66 Gentle Names That Mean Pink For Boys & Girls

Welcome to a world where names are painted in the most enchanting of hues—pink!

Imagine a name that carries with it the softness of a cherry blossom, the warmth of a setting sun, or the playful charm of a cotton candy swirl.

Here, we’re exploring the unique and beautiful names that are inspired by or mean pink, each carrying a splash of color and personality.

From traditional to the unexpected, these names offer a spectrum of choices that are as vibrant and diverse as the color itself.

Whether you’re naming a character in your next story, seeking inspiration for a future bundle of joy, or simply curious, prepare to be tickled pink by our collection of names.

Significance of Names That Mean Pink

Pink is often associated with qualities such as love, compassion, and gentleness.

It represents a sense of calmness and tenderness, making it a perfect choice for those looking to give their child a name that exudes warmth and kindness.

In many cultures, pink also symbolizes youthfulness, creativity, and imagination.

Choosing a name that means pink can be a way to infuse these qualities into your child’s identity and personality.

Unique Names That Mean Pink

Unique Names That Mean Pink

Looking for something unexpected or offbeat?

Here are some unique names that have a connection to the color pink:

Rosebud: A cute and delicate name inspired by the small bud of a rose, often associated with love and beauty.

Coraline: A name derived from the word “coral,” a pinkish-orange marine animal that symbolizes protection and good fortune.

Fuchsia: A vibrant name inspired by the bright, purplish-pink hue of the fuchsia flower, representing grace and charm.

Azalea: A feminine name taken from the brightly colored azalea flower, symbolizing femininity and passion.

Salmon: An unconventional color name that has a connection to pink, representing determination and adaptability.

Scarlett: A name meaning “red,” but often associated with a deep shade of pink, representing passion and strength.

Coral: A name taken from the marine animal, symbolizing protection and good fortune.

Blush: A subtle and elegant color name that has a connection to pink, representing gentleness and sensitivity.

Rosalba: An Italian name meaning “white rose,” blending the purity of white with the beauty of a rose.

Pinkney: An English name meaning “pink field,” evoking images of a blossoming, colorful meadow.

Zerah: A Hebrew name meaning “rosy,” suggesting a rosy complexion or a glowing, healthy appearance.

Pinkerton: An English name meaning “pink town,” reminiscent of quaint, picturesque villages.

Rozene: A name of Polish origin meaning “rose blossom,” perfect for someone delicate and cherished.

Pinkus: With Yiddish origins, this name means “pink,” simple yet profound in its connection to the color.

Sashiro: A unique Japanese name meaning “helping pink,” suggesting assistance and support with a gentle touch.

Aruna: Of Sanskrit origin, meaning “reddish-brown” or “dawn,” hinting at the beautiful hues of the morning sky.

Blossom: An English name reflecting the blooming pink flowers, symbolizing growth and new beginnings.

Varuna: A name from Sanskrit, meaning “god of water” or “pink-hued,” offering a divine, serene connection.

Pinkwell: An English name meaning “pink spring,” evoking the image of fresh, vibrant waters.

Flamingo: Inspired by the Spanish word for the vibrant pink bird, representing grace and balance.

Kirani: A Greek name meaning “coral” or “pink,” offering a touch of natural beauty and gentleness.

Pinkus: A German origin name also meaning “pink,” showcasing the universal appeal and charm of the color.

Alani: With Hawaiian origins, this name means “orange tree” or “royal,” suggesting nobility and the warmth of the tropics.

Pinkley: An English name meaning “pink meadow,” conjuring images of vast fields flushed with pink hues.

Mallow: From Old English origins, referring to the soft, pink flower, symbolizing sweetness and protection.

Pinkson: An English name meaning “pink’s son,” signifying lineage and the passing down of beauty and grace.

Baby Girl Names That Mean Pink

Azalea – This name, drawn from a vibrant pink shrub, represents passion and femininity, ideal for a girl with a strong and captivating presence.

Begonia – This name, inspired by a flower that blooms in shades of pink, symbolizes harmony and balance, making it perfect for someone with these traits in their personality.

Coral – Inspired by a marine gemstone, symbolizes love, protection, and good fortune, making it a perfect name for someone charming and strong.

Blush – The name symbolizes health, innocence, and youth, capturing the essence of a warm pink glow that signifies well-being and purity.

Cerise – Cerise, meaning “cherry” in French, refers to the deep pink tone of cherry fruits and blossoms, symbolizing elegance and deep passions.

Cherry – Inspired by the tender pink blossoms of cherry trees, this name evokes a sense of sweetness and the renewal of spring. It is fitting for someone who brings joy and freshness into the lives of those around them.

Flamingo – Inspired by vibrant pink flamingos known for their unique color and grace, Flamingo is a fun, quirky name. It’s ideal for a girl with a colorful personality who loves to stand out.

Fuchsia – Named after the bold pink-purple shade, Fuchsia is a girl’s name that signifies vivacity and presence, embodying a spirit that embraces bold choices.

Gulabi – Of Indian origin, this name means “pink,” symbolizing a love for vibrant colors and simple beauty. Perfect for those who see beauty in everyday moments and bring color to others’ lives.

Magenta – Magenta is a name for a girl who is creative and artistic, standing out in every way. It suits someone whose presence is as captivating as the color itself.

Mauve – Named after the mallow flower, Mauve is a soft, pale pink-lilac shade. It’s a subtle and sophisticated name choice, ideal for those with refined taste and a gentle spirit.

Pearl – Often linked with white, pearls can also be pink, symbolizing beauty, purity, and wisdom, suggesting depth and complexity within simplicity.

Pembe – This Turkish name means “pink,” also spelled as “Pempe” or “Pembegul,” offering a unique take on this color-inspired name. It’s a vibrant choice, reflecting a lively personality.

Peony – Known for its large, delicate petals and colors, Peony suits a girl who is soft-hearted but strong-willed, embodying the balance of power and gentleness, like the flower.

Pink – The most obvious choice, Pink is a bold, unique name for a girl, symbolizing passion, femininity, and strength. It’s a modern choice that empowers and stands out.

Rose – A timeless name, Rose is inspired by the flower known for its pink shades, symbolizing love, beauty, and grace. It represents timeless elegance and a connection to nature.

Baby Boy Names That Mean Pink

Carmine – Carmine is a sophisticated, deep pink name symbolizing strength and sensitivity, ideal for a boy with a modern, emotionally expressive masculinity.

Florian – The name Florian, meaning “flower,” symbolizes growth, fertility, and renewal, reflecting nature’s beauty and is perfect for a boy with a gentle, nature-connected soul.

Gulzar – Persian Name meaning “rose garden,” symbolizes beauty and romanticism through the imagery of pink blooms. It’s ideal for a creative and artistic boy who loves beauty.

Haneul – This Korean name, meaning “sky,” brings to mind the soft pinks of sunrise or sunset, ideal for a boy who is peaceful and optimistic. Haneul signifies limitless potential and tranquility, suggesting a spirit that’s calm yet full of hope.

Jamil – Jamil is an Arabic name meaning “beautiful,” symbolizing the beauty of the evening sky and suited for a boy with appealing presence. It suggests charisma, warmth, and charm.

Kamal – The name Kamal, meaning “lotus” in Sanskrit, symbolizes purity and enlightenment, suggesting a deep spiritual side and tranquil strength. It is ideal for a wise and calm individual.

Lohan – Gaelic for “red-haired,” symbolizes dawn’s warm pinks – ideal for a passionate, spirited boy with fiery energy and a zest for life.

Manu – Manu is a Polynesian name meaning “bird of the night,” symbolizing tranquility and mystery. It suits a boy with quiet strength and thoughtfulness.

Radley – Meaning “red meadow” in English, evokes images of nature and adventure, ideal for a nature-loving boy inspired by the outdoors.

Sorrel – A color reminiscent of sunset pinks, symbolizes a practical yet daring spirit ideal for a boy who loves exploration and has a deep connection to the earth.

Ambrose – Ambrose is a Greek name meaning “immortal,” associated with the pink hues of sunrise, symbolizing vitality and strength. It’s ideal for an adventurous and bold boy.

Floyd – Floyd is a Welsh name meaning “gray-haired,” yet it also has origins in Old English as meaning “pink” or “red.” It suits someone who carries a sense of maturity and wisdom, yet has a playful and expressive side.

Rohan – Meaning “ascending” in Sanskrit, Rohan suggests growth, progress, and evolution – like the pinks of dawn slowly lighting up the sky. It’s perfect for an ambitious and determined boy.

Shiloh – This Hebrew name means “peace,” symbolizing the soft pink hues of a peaceful sky. It’s ideal for a boy with a calm and gentle aura.

Rozovo – Meaning “pink” in Bulgarian, Rozovo is a unique name choice for a boy. It’s ideal for someone who sees beauty in simplicity and appreciates the small things in life.

Names That Sound Like Pink

If you want a name that sounds similar to pink but isn’t directly related to the color, here are some options:

Finley: A unisex name meaning “fair warrior,” with a soft and melodic sound reminiscent of the color pink.

Penelope: A Greek name meaning “weaver,” with a gentle, flowing rhythm that evokes the delicate and graceful nature of pink.

Lincoln: An English name meaning “lake settlement,” with a strong yet pleasant sound that can be associated with the warmth and beauty of a sunset sky.

Parker: An occupational name meaning “park keeper,” with a playful and charming tone that could be linked to the whimsy of cotton candy.

Felicity: A Latin name meaning “happiness,” with a soft, velvety sound that can conjure up images of pink clouds on a summer day.

Pinkston: An English name meaning “settlement near the hill,” with a similar sound to Pinkson but with a different meaning.

Melinda: A Greek name meaning “dark and beautiful” or “honey-sweet,” with a gentle and soothing tone that can be associated with the softness of pink.

Kingston: An English name meaning “king’s town,” with a regal yet warm sound that could be linked to the color’s connection with love and compassion.

Fintan: An Irish name meaning “white fire,” with a strong yet playful sound that could be associated with the bright and lively nature of pink.

Harper: An occupational name meaning “harp player,” with a light and airy tone reminiscent of the softness and femininity of pink.

Bottom Line!

Choosing the perfect name for your little one is a significant first step in their lifelong journey.

Whether inspired by the soft allure of pink’s many shades or drawn to the deeper meanings and traditions behind each name, the choice you make will echo through time.

We hope this guide sparks joy and creativity in your naming adventure, helping you find a name as unique and special as your baby will surely be.

Remember, each name carries its own story, ready to be lived and told.

Here’s to finding that one name that not only resonates with you but also sets the stage for your child’s future adventures.

Welcome to the wonderful world of naming! 🌸✨

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