115 Lunar Names That Mean Moon

There’s something eternally captivating about the moon, a celestial body that has inspired artists, poets, and dreamers alike throughout the ages.

It’s a symbol of mystery, of change, and of the undeniable beauty that dances across the night sky.

In choosing a name for a newborn, some parents look to this celestial inspiration, hoping to imbue their child’s identity with the same allure and mystique that the moon offers the world.

Names that mean moon carry with them a sense of wonder, a connection to the night sky’s enchanting luminescence.

Join us as we explore these beautiful, moon-inspired names.

Each one is a whispered promise of potential, a nod to the cyclical nature of life, and a testament to the beauty that lights up even the darkest of nights.

Why Choose a Lunar Name?

Names that mean moon aren’t just meaningful because of their celestial roots.

They also carry a certain weight, a depth to their meaning that goes beyond the surface level.

The moon has long been associated with femininity and motherhood, representing the cycles of fertility and creation.

By choosing a lunar name for your child, you are embracing this connection and honoring the eternal power of the female identity.

Additionally, many cultures have their own unique lunar names that hold cultural significance and tell stories passed down through generations.

By giving your child a lunar name, you are also celebrating diversity and embracing the rich history of different cultures.

Names That Mean Moon

Baby Boys Names That Mean Moon

Navigating the night sky of names, these selections are like vessels, carrying the essence of moonlight into the lives they touch.

Each holding a story untold and a destiny unwritten, waiting to be discovered.

  1. Aibek – Originating from Turkish and meaning “the master of the moon”.
  2. Artem – A nod to Artemis, the Greek god of the moon, often used in Eastern Europe.
  3. Abylay – A Kazakh name that means “to shine like the moon”.
  4. Aydan – This Turkish moniker holds the meaning of “moonrise” and “illumination”.
  5. Badar – Coming from Arabic roots, this poignant choice means “full moon”.
  6. Chandra – A Sanskrit name that directly translates to “moon”, glowing with cultural richness.
  7. Jahan – With Persian roots, this name holds the meaning of “city of the moon”.
  8. Jericho – While it primarily is known as a historical city, it can also mean “city of the moon” in Arabic.
  9. Jian – A Chinese name that translates to “healthy” or “moonlight”.
  10. Jarek – Of Slavic origin, this name holds the meaning of “spring moon”.
  11. Kamaria – A Swahili name that means “like the moon” and represents a strong, independent spirit.
  12. Koray – In Turkish, a captivating choice meaning “ember moon”.
  13. Luan – Originating from Vietnamese, this name carries the poetic meaning of “moon” or “full moon”.
  14. Elatha – Derived from Irish mythology and meaning “like the moon”.
  15. Mahir – Of Arabic origin, this name signifies “skilled” or “moon-faced”.
  16. Mayank – With its roots in Indian culture, this name splendidly signifies “moon”.
  17. Mond – A straightforward but rare choice in German, directly translating to “moon”.
  18. Neal – A Gaelic name that literally translates to “cloud”.
  19. Neil – While widely recognized, its Gaelic origin reveals a surprising meaning: “cloud”, evoking the image of the moon veiled by nighttime mists.
  20. Qamar – In Arabic, this name transcends the ordinary with its direct meaning of “moon”.
  21. Rakesh – An Indian name which beautifully interprets as “lord of the full moon night”.
  22. Tsukuyomi – Drawn from Japanese mythology, this powerful name belongs to the moon god, embodying the sacred essence of the night sky.
  23. Tuncay – Another Turkish gem, meaning “bronze moon”, capturing a certain ancient and mystical charm.
  24. Vikesh – A name of Indian origin that intriguingly means “the moon”.
  25. Wulan – Coming from Indonesian, this name directly translates to “moon”, bringing a piece of the night sky closer to home.
  26. Yereah – A Hebrew name that signifies “moonlight”.
  27. Aadhira – With its roots in Sanskrit, this name carries the meaning of “lightning” or “moon”.
  28. Zev – A Hebrew name that can also mean “wolf”, but it’s lesser-known meaning is “of the moon”.
  29. Sarad – Of Indian origin, this unique choice means “full moon”.
  30. Agharna – Originating from Irish mythology, this name belongs to a goddess who embodies the moon’s ever-changing phases.
  31. Anningan – With its roots in Inuit mythology, this name directly translates to “the moon”.
  32. Ayberk – Meaning “moon gift” in Turkish, this name is a beautiful tribute to the lunar cycle and all its gifts to us.
  33. Haro – A Japanese name that translates to “full moon”.
  34. Iah – Derived from Egyptian mythology, this name means “moon god”.
  35. Bahloo – Of Australian Aboriginal origin, this name belongs to the moon spirit who watches over children while they sleep.
  36. Badru – A Swahili name that signifies “born during the full moon”.
  37. Candra – A name of Javanese and Balinese origin, meaning “moon” or “shining”.
  38. Caliban – While primarily known as a Shakespearean character, it also means “little moon” in Irish.
  39. Elio – Meaning “sunshine” in Spanish, this name has a hidden connection to the moon through its Latin root of “helios”, which means “sun”.
  40. Chandrakant – With its roots in Sanskrit, this name holds the beautiful meaning of “beloved by the moon”.
  41. Dawar – Of Arabic origin, this name carries the powerful meaning of “full moon”.
  42. Kaysan – A unique choice with Arabic origins that means “moon child”.
  43. Ehann – A Native American name that has a deep connection to the moon and translates to “moon”.
  44. Fares – Coming from Arabic roots, this name signifies “full moon” or “traveler”.
  45. Getsumei – In Japanese, this name means “moonlight”, evoking feelings of serenity and wonder.
  46. Halima – A name with Swahili origins that means “gentle” or “calm like the moon”.
  47. Hilal – Of Arabic origin, this name directly translates to “crescent moon”.
  48. Izanami – In Japanese mythology, this name belongs to the goddess of the moon and death.
  49. Kuu – Meaning “moon” in Finnish, this name holds a certain mystique and charm.
  50. Lorema – A Greek name that signifies “moonlight”, radiating with beauty and grace.

Each name is a beacon of the moon’s enduring mystique, promising to guide its bearer through life’s phases with the same steady, gentle luminosity that graces our night skies.

Baby Girls Names That Mean Moon

In the garden of names, these are flowers bathed in moonlight, each carrying the soft whispers of the night.

They are beacons of serenity and grace, offering a luminous path through life’s darkest moments and a reflection of the eternal dance between light and shadow.

  1. Ayla – A Turkish name that softly speaks of “moonlight”, capturing the gentle glow of moonbeams.
  2. Celine – Deriving from the Latin “caelum” meaning sky, it’s often associated with the French form of Selene, the Greek goddess of the moon.
  3. Diana – In Roman mythology, Diana was the goddess of the hunt, the moon, and nature, symbolizing the celestial and the divine.
  4. Esmeray – A hauntingly beautiful Turkish name, it means “dark moon”, evoking images of a sky rich with mystery.
  5. Hala – With its Arabic origins, this name embodies the “halo around the moon”, a visual poetry of light.
  6. Indu – A sweet and simple Sanskrit name, which translates directly to “moon”.
  7. Jaci – Rooted in Native American mythology, this name signifies “moon”, reflecting an enduring spiritual connection to the night sky.
  8. Kamaria – Swahili for “moonlight,” this name illuminates the paths of those it touches, guiding them with gentle clarity.
  9. Luna – Latin for “moon”, Luna is a name that resonates with the beauty and light of our celestial companion.
  10. Mahina – In Hawaiian, this enchanting name means “moon”, capturing the spirit of the islands and the tranquil beauty of the Pacific night sky.
  11. Mayar – Bearing Arabic descent, it beautifully conveys “glow of the moon”.
  12. Niamh – A name of Irish origin, often associated with “brightness” or “radiance”, reminiscent of the moon’s reflected light.
  13. Phoebe – Deriving from Greek mythology, Phoebe is a Titan associated with the moon, embodying its timeless allure.
  14. Quila – This unique name, evoking the concept of the moon in Mapuche mythology, offers a cultural richness seldom found.
  15. Selena – A name that glows with the elegance of Selene, the Greek goddess of the moon, offering a timeless connection to the ancient world.
  16. Stellauna– A creative combination of the Latin word for “star” and “moon”, this name captures the essence of celestial beauty.
  17. Varda – Originating from Hebrew, Varda signifies “rose” or
  18. Tsukiko – Japanese for “moon child”, it brings together tradition and celestial beauty in a harmonious blend.
  19. Udara – Derived from Sanskrit, meaning “noble stand”, subtly hints at the moon’s majestic presence in our night sky.
  20. Vespera – A Latin name meaning “evening star”, but it’s also reminiscent of the moon, the most prominent of all stars after sundown.
  21. Wintana – Originating from Tigrinya, this name means “moon”, reflecting the beauty and mystery of African night skies.
  22. Xolani – In Zulu, a name that whispers “peace”, much like the serene assurance given by the sight of the moon in a clear night sky.
  23. Yara – An Aboriginal name meaning “seagull”, but in Brazilian folklore, Yara was a goddess with green hair and fair skin, who’d enchant people much like the moon entices us with its ethereal beauty.
  24. Zelenia – A name of Greek origin, meaning “moonlight” or “the light of the moon”, evoking a sense of otherworldly enchantment.
  25. Zira – With its roots in Swahili, Zira means “moonlight”, offering a soft glow that brings comfort and peace to those who embrace it.
  26. Abuk– In Dinka culture, Abuk is the goddess of the moon and fertility, embodying its enduring strength and gentle guidance.
  27. Bisera – A name with Slavic origins, meaning “like the moon”, symbolizing beauty, femininity and grace.
  28. Aiday – Of Kazakh origin, this name means “moon child”, representing the beautiful beginnings that come with each new moon.
  29. Cynthia – This Greek name has a direct connection to Artemis, the goddess of the moon and hunting, who was often associated with the moon’s phases.
  30. Alcmene – In Greek mythology, Alcmene was a mortal woman who bore Zeus’s son Heracles, whose name means “glory of the moon”.
  31. Belinay – A Turkish name that translates to “moon moon”, representing the eternal cycle of life and nature.
  32. Chantara – In Thai, this name means “full moon”, resonating with the moon’s luminous presence in our skies.
  33. Aigerim – With its roots in Kazakh, Aigerim signifies “bright moon”, offering a sense of clarity and hope.
  34. Dilara – In Turkish, this name means “nightingale” or “beloved”, capturing the poetic beauty of the moon’s gentle glow.
  35. Menodora – A Greek name that means “gift of the moon”, reminding us of the moon’s abundant blessings and radiant energy.
  36. Elara – In Greek mythology, Elara was one of Zeus’s lovers and a goddess associated with the moon.
  37. Mitsuki – In Japanese, this name means “beautiful moon”, capturing the breathtaking splendor of the night sky.
  38. Nuray – Of Turkish origin, this name means “bright moon”, representing the guiding light that leads us through life’s journey.
  39. Bulan – A name of Indonesian and Malay origin, meaning “moon”, offering a sense of tranquility and serenity.
  40. Channary – In Khmer, this name means “moon girl”, emphasizing the moon’s feminine energy and its deep connection to nature and life.
  41. Nikini – In Sri Lankan mythology, Nikini is the goddess of the full moon, embodying its powerful and transformative energy.
  42. Kahori – From Japanese origins, this name means “fragrant moon”, evoking images of a silver glow that brings peace and joy.
  43. Feray – In Turkish, this name means “moonlight”, capturing the delicate and ethereal beauty of the moon’s shimmering presence.
  44. Hanwi – In Lakota Native American culture, Hanwi is the goddess of the moon and stars, representing their sacred connection to nature and life.
  45. Indumathi – With roots in Sanskrit, Indumathi means “moon-born” or “daughter of the moon”, embodying the moon’s divine energy and grace.
  46. Lilith – A name with Hebrew origins, Lilith was a goddess associated with the night, often portrayed as a representation of the moon’s mysterious and alluring nature.
  47. Sarangerel – Meaning “moonlight” in Mongolian, this name captures the luminous beauty of the moon and its profound influence on our world.
  48. Yue – In Chinese, this name means “moon”, representing its significance in traditional folklore and ancient culture.
  49. Lona – Of African origin, Lona means “moon” or “to watch over”, symbolizing the moon’s protective and nurturing energy.
  50. Mahina – In Hawaiian, this name means “moon”, representing the significance of celestial bodies in Polynesian culture and spirituality.

Each name is a tribute to the moon’s eternal glow, offering its bearer a connection to the night’s most radiant jewel.

These names, like the moon itself, stand as a reminder of the beauty and mystery that envelop our lives, beckoning us to look upwards and dream.

Unisex Baby Names That Mean Moon

In the celestial gathering of names, these unisex selections shine with the universal appeal of the moon, offering a bridge between tradition and modernity, night and day.

They are names that promise to carry the luminous legacy of our nearest celestial neighbor, reflecting its gentle guidance and unwavering presence in the lives of those who bear them.

  1. Amaris – With Latin roots, this name sings of “moon”, embodying a blend of softness and strength.
  2. Chan – Coming from Chinese descent, this name holds the meaning of “moon” and is often associated with a strong sense of harmony.
  3. Chand – Derived from Sanskrit, offering a direct nod to the “moon”, it speaks of timeless elegance and the beauty of the night sky.
  4. Metztli – A Nahuatl name that translates to “moon”, offering a connection to the ancient Aztec culture and its reverence for celestial bodies.
  5. Nilo – Drawing inspiration from the Nile River, it reflects the moon’s white brilliance, reminiscent of light reflecting on water.
  6. Shashi – With its origins in Hindi, this name literally means “moon” and is often associated with a sense of wonder and awe.
  7. Soma – In Hindu mythology, Soma was the god of the moon, offering a timeless connection to ancient traditions.
  8. Vesper – Latin for “evening star”, it subtly captures the moon’s role as the night’s first and brightest beacon.
  9. Taqqiq – Derived from Inuit mythology, Taqqiq means “moon” and reflects the moon’s importance in their culture as a symbol of rebirth and renewal.
  10. Purnama – A name of Indonesian origin, meaning “full moon”, capturing the beauty and fullness of this celestial body.
  11. Monday – This English name means “moon day”, representing the moon’s position as the first day of the week in many cultures.
  12. Kamaria – With Swahili origins, this name translates to “like the moon”, symbolizing beauty and grace.
  13. Huang – In Chinese, this name means “yellow”, often associated with the brightness and warmth of the moon’s light.
  14. Io – In Greek mythology, Io was a moon goddess, associated with the quiet mystery of this celestial body.
  15. Lunete – With French origins, this name means “little moon”, offering a charming and playful twist on the traditional meaning.

Each of these names holds a unique connection to the moon, offering an opportunity to imbue one’s identity with its luminous essence and timeless charm.


In the tapestry of the night sky, the moon stands as a testament to the enduring beauty and mystery that governs our world.

It is a celestial beacon that has guided generations, inspired countless myths, and been a silent witness to the unfolding of human history.

Through these names, we celebrate the moon’s symbolic meanings, weaving a tale of connection, light in darkness, and humanity’s cosmic fascination.

Each name, a whisper of the moon’s timeless saga, invites us to partake in its celestial dance and carry forward the legacy of wonder it embodies.

As we choose names for the next generation, we do not merely assign identities; we bestow upon them a piece of the night sky’s eternal mystery and beauty.

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