56 Enchanting Baby Names That Mean Purple for Boys & Girls

Dive into a spectrum of elegance and mystery with our curated collection of names that resonate with the color purple.

From the soft hues of lavender fields to the deep, vibrant tones of amethyst, purple embodies royalty, creativity, and a touch of the mystical.

Whether you’re expecting a little prince or princess, seeking a new identity for a character, or just exploring, these names promise to add a splash of color and a dash of enchantment to your quest.

Uncover the meanings behind each moniker, as we explore the shades of purple that paint the world with opulence and wonder.

Significance of the Names That Mean Purple

The significance of names that mean Purple extends far beyond their visual appeal, tapping into a deep well of cultural, spiritual, and psychological meanings.

Purple, often associated with royalty, nobility, luxury, and power, imbues these names with a regal flair and a sense of sophistication.

In many cultures, purple also symbolizes wisdom, dignity, independence, creativity, and mystery, offering a rich tapestry of traits that individuals bearing these names might be thought to possess.

For parents choosing names for their newborns, characters being crafted by writers, or individuals seeking names that resonate with their identity, selecting a name that means “Purple” can signify a wish for the bearer to embody these complex and admirable qualities.

The choice of such a name can be a profound expression of hope and intention, reflecting a desire for the individual to lead a life marked by uniqueness and depth.

Names That Mean Purple

Baby Boy Names That Mean Purple

Venturing into the regal realm of baby boy names inspired by the color purple, we uncover names that not only enchant with their sound but also with the richness they carry.

Below, we present a selection of baby boy names that shimmer with the alluring promise of purple’s legacy.

Barney – This lighthearted and fun nickname for boys instantly conjures images of the famous, beloved purple dinosaur from children’s television. It’s a name full of joy and nostalgia.

Grozdan – A unique and fruity Slavic name that directly translates to “grapes.” It carries with it the sweetness and richness of the fruit, making it a delightful choice.

Hyacinth – More than just a beautiful flower, this name’s Greek mythological roots associate it with the themes of rebirth and the emergence of beauty from grief, symbolizing resilience and transformation.

Ione – Derived from Greek, meaning “violet flower,” Ione is a unisex name that embodies elegance and a bold spirit. It stands out in today’s world that values the fluidity of names.

Jacinto – A handsome name in both Spanish and Portuguese, Jacinto means “hyacinth flower,” evoking the beauty and fragrance of the bloom.

Jamari – An expressive African name meaning “heart of purple,” Jamari conveys notions of royalty, richness, and a spirited modernity, full of life and vibrancy.

Jolan – This name offers a masculine twist on the “violet” inspired name Yolanda, presenting a fresh and modern option for parents seeking something unique.

Kovidar – Enchanting and rare, Kovidar is named after a type of purple flowering tree, enveloping the mystical and natural beauty of the color purple.

Morado – Directly translating to “purple” in Spanish, Morado offers an exotic and attractive naming option, brimming with charm and allure.

Mulberry – Named after a cozy shade of purple, Mulberry is a warm and inviting name for boys, evoking the rich and comforting vibes of autumn.

Porfirio – Of Greek origin, meaning purple dye, this name carries with it the luxury and exclusivity historically associated with purple, a color of royalty and distinction.

Porphyrios – An ancient Greek variant of Porfirio, this name also relates to the regal and luxurious purple coloring, offering a historical and profound choice.

Shiryu – Arguably one of the coolest Japanese names for boys, meaning purple dragon, Shiryu is a name filled with strength, mystery, and the allure of mythical beasts.

Tyrian – Named after a deep shade of purple, Tyrian is a vibrant and compelling name choice, especially popular among Game of Thrones fans for its noble connotations.

Viorel – A handsome Romanian name that means violet, Viorel is for those seeking a name that combines natural beauty with a touch of the exotic.

Violetto – An Italian name meaning purple, Violetto evokes the freshness and vibrancy of spring violets, blending beauty, uniqueness, and a poetic essence into one.

These names, rich in meaning and beauty, offer unique options for those seeking to imbue their child’s identity with the depth and nobility of purple.

Baby Girl Names That Mean Purple

Venturing into the realm of femininity and grace, we discover names that reflect the diverse and stunning shades of purple.

Each name for little girls echoes the sophistication, creativity, and majesty of the hue, promising a lifetime of inspiration and elegance for the ones who bear them.

Amethyst – A gemstone name exuding luxury and spirituality, Amethyst is directly associated with the vibrant purple stone believed to calm and bring clarity to the mind.

Bora: A name that captures the essence of a refreshing breeze, Bora carries connotations of freshness, purity, and the invigorating spirit of nature.

Calfuray: Originating from indigenous roots, Calfuray means “violet flower” in Mapuche. It symbolizes resilience, beauty, and a deep connection to the earth and its traditions.

Evolet: A relatively modern name with an old soul, Evolet is thought to mean “the promise of life.” It carries a sense of timelessness, mystery, and a hint of adventure.

Fialova: Drawing from Slavic origins, Fialova means “violet” in Czech, representing delicacy, deep contemplation, and a profound sense of wonder and enchantment.

Iolanthe – A name of Greek origin meaning “violet flower,” Iolanthe captures the essence of a mythical garden, blending elegance with the fantastical.

Lavender – Redolent of the aromatic flower and its serene, sprawling fields, Lavender conveys purity, silence, and the magical transition from day to night.

Lilac – Named after the light purple flower, Lilac symbolizes the first emotions of love, the innocence of youth, and the renewal of spring.

Mauve – This name, after the pale purple color, carries an air of sophistication and distinctiveness, perfect for a girl who is bound to stand out.

Orchid – A luxurious and exotic name, Orchid reflects the beauty and rarity of the eponymous flower, invoking a sense of mystery and delicate strength.

Porphyria – Harking back to the richness and rarity of the purple dye of ancient times, Porphyria embodies nobility and a distinctive flair.

Roxa: A name that exudes a robust and radiant energy, Roxa, meaning “purple” in Portuguese, symbolizes royalty, wisdom, and dignity.

Sumire: A Japanese name meaning “violet,” Sumire reflects the beauty and intricacy of Japanese culture, emphasizing grace, modesty, and the inner strength that comes from simplicity.

Viola – With roots in Latin, Viola is a musical name meaning “violet,” a harmonic blend of nature and artistic beauty.

Violet – A classic name that directly calls to mind the vibrant bloom, Violet is sweet yet strong, traditional yet fresh.

Violeta – A variation of Violet, found in several languages, adds an international flair to the classic beauty of the flower’s name.

Viorel: Derived from the Romanian word for “bluebell,” Viorel signifies growth, renewal, and the deep, often unspoken bond we share with nature.

Yolanda: Deriving from Greek origin and meaning “violet flower,” Yolanda evokes a sense of royal lineage and sophistication.

These names offer a palette from which parents can draw inspiration, choosing a moniker that not only sounds beautiful but is imbued with the depth and opulence of purple.

Names That Mean Purple in Different Languages

The color purple has captivated people all over the world for centuries, and its presence is reflected in different ways across cultures.

Here are some names that mean purple in other languages:

Banafsheh – Farsi name meaning “violet”

Bibigul – Kazakh name meaning “purple flower”

Indigo – From English origin, meaning “purple-blue dye”

Iolani – Hawaiian name meaning “violet sky”

Kassia – Greek name meaning “cinnamon or purple spice”

Liliosa – Spanish name meaning “lily” and often associated with the pale purple flower

Purpurina – Portuguese word for “glitter” or “sparkles”

Purusha – Sanskrit name meaning “man of purple”

Zuriel – Hebrew name meaning “my rock is God,” often associated with the biblical figure who received a purple robe from Jesus before his crucifixion.

Morado – Spanish word for “purple”

Lila – German name meaning “purple flower”

Murasaki – Japanese name meaning “purple” and also the pen name of Japan’s first female novelist, Lady Murasaki Shikibu.

Banafsaji ( بنفسجي ) – Arabic word for “purple-colored”

Baingani ( बैंगनी ) – Hindi word for “purple”

Purpuriu – Romanian word for “purple”

Višnja – Serbian name meaning “cherry” and often associated with the deep purple hues of the fruit.

Borasaek ( 보라색 ) – Korean word for “purple”

Murasaki ( 紫 ) – Japanese name meaning “purple” and also the pen name of Japan’s first female novelist, Lady Murasaki Shikibu.

Amethysta – Latin name meaning “belonging to amethyst” and often associated with the purple gemstone.


In the realm of names, purple reigns with a regal presence, weaving tales of majesty, mystery, and the magic of nature into the very essence of our identities.

Whether you’re drawn to the allure of Amethyst’s spiritual beauty or the noble charm of Tyrian, each name offers a unique story, waiting to be brought to life.

Now, we turn to you, dear reader, to share your thoughts. Which of these purple-inspired names resonates with you?

Do you know someone who carries one of these names with elegance and pride?

Or perhaps, there’s a special name you’re considering for a future little one.

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