence of memory and mindfulness, making it a profound choice for a name.
  • Remo – With its origin in Latin, Remo translates to “oarsman”, symbolizing strength and navigation through life’s currents with skill and determination.
  • Zikron – Rooted in Hebrew, Zikron signifies “memorial”, evoking thoughts of honoring the past and cherishing memories that shape one’s identity.
  • Evin – Originating from Irish heritage, Evin conveys “fair bow”, representing precision and elegance in both physical and metaphorical aim.
  • Memoro – In Latin, Memoro translates to “to remember”, embodying the act of preserving moments and experiences in the tapestry of one’s life story.
  • Geden – Found in Turkish origins, Geden means “hearth”, symbolizing warmth, home, and the heart of familial connections.
  • Jomar – Though of unknown origin, Jomar possibly stems from Jamar, hinting at musical inclinations or a distinctive rhythm in one’s character.
  • Perzad – From Persian roots, Perzad translates to “son of a hero”, reflecting lineage tied to bravery, valor, and the legacy of courageous ancestors.
  • Fikri – Rooted in Arabic, Fikri signifies “intellectual”, highlighting a penchant for deep thinking, analysis, and a thirst for knowledge.
  • Hafiz – With Arabic origins, Hafiz conveys “guardian” or “protector”, embodying a sense of responsibility and watchfulness over loved ones.
  • Dikran – Originating from Armenian heritage, Dikran translates to “king”, symbolizing leadership, power, and a regal presence.
  • Smeraldo – Italian for “emerald”, Smeraldo captures the allure and vibrancy of this precious gemstone, symbolizing beauty and elegance.
  • Tizoc – Hailing from Nahuatl (Aztec language), Tizoc signifies “bloodthirsty”, reflecting strength, fierceness, and a warrior spirit.
  • Anam – With Arabic roots, Anam means “blessing” or “good fortune”, representing positivity, grace, and the presence of divine favor.
  • Renwick – An English name meaning “from the raven’s village”, Renwick conjures images of mystery, intelligence, and a deep connection to nature.
  • Simjian – Derived from Armenian origins, Simjian translates to “son of Simon”, honoring ancestry and family ties through a strong, traditional name.
  • Eter – Originating from Georgian, Eter means “ether” or “air”, symbolizing freedom, ethereal qualities, and a connection to the unseen elements.
  • Mnemon – Rooted in Greek, Mnemon signifies “memory”, embodying the importance of remembrance, recollection, and the preservation of personal history.
  • Erinner – German for “to remember”, Erinner encapsulates the act of keeping memories alive, reflecting on the past, and learning from experiences.
  • Ricordo – Italian for “memory”, Ricordo evokes nostalgia, reflection, and the significance of moments that shape one’s journey through life.

Baby Girl Names That Mean “Memory”

  • Zahira – This beautiful Arabic name means “shining, bright”, symbolizing the way memories can illuminate our lives.
  • Eilish – An Irish name meaning “pledged to God”, Eilish evokes a sense of divine connection and the memories tied to faith and spirituality.
  • Minne – With German heritage, Minne translates to “love”, highlighting the deep emotional bonds and cherished memories associated with love.
  • Celina – Derived from Latin, Celina means “heaven”, symbolizing the heavenly and unforgettable moments in life.
  • Jemar – Though its origins are varied, Jemar is thought to imply a rhythmic life pattern, capturing the musical memories that define us.
  • Perizada – A Persian name meaning “daughter of a hero”, Perizada reflects the cherished memories of family legacy and valor.
  • Fikira – Arabic for “intellectual”, emphasizing a life filled with thoughtful memories and the pursuit of knowledge.
  • Hafiza – From Arabic, meaning “guardian” or “protector”, embodying the nurturing aspect of remembering and caring for others.
  • Tikranuhi – Of Armenian roots, suggesting “queen”, resonating with dignity, leadership, and the legacy of female power.
  • Esmeralda – Spanish for “emerald”, capturing the mesmerizing beauty and precious moments that memories hold.
  • Tlazohtzin – Nahuatl (Aztec) for “loved one”, embodying the deep emotional connections and meaningful memories of love.
  • Annum – Arabic for “blessing” or “gift”, symbolizing the treasured moments and fortunate memories in life.
  • Renata – Latin for “reborn”, Renata speaks to the renewing power of memories and the continuance of life’s cycles.
  • Sona – A name of Armenian origin meaning “joy”, reflecting the happy memories that bring joy to our lives.
  • Etheria – Inspired by “ether”, this name suggests a connection to the ephemeral, fleeting moments that are cherished in memory.
  • Mneme – From Greek mythology, Mneme was one of the muses, embodying the essence of memory and the arts.
  • Erinna – A Greek name meaning “peace”, Erinna evokes the calm and serene memories that bring solace to our hearts.
  • Ricordina – An Italian name meaning “little memory”, encapsulating the tender, precious memories that we hold dear.

Mythology-Inspired Baby Names That Mean “Memory”

  • Mnemosyne – Greek for “memory”, after the goddess of memory and the mother of the muses.
  • Lethe – Derived from Greek mythology, representing the river of forgetfulness in the underworld.
  • Anamnesis – A name inspired by the Greek concept of recollection or remembrance of the soul.
  • Saga – From Norse mythology, representing the goddess of history and storytelling.
  • Thoth – Egyptian deity of writing, knowledge, and memory.
  • Clio – One of the nine muses in Greek mythology, specifically the muse of history.
  • Melete – Another of the Greek muses, her name means “practice” or “meditation”, linking to the deep memory practice required for mastery.
  • Mneme – One of the three original muses in Greek mythology, her name literally means “memory”.
  • Janus – The Roman god of beginnings, gates, transitions, time, duality, doorways, passages, and endings, symbolizing the memory of all phases of life.
  • Veleda – A revered prophetess in Germanic mythology, remembered for her wisdom and possibly for her role in preserving the collective memory of her people.
  • Apsara – In Hindu and Buddhist mythology, celestial nymphs known for their dancing, representing the eternal dance of life and memories.
  • Simurgh – A mythical bird in Persian mythology, symbolizing the accumulation of age and wisdom.
  • Fintan – An Irish mythological figure, the “wise”, known for being the only survivor of the Flood, a repository of the memories of the world.
  • Saraswati – The Hindu goddess of knowledge, music, art, wisdom, and learning, embodying the accumulation of cultural memory.
  • Orunmila – In Yoruba mythology, the deity of wisdom and intelligence, who has knowledge of past, present, and future events.
  • Bran – In Celtic mythology, the blessed, who is associated with prophecy, the arts, leaders, war, the sun, music, and writing, embodying the preservation of cultural memory.
  • Gunnlod – A figure in Norse mythology, the guardian of the mead of poetry, a drink that bestows wisdom and memory of all things.
  • Sedna – In Inuit mythology, the goddess of the sea and marine animals, known for her story which has been passed down through generations, preserving the memory of the Inuit way of life.
  • Aletheia – The Greek goddess of truth, her name literally means “the state of not being hidden; the state of being evident” which also ties into the act of remembering and not forgetting truths.

Japanese Baby Names That Mean “Memory”

  • Kioku – “Memory” 
  • Omoide – “Remembrance” 
  • Kokoro – “Heart, Mind” 
  • Kinen – “Commemoration” 
  • Tsuioku – “Recollection” 
  • Shiawase – “Happy Memory” 
  • Omokage – “Vestige, Trace” 
  • Shashin – “Photograph (Literal), but often associated with memories” 
  • Kako – “Past, Old Times” 
  • Shiokaze – “Sea Breeze (implying nostalgic or memorable moments by the sea)” 
  • Nostarujii – “Nostalgia (loanword from English, but used in Japanese)” 
  • Sukui – “Reminiscence” 
  • Tegami – “Letter, implying memories conveyed through written letters” 
  • Yume – “Dream” 
  • Hikari – “Light, representing memories that enlighten or guide” 
  • Yasuragi – “Peace, Comfort” 
  • Katawara – “Side, implying memories shared side by side with someone” 
  • Tabiji – “Journey (implying memories collected throughout travels)” 
  • Sora – “Sky, implying vast, unforgettable memories” 
  • Hana – “Flower, symbolizing fleeting beauty and memories” 
  • Kawa – “River, symbolizing the flow of time and memories” 
  • Uta – “Song, implying memories tied to music” 
  • Yuki – “Snow, representing distinctive and precious memories”
  • Niji – “Rainbow, symbolizing magical or rare memories” 
  • Tsuki – “Moon, symbolizing calm and reflective memories” 
  • Ame – “Rain, symbolizing refreshing or cleansing memories” 
  • Hoshi – “Star, symbolizing distant or cherished memories” 
  • Mori – “Forest, symbolizing mysterious or adventurous memories” 
  • Haru – “Spring, symbolizing renewal and joyful memories” 
  • Aki – “Autumn, symbolizing nostalgia and change”


In wrapping up our exploration of names that evoke the essence of memory from various cultures and mythologies, we’re reminded of the profound impact a name can carry.

These names are not just labels, but bridges to stories, emotions, and legacies that span across time and geography.

Explore the captivating allure of Japanese, mythological, and poetic names like “Kioku”, “Mnemosyne”, and “Etheria”.

Each name holds a story, inviting deeper connections and tales to be shared.

So when choosing a name for your little one, consider exploring the vast world of names that embody the power and beauty of memory. 

So, choose wisely and create a lasting memory with each syllable spoken. 

Happy naming!

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