108 Inspiring Names That Mean Ocean

Dive into the deep blue, where names are as vast and mysterious as the ocean itself. Explore names that mean ocean, sea or deep waters.

Imagine the sound of waves crashing against the shore, the salt in the air, the boundless horizon stretching into infinity.

In every culture, across all continents, the ocean has been a source of inspiration, awe, and wonder.

It’s no surprise that many parents wish to capture this endless beauty and strength in the names they choose for their children.

Whether you’re expecting, dreaming of the future, or just love the tranquility of the ocean, we’ve curated a list of names that embody the essence of the seas.

Each name, like every wave, is unique, carrying with it stories of adventure, legends of the deep, and the peaceful calm of the ocean’s embrace.

Let’s set sail through these names, finding the one that echoes the ocean’s call to your heart.

Names That Mean Ocean

Baby Boy Names That Mean Ocean

  1. Adrian – Derived from Latin, this name references the tranquil beauty of the Adriatic Sea, a symbol of exploration and adventure.
  2. Aalto – With Finnish roots, “Aalto” captures the essence of a “wave,” reflecting the rhythmic beauty of the sea.
  3. Azul – Of Spanish origin, this name translates to “blue,” evoking the vast, serene expanse of the sea.
  4. Caspian – Inspired by the Caspian Sea, this name embodies the mystery and depth of the world’s largest inland body of water.
  5. Clyde – Scottish in origin and named after the River Clyde, this name is reminiscent of flowing water, encapsulating the spirit of movement and change.
  6. Deniz – With Turkish roots, “Deniz” means “sea,” symbolizing vastness and depth of character.
  7. Dylan – From Welsh origin, meaning “son of the sea,” this name suggests a strong, unbreakable connection with the ocean’s wonders.
  8. Ford – An English name, signifying “river crossing,” it represents a journey or transition, much like the waters it describes.
  9. Gal – Hebrew for “wave,” this name is simple yet powerful, capturing the essence of the sea’s ever-changing nature.
  10. Havelock – Of Norse origin, meaning “sea competition,” it evokes images of the vast, challenging, and competitive nature of the ocean.
  11. Hurley – Irish in origin, this name means “sea tide,” reflecting the rhythmic and constant movement of the sea.
  12. Irving – Scottish, meaning “green river, sea friend,” it highlights a deep connection with the natural world, especially the tranquil and life-sustaining aspects of water.
  13. Kai – Hawaiian for “sea,” this name is short and sweet, symbolizing a deep love and respect for the ocean.
  14. Kaius – Blending Greek and Hawaiian origins, meaning “sea,” this name emphasizes a universal connection with the water’s depth and mysteries.
  15. Lir – In Irish mythology, Lir is the god of the sea, representing the deep, elemental forces of the sea.
  16. Manu – From Polynesian roots, meaning “bird of the sea,” this name honors the explorers of the vast oceans, navigating by the stars.
  17. Marino – Italian/Spanish for “of the sea,” it embodies a life intertwined with and reflective of the sea’s eternal presence.
  18. Marlin – English in origin, named after the sleek, fast fish that embodies the spirit of the ocean, symbolizing agility and grace.
  19. Marlow – An English name, meaning “driftwood,” it reflects the journey and story behind every piece that the sea touches and transforms.
  20. Marius – Of Latin origin, meaning “of the sea,” this name suggests a deep, intrinsic link with the ocean’s vast mysteries.
  21. Marvin – With Welsh roots, meaning “great lord of the sea,” it evokes a sense of majesty and dominion over the vast waters.
  22. Maxwell – Scottish, meaning “great stream,” it suggests the relentless, flowing power of water, reminiscent of the ocean’s currents.
  23. Moana – Of Maori and Hawaiian origin, meaning “ocean,” this name celebrates the expansive beauty and cultural significance of the sea.
  24. Morgan – Welsh for “sea circle,” it symbolizes the cyclical nature of the tides and life’s interconnectedness with the ocean.
  25. Moses – Hebrew origin, meaning “drawn out of water.” This name carries historical and spiritual significance, evoking stories of survival and faith.
  26. Murphy – Irish, meaning “sea warrior,” it conjures images of strength, resilience, and a battle-ready spirit akin to the tempestuous sea.
  27. Murray – Scottish, meaning “settlement by the sea,” it reflects a life shaped and nourished by the close proximity to water.
  28. Nerio – Italian for “water,” this name is simple yet profound, encapsulating the essence of life and purity.
  29. Oceanus – In Greek mythology, Oceanus was the god of the Sea, representing the boundless and primordial force of the waters that encircle the world.
  30. Pacifico – Spanish for “peaceful,” relating to the calming and meditative qualities of the Pacific Ocean.
  31. Pelagius – Greek, meaning “of the sea,” this name invokes the ancient connection between humans and the vast, mysterious waters.
  32. Poseidon – From Greek mythology, Poseidon is the god of the sea, storms, and horses, symbolizing power, tempest, and unpredictability.
  33. Rio – With Spanish and Portuguese origins, meaning “river,” this name pays homage to the vital waterways that feed into and nurture the ocean.
  34. Ronan – Irish for “little seal,” this name brings to mind the playful and curious creatures that inhabit the sea’s depths.
  35. Thalassa – A unique Greek origin name meaning “sea,” it celebrates the elemental and all-encompassing nature of the ocean.
  36. Triton – In Greek mythology, Triton is the messenger of the sea, symbolizing the connection between the aquatic world and the divine.
  37. Ulysses – Latin, related to the Greek hero of the sea, this name speaks to adventure, exploration, and the challenges of navigating life’s seas.
  38. Wade – Of Anglo-Saxon origin, meaning “to go through water,” it embodies the act of moving forward, despite obstacles and resistance.
  39. Zale – Greek for “power of the sea,” this name is a testament to the strength, depth, and unyielding force of the ocean.
  40. Hải – Vietnamese for “ocean,” this name represents a deep connection and reverence for the vastness of the sea.

Each of these names carries the essence of the ocean, offering a touch of its vastness and mystery.

Whether you’re drawn to names that speak directly of the sea’s power or prefer those with a more subtle connection, there’s a name on this list to match every wave of sentiment.

Baby Girl Names That Mean Ocean

  1. Adrienne – Of French origin, this name is inspired by the Adriatic Sea, representing the feminine form of Adrian. It evokes the ocean’s mysteries and depths.
  2. Aqua – With its roots in Latin, Aqua means “water”, directly invoking images of the ocean’s vast expanses and its serene, powerful presence.
  3. Ariel – Ariel, meaning “lion of God” in Hebrew, also symbolizes the sea in literature, notably as a powerful air spirit in Shakespeare’s “The Tempest”.
  4. Cordelia – A name of Latin origin, Cordelia beautifully translates to “heart of the sea”. It evokes a deep connection with the ocean’s endless mysteries and its life-giving essence.
  5. Darya – Of Persian origin, Darya means “sea”, embodying the vastness, depth, and power of the ocean in a single, graceful name.
  6. Genevieve – This name has Germanic roots and means “white wave”. It suggests purity and strength, capturing the majestic and rhythmic beauty of sea waves under the moonlight.
  7. Halcyon – With its Greek origins, Halcyon means “kingfisher bird”. This name has ancient associations with calm seas, derived from a legend of a bird that calms the water to lay its eggs on the sea’s surface.
  8. Idalia – Of Greek origin, meaning “behold the sun”, Idalia is associated with the sea through the Idalian, which is reflective of the goddess Aphrodite who was born from the sea foam and embodies beauty and love.
  9. Kailani – This Hawaiian name means “sea and sky”, offering a vivid image of the horizon where the blue of the ocean meets the expanse of the sky in a breathtaking vista.
  10. Maren – Latin in origin, Maren translates simply to “sea”, a concise yet evocative name that speaks to a love and affinity for the ocean.
  11. Marilla – With Latin roots, Marilla means “shining sea”, suggesting the glittering, sunlit surface of the ocean that dazzles and invites wonder.
  12. Marina – Derived from Latin, Marina means “of the sea”, a direct homage to the ocean’s captivating beauty and its nurturing, sustaining role in the world.
  13. Maris – Also of Latin origin, Maris means “of the sea”, sharing a similar essence with Marina but with a distinctive twist in its sound and feel.
  14. Marisela – Combining Latin origins, Marisela means “of the sea” and “little marsh”, blending the vastness of the ocean with the intimate, nurturing spaces of marshlands.
  15. Maristela – Maristela, meaning “star of the sea,” symbolizes guidance, hope, and eternal light guiding sailors home from the ocean’s depths.
  16. Marceline – Of French origin, derived from Mars, meaning “of the sea”. It captures the essence of the ocean’s connection to the cycles of the earth and the heavens.
  17. Maya – This name has roots in Hebrew, Greek, and Sanskrit, meaning “water” in Sanskrit. It embodies the life-giving and sustaining force of water, essential to all forms of life.
  18. Meredith – With Welsh origin, Meredith translates to “great lord of the sea”, evoking images of majesty, depth, and the commanding presence of the ocean.
  19. Meri – A name of Finnish origin, meaning “sea”. It’s a succinct name that carries a strong and direct connection to the ocean, embodying its vastness and beauty in a single syllable.
  20. Mira – The name Mira, of Sanskrit origin, means “ocean,” reflecting the sea’s expansive nature, and also holds Latin roots meaning “wonderful,” embodying the sea’s awe-inspiring beauty.
  21. Moirah – With Irish and Greek origins, Moirah means “destiny” or “sea” in Greek, suggesting a person’s life being deeply intertwined with the ebb and flow of the ocean’s tides.
  22. Morgana – Morgana is a name of Welsh origin linked to the sea and Arthurian legend, portraying a powerful enchantress connected to the ocean’s mystical and mythical aspects.
  23. Moriah – Of Hebrew origin, indicating “seen by the lord” or, in some interpretations, “teaching of the sea”, it evokes a sense of wisdom and revelation drawn from the depths of the ocean.
  24. Naia – This Basque name means “wave, sea foam”, capturing the gentle, playful nature of the sea’s surface as it interacts with the shore.
  25. Nahla – Of Arabic origin, Nahla means “drink of water”, a vital reminder of water’s life-sustaining properties and its fundamental importance to every living being.
  26. Nerida – A Greek name meaning “sea nymph”, Nerida evokes the mythological spirits of the sea, known for their beauty and connection to the ocean’s depths.
  27. Nerissa – Also of Greek origin, Nerissa means “from the sea”; it was used by Shakespeare in ‘The Merchant of Venice’, lending a literary aura to its oceanic roots.
  28. Oceane – A French name that directly translates to “ocean”, it embodies the vast, encompassing nature of the sea, highlighting an individual’s deep connection to the water.
  29. Ondine – Of Latin origin, meaning “little wave”, Ondine suggests the gentle, caressing movements of water along the shore, embodying the sea’s soothing qualities.
  30. Pelagia – A name of Greek origin, Pelagia means “of the sea”, suggesting a broad, encompassing connection to the ocean and its boundless nature.
  31. Pearl – With English origin, Pearl is a gem produced by oysters in the sea, symbolizing purity, rarity, and beauty. It evokes the treasure-like qualities of the ocean and its hidden wonders.
  32. Sedna – In Inuit mythology, Sedna is the goddess of the sea, ruling over the marine animals and embodying the harsh beauty and majesty of the Arctic seas.
  33. Sirena – Of Spanish and Italian origin, meaning “mermaid”. It connects the bearer to the mythical sea creatures known for their enchanting beauty and mesmerizing voices, capturing the mysterious allure of the ocean.
  34. Talia – Of Hebrew origin, meaning “dew from God” but also having seafaring connections in various cultures, suggesting a divine blessing as gentle and nourishing as morning dew, with an undercurrent of the sea’s vastness.
  35. Thalassa – A Greek name meaning “sea”, directly embodying the primal element of water that surrounds the earth, highlighting an elemental and profound connection to the ocean.
  36. Ula – Of Celtic origin, Ula means “jewel of the sea”, a name that evokes the precious and mesmerizing aspects of the ocean, suggesting its beauty and the preciousness of its bounty.
  37. Umiko – A Japanese name meaning “child of the sea”, Umiko beautifully captures a sense of belonging and affinity with the ocean, suggesting a life intertwined with the water.
  38. Waverly – Waverly, derived from Old English, signifies “meadow of quivering aspens” and symbolizes the ocean’s rhythmic waves, reflecting change and fluidity.
  39. Yara – Yara, with meanings linked to “water lady” or “small butterfly” and roots in Brazilian and Arabic cultures, embodies grace, fluidity, and a deep connection to the sea and transformation.

Each of these names invokes the beauty, depth, and mystery of the ocean, providing a unique moniker that carries with it the essence of the sea.

Gender-neutral Names That Mean Ocean

  1. Bay – Of English origin, this name refers to a body of water that is directly connected to the sea, symbolizing tranquility and vast expanses.
  2. Blue – With its roots in English, Blue is often associated with the serene and majestic color of the sea, evoking a sense of calm and depth.
  3. Brook/Brooke – Originating from English, this name means a small stream, symbolizing the universal connection and flow of water towards larger bodies, including the sea.
  4. Caspian – Named after the Caspian Sea, this name implies vastness and the mysterious depths of the sea, evoking a sense of exploration and discovery.
  5. Cove – Of English origin, Cove refers to a small, sheltered bay, suggesting safety and seclusion amidst the vastness of the sea.
  6. Cyan – An English name, Cyan represents a shade of blue that is reminiscent of the ocean, conjuring images of clear, tranquil waters.
  7. Delta – With Greek origins, Delta signifies the point where a river divides before entering the ocean, representing change and transformation.
  8. Finley – A name of Scottish and Irish origin, meaning “fair warrior”, with a subtle connection to the aquatic world through its nod to the fins of sea creatures.
  9. Harbor – English in origin, Harbor is a place on the coast where vessels find shelter, symbolizing safety and refuge by the sea.
  10. Haven – Of English origin, meaning “safe port”, this name carries maritime connotations, suggesting a peaceful and secure place by the sea.
  11. Indigo – A name of Greek origin, denoting the deep, mesmerizing color of the sea at depth, invoking a sense of mystery and wonder.
  12. Jordan – From Hebrew origin, meaning “flow down”, reflective of the flowing nature of water, perpetually moving and reshaping landscapes before joining the sea.
  13. Kai – Of Hawaiian origin, Kai simply means “sea”, capturing the essence and spirit of the ocean in a single syllable.
  14. Laken – An English name meaning “lake”, it broadly encompasses all bodies of water, including the sea, symbolizing a connection to all aquatic realms.
  15. Marin – From the Latin for “of the sea”, Marin embodies the vast, boundless nature of the ocean, suggesting a deep affinity with the marine world.
  16. Marley – An English name meaning “seaside meadow”, Marley evokes images of peaceful, scenic landscapes where the land meets the sea.
  17. Marlowe – Also of English origin, meaning “driftwood”, Marlowe is associated with the gifts of the sea, washed ashore, symbolizing serendipity and the journey of life.
  18. Morgan – A Welsh name, meaning “sea circle”, it suggests the cyclical nature of the tides and the eternal connection between the sea and the moon.
  19. Murphy – Of Irish origin, meaning “sea warrior”, Murphy embodies the strength and bravery required to navigate the unpredictable seas.
  20. Ocean – Derived from Greek origin, Ocean is named after the vast expanse of salt water that covers most of the earth’s surface, embodying the essence of the marine world.
  21. Reef – An English name, Reef refers to a ridge of jagged rock, coral, or sand beneath the sea’s surface, highlighting the hidden beauty and danger of the ocean.
  22. Rio – Of Spanish and Portuguese origin, meaning “river”, Rio symbolizes the journey of water from its source to its ultimate union with the ocean.
  23. River – An English name, River stands for a large natural stream of water, often leading to the sea, representing life’s journey and continual flow.
  24. Sailor – Directly relating to the sea, Sailor is of English origin and conjures images of adventure, exploration, and the call of the ocean waves.
  25. Skye – Named after an island in Scotland, surrounded by the sea, Skye signifies the vast expanse of both sky and sea, embodying a sense of freedom and boundlessness.
  26. Storm – Of English origin, Storm is indicative of the tumultuous nature of the sea, representing change, challenge, and the unleashed power of nature.
  27. Wade – An Anglo-Saxon name meaning “to go through water”, Wade symbolizes the act of moving through challenges and experiences, much like navigating through water.
  28. Waverly – Meaning “meadow of quivering aspens” in English, Waverly connotes the movement of water, evoking the gentle, soothing sounds of waves.
  29. Zephyr – Of Greek origin, meaning “west wind”, Zephyr carries the fresh, invigorating breeze of the ocean, symbolizing renewal and new beginnings.

Each of these gender-neutral names is imbued with maritime essence, offering a connection to the ocean’s vastness, beauty, and mystery.

Bottom Line!

Dive into the vastness of the ocean with a name that encapsulates its essence! 🌊

Inspired by maritime lore, names like Bay, Caspian, Murphy, Kai, and Ocean each offer a unique journey, embodying tranquility, mystery, strength, and the essence of the sea.

Which of these names resonates with your soul?

Is it the calmness of Blue, the adventure of Sailor, or perhaps the deep color of Indigo that calls to you?

Embrace your connection to the sea and let it guide you towards a name that reflects your spirit and journey.

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