120 Names That Mean Pure or Innocent

When it comes to choosing a name for your child, one of the most popular themes is purity and innocence.

These traits are often associated with youth, goodness, and simplicity, making them highly desirable for parents looking for meaningful names.

In this list, we have compiled 120 names that mean pure or innocent from various cultures and languages around the world.

Whether you’re looking for a classic name or something more unique, you’re sure to find the perfect fit for your little one.

Why Choose Names That Mean Pure or Innocent

Choosing a name that signifies pure or innocent can be deeply meaningful for many reasons.

Such names often carry a sense of clarity, light, and untouched beauty, echoing an innate goodness and simplicity that many parents wish to encapsulate in their child’s identity.

These names, rich in positive connotations, may also inspire individuals to lead lives that reflect the virtues of purity and innocence.

Additionally, selecting a name with these meanings can offer a timeless appeal, connecting the child to universal values of honesty and moral integrity.

In cultures around the world, names that mean “pure” or “innocent” are cherished, believed to bestow good fortune and protect the bearer with an aura of positivity and grace.

Baby Girl Names That Mean Pure or Innocent

Baby Girl Names That Mean Pure or Innocent

Aggie – Originating from Greek, signifies “pure”, representing simplicity and clarity.

Agnes – A Greek name meaning pure, holy, reflecting purity and a divine connection.

Alba – A Latin term for “white”, symbolizing purity, peace, and innocence.

Alya – In Arabic and Turkish, Alya means “sky”, “heaven”, or “loftiness”, denoting elevation and serenity.

Aviva – Hebrew for “spring” or “renewal”, symbolizing new beginnings and rejuvenation.

Avivit – Of Hebrew origin, meaning innocent, representing purity and simplicity.

Bareea – An Arabic name that denotes “innocent”, reflecting purity of heart and clarity.

Bianca – Italian for “white”, symbolizing purity, innocence, and untouched beauty.

Cate – A French name that symbolizes “an innocent and pure girl”, reflecting untainted beauty and simplicity.

Catelin – An American name for “an innocent and genuine woman”, highlighting sincerity and authenticity.

Cateline – In French, it translates to “she is innocent”, emphasizing purity and untainted character.

Catelynn – Of Irish origin, means “an innocent girl”, reflecting a pure and youthful spirit.

Caterine – A Greek name for “an innocent woman”, symbolizing purity and unblemished character.

Cathleen – Greek for “a lady who is pure and innocent”, denoting nobility and purity of soul.

Cathrine – Greek, translates to “innocent and pure”, emphasizing a clear and untainted nature.

Cathy – Originating from Greek, signifies “pure”, a simple yet profound representation of innocence.

Catina – A name found in both Greek and Romanian, for “an innocent girl”, symbolizing youthful purity.

Catlin – Derived from Old French and Greek, denotes “an innocent, pure, genuine woman”, highlighting authenticity and purity.

Catlyn – An Anglo-Saxon name meaning “she is pure and innocent”, reflecting a pristine and virtuous character.

Catrina – In German, signifies “the one that is pure and innocent”, a name that denotes purity and simplicity.

Celeste – Latin for “heavenly”, representing celestial beauty and otherworldly purity.

Daisy – An Old English name that represents purity and innocence, symbolizing a fresh and untainted beauty.

Darlina – English for “a sweet, innocent child”, evoking feelings of warmth and unspoiled nature.

Deonisia – A Latin name meaning “an innocent and charming being”, highlighting enchantment and purity.

Ecaterina – Romanian for “innocent and pure being”, symbolizing an unblemished and virtuous character.

Ekaterina – Russian, means “one who is innocent and pure”, denoting clarity and untainted beauty.

Ella – In German and French, it means “fairy maiden”, symbolizing enchantment, grace, and purity.

Emagine – Persian, denotes “innocent”, representing purity of heart and simplicity.

Fiona – A Gaelic name meaning “white, fair”, symbolizing beauty, purity, and fairness.

Galatea – Greek for “white as milk”, symbolizing ethereal beauty and purity.

Guinevere – Welsh for “white shadow” or “white wave”, representing purity, elegance, and grace.

Gurit – Hebrew, symbolizes “innocent child”, emphasizing purity and the untouched nature of youth.

Gwen – Welsh, signifies “white, holy”, reflecting purity, divinity, and sanctity.

Ifeta – A Bosnian name meaning “innocent”, highlighting simplicity and purity of heart.

Immy – Of Celtic origin, denotes purity, symbolizing an unblemished and pure essence.

Ines – A variation of Agnes, meaning pure or virginal, denoting chastity and innocence.

Inesa – In Ancient Greek, it means “kind and innocent”, symbolizing gentleness and purity.

Ingrid – Norse for “beautiful”, representing beauty that is both pure and captivating.

Iris – Greek, a symbol of purity and the divine message, representing hope, purity, and renewal.

Ismeta – Bosnian, signifies “innocent”, highlighting unspoiled character and purity.

Jasmine – Persian, represents purity and modesty, symbolizing delicate beauty and grace.

Joane – In Hebrew, it means “they are innocent”, emphasizing collective purity and innocence.

Karen – A Danish name for “pure”, representing simplicity, purity, and unblemished character.

Lily – English, represents purity and innocence, symbolizing beauty, purity, and renewal.

Maasma – Arabic, denotes an innocent and honorable person, emphasizing dignity and purity.

Mariatu – African for “pure or innocent”, symbolizing unspoiled beauty and simplicity.

Masoumah – Arabic, signifies “innocent”, reflecting purity and an unblemished character.

Nihinsa – Sinhala, meaning innocent, highlighting simplicity and purity of spirit.

Nikolette – Greek, for “innocent”, representing unspoiled beauty and purity.

Olwen – Welsh, meaning “white footprint”, symbolizing a path of purity and innocence.

Rachelyn – A Hebrew variant of Rachel, signifies “innocent lamb”, emphasizing innocence and gentleness.

Rachyl/Raechel/Raquel/Rayquel – In Hebrew, Portuguese, and Spanish, all signify “innocent”, highlighting universal themes of purity and simplicity.

Safa/Safiyyah – Arabic, meaning pure and innocent, symbolizing clarity, purity, and unblemished character.

Serena – Latin, symbolizes clarity and tranquility, representing peace, purity, and calm.

Tara – Sanskrit for “star”, implying pure light, symbolizing guidance, purity, and enlightenment.

Ailbe – Derived from Irish, signifies “white”, representing purity, innocence, and untainted beauty.

Alethea – Greek, symbolizes truth and sincerity, representing purity of heart and mind.

Amala/Amalthea – In Arabic and Greek respectively, meaning pure, emphasizing simplicity and unspoiled beauty.

Anwen – Welsh for “very pure”, symbolizing untainted beauty and a bright spirit.

Bimala – Sanskrit, meaning pure, representing purity of character and unspoiled soul.

Baby Boy Names That Mean Pure or Innocent

Akaki – Of Georgian origin, this name carries the beautiful meaning of innocence, suggesting purity of heart and spirit.

Akakios – Derived from the Greek word for innocent or not evil, Akakios is a name that embodies innocence and purity.

Bai – In Chinese culture, Bai stands for “pure,” a name that reflects simplicity, cleanliness, and virtue.

Cain – Originating from Hebrew, Cain signifies “possessed.” While traditionally associated with complex narratives, it also embodies the concept of a blank slate or an innocent beginning.

Casta – Bearing the meaning of pure, Casta is a name of Spanish origin that evokes images of clarity, innocence, and simplicity.

Dijul – A name of Indian origin, Dijul means innocent person, symbolizing purity, simplicity, and a lack of malice.

Gareth – Of Welsh origin, Gareth can mean “gentleness” or “innocence,” suggesting a soft-hearted and pure nature.

Gavin – A Celtic name meaning “white hawk,” Gavin symbolizes purity, strength, and the noble qualities of the hawk.

Hakeem – With Arabic roots, Hakeem means wise, embodying wisdom that comes with purity of thought and action.

Ince – Hailing from Hungary, Ince means innocent, a name that suggests simplicity, purity, and untouched beauty.

Ismet – Of Arabic origin, Ismet means innocent and saved from sin, reflecting a state of purity and spiritual cleanliness.

Jareth – An English name with lyrical qualities, often associated with purity and innocence due to its soft sound and gentle ending.

Junpei – A Japanese name meaning pure, genuine, or innocent, Junpei embodies the virtues of honesty, simplicity, and unadulterated beauty.

Kadin – In Arabic, Kadin means “friend” or “companion,” often reflecting an innocent bond and pure friendship.

Keenan – Irish in origin, Keenan signifies “little ancient one,” a name suggesting wisdom paired with a pure and innocent heart.

Kevin – From Gaelic, meaning “handsome by birth,” Kevin embodies inherent purity and the beauty of being untainted.

Lucas – A Latin name meaning “light-giving” or “illumination,” Lucas is associated with the purity and clarity that light brings to the darkness.

Nakul – In Sanskrit, Nakul is a name derived from Indian mythology meaning “innocent” or “pure,” symbolizing simplicity and genuine character.

Pavak – Sanskrit for “purifying fire,” Pavak suggests transformation and purity through the cleansing power of fire.

Quinn – A Celtic name meaning “wise,” “counsel,” or “intelligence,” Quinn implies a character that is pure, unblemished, and wise beyond years.

Rael – Of African origin, Rael means someone who is as innocent as a lamb, evoking images of gentleness, purity, and unspoiled beauty.

Ryan – An Irish name meaning “little king,” Ryan hints at nobility paired with purity and the innocence of youth.

Safwan – From Arabic, meaning “rock,” Safwan symbolizes solid character, steadfastness, and purity.

Sein – Of Latin origin, Sein means he who is innocent, suggesting a person untouched by malice or corruption.

Shaarav – Originating from India, Shaarav means pure and innocent, a name that encapsulates the essence of purity and simplicity.

Tahir – In Arabic, Tahir signifies “pure” or “chaste,” embodying cleanliness, purity, and moral integrity.

Zaccai – From Hebrew, meaning “pure” or “clean,” Zaccai represents simplicity, purity, and a life free of impurities.

Zayn – Arabic for “beauty,” “grace,” Zayn embodies the elegance and purity associated with innocence and untainted beauty.

Acacius – From Greek, meaning innocent or not evil, Acacius is a name that embodies pure intentions and a blameless character.

Aslan – Derived from Turkish, Aslan means lion, often associated with bravery, strength, and purity of heart.

Adem – Originating from Turkish, Adem means “man” or “earth,” symbolizing the pure and innocent nature of mankind.

Aron – Of Hebrew origin, Aron signifies “mountain” or “exalted,” representing purity and a strong moral foundation.

Albus – Latin for “white,” Albus embodies the concept of purity, simplicity, and a lack of impurities.

Caelan – From Irish, meaning “slender” or “fair,” Caelan suggests innocence and a pure spirit that shines through.

Dilshan – In Sanskrit, Dilshan translates to “pure heart” or “innocent soul,” reflecting a pure and untainted character.

Amalesh – With origins in Bengali, Amalesh meaning pure or clean, representing a person with an unspoiled spirit and genuine intentions.

Faust – Originating from Latin, Faust carries the meaning of lucky or auspicious, often associated with purity and a lack of malice.

Artin – Derived from Persian, Artin meaning pure or clean, reflecting a character that is free of impurities and corruption.

Choska – A Native American name meaning “innocent” or “pure,” Choska symbolizes a spirit that is untainted and free of malice.

Damien – Of Greek origin, Damien signifies “to tame” or “subdue,” often associated with purity and innocence in contrast to wildness and chaos.

Cleanth – Derived from Greek, Cleanth means “glory” or “honor,” representing a character that is pure, noble, and full of integrity.

Euan – Scottish in origin, Euan means “well-born” or “noble,” often associated with purity and a lack of corrupting influences.

Dhavit – From Sanskrit, Dhavit means “innocent” or “pure,” reflecting a character that is free of wrongdoing and malice.

Manak – With Punjabi roots, Manak means “jewel” or “precious stone,” reflecting purity and a noble character that is untarnished.

Jari – Of Finnish origin, Jari meaning pure or clean, embodying simplicity, clarity, and the absence of impurities.

Neevan – Derived from Sanskrit, Neevan means “holy” or “sacred,” representing a character that is pure, untainted, and connected to the divine.

Ravi – With roots in Sanskrit and Hindi, Ravi signifies “sun” or “radiant,” often associated with purity and enlightenment.

Nirmal – Originating from Sanskrit, Nirmal meaning pure or clean, representing a character that is free of impurities and corruption.

Omna – In Sanskrit, Omna means “pure” or “clean,” embodying the virtues of simplicity, clarity, and a lack of impurities.

Puneet – With origins in Sanskrit, Puneet signifies “pure” or “clean,” representing a character that is genuine, innocent, and untainted.

Sachin – In Sanskrit, Sachin means “true” or “pure,” representing a character that is honest and unadulterated.

Shudhanshu – From Sanskrit, Shudhanshu translates to “pure beam of moonlight,” symbolizing the purity and clarity associated with moonlight.

Saffi – A Persian name meaning “pure,” Saffi embodies simplicity, innocence, and a character that is untainted by impurities.

Sahib – With roots in Arabic and Punjabi, Sahib means “lord” or “master,” representing purity and nobility of character.

Abrin – A Hebrew name meaning pure, Abrin symbolizes a character that is unblemished, authentic, and transparent.

Vishnu – In Hindu mythology, Vishnu is one of the primary deities associated with purity and righteousness.

Bottom Line!

Congratulations on discovering the perfect treasure trove of names that encapsulate purity and innocence, each weaving its own unique narrative of simplicity, clarity, and unblemished spirit.

Whether drawn to the soft lyrical sound of Jareth, the profound wisdom embedded within Hakeem, the light-filled path guided by Lucas, or the pure, untainted beauty of Zayn, you’re not just picking a name; you’re setting a foundational stone for your little one’s identity.

Do you have any enriched cultural insights to add?

Here’s to finding that perfect name that speaks volumes of purity, innocence, and the bright, promising future ahead for your little one.

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