99 Popular Names That Mean Savior

Becoming a parent is undoubtedly one of the most magical and fulfilling experiences in life.

As soon-to-be parents, you might have spent countless hours scrolling through lists of baby names, hoping to find the perfect one for your little bundle of joy.

Maybe you’re looking for something unique yet meaningful, or perhaps you want to honor a loved one with their name.

But have you ever thought about giving your baby a name that mean savior?

In different cultures and languages, the concept of a savior holds great significance.

A savior is someone who delivers people from harm or suffering and brings hope, salvation, and protection.

Choosing a name with such a powerful meaning not only bestows blessings upon your child but also sets them up for a lifetime of courage and strength.

To help you in your search, we have compiled a list of 99 popular baby names from various origins that mean “savior”.

Why Choose The Name That Mean Savior

Choosing a name that means “Savior” for a child is a profound decision that resonates on multiple levels.

Such names are not just distinctive; they carry a deep-rooted significance that can inspire a strong moral foundation and a life led with purpose.

These names are often chosen with the hope that the child will embody the qualities of a protector or savior, someone who stands as a pillar of support and courage.

In many cultures, names are believed to shape one’s destiny, and selecting a name with such a powerful meaning is a wish for the child to grow into a figure of strength, resilience, and hope for those around them.

Furthermore, these names connect the bearer with a rich tapestry of stories and characters, both historical and mythical.

Who have left indelible marks on the world through acts of heroism and sacrifice.

Opting for a name meaning “Savior” is not merely a choice; it’s a legacy and a message to the child that they hold within them the potential to make a significant impact.

baby Names That Mean Savior

Baby Boy Names That Mean Savior

  1. Alexander – A name of Greek origin, meaning “defender of the people.” It evokes a powerful image of someone who protects and saves others from harm.
  2. Ansel – Coming from German, meaning “with divine protection.” This name suggests a guardian role, closely associated with safeguarding and saving.
  3. Eamon – With Irish roots, this name signifies “wealthy protector” or “guardian.” Though not directly translating to “savior,” it conveys a strong sense of safeguarding and salvation.
  4. Elikai– Of Hebrew origin, this name means “my God is salvation.” It carries a deep connection to faith and the idea of a higher power offering redemption.
  5. Fyodor – A Russian name meaning “God’s gift.” While not directly meaning “savior,” it suggests a divinely bestowed beacon of hope and salvation.
  6. Gaizka – A name of Basque origin that means “savior.” It’s both unique and meaningful, resonating with a sense of protection and strength.
  7. Hosea – With Hebrew and Greek roots, this name means “salvation” or “deliverance.” It’s derived from the biblical prophet Hosea, who was known for his messages of redemption and rescue.
  8. Isaiah – A Hebrew name meaning “Yahweh is salvation.” This name is deeply rooted in biblical prophecy, symbolizing hope and deliverance for many.
  9. Jesus – Originating from Hebrew, the name means “Yahweh is salvation.” Central to the Christian faith, Jesus is revered as the ultimate savior of mankind.
  10. Joshua – Derived from Hebrew, meaning “Yahweh is salvation.” This name is rooted in biblical tradition, representing a figure who led the Israelites into the Promised Land.
  11. Misham – A lesser-known name that carries an air of mystery. Its origins and meaning are not widely recognized, making it a unique choice for a child.
  12. Najjad – A strong name with Arabic roots, meaning “savior” or “rescuer.” It’s a compelling choice, reflecting courage and heroism.
  13. Oshea – A variant of the name Joshua, meaning “salvation” in Hebrew. It offers a modern twist on a traditional biblical name, blending heritage with contemporary appeal.
  14. Pedahzur – A unique Hebrew name meaning “rock of redemption.” It’s a rare and powerful name, steeped in biblical history and symbolism.
  15. Salvador – A name of Spanish origin, directly translating to “savior.” It echoes a deep sense of rescue and protection.
  16. Salvino – An Italian name that means “savior.” It’s both charming and meaningful, perfect for those looking for a name with European flair and deep significance.
  17. Soterios – Of Greek origin, meaning “savior, deliverer.” This name has a classic, timeless quality to it, appealing to those drawn to Greek mythology or history.
  18. Taarank – A name with Indian origins that means “savior.” It’s a unique and striking choice, resonating with vibrancy and a sense of protection.
  19. Vaikuntha – A Sanskrit name meaning “paradise” or “place of eternal bliss.” It’s a beautiful, ethereal name, rich with spiritual significance and a sense of peace.
  20. Xabat – A name of Basque origin, meaning “savior.” It shares a common meaning with Gaizka but is distinctive in sound, offering a unique identity.
  21. Xalvador – A variant of the name Salvador, meaning “savior” in Spanish. It’s a strong, resonant name with a rich cultural background, appealing to those with Hispanic heritage or an appreciation for Spanish names.
  22. Sopatra – A rare and beautiful name with Greek roots, meaning “savior.” It’s a poetic name that evokes images of grace and salvation.
  23. Liam – A popular name of Irish origin, meaning “strong-willed warrior” or “protector.” Though it doesn’t directly translate to “savior,” it suggests a strong and courageous guardian.
  24. Rayyan – An Arabic name that means “full of grace,” also associated with the gates of paradise. It’s a beautiful, unique choice for those looking for names that mean “Savior.”
  25. Sosthenes – A Greek name meaning “safe strength” or “secure power.” It’s a bold and powerful name, carrying a sense of stability and protection.
  26. Wanikiy – Of Sioux origin, meaning “savior.” It’s a unique and meaningful name, honoring Native American heritage and evoking images of strength and rescue.
  27. Zaiden – A Hebrew name meaning “God has heard” or “Yahweh is my savior.” It suggests a strong connection to faith and the idea of salvation through divine intervention.
  28. Dinanatha – A Sanskrit name that means “lord of salvation.” It’s a symbolic and powerful name, resonating with spirituality and redemption.
  29. Faron – Of English origin, meaning “a ruler who saves.” It’s a traditional yet unique name, evoking an image of leadership and protection.
  30. Messiah – A Hebrew name meaning “the anointed one” or “savior.” It’s a strong and powerful name, evoking images of redemption and divine guidance.
  31. Hoshea – A variant of the name Hosea, meaning “salvation” in Hebrew. It’s a lesser-known but meaningful name, perfect for those looking for something unique.
  32. Nidarr – A Hindi name that means “protector” or “savior.” It’s a strong and resonant name, evoking images of strength and safeguarding.
  33. Rama – A Sanskrit name meaning “Supreme Being” or “charming.” Honoring the Hindu god ( Savior of mankind ) known as the seventh avatar of Vishnu.
  34. Elisai – Of Hebrew origin, this name means “God is salvation.” It carries a deep connection to faith and the idea of a higher power offering redemption.
  35. Yishai – A unique name with biblical roots, meaning “gift” or “salvation.” It’s both meaningful and distinctive, perfect for those looking for a name with a strong spiritual connotation.
  36. Nagpal – A Hindi name meaning “protector of snakes.” Associated with the Hindu god Shiva, who is often depicted with a serpent around his neck and known as a savior in Hindu mythology.
  37. Salvatore – An Italian name that means “savior.” It’s a classic and timeless choice, with a strong connection to heritage and faith.
  38. Jaiyana – A unique name of Indian origin, meaning “God is gracious” or “God has answered.” It carries a sense of gratitude and hope, making it an inspiring and meaningful name.
  39. Xavier – A name of Basque origin, meaning “the new house” or “savior.” It carries a sense of renewal and protection, making it a strong and meaningful choice.
  40. Alakshendra – Of Sanskrit origin, this name means “supreme ruler” or “savior.” It’s a powerful and regal name, perfect for those looking for a name with both strength and spirituality.

These names, rich in meaning and history, offer not just a label but a legacy of salvation and protection.

Baby Girl Names That Mean Savior

  1. Alexandra: Greek for “defender of the people,” this name embodies strength, protection, and the noble endeavor of safeguarding others, similar to its male counterpart, Alexander.
  2. Alejandra: A Spanish variation of Alexandra, “defender of mankind” encapsulates its rich history and symbolic depth, offering a compelling choice for a name.
  3. Aminta: Rooted in Greek, meaning “defender” or “protector,” Aminta subtly conveys the essence of a guardian, someone committed to shielding others from harm.
  4. Claramond: A notable female name of German origin, Claramond translates to “bright protector,” evoking images of luminous guidance and defense.
  5. Diana: With Indo-European roots, Diana connects to the Roman goddess of the hunt, moon, and nature, embodying protection and a nurturing, savior-like presence.
  6. Elisha: Hebrew for “God is salvation,” reflecting a deep faith and divine intervention, Elisha represents a profound spiritual safeguard.
  7. Fadia: Originating from Arabic, Fadia means “savior” or “one who offers sacrifice for salvation,” derived from the notion of selfless sacrifice.
  8. Hashna: An Indian name meaning “savior” or “liberator,” Hashna carries a strong, impactful resonance, ideal for parents seeking a distinct and meaningful name.
  9. Isadora: A fusion of Isis, the Egyptian goddess of protection, and “dora” (Greek for “gift”), Isadora signifies “gift of Isis,” symbolizing protection and salvation.
  10. Jesenia: Of Hebrew origin, Jesenia, meaning “God sees and assists,” offers a soft sound paired with a significant meaning, perfect for a cherished daughter.
  11. Joan: With Hebrew roots via John, meaning “Yahweh is gracious,” and the legacy of Joan of Arc, this name represents courage, grace, and heroism.
  12. Lutgardis: German for “protection” or “safety,” Lutgardis mirrors the role of a savior, emphasizing the protection of the vulnerable.
  13. Mahnaz: A Persian name, “helper of the moon,” symbolizing a supportive presence that brings guidance and light in dark times.
  14. Medusa: Beyond its traditional mythology, Medusa signifies a protector of women and children, embodying strength and courage.
  15. Mokezza: With African origins, “one who saves,” Mokezza offers a unique, culturally rich name with profound significance.
  16. Najia: Arabic for “savior” or “rescuer,” Najia embodies bravery and heroism, appealing to those seeking a powerful and meaningful name.
  17. Niovi: Greek for “savior,” Niovi is a beautiful, elegant name, evoking the image of a benevolent guardian.
  18. Nasira: Arabic for “helper” or “supporter,” Nasira indicates an individual who provides salvation through support, though not directly translating to “savior.”
  19. Olesia: Derived from Greek, meaning “defender” or “protector,” Olesia shares the guardian and savior characteristic of Aminta, offering protection.
  20. Salva: A succinct Spanish name from “salvador,” meaning “savior,” Salva boldly declares one’s role as a protector and redeemer.
  21. Salvadorina: A melodious feminine version of the Spanish Salvador, “savior,” Salvadorina beautifully encapsulates the concept of salvation and grace.
  22. Salvatrice – The feminine version of “Salvador” in Italian, meaning “savior.” It offers a rich, classical sound while conveying the profound concept of salvation and protection.
  23. Seraphina – While not directly meaning “savior,” this Hebrew name, meaning “fiery-winged,” suggests an angelic protector, akin to a guardian angel saving those in need.
  24. Zita – This name means “seeker” in Greek, but in the context of a savior, it can be symbolic of seeking out those in need of rescue or assistance, embodying a savior-like dedication.
  25. Ramona – A Spanish name meaning “protecting hands,” Ramona beautifully captures the essence of a protector and guardian, offering strength and assurance.
  26. Amyntas – From Greek, meaning “defender” or “protector,” Amyntas carries a noble and historic resonance while offering a unique and distinctive name for a girl.
  27. Soteria – A Greek name meaning “salvation” or “savior,” Soteria offers a strong, impactful name choice, rooted in history and spirituality.
  28. Lexi/Lexa – As a variation of Alexandra, these names still convey the meaning of “defender of the people” while offering a more modern and unique twist.
  29. Harini – A beautiful Indian name meaning “protector” or “savior,” Harini offers a gentle yet powerful presence, perfect for a loving guardian.
  30. Adalbjorg – This Icelandic name means “noble protector,” embodying both strength and grace, making it a unique and meaningful choice.
  31. Kezia – From Hebrew roots, meaning “cassia tree” or “cinnamon bark,” Kezia can also be interpreted as “spice of salvation,” evoking feelings of warmth and protection.
  32. Hola – Originating from the African language of Chichewa, Hola means “savior” or “rescuer,” representing an individual who offers salvation and protection to those in need.
  33. Branislava – A Slavic name meaning “protection and glory,” Branislava beautifully combines strength and honor, embodying a powerful savior.
  34. Mansita – This Sanskrit name means “helper” or “protector,” conveying a sense of reliability and support, even in the face of danger.
  35. Salbatora – A unique feminine Spanish name meaning “savior,” Salbatora offers a strong, impactful choice for parents seeking a name with deep significance.
  36. Sela – From Hebrew roots, meaning “rock” or “stronghold,” Sela embodies a symbol of strength and protection, invoking feelings of safety and stability.
  37. Xalvadora/Xalvador – These Spanish variations of “Savior” offer a beautiful, melodic sound while retaining the powerful meaning behind the name.
  38. Nadira – Of Arabic origin, Nadira means “rare gem” or “precious gift,” embodying a strong and unique presence as a savior and protector.
  39. Ratchika – This Sanskrit name means “protector” or “savior,” encompassing a brave and courageous spirit, making it a fitting choice for a strong and determined individual.
  40. Hekate – From Greek mythology, Hekate was known as the protector of women and children, making this name an ideal choice for a savior who embodies strength and fierce protection.
  41. Willa – This English name, meaning “protector” or “defender,” offers a softer and more modern twist on traditional names with similar meanings.
  42. Farzana – A Persian name meaning “wise protector,” Farzana conveys intelligence and strength while embodying the role of a savior and guardian.
  43. Tersem – Of Punjabi origin, Tersem means “protector of the house,” representing a strong and dedicated individual who takes on the role of a savior for their loved ones.
  44. Olakeakua – A Hawaiian name meaning “God’s salvation,” Olakeakua offers a unique and spiritual option for parents, representing a savior who is guided by faith.
  45. Saviya – This Sanskrit name means “protector” or “savior,” encompassing both strength and grace in its representation of a powerful guardian.
  46. Osha – This Native American name means “savior” or “protector,” representing an individual who offers salvation and guidance to those in need, much like a guiding light.
  47. Salvadora – A feminine Spanish name meaning “savior,” Salvadora offers a strong and confident choice for parents seeking a powerful and meaningful name.
  48. Qadira – Of Arabic origin, Qadira means “powerful” or “capable,” embodying strength and bravery as a savior who saves others through their own power and determination.
  49. Sanda – From Sanskrit roots, meaning “protector” or “defender,” Sanda offers a simple yet impactful name for an individual who takes on the role of a savior.
  50. Tarnvir – Of Punjabi origin, Tarnvir means “savior of the stars,” representing a shining beacon of hope and protection for those in need.

These names, brimming with depth and history, offer not only a sense of identity but a legacy of protection, care, and ultimately, salvation for the bearers.

Unisex Baby Names That Mean Savior or Protector

  1. Alex/Alexis – These Greek names, meaning “defending men” or “defender,” offer a strong and timeless choice for parents seeking a gender-neutral name with ties to protection and bravery.
  2. Kai – Of Hawaiian origin, this name means “ocean” or “sea,” representing strength and depth like that of a protector who safeguards their loved ones.
  3. Ditiyahihi – From the Native American language of Cheyenne, meaning “protecting shield,” Ditiyahihi offers a unique and meaningful option for parents.
  4. Aiden – This Irish name means “little fire” or “fiery one,” evoking feelings of strength and bravery as a protector who faces danger head-on.
  5. Avery – Of English origin, Avery means “ruler of the elves” or “wise protector,” encompassing both magic and strength in one name.
  6. Zephyr – This Greek name means “west wind” or “gentle breeze,” representing a gentle yet powerful protector who brings calm and safety to those in their care.
  7. Harper – This English name, meaning “harp player” or “minstrel,” offers a softer and more musical option for parents seeking a unisex name with ties to protection and creativity.
  8. Sage – Of Latin origin, Sage means “wise” or “prophet,” representing an individual who offers guidance and protection to those in need.
  9. Dakota – This Native American name, meaning “friendly” or “ally,” represents a protector who offers support and kindness to those in their care.
  10. Reese – Of Welsh origin, meaning “enthusiasm” or “fiery,” Reese embodies a strong and passionate spirit as a protector who fiercely defends their loved ones.


Whether seeking a traditional or unique name, these options offer a powerful and meaningful representation of saviors and protectors.

As parents, we hope our children will have qualities like strength, bravery, and protection. These names are perfect for instilling these values from the start.

So go ahead and explore the beauty and significance of these names, and find the perfect fit for your little savior or protector. 

So go ahead and explore the beauty and significance of these names, and find the perfect fit for your little savior or protector.

After all, what better way to honor this role than through a name that embodies its very essence. 

Let these names remind us of the power and impact saviors and protectors have in our lives, inspiring us to be brave, compassionate, and strong for those in need.

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