113 Baby Names That Mean Peace

Embarking on the enchanting quest for the perfect baby name? Let “peace” be your guiding star, a whisper of serenity and a promise of calm.

This singular word opens doors to realms of inspiration, where names are not just labels but wishes whispered to the stars.

Imagine a name that carries with it a legacy of tranquility, a beacon of hope in a world brimming with wonder.

In this journey of names, peace is a magical beginning, inviting us all to dream a little deeper and smile a little wider.

The word peace holds a powerful meaning, one that transcends cultural and linguistic barriers. It speaks to the core of humanity, reminding us of our innate desire for harmony and balance.

In different languages, the word peace may be pronounced or written differently but its essence remains the same – a symbol of unity, understanding, and coexistence.

So why not choose a name that embodies this beautiful sentiment? Let’s explore some names that mean peace in various languages and cultures.

Names That Mean Peace

Baby Boy Names That Mean Peace

  • Aarav – A name of Indian origin meaning “peaceful,” it’s popular in India for its lovely sound and positive connotation.
  • Axel – This Scandinavian name derives from the biblical “Absalom,” which means “father of peace.” It carries a trendy edge alongside its peaceful connotation.
  • Baris – Of Turkish origin, Baris means “peace,” embodying the country’s multicultural spirit and the universal longing for harmony.
  • Callum – Originating from Scottish Gaelic, Callum is a name that signifies “dove,” a universal symbol of peace and tranquility.
  • Caspian – Although primarily known as a geographical name, Caspian can signify peace, invoking the serene and majestic sea.
  • Colm – An Irish name meaning “dove,” which is the universal symbol of peace, making it a fitting choice for a peaceful child.
  • Frederick – Of German origin, this venerable name means “peaceful ruler,” ideal for a boy destined to lead with gentleness and calm.
  • Frieden – German for “peace,” Frieden is both a bold and meaningful choice for a boy’s name.
  • Galen – With roots in Greek, Galen means “calm,” “healer,” or “tranquil,” suitable for a child with a soothing presence.
  • Geoffrey – An old-fashioned name with a charm that has endured through centuries, Geoffrey means “divine peace.”
  • Godfrey – Of German origin, Godfrey means “peace of God,” epitomizing divine tranquility and serenity.
  • Heddwyn: Derived from Welsh, this serene name for a boy translates to ‘holy peace,’ reflecting a tranquil spirit.
  • Humphrey: Evoking the image of a ‘peaceful warrior,’ this name carries the charm of old Hollywood and is ripe for a comeback.
  • Irenaeus: A distinguished and masculine variant of Irene, offering a unique choice that stands out.
  • Ireneo – A unique name of Greek origin meaning “peace,” it’s the masculine form of Irene, the goddess of peace.
  • Jalen – While its origins are modern American, Jalen has been linked to peace through its gentle sound and contemporary appeal.
  • Jonah – This name has Hebrew origins and means “dove,” further reinforcing the bird’s symbolic connection to peace.
  • Kazumi – A Japanese name meaning “harmony” or “peace,” it represents a blend of tranquility and beauty.
  • Manfred – Of German origin, meaning “man of peace,” this name is perfect for someone who stands as a pillar of tranquility.
  • Miron – A Slavic name derived from “mir,” meaning “peace” or “world,” signifying global peace or unity.
  • Oliver – Although more widely recognized for its association with olive trees, this name indirectly conveys peace since the olive branch is a well-known emblem of peace.
  • Paciano – A rare Spanish name meaning “peace,” Paciano is distinguished and evocative of a peaceful demeanor.
  • Paxton – An English name that literally means “peace town,” Paxton carries a modern feel with a peaceful essence.
  • Placido – Of Italian and Spanish origin, Placido means “calm” or “peaceful,” reflecting a serene and undisturbed nature.
  • Salem – With roots in both Hebrew and Arabic, Salem means “peace” and is directly linked to the word “shalom.”
  • Shiloh – Although it has both Hebrew and Biblical origins meaning “peaceful,” Shiloh is becoming increasingly popular across cultures.
  • Solomon – Derived from the Hebrew word for peace, “shalom,” Solomon was a Biblical king known for his wisdom and peaceful reign.
  • Stellan – Of Swedish origin, Stellan means “calm,” “peace,” or “at peace,” embodying a serene disposition.
  • Timoteo – An Italian and Spanish name meaning “honoring God” or “honored by God,” but often chosen for its gentle, peaceful connotation.
  • Wilfred – A name of English origin, meaning “desires peace,” suitable for a child who embodies the hope for a peaceful world.
  • Yaroslav: Meaning ‘fierce and peaceful’ in Slavic.
  • Zalman – A Hebrew name meaning “peace,” it’s a less common variant of Solomon, offering a unique twist on the theme of peace.
  • Aang – A name with origins in the fictional world of Avatar: The Last Airbender, where it means “peaceful.”
  • Aaru – In Hindu mythology, Aaru is the name of a peaceful haven where souls go after death.
  • Absalom – A biblical name meaning “father of peace,” Absalom is a strong and timeless choice.
  • Aman – In the Hindi language, Aman means “peace” or “safety,” making it an apt name for a child who brings calm and security to those around them.
  • Axl – This variation of the name Axel carries the same meaning – “father of peace” – but with a modern, edgy twist.
  • Columba – A Latin name that means “dove,” symbolizing peace and harmony.
  • Casimir – Of Slavic origin, this name means “proclaimer of peace,” making it a bold and meaningful choice for a boy.
  • Dembe – An African name meaning “peace” or “tranquility,” it’s a unique and powerful choice for a boy.
  • Dragomir – A Slavic name that means “peace of the world,” conveying a message of harmony and unity.
  • Eamon – Of Irish origin, Eamon means “guardian of peace,” making it a strong and meaningful choice for a boy.
  • Fedde – A Dutch name meaning “peaceful ruler,” Fedde embodies a gentle yet powerful presence.
  • Freddie – A diminutive of Frederick, Freddie is a charming and adorable name that means “peaceful ruler.”
  • Gandhi – A namesake of the Indian activist known for promoting nonviolent resistance, Gandhi carries strong connotations of peace and unity.
  • Fritz – A German name meaning “peaceful ruler,” Fritz is a diminutive of Frederick and carries the same regal feel.
  • Haki – In Swahili, Haki means “justice” or “righteousness,” making it a meaningful and powerful choice for a child who stands for peace and fairness.
  • Malu – This Hawaiian name means “peace,” reflecting the serene and tranquil island lifestyle.
  • Nirav – Of Indian origin, Nirav means “quiet” or “still,” conveying a sense of peace and tranquility.
  • Miran – A Kurdish name meaning “peaceful” or “calm,” Miran embodies a serene and gentle spirit.

Baby Girl Names That Mean Peace

  • Amani: This evocative Arabic name, meaning “wishes” or “aspirations,” is often associated with a desire for peace, embodying the hope for a tranquil future.
  • Axelle: Rooted in Scandinavian lore, Axelle translates to “father of peace.” This name combines strength and serenity, presenting a powerful yet peaceful feminine form of Axel.
  • Chessa: With its origins in Slavic culture, Chessa means “at peace,” providing a sense of tranquility and uniqueness in its simplicity and elegance.
  • Dove: A name that directly symbolizes peace through the imagery of the gentle and peaceful bird, Dove offers a straightforward yet profound message of harmony and gentleness.
  • Eirene: Named after the Greek goddess of peace, Eirene captures classic elegance and serenity, reflecting ancient ideals of tranquility and harmony.
  • Frieda: In the German language, Frieda means “peaceful ruler,” offering a dignified and regal aspect reminiscent of the male counterpart Frederick, but with a distinctively peaceful aura.
  • Galena: A name of Greek origin, Galena means “calm” or “healer,” introducing a soft, nurturing vibe that speaks to healing and tranquility beyond mere calmness.
  • Gloria: Rooted in Latin, meaning “glory,” Gloria evokes peace through its association with the Christmas message of “Glory to God in the highest, peace on earth,” suggesting a heavenly peace and glory.
  • Inga: Scandinavian for “guarded by Ing,” a fertility god, Inga carries connotations of peace along with fertility and protection, suggesting a peaceful prosperity.
  • Irina: A Russian adaptation of Eirene, meaning “peace,” Irina blends elegance with cultural depth, offering a name that’s both classic and rich in heritage.
  • Jemima: A biblical Hebrew name meaning “dove,” Jemima not only represents the universal sign of peace but also conveys a sense of purity and innocence.
  • Lana: With meanings in Hawaiian for “calm as still waters” and Slavic for “peaceful,” Lana embodies a deep sense of tranquility and serene beauty, suggesting a profound connection to nature and calm.
  • Malina: Of Hebrew origin, Malina means “tower of strength” and “peace,” harmonizing the concepts of power and peace, suggesting that true strength comes with tranquility.
  • Mira: A name with diverse origins, Mira means “wonderful” in Latin, “peace” in Slavic, and “ocean” in Sanskrit, offering a multifaceted symbol of peaceful vastness and wonder.
  • Nadira: Arabic for “precious” or “rare,” Nadira not only conveys peace in valuing what’s important but also highlights the unique and invaluable nature of tranquility in our lives.
  • Noa: A Hebrew name meaning “motion,” now often connected with tranquility, Noa presents a modern interpretation of peace as a dynamic state rather than mere stillness.
  • Olivia: Suggestive of the olive branch, a symbol of peace, Olivia offers a timeless choice that merges ancient peace symbolism with contemporary elegance.
  • Paloma: Spanish for “dove,” Paloma beautifully encapsulates purity, peace, and the hope for a harmonious world through the simplicity and elegance of this bird symbol.
  • Pax: Named after the Roman goddess of peace, Pax delivers a succinct yet profound message of peace, reflecting age-old desires for tranquility and harmony.
  • Placida: Spanish and Italian for “calm” or “peaceful,” Placida represents a serene choice, mirrored by the masculine Placido, suggesting a deep-rooted calmness in one’s being.
  • Rena: Hebrew for “joy,” “song,” or “melody,” Rena links peace with happiness, suggesting that true peace brings joy and that joy itself is a form of tranquility.
  • Salome: Of Hebrew origin meaning “peace,” akin to the male Solomon, Salome weaves together the themes of wisdom, peace, and a profound depth of character.
  • Serena: Latin for “serene” or “tranquil,” Serena has long been synonymous with peace, offering a name that suggests a steady and unshakeable calm.
  • Shanti: A Sanskrit name meaning “peace,” Shanti not only expresses a deep cultural appreciation for tranquility but also an invocation of peace in its most spiritual form.
  • Sierra: Mainly referring to mountains, Sierra also portrays a majestic peace, suggesting the silent, enduring calm of mountainous landscapes and their timeless beauty.
  • Tulia: Latin for “peaceful,” Tulia is a gentle yet remarkable choice, suggesting a serene disposition and a life led with tranquility at its core.
  • Vera: In Russian, Vera means “faith,” often related to peace through hope for a harmonious world, offering a name that speaks to the power of belief in creating peace.
  • Winifred: A Welsh name meaning “blessed peacemaking,” Winifred weaves together joy, peace, and blessing into a tapestry that suggests an active role in creating tranquility.
  • Zulema: An Arabic name meaning “peace,” Zulema offers a distinctive alternative to Salama, providing a unique option for those seeking a name with deep roots in peace and tranquility.
  • Airini: Derived from the Maori word for “peace,” Airini embodies a unique cultural perspective on tranquility, offering a name that exemplifies peace in its most fundamental form.
  • Akudo: Of Nigerian origin, Akudo means “peaceful wealth,” suggesting that peace is a form of abundance and prosperity in its own right.
  • Althea: Derived from Greek mythology, where Althaia was the mother of Meleager, who brought peace between two warring cities.
  • Alafia: Of African origin, Alafia means “peace,” imbuing a sense of inner calm and harmony.
  • Ayoka: A Yoruba name meaning “joyful peace,” Ayoka expresses the idea that true peace brings joy and happiness to one’s life.
  • Alanna: A name of Irish origin, Alanna means “peace” or “harmony,” evoking a sense of balance and tranquility.
  • Eirlys: A Welsh name meaning “snowdrop,” Eirlys offers a unique connection to peace through its association with innocence and purity.
  • Amity: Rooted in Latin, Amity means “friendship” or “peaceful harmony,” embodying the idea that true peace can only exist through positive relationships.
  • Evania: Of Hebrew origin, Evania means “peaceful” or “serene,” offering a name that brings together strength and peace in a harmonious balance.
  • Naima: An Arabic name meaning “tranquil,” Naima not only embodies the core concept of peace but also suggests an inner calmness and contentment.
  • Maluhia: With roots in Hawaiian culture, Maluhia means “peace,” offering a unique and beautiful option for those seeking a name that encompasses tranquility and cultural heritage.

Gender-neutral Names That Mean Peace

  • Alexi: Derived from Greek, meaning “defender of mankind,” imbues a sense of peace through its essence of protection.
  • Amani: Meaning “peace” in Swahili, this name embodies calmness and serenity, perfect for a child in today’s interconnected world.
  • Casey: Originating from Irish roots meaning “brave in battle,” Casey represents the hope for peace following conflict, highlighting a vision for a tranquil future.
  • Finley: Scottish for “fair warrior,” this name beautifully merges fairness and protection within a peaceful framework.
  • Kai: In Hawaiian, “sea” represents vast, tranquil calmness, while in Maori, “food” symbolizes the heart of communal harmony.
  • Leslie: Scottish for “holly garden,” this name captures the tranquility and sacredness of nature.
  • Owen: Meaning “young warrior” or “well-born,” Owen reflects the dual potential for peace and strength.
  • River: Signifying calm, flowing water, this name embodies the serene beauty and peace of nature.
  • Sage: From the Latin for “wise,” Sage denotes the peace derived from wisdom and living in harmony.
  • Taylor: With roots in French and English meaning “tailor,” it subtly suggests the artistry in crafting peace.
  • Val: A diminutive of Valentine, meaning “strength, health,” it epitomizes the peace that comes from robust wellbeing.
  • Wynn: Welsh for “fair, pure,” Wynn captures the essence of clarity and the tranquility of purity.
  • Zan: A variant of John, meaning “God is gracious,” Zan signifies the peacefulness found in divine grace.

Bottom Line!

In the vibrant tapestry of names we’ve explored, each carries a profound meaning, embodying peace in multifaceted expressions.

From serene tranquility to the strength found in harmony, these names offer more than a simple label; they bear wishes, dreams, and a vision for a peaceful existence.

We encourage you to interact with these names, reflect on their meanings, and consider how they might resonate within your own life or in the life of a future bearer.

Whether inspired by nature, derived from ancient wisdom, or rooted in cultural depth, each name invites you to become a part of its unique story of peace.

Together, let’s celebrate the diversity and beauty found in the quest for tranquility.

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