84 Names That Mean Rose (Boy & Girl)

Roses, with their enchanting beauty and fragrance, have fascinated people for centuries. They aren’t just flowers; they symbolize love, mystery, and the cycle of life and death.

Thus, many parents around the world are inspired to name their children after this majestic flower. Names that mean Rose embody romance, resilience, and grace.

In this collection, we explore 84 unique names for boys and girls that capture the essence of roses. Each name tells a story, reflecting the beauty and complexity of the world.

Whether you seek a name that’s gentle or commanding, you’ll find these names are full of potential, encouraging your child to embrace their unique beauty and strength.

Baby Girl Names That Mean Rose

Gulcin (Turkish)This beautiful name translates to “rose perfume,” capturing the essence of a rose’s captivating fragrance.

Rosalind – Of Old German origin, meaning “gentle horse,” but associated with Latin ‘Rosa linda’, meaning “beautiful rose.”

Rosamund – A name of German origin, meaning “horse protector,” often linked with the phrase “rose of the world.”

Rosemary – From Latin, combining ‘ros’ (dew) and ‘marinus’ (sea), it means “dew of the sea,” but is often associated with the rosemary plant, which in folklore is said to be draped with the Virgin Mary’s blue cloak, turning the flowers blue.

Rosie – A diminutive of Rose, sweet and simple.

Rosetta – Italian diminutive of Rosa, meaning “little rose.”

Rosalyn – A variant of Rosalind, with the same beautiful floral implication.

Rosabella – Italian in origin, meaning “beautiful rose.”

Rosalba – From Italian, meaning “white rose.”

Rosa – The direct Latin and Spanish word for “rose.”

Rosanne – A blend of Rose and Anne, which can mean “graceful rose.”

Rosalía – A name of Spanish origin, meaning “rose garland” or “beautiful rose.”

Roseanne – Variant spelling of Rosanne, meaning “graceful rose.”

Roseline – A French variant of Rosalind, often associated with a linear row of roses.

Rosalinda – A blend of Rosa and Linda, meaning “beautiful rose.”

Roselle – A French derivation, considered a diminutive form of Rose.

Rosaline – A variant of Rosalind, used in Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet.”

Rosemarie – A variant of Rosemary, with the same “dew of the sea” interpretation.

Rosaria – Italian in origin, meaning “rose” or “rosary.”

Rosamaria – A combination of Rosa and Maria, meaning “sea of bitterness rose” or “rebellious rose.”

Rosina – A diminutive form of Rosa, meaning “little rose.”

Rosal – A unique twist, combining Rosa and -al suffix, often found in Catalan and Spanish.

Rosemonde – French and German origin, meaning “protector of horses,” associated with “world of roses.”

Rosalinde – Another variant of Rosalind, emphasizing the floral connection.

Rosellea – A creative formation, adding an ornamental ‘-a’ to Roselle.

Rhosyn – A Welsh name directly meaning “rose.”

Rosalva – An inventive blend, suggesting a “white rose” akin to Rosalba.

Rosmerta – A name of ancient mythological origins, linked with fertility and abundance, and evocatively resounding of “rose.”

Roswitha – From Germanic origins, meaning “strength of a rose.”

Roos – Dutch for “rose,” simple yet foreign.

Róis – Irish for “rose,” pronouncing the beauty of this simple bloom with Celtic charm.

Rosette – A French term for a small rose or rose-shaped decoration, evoking images of delicate beauty.

Rosita – A Spanish diminutive of Rosa, translating to “little rose” and encapsulating the charm and sweetness of the bloom.

Roselani – A name of Hawaiian origin, meaning “heavenly rose,” embodying the perfect fusion of natural beauty and divine grace.

Róza – Hungarian form of Rose, lending an Eastern European flair to the timeless beauty of the rose.

Rosalicia – A unique concoction, implying a blend of Alice with Rosa, suggesting “noble rose” or “of the noble rose.”

Rosine – French diminutive form of Rose, often associated with youthfulness and the fresh beauty of a just-bloomed rose.

Rosefinch – Inspired by the bird of the same name, known for its rosy plumage, suggesting a connection to nature and the vibrant color of roses.

Rosemunda – An elaboration of Rosamund, with the same “rose of the world” essence but an added touch of uniqueness.

Rosaria – In Latin-speaking countries, it refers to the Rosary, emphasizing purity and devotion, while directly translating to “rose garden.”

Rosenna – A melodic blend, hinting at both the rose and the grace of Anna, meaning “favoured rose.”

Rosaline – Another variant of Rosalind, favored for its literary association and the lingering sweetness of the rose.

Rosangelica – A beautiful amalgamation of Rosa and Angelica, meaning “angelic rose” or “rose of angels,” symbolizing innocence and celestial beauty.

Rozenn – A Breton name meaning “rose,” marked by its simplicity and depth, reflecting the natural elegance of the rose in a less common form.

Rosmery – A creative variant of Rosemary, capturing the essence of the sea and the dewy freshness associated with early morning roses.

Rosetta – A nod to the Rosetta Stone, this name suggests not only a “little rose” but also conveys the idea of unlocking beauty and understanding.

Róisín – Diminutive form of Róis, Irish for “little rose,” offering a tender and endearing option full of cultural heritage and natural charm.

Each name carries the essence of the rose in different shades and tones, offering a diverse bouquet from which to choose.

Unique Baby Girl Names That Mean Rose

Unique Baby Girl Names That Mean Rose

Roselene – An elegant name that combines “Rose” with “Elena,” suggesting a “bright, shining rose.”

Rosabetta – A uniquely Italian twist on Elizabeth and Rose, meaning “God’s promise rose.”

Rosalique – A rare and beautiful name, blending “Rosa” with the suffix “-lique,” suggesting a “unique rose.”

Rosaphina – An enchanting blend, suggesting a “rose of fire” or “fiery rose,” perfect for a spirited girl.

Roselette – A diminutive form implying a “tiny, delicate rose,” capturing the essence of beauty and fragility.

Rosavita – Italian in origin, meaning “rose of life,” symbolizing vitality and growth.

Rosindra – A name that sounds like it comes straight out of a fantasy novel, implying a majestic and rare rose.

Rozabela – A blend of “Roz” (from Rose) and “Bela,” meaning “beautiful rose” in a unique formulation.

Rosephine – Inspired by Josephine, meaning “increasing rose,” symbolizing growth and blooming.

Roselys – A name that combines “Rose” with “Lys,” the French word for lily, suggesting a fusion of two beautiful flowers.

Rosaire – French for “rosary,” this name emphasizes spiritual beauty and the sanctity associated with roses.

Rosamée – French in origin, meaning “beloved rose,” symbolizing love and adoration.

Rosarina – A creative name meaning “little queen rose,” denoting royalty and elegance.

Roswyn – Combining “Rose” with “Wyn,” a Welsh element meaning “fair” or “blessed,” for a “blessed rose.”

Rosalune – An innovative name meaning “rose of the moon,” perfect for a girl born under the moonlight.

Rosancia – Suggests a “rose without thorns,” symbolizing pure beauty without the pain often associated with it.

Rosephina – A blend that could imply “rose of fineness” or “miraculously beautiful rose,” merging traditional and unique elements.

Rosethorn – A name that acknowledges both the beauty and the challenges of life, just as a rose is beautiful but has thorns.

Rosabel – A simpler, yet distinct, variant of Rosabella, meaning “beautiful rose” with a more streamlined elegance.

These names are not only unique but also carry the timeless grace and elegance associated with roses, making them perfect for a baby girl who is as beautiful and cherished as the flower itself.

Baby Boy Names That Mean Rose

Finding a boy’s name that embodies the beauty and strength of a rose can be a unique choice for parents.

Here are several options that marry the masculinity with the delicate association of roses:

Roswell – Of Old English origin, meaning “rose spring” or “rose well,” signifying a refreshing and rejuvenating place where roses bloom.

Roscoe – Derived from Old Norse, meaning “deer forest,” but often associated with rose-covered meadows in modern interpretations.

Rhodes – A name of Greek origin, referring to the island known for its roses. It symbolizes the beauty and resilience of the flower.

Rosen – A direct translation of “rose” in several Germanic languages, offering a simple yet profoundly connected to nature option.

Rosewood – Inspired by the valuable and beautiful wood used in fine craftsmanship, symbolizing the strength and endurance of roses.

Rosario – While traditionally a unisex or female name in Latin cultures, Rosario translates to “rosary” and indirectly means “rose garden” in English, making it a bold choice for a boy.

Rosevelt – An alteration of Roosevelt, meaning “rose field” in Dutch, evoking images of vast and vibrant spaces filled with flowers.

Ross – A name of Scottish origin, meaning “promontory” or “headland,” but phonetically linked to “rose,” providing a subtle nod to the flower.

Roslin – Inspired by Roslyn or Rosalind, and indirectly means “beautiful rose,” offering a historically rich choice with a modern twist.

Rostam – In Persian mythology, Rostam is a hero synonymous with strength and valor, and while not directly related to roses, the phonetic resemblance invokes the flower’s elegance and fortitude.

Roseland – Implies a land abundant with roses, symbolizing growth and prosperity amidst the beauty of nature.

Rosbert – A distinctive combination implying “bright fame” and “rose,” suggesting a person of notable grace and brilliance.

Rosebert – Similar to Rosbert, this name adds a more explicit floral touch while maintaining a distinguished air.

Rosember – An inventive name that blends “rose” with elements suggesting strength and protection, ideal for a resilient and admired individual.

Rosenthorn – A name evoking the beauty of roses along with the awareness of life’s intrinsic challenges, symbolizing resilience amidst adversity.

Rosenfeld – Meaning “field of roses” in German, this name paints a picture of endless beauty and potential.

Rostislav – While primarily a Slavic name meaning “glory of the cross,” its phonetic similarity to “rose” offers a unique floral twist to a traditional name.

Rosston – An English name that could be interpreted as “town of roses,” suggesting a sense of community and natural beauty.

Each of these names offers a way to carry the grace, beauty, and strength of the rose into a boy’s name, providing a timeless connection to nature and elegance.

Bottom Line!

And there you have it — a garden of names as vibrant and varied as the roses themselves!

Whether you’re drawn to the delicate beauty of Rosaphina or the bold resilience of Rosenthorn for a girl, or you prefer the strong yet gentle nature of Roswell or the adventurous spirit of Rosevelt for a boy, our list offers a unique bouquet of options. 

Ultimately, the perfect name for your little one will be a reflection of your own personal taste and values, but we hope this list sparks some inspiration and leads you to your very own “rose” name.

So go ahead and choose a beautiful rose-inspired name for your child that will bloom with grace and elegance throughout their life.

Enjoy the journey of parenthood and embrace the beauty of nature through your child’s name.  So, happy naming to all the parents-to-be!

Happy naming!

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