85 Baby Names That Mean Night

Welcome to our enchanting exploration of names that whisper the secrets of the night.

Imagine the beauty and mystery of the night sky, a canvas dotted with twinkling stars, the serene glow of the moon, and the quiet world below.

In many cultures, night signifies a time of reflection, dreams, and connection to a world beyond our own.

Here, we’ve curated a list of names inspired by this very essence of night—each one holding within it the allure of the night’s tranquility, mystery, and beauty.

Whether you’re naming a new arrival, a character, or just exploring, join us as we delve into the twilight to find names as enchanting as the night itself.

Names That Mean Night

Boy Names That Mean Night

Check out these boy names that mean night or are related to night or the night sky.

  • Aibek – Turkish for “moon master,” reflecting celestial beauty.
  • Adrian – From Latin, means “sea” or “water,” symbolizing the night’s depth and mystery.
  • Aiyden – Turkish for “like the moon,” reflecting the night’s main light.
  • Arjun – Indian mythological name meaning “bright” or “shining,” like moonlit night.
  • Budde – From Africa’s Ganda language, meaning “night,” embodying evening tranquility.
  • Chandra – An Indian name honoring the moon god, capturing celestial divinity.
  • Ciaran – Gaelic for “little dark one,” great for a child born at night.
  • Ciaran – Irish Gaelic for “dark,” linked to night and dark hair.
  • Darayavahush – Old Persian, means “possessing goodness,” linked to the protective night.
  • Darcel – French for “dark,” alluding to the night’s mystery.
  • Devraj – Indian, meaning “king of gods,” closely related to the moon.
  • Ferzan – Persian for “intelligent,” representing the night’s quiet wisdom.
  • Gau – Basque for “night,” capturing its serenity.
  • Gauvain – From Arthurian legend, means “white hawk,” a night creature.
  • Hakeem – Arabic for “wise,” symbolizing enlightenment under the night sky.
  • Ilyas – Arabic, meaning “nightfall,” connects directly to the night theme.
  • Izar – Basque for “star,” reflecting the night sky’s sparkle.
  • Jamal – Arabic for “beauty,” mirroring the night sky’s beauty.
  • Jiemba – From Wiradjuri, meaning “laughing star,” a name for Venus symbolizing joy in darkness.
  • Kairav – Indian, meaning “white lotus,” which blooms at night.
  • Layth – Arabic for “lion,” associated with the night.
  • Luan – Portuguese for “moon,” evoking lunar beauty.
  • Mandan – Means “midnight,” capturing the essence of night.
  • Nash – An English name tied to a star in Sagittarius, connecting cosmic and familiar realms.
  • Nishant – Sanskrit for “end of the night,” a dawn name.
  • Nishant – Sanskrit for “end of night,” symbolizing dawn’s arrival.
  • Orion – Named after the night sky’s prominent constellation.
  • Orion – Greek, now linked to the constellation, representing resilience.
  • Orpheus – Ancient Greek for “night’s darkness,” evoking depth and reflection.
  • Otieno – Luo for “born at night,” marking life’s nocturnal start.
  • Ponui – From Tahiti, meaning “the great night,” celebrating the night sky’s vastness.
  • Prajit – Indian, meaning “conquering night,” symbolizing victory over darkness.
  • Qadir – Arabic, meaning “capable,” reflects night’s creativity and introspection potential.
  • Rajnish – Indian for “lord of the night,” the moon.
  • Rajnish – Sanskrit for “Lord of the night,” a title for the moon.
  • Samir – Arabic, meaning “evening conversation companion,” great for night chats.
  • Sterling – Old English for “little star,” hinting at the star-lit sky.
  • Tarek – Arabic, meaning “morning star,” signals the night’s end.
  • Tarek – Arabic for “morning star,” heralding dawn’s arrival.
  • Tynan – Irish Gaelic meaning “dark,” linked to night or dark features.
  • Umar – An Arabic name meaning “life,” highlighting the unseen vibrancy of night.
  • Vesper – Latin for “evening star,” symbolizing nighttime’s calm beauty.
  • Wynter – From Old English, reminiscent of long, dark winter nights.
  • Xerxes – Persian for “ruler of heroes,” echoing the night’s majesty.
  • Yiska – Navajo for “night is over,” signifying a new day’s dawn.

Each of these names carries with it a slice of the night’s enigma, offering not just a moniker, but a story waiting to be told.

Girl Names That Mean Night

Check out these girl names that mean night or are related to night or the night sky.

  1. Ajambo (Luo, African) – This name means “born at night,” capturing the serene and calm essence of the nocturnal hours.
  2. Amaya (Japanese) – Beautifully translates to “night rain,” evoking the peaceful and soothing sounds of rain under the cover of night.
  3. Amaris – In Hebrew, this name means “given by God,” often linked to the enigmatic and breathtaking beauty of the night sky.
  4. Ankareeda (Indian) – Signifies “night star,” reminiscent of the bright, guiding stars that illuminate the night.
  5. Anniki – In Finnish mythology, Anniki is the goddess of night, embodying the mystical and ethereal essence of the evening.
  6. Asra (Arabic) – This name means “travels at night,” suggesting movement and exploration under the starlit sky.
  7. Bibigul (Kazakh) – Translates to “nightingale,” a bird famed for its beautiful and melodious song during the night.
  8. Chausiku (Swahili) – This name means “born at night,” representing those who come into the world under the veil of darkness.
  9. Cynthia – In Greek mythology, Cynthia is another name for Artemis, the goddess of the moon and hunting, symbolizing the luminous and reflective qualities of the night.
  10. Danica – From Slavic origin, meaning “morning star,” a herald of the end of night and the beginning of a new day.
  11. Estelle – French for “star,” this name shimmers with the elegance and charm of the night sky.
  12. Esther (Hebrew, Biblical) – Means “star,” a luminary in the vast cosmos, associated with radiance and guidance.
  13. Hesper – Greek for “evening star,” signifying the beautiful transition from day to night.
  14. Hoku (Hawaiian) – Means “night of the full moon,” highlighting the night when the moon is at its most majestic and illuminating.
  15. Ilta (Finnish) – Directly translates to “night,” embodying the simplicity and peace of the dark hours.
  16. Isra – In Arabic, this means “night journey,” imbued with profound spiritual significance and the mystery of nocturnal travels.
  17. Laila – Arabic for “night,” a name filled with beauty, tranquility, and the silent grace of the night.
  18. Layla (Arabic) – Originates from the classic Persian and Arabic tale of Layla and Majnun, symbolizing eternal love and passion that blossoms in the night.
  19. Lilith – From Jewish mythology, meaning “of the night,” associated with empowerment, freedom, and the untamed aspects of nature.
  20. Luna – Latin for “moon,” directly referencing the celestial body that dominates the night sky and influences the Earth in profound ways.
  21. Lyra – Named after the constellation, offering a celestial and musical connection to the mysteries of the night.
  22. Mira – Sanskrit for “ocean,” reflecting the depth, mystery, and vastness of the night.
  23. Miyako (Japanese) – Among its meanings is “beautiful night child,” celebrating the beauty and wonder of being born under the nighttime sky.
  24. Niamh – In Irish Gaelic, it means “bright;” mythology paints Niamh as a beautiful princess associated with the luminosity of the moon and stars.
  25. Nisha – Sanskrit for “night,” representing the serenity, depth, and contemplative nature of the evening.
  26. Nox – Latin for “night,” a name exuding simplicity, elegance, and the powerful quiet of the night.
  27. Nyctea – Inspired by the scientific name for the snowy owl, metaphorically linking to the night’s purity, silence, and enigmatic beauty.
  28. Nyx (Greek) – Means “night,” a primordial deity, embodying the very essence and power of the night.
  29. Ratree (Thai) – Means “night jasmine,” a flower that blooms and exudes its fragrance in the evening, symbolizing the beauty and allure of the night.
  30. Rhiannon – In Welsh mythology, associated with horses and the moon, suggesting elegance, mystery, and the mystical aspects of the night.
  31. Selena – Greek for “moon,” denoting the celestial body that reigns over the night with its beauty and celestial influence.
  32. Shirina (Hindi, Indian) – This means “night,” capturing the quiet, reflective nature of the nocturnal hours.
  33. Sidra – Arabic for “like a star,” shining light upon the nighttime sky, guiding and inspiring those who gaze upon it.
  34. Stella (Latin) – Meaning “star,” encapsulates the night’s sparkle and the dazzling beauty of the stars that adorn the night sky.
  35. Tara (Sanskrit) – Signifies “star,” a guiding light through the darkness of night, offering direction and hope.
  36. Twyla (English) – Suggests “twilight,” the ethereal light that cloaks the sky at dusk, a time of day that blends day and night in a magnificent display.
  37. Yvaine (Modern literature) – Denotes “evening star,” adding a poetic and romantic dimension to the charm and beauty of the night.
  38. Zorya (Slavic mythology) – Represents the evening star, acting as a guardian against night terrors, embodying protection and the gentle closure of the day.
  39. Koko (Native American) – Means “night,” evoking a deep connection to the Earth and its natural cycles, reminding us of the stillness and contemplation that comes with nightfall.
  40. Astra – Latin for “star,” representing the sparkling and shimmering qualities of the night sky, a name that inspires dreams and wonder.


In the tapestry of the night, each name we’ve explored is a unique thread, weaving together stories and the celestial dance of stars and moons.

The names Ajambo and Yvaine capture the night’s mystique, offering identities rich with narrative and the essence of the universe.

We invite you to reflect on these names, to find inspiration in their meanings, and perhaps choose one that resonates with the night’s enchanting allure in your life.

Whether you’re naming a new arrival, seeking a new identity, or captivated by the night’s beauty, may these names light your path like the stars in the night sky.

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