75 Baby Names That Mean Silly

Naming your baby is an important and exciting decision.

The name you choose will accompany your child throughout their entire life, and it’s a significant part of their identity.

While many parents opt for traditional, serious-sounding names, there’s a growing trend toward more unique, fun, and even silly monikers.

If you’re a parent-to-be looking to infuse a little humor into one of the very first gifts you give your child – their name – then this blog post is for you.

Here, we’re not just looking for names that could seem whimsical or fun when associated with makes or sounds.

We are going on a quest for the meaning “silly” in the name, exploring options from various cultures and languages to bring you a list that’s both lighthearted and meaningful.

Popular Silly Baby Names

Popular Silly Baby Names

In a world of Johns and Janes, a name that means ‘silly’ will stand out.

People often turn to historical figures or literature for inspiration when naming their kids.

However, there are a few names that have tickled the world’s fancy with their inherent humor. Here are some of the more popular ones:

  • Noodle: A traditional British name that signifies a love of pasta and perhaps a flexible nature.
  • Giddy: An old English name that means ‘filled with glee’ or ‘frivolous’.
  • Joker: Famously associated with jesters, this name could signify fun and light-heartedness.
  • Bumble: A name originating from the playful sound of movement, suggesting a spirited and cheerful personality.
  • Whimsy: Reflecting a fanciful or whimsical nature, this name invites a life filled with imagination and spontaneity.
  • Kook – This term, originating from English, refers to a ‘crazy person’, often used informally to describe someone with eccentric behavior or unconventional ideas.
  • Baffoon – In Italian, this word translates to ‘clown’, typically associated with someone who entertains through humor or foolish antics.
  • Dummkopf – A term from German, ‘stupid head’, is used to describe someone as foolish or lacking intelligence.
  • Loco – The Spanish word ‘loco’ means ‘crazy’, portraying a sense of irrationality or madness in a person’s behavior.
  • Baloo – In Hindi, ‘Baloo’ can mean ‘silly’ or ‘foolish’, indicating a playful or simple-minded nature in a person.
  • Puck: With roots in Old English and Dutch, Puck means ‘mischievous fairy’ – perfect for a little one with a playful spirit.
  • Matto The Italians have the name , quite literally meaning “crazy” or “bonkers.”
  • Bummel The Irish name means, ‘a useless and inferior person,’ which might sound severe, but has a humorously disparaging connotation.
  • Tonto: In Spanish, this name directly translates to “foolish or silly,” often used in a light-hearted manner.
  • Narri: Originating from Finland, this name signifies someone who is playful or mischievous, embodying a sense of silliness.
  • Droll: A French-derived name that literally means “comic” or “funny,” perfect for someone with a strong sense of humor.
  • Kokopelli: From Native American folklore, this name belongs to a trickster god, representing the essence of playfulness and whimsy.
  • Absurdia – (Latin) means ‘to be out of tune with reality’. It describes situations or ideas that are completely out of touch with what is considered normal or rational.
  • Αστείος – (Greek) translates to ‘funny’. It denotes something that evokes laughter or amusement, bringing light-heartedness to a situation.
  • Kodomo no baka – (Japanese) translates to ‘foolish child’. This term portrays a playful yet teasing expression to describe someone acting in a childish or silly manner.
  • Abigail (Hebrew) – This popular name is derived from the Hebrew word ‘avi-gail’ meaning “my father is joy,” suggesting a light-hearted and cheerful personality.
  • Alaia (Basque) – Originally meaning “joyful,” this name has evolved to represent a free-spirited and whimsical nature.
  • Sassafras – This name, originating from the Native American language Algonquin, means ‘silly fruit’ or ‘foolish bark’, offering a playful yet unique option for your little one.
  • Alizeh (Persian) – This name means ‘wind’, representing a carefree and whimsical spirit that is always in motion.
  • Ku – In Hawaiian, “ku” refers to the god of war, but can also mean “laughable” or “ridiculous,” making it an interesting choice for a silly name.
  • Asinine – A term originating from Latin, ‘asinus’ translates to ‘donkey’, but is commonly used in English to describe something or someone as foolish or stupid.
  • Kiki – In French, this name means “silly” or “insignificant,” making it a playful and lively option for your little one.
  • balmy – Though typically used to describe the weather, this English term also means ‘foolish’ or ‘crazy’, painting a picture of someone with an eccentric and carefree personality.
  • Folly – Originating from Old French, this name, meaning ‘foolishness’, could be a playful yet unconventional choice for your little one.
  • Bayo – In Yoruba, a Nigerian language, ‘bayo’ means ‘to laugh’. This name could signify a playful and jovial nature in your little one.

Meaningful Silly Names

Some parents may prefer to give their child a name with a more profound meaning while still incorporating an element of silliness. Here are a few options that achieve just that:

  • Risa – In Japanese, ‘risa’ means ‘laughter’, making it a meaningful and playful option for your little one.
  • Zanyar – Originating from Kurdish, this name means ‘joker’ or ‘merry-maker’, portraying someone with a fun-loving and lighthearted personality.
  • Aiden – This Irish name translates to “fiery one,” representing someone with an energetic and lively spirit.
  • Dippy – A term often used informally to describe someone as silly or eccentric, ‘dippy’ could make for a unique and playful name with an underlying meaning of light-heartedness.
  • Euphoria – From Greek origin, this name means ‘joy’ or ‘bliss’, embodying the essence of playfulness and happiness.
  • Beatrix – Derived from the Latin name Viatrix, meaning ‘voyager’ or ‘traveler’, this name could represent a free-spirited and adventurous personality.
  • Farrago – With roots in Latin, this name means ‘mixture’ or ‘medley’, representing someone with a diverse and unpredictable nature.
  • Serendipity – This name, originating from the Persian word ‘serendip’, means ‘happy accident’ or ‘pleasant surprise’, capturing the essence of playfulness and spontaneity.
  • Makani – In Hawaiian, this name means ‘wind’ or ‘breeze’, symbolizing a carefree and lively spirit.
  • Chloe – With Greek origins, Chloe means ‘green shoot’ or ‘young green plant’, representing someone with a playful and youthful nature.
  • Eowyn – Though most commonly recognized as a character from J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings, this name has roots in Old English and means ‘horse joy’, portraying a spirited and adventurous personality.
  • Jovial – Derived from the Latin word ‘jovialis’, meaning ‘of Jupiter’ or ‘pertaining to joy’, this name could represent someone with a cheerful and playful nature.
  • Kagaya – In Japanese, this name means ‘sparkling’ or ‘radiant’, representing someone with a bright and lively personality.
  • Glee – This English word translates to ‘joy’ or ‘merriment’, and could make for a unique, lighthearted name for your little one.
  • Joya – Derived from the Native American word ‘jooi’, meaning ‘jewel’ or ‘precious stone’, this name could represent someone with a vibrant and playful personality.
  • Maeve – Originating from Irish, this name means ‘she who intoxicates’, representing someone with a lively and spirited nature.
  • Winston – Though commonly thought of as a more traditional name, Winston has Old English origins and means ‘joyful stone’, representing someone with a solid yet lively character.
  • Nara – With roots in Sanskrit, this name translates to ‘happy’ or ‘contented’, making it an excellent option for parents seeking a playful yet meaningful name.
  • Hugo – This name, meaning ‘bright in mind and spirit’, has Germanic origins and could represent someone with a fun-loving and lively personality.
  • Zara – Originating from Arabic, this name means ‘flower’ or ‘blooming flower’, representing someone with a vibrant and playful nature.

Unique Silly Baby Names

For parents who love to think outside the box and want their child’s name to be truly unique, here are some more out-of-the-box options:

  • Whacko: A playful name that could also signify an unconventional and free-spirited individual.
  • Bunk: This name, originating from Welsh, means ‘a silly or foolish person’.
  • Folly: A whimsical name that means ‘foolishness’ or ‘lack of good sense’.
  • Giggle: A name that invokes visions of laughter and pure joy.
  • SillyBilly: While commonly used as a nickname, this could also make for a fun and memorable first name choice.
  • Gobsmack: A name that may seem silly at first, but its British origin actually means ‘to be astounded or amazed’.
  • Goof: A name that is derived from the playful and clumsy nature of someone who is always up for a laugh.
  • Muddle: Perfect for a child who might grow to find joy in the chaos and creativity of life.
  • Klutz – From the Yiddish word ‘klots’, this name refers to someone who is clumsy or foolish.
  • Hanswurst – A German name, meaning ‘foolish clown’ or ‘buffoon’.
  • Foolery: This name may seem like it’s poking fun at someone, but its meaning is simply ‘silliness or foolishness
  • Goofy: Inspired by Disney’s beloved character, this name could represent someone with an endearing and lovable sense of humor.
  • Giggleton: A quirky name that combines the words ‘giggle’ and ‘ton’, implying an abundance of laughter.
  • Chuck: This name originated from the Old French word ‘choque,’ meaning ‘a rude person’ but has evolved to signify someone amusing and fun-loving.
  • SillyLily: A playful take on the traditional name Lily, this variation adds a touch of silliness to an already beautiful name.
  • Zany: This name, with origins in the Old Latin for ‘gag’ or ‘joke’, signifies an offbeat and clownish nature.
  • Loon: An American English name meaning a ‘crazy’ or ‘odd’ person, it could also refer to the beautiful and silly bird known for its wild calls and antics.
  • Quirk: A more modern choice that signifies a peculiar or whimsical nature.
  • Pun: A name that could represent a love of wordplay and witty humor.

Short Silly Baby Names

For those parents seeking names that are not only silly but also short and sweet, here’s a fun selection that’s sure to turn heads and spread smiles:

  • Boo: A term of endearment turned into a quirky first name.
  • Fizz: Sparkling with energy and excitement, this name is as whimsical as it sounds.
  • Jazz: Inspired by the lively music genre, this name signifies a lively and spirited personality.
  • Zig: Short for ‘zigzag’, this name implies a life full of twists, turns, and fun surprises.
  • Pix: Reminiscent of ‘pixies’, this name exudes magic and mischief in equal measure.
  • Kitto: A playful variation that sounds like a blend of ‘kitten’ and ‘ditto’, symbolizing cuteness and agreement.
  • Quip: For the child destined to have a quick wit and a sharp sense of humor.


Choosing a name for your child is an intimate decision. It’s a blend of heritage, hopes, and even humor.

Balance the significance of a child’s name with the joy that a ‘silly’ moniker can bring.

The goal is to provide a name that they will wear with pride and that will always put a twinkle in their eye.

At the end of the day, the name you choose should inspire happiness.

Whether you choose something classic or opt for a name that signifies ‘silly’, the most important thing is that it resonates with both you and your child.

It’s a gift that lasts a lifetime – a legacy of love, laughter, and identity.

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