80 Baby Names That Mean Red

Naming your new little one opens up a world of endless possibilities. So, where does one begin? A fun way to narrow down your options is to draw inspiration from your favorite color. 🎨

Red is a vibrant, bold, and powerful color often associated with passion, love, and excitement. It’s also the color of fire 🔥 and blood 💉.

In many cultures, red symbolizes good luck ✨and prosperity. If you’re drawn to this fiery hue, here are some names that mean red or have red in their meaning.

Why Choose a Name That Means Color Red?

Choosing a name that holds the meaning “Red” can evoke powerful and deeply-rooted associations.

The color red symbolizes not only energy, passion, and luck but also represents a vibrant and dynamic force.

Parents often seek names embodying such qualities for their child, aiming to bestow upon them the essence of love, fire, and the boldness associated with the planet Mars.

Throughout history, the color red has held significant importance in various cultural and traditional contexts, signifying passion, courage, and even war.

Opting for a name that carries the essence of “Red” infuses the child’s persona with warmth, intensity, and a zest for life.

It ultimately celebrates the vast spectrum of human emotions and diversity with an abundance of energy and positivity.

Names That Mean Red

Boys Names That Mean Red

  1. Adam – While not directly meaning “Son of the red earth,” this name of Hebrew origin is related to the earth or red clay, often associated with the first human according to biblical accounts.
  2. Admon – This name of Hebrew origin means “Red” or “Rosy.” In the Bible, Admon is a son of David and Bathsheba.
  3. Alroy – Derived from Gaelic roots, this name means “Red King” or “Red-haired King.”
  4. Ahmar: Derived from Arabic, this name beautifully translates to “red”, symbolizing warmth and vibrancy.
  5. Crimson – A bold and powerful name that directly means “deep red.” Perfect for parents looking to make a statement with their child’s name.
  6. Dearg: Hailing from Ireland, this name carries the essence of “red”, reflecting the rich cultural heritage of the land.
  7. Edom – This name of Hebrew origin means “Red” and is also the biblical name for Esau, a figure in the Old Testament.
  8. Eryx – With Greek roots, this name meaning “red-haired king” can be a nod to your little one’s fiery personality.
  9. Flynn: Rooted in Irish tradition, Flynn embodies the meaning of “son of the red-haired one”, connecting to familial ties and history.
  10. Jarek: With origins in Slavic culture, Jarek embodies strength and intensity with its meaning of “fierce and red”.
  11. Karmir: Originating from Armenia, Karmir resonates with the color “red”, symbolizing passion and vitality.
  12. Rød: From Denmark, Rød captures the essence of “red”, reflecting the beauty and simplicity of the color.
  13. Roan – Similar to Rowan, Roan is a unisex name of Irish origin that means “little red-haired one.” It has a soft and gentle sound, making it a lovely choice for any child.
  14. Rojo: Spanish in origin, Rojo encapsulates the color “red”, evoking feelings of passion and energy.
  15. Rosso: Italian by descent, Rosso elegantly conveys the hue “red”, representing love and warmth.
  16. Rory – A name of Irish origin that means “red king.” It’s traditionally a male name but has been used for all genders.
  17. Rowan – A unisex name of Gaelic origin, often associated with the rowan tree which has red berries.
  18. Roux – A unique and charming name of French origin, Roux means “red-haired” and adds a touch of whimsy to any child’s name. 
  19. Sorrell – A French name that means “reddish-brown,” this name is perfect for those who love the earthy tones of fall.
  20. Vermell: Of Catalan origin, Vermell signifies the color “red”, embodying the spirit of creativity and inspiration.
  21. Radley – This English name means “red meadow” and can also be a nod to the iconic Red Riding Hood story.
  22. Casaan – A name of Arabic origin that means “reddish,” perfect for parents looking for a unique and exotic name.
  23. Derry – A name of Celtic origin, Derry means “red-haired,” making it a perfect choice for your little one with fiery locks.
  24. Burgundy – This French name is not only a shade of red but also refers to the famous wine region in France.
  25. Harkin – This Irish name means “little dark-haired one,” but can also be interpreted as “little red-haired one.”

Girls Names That Mean Red

  1. Alhambra – This name has Spanish roots and means “red castle.” It’s a beautiful choice for parents who have a love for architecture or history.
  2. Auburn: Originating from English, this name signifies “deep reddish brown”. It’s a warm and earthy tone that evokes images of autumn leaves and cozy fireside evenings.
  3. Carmine: With Latin roots, Carmine means “vivid red”. This vibrant and intense hue is reminiscent of ripe strawberries on a sunny summer day.
  4. Cherry: An English name representing “red fruit”. The name Cherry brings to mind the juicy sweetness of cherries, adding a touch of fruity charm.
  5. Chibeni– A powerful and unique name, Chibeni means “little red bird” in Native American culture. It’s a perfect tribute to the beauty of nature.
  6. Flanna – This Irish name means “red-haired” and has a lovely lyrical sound to it.
  7. Humayra: With Arabic origins, Humayra is a beautiful name that translates to “red-cheeked”. It’s a delicate and feminine choice for any little girl.
  8. Mahogany: This name of English origin represents the deep reddish-brown wood, exuding strength and natural beauty.
  9. Poppy: From Latin origins, Poppy means “red flower” and is gaining popularity in the US. The name Poppy not only reflects the beauty of the red flower but also carries a sense of delicate elegance.
  10. Roja: A Spanish name translating to “red”. Roja captures the fiery passion and energy associated with the color red, adding a touch of Hispanic flair.
  11. Rose: An English name symbolizing “flower”. Rose is a classic name that not only represents the beauty of the flower but also conveys a sense of timeless elegance.
  12. Rosie: Derived from English, Rosie embodies “red roses”. This charming and endearing name encapsulates the beauty and grace of a bouquet of red roses.
  13. Rouge: French for “red,” Rouge is an unconventional name exuding mystery and sophistication, transcending conventional gender norms.
  14. Ruby: Originating from English, Ruby signifies “deep red precious stone”. The name Ruby shines bright like a precious gem, symbolizing passion and vitality.
  15. Scarlett: An English name meaning “scarlet, red”. Scarlett is a name that exudes strength and boldness, reminiscent of the deep red hue of scarlet.
  16. Sienna: Italian in origin, Sienna translates to “reddish shade of brown”. Sienna conjures images of warm terracotta hues and sun-kissed landscapes, adding a touch of Italian charm.
  17. Vermelha: From Portuguese, Vermelha means “red”. Vermelha brings a touch of Portuguese flair, evoking the passion and vibrancy associated with the color red.
  18. Flannery – A name of Irish origin that means “red-haired.” Perfect for a spirited and fiery little girl.
  19. Corsen – This name has Welsh roots and means “red hair.” It’s a unique and elegant choice for a little girl.
  20. Kamala – A Sanskrit name that means “red,” Kamala is a beautiful choice for parents who want to honor their Indian heritage or simply love the color red.
  21. Ember – This English name represents “a small piece of glowing coal” and is a lovely choice for parents who want to evoke the warmth and energy associated with the color red.
  22. Holly – While not directly meaning “red,” Holly is a plant that has bright red berries during the winter months.
  23. Roisin – A name of Irish origin, Roisin means “little rose.” It’s a sweet and delicate choice for a little girl.
  24. Sorrel – From the French word for “reddish-brown,” Sorrel is a lovely name that evokes images of autumn leaves and cozy fireside evenings.
  25. Caera – A unique and beautiful name of Irish origin, Caera means “fiery-red.” It’s a bold and powerful choice for any little girl.
  26. Autumn – While not directly meaning “red,” the name Autumn is often associated with the warm and fiery hues of fall.

Unisex Names That Mean Red

  1. Adame – This unique and gender-neutral name comes from Hebrew origins, meaning “red earth” or “man of the red earth.”
  2. Clancy – From Irish roots, Clancy means “red-haired warrior.” It’s a unisex name and can also be spelled Clancey or Clansey.
  3. Crimson – Previously mentioned as a bold name for boys, Crimson is also a stunning choice for girls. It’s fierce and powerful, just like the color it represents.
  4. Flynn – Although traditionally seen as masculine, Flynn, meaning “son of the red-haired one,” has a modern, gender-neutral appeal. It evokes an image of fiery spirit and vivacity.
  5. Garnet – Derived from the gemstone of the same name, Garnet is a beautiful and unique name that means “dark red” in Latin.
  6. Garnet – Named after the precious red stone, Garnet signifies protection and strength, drawing from the earth’s natural beauty.
  7. Phoenix – This powerful name represents the mythical bird known to rise from its ashes in a brilliant flame, symbolizing rebirth and immortality. With its meaning of “dark red,” Phoenix is a perfect choice for any child.
  8. Rory – While Rory means “red king” and has been commonly used for boys, its spirited sound and vibrant meaning make it a lively choice for any child, regardless of gender.
  9. Blaze: A unisex name that means “flame” or “fire”, Blaze embodies the passionate and fierce nature of red.
  10. Reed – This English name means “red-haired” and is a wonderful choice for both boys and girls. It has a simplistic yet charming appeal.
  11. Rowan – With Gaelic origins, Rowan means “red-haired,” making it a perfect unisex name that captures the fiery energy and warmth of red.
  12. Sorrell – This unique name derives from French origins and means “reddish-brown”. It’s a sophisticated yet charming choice for any child.
  13. Afra – With Arabic roots, Afra signifies “color of the earth” and is a unisex name that beautifully captures the essence of red.
  14. Jasper – Named after the gemstone known for its varying shades of red, Jasper is a strong and unique name for any child. It’s also associated with strength, courage, and protection.
  15. Auburn – This name derives from the reddish-brown color of autumn leaves and has a lovely, warm sound to it. It’s perfect for any child looking for a unique and beautiful name.

Asian Names That Mean Red

The color red holds profound symbolic meanings across various Asian cultures, often representing happiness, prosperity, and good fortune.

Reflecting these cultural significances, several beautiful names from Asia encompass the essence of “red,” offering unique and meaningful choices for your baby girl:

  1. Akako – A less common Japanese name, Akako translates to “red child,” bringing a sense of brightness and vibrancy to any little girl.
  2. Akane – A Japanese name meaning “deep red,” Akane is a popular choice that captures the beauty and intensity of the color red, embodying both beauty and strength.
  3. Akashi – This Japanese name means “red stone,” emphasizing the color’s timeless and solid nature, making it a great choice for parents looking for a strong and unique name.
  4. Dandan – With Chinese origins, Dandan means “red cinnabar,” a deep red pigment used in traditional paintings. It’s a name that exudes elegance and sophistication.
  5. Hong – This simple but striking name comes from China and means “red.” Hong is an excellent choice for parents seeking a strong and unisex name for their daughter, making it one of
  6. Kamala – Derived from Sanskrit, Kamala represents the color “red” as well as the lotus flower, symbolizing beauty and compassion.
  7. Kapila – From Sanskrit origin, Kapila means “reddish-brown” or “tawny,” a unique choice that connects to the earthy tones of red, embodying strength and natural beauty.
  8. Kokoa – A Japanese name meaning “deep red,” Kokoa is a unique and elegant choice for any little girl.
  9. Kurenai – A popular Japanese name, Kurenai translates to “crimson,” evoking the intensity and vibrancy of the color red.
  10. Miaka – With Japanese roots, Miaka means “new red,” signifying a fresh start and promising future for your little girl.
  11. Paramita – Derived from Sanskrit, Paramita means “perfectly red” and also refers to a state of enlightenment in Buddhism. It’s a name that combines both beauty and spiritual significance.
  12. Raktim – This name is of Indian origin and directly translates to “red,” capturing the essence of the color’s vibrancy, warmth, and energy.
  13. Ruomei – This Chinese name means “like the color of sunset,” capturing the warm and radiant hues of red at dusk. It’s an elegant and poetic choice for any baby girl.
  14. Sorata – A unique Japanese name that can suggest the color red through characters like 空 (“sky”) and 太 (“plump”), evoking the red sky at dawn or dusk, symbolizing hope and beginning.
  15. Xia – This Chinese name means “rosy clouds,” signifying the beauty and abundance of nature, making it a lovely choice for any little girl.


In conclusion, the color red holds a significant symbolic meaning and has been incorporated into various names from different cultures.

From bold and powerful to elegant and poetic, these names embody the fiery energy and vibrancy of the color red, offering unique options for your child.

Whether you pick a name for its literal meaning or cultural significance, one thing is certain – your child will have a name symbolizing passion, strength, and vitality.

So go ahead and embrace the power of red through a beautiful name for your little one.  

Happy naming!

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