50 Best Baby Names That Mean Sister

Are you on the quest for baby names that mean sister evoking a sense of sisterhood among your kids, or perhaps seeking monikers for your next novel’s character symbolizing sisterly bonds?

As we journey through the vast universe of names, we chance upon a compilation of names embodying the essence of sisterhood.

This extraordinary collection transcends being a mere list; it’s a jubilation of sisterly love, encapsulating companionship, loyalty, and unconditional affection that sisters cherish.

Whether you’re embracing a new family member, creating a character, or exploring names worldwide, discover names that embody the essence of sisterly bonds with us.

Significance of Names That Mean Sister

The significance of names that mean sister transcends their literal interpretation, threading into the fabric of cultural heritage and personal identity.

These names are not merely labels, but are imbued with stories, expectations, and a certain spiritual depth.

They reflect the societal values placed on familial bonds, especially the irreplaceable and intricate relationship between sisters.

In many cultures, names carrying the meaning of “sister” are often chosen to symbolize the hope for a lifelong friendship, empathy, and support that parents envisage for their daughters.

Additionally, these names serve as a testament to the resilience and solidarity inherent in sisterly connections, inspiring a sense of belonging and unity from a very young age.

Names That Mean Sister, Older Sister, Younger Sister

Names That Mean Sister, Older Sister, Younger Sister

1. Soraya

Originating from Persian culture, this elegant name means “princess.” Soraya embodies sisterhood and familial bonds in literature and tradition.

2. Tavisha

Rooted in India’s diverse heritage, Tavisha symbolizes “Heavenly”, embodying sisterhood as a protective figure like a guardian angel, providing an ethereal connection and guidance.

3. Winona

Deeply embedded in the sacred traditions of Native American culture, specifically revered by the Dakota tribe, Winona translates to “firstborn daughter,” emphasizing the pivotal role of a sister in the lineage of a family, symbolizing the foundation and legacy of kinship.

4. Aitana

While not always seen as “sister” universally, in some cultures, Aitana embodies “eternal sisterhood”, a bond surpassing time and space with profound loyalty and lasting connection.

5. Adelpha

Rooted in ancient Greek heritage, this name signifies “beloved sister,” embodying the enduring bond of sisterhood in relationships.

6. Aethelflaed

Originating from Old English, Aethelflaed means “noble beauty,” embodying grace, elegance, and historical significance, resonating with timeless allure.

7. Aneko

From the rich tapestry of Japanese culture, Aneko means “older sister,” embodying wisdom, guidance, and a nurturing presence in sibling relationships, blending tradition and wisdom.

8. Anya

Rooted in Russian culture, Anya means “grace,” symbolizing elegance, charm, and sophistication that mirror the inherent beauty and poise linked to the name, adding a touch of refinement.

9. Antigone

Deeply rooted in the captivating tales of Greek legend, Antigone holds the evocative meaning of “against the birth,” known as the daughter of Oedipus and Jocasta, resonating with a narrative of strength, defiance, and familial complexities that intertwine with myth and history.

10. Clarissant

From the Arthurian Legend emerges Clarissant, meaning “Sister of Gawain,” showcasing familial and chivalrous ties from medieval tales, narrating loyalty, honor, and kinship.

11. Freira

Rooted in Portuguese, “Freira” translates to “sister,” highlighting the strong bond of sisterhood that goes beyond languages, embodying shared love and support.

12. Ganieda

Hailing from mystical Wales, Ganieda translates to “Sister,” emphasizing family bonds and heritage, symbolizing kinship and belonging among siblings.

13. Geirbjorg

Steeped in Old Norse traditions, Geirbjorg means “Sister of Bersi,” embodying Nordic heritage and mythology with images of strength, heritage, and family ties.

14. Geirrid

Geirrid, rooted in Old Norse heritage, means “sister of Geirrod.” It reflects familial ties and lineage significant in ancient Norse culture, embodying a rich history and kinship tapestry.

15. Kissa

Rooted in vibrant African heritage, Kissa symbolizes uniqueness, familial bonds, and individuality, embodying a distinct and meaningful essence as “born after twins.”

16. Lofnheid

Rooted in the mystical Old Norse traditions, Lofnheid means “Sister of Otter,” connecting the name to nature and mythology, weaving nature, symbolism, and family ties into enchanting lore.

17. Morcades

Originating from Basque culture, Morcades, meaning “Sister of Arthur,” links to legendary tales and historical figures, weaving a story of kinship, valor, and familial ties.

18. Numees

Emerging from Native American traditions, Numees means “sister,” highlighting sisterly bonds and community connections significant in indigenous cultures.

19. Pemphredo

Imbued with Greek myth, Pemphredo, “sister of the Gorgons,” entwines mythology, mystery, and strength. It conjures images of resilience and enigmatic tales shaping ancient legends.

20. Perdix

Originating from Latin, Perdix means “Sister of Daedalus,” linking to ancient history, mythology, and enduring stories that resonate with themes of creativity, innovation, and timeless narratives.

21. Shaliqa

Originating from Arabic, Shaliqa means “one who is sisterly,” embodying sisterhood and the lasting bond in relationships. It signifies warmth, support, and shared connection.

22. Shimai (Japanese)

While “Shimai” directly translates to “sisters,” it is often used to refer to younger sisters specifically in Japanese, Symbolizing the dynamic and unique bond between sisters.

23. Minya

From Native American roots, this name means “Older Sister,” symbolizing sisterhood, respect, and lasting family ties. It reflects wisdom, guidance, and shared heritage within the culture.

24. Kaya

From Native American traditions, this name means “elder Sister,” symbolizing wisdom, guidance, and lasting family ties.

It reflects leadership, mentorship, and enduring bonds that shape our lives.

25. Hean

With deep roots in Native American traditions, Hean embodies sisterhood, companionship, and enduring familial bonds, resonating with unity, support, and shared cultural identity.

26. Yapany

From Aboriginal heritage, Yapany embodies leadership, protection, and the nurturing presence of an elder sibling, offering guidance, support, and lasting connections that influence our lives.

27. Hermana

From Spanish, “Hermana” means “Sister,” symbolizing love, support, and enduring familial bonds. It embodies unity, warmth, and shared identity within the cultural context.

28. Teicuih

Derived from the Nahuatl language, “Teicuih” means “younger sister,” a term of endearment expressing affection and the lasting bond between beloved younger siblings.

It reflects closeness, love, and shared heritage in the linguistic tapestry.

29. Aantika

Originating from Sanskrit traditions, Aantika means “elder sister,” symbolizing wisdom, guidance, and lasting familial bonds.

This name reflects respect for older siblings in Indian culture, embodying leadership, mentorship, and the enduring essence of sisterhood.

30. Sorella

From Italian, Sorella means “older sister,” embodying familial bonds of love, support, and shared experiences. This name conveys warmth, closeness, and lasting connections that define our lives, echoing sisterhood, companionship, and cultural unity.

31. Eka

Originating from Bengali poetry, Eka means “elder sister,” symbolizing guidance, support, and love in sibling relationships.

This name represents protection, leadership, and the lasting bonds of sisterhood, reflecting unity, shared identity, and family ties.

32. Elder

Rooted in English heritage, Elder is a unisex name meaning “older sibling,” symbolizing wisdom, guidance, and lasting familial bonds. It conveys responsibility, leadership, and shared life experiences, resonating with love, support, and sibling kinship.

33. Akua

With its origins steeped in the beautiful traditions of African heritage, Akua means “Female born on Wednesday,” symbolizing the eldest sister within the family unit.

34. Onee-san

While unconventional, “Onee-san” in Japanese is a term of respect and affection for an older sister, symbolizing the bond and respect among siblings.

35. Noona (Korean)

In Korean culture, “Noona” is a term used by males to address an older sister or any older female friend or acquaintance with admiration and respect.

It reflects the deep-rooted traditions of respect and closeness within Korean families, making it a meaningful and affectionate name option.

36. Nuna (Korean)

Similar to “Noona,” “Nuna” is a term used by males in Korean culture to refer to an older sister or older female companion with warmth and respect.

37. Jiejie (Chinese)

In Mandarin Chinese, “Jiejie” refers to an older sister with affection and respect, symbolizing the strong sibling bond and honor of elder siblings in Chinese culture.

38. Ataahua

In Maori culture, “Ataahua” means “beautiful,” symbolizing both physical beauty and inner qualities.

When referring to an older sister, “Ataahua” honors her beauty and importance in the family, highlighting her role as a beloved and respected figure.

39. Liliana

Originating from Spanish, the name Liliana means “little sister,” capturing the essence of family bonds based on love, support, and shared moments of happiness and development.

40. Abigail

Originating from Hebrew, the name Abigail means “my father is joyful,” commonly linked to the charming role of a younger sister, symbolizing happiness and family ties.

41. Alana

With Irish roots, the name Alana means “infant,” “fair,” or “beautiful.” It symbolizes youth, beauty, and the cherished presence of a younger sister.

42. Keiko

Originating from Japan, Keiko means “blessed child,” symbolizing prosperity and grace, reflecting a cherished bond with a younger sister.

43. Nadia

With Slavic roots, the name Nadia means “hope,” symbolizing optimism. Often associated with younger siblings, it embodies aspirations and dreams within family bonds.

44. Imouto

In Japanese culture, “Imouto” means “younger sister,” symbolizing affection and kinship. This term is not just descriptive but also conveys care and closeness.

45. Meimei

Within Mandarin Chinese, the name “Meimei” carries the meaning of “younger sister,” serving as both a form of address and a name itself.

46. Dongsaeng

Originating from Korean roots, “Dongsaeng” means “younger sibling,” specifically a younger sister, symbolizing familial bonds and sisterhood in Korean culture.

47. Maganda

In Filipino culture, the name “Maganda” translates to “beautiful,” signifying grace and loveliness. Often used to represent a younger sister, this name highlights the beauty and importance of the sibling relationship within the family dynamic.

48. Rakhi

Rooted in Indian traditions, “Rakhi” symbolizes the bond between brothers and sisters during Raksha Bandhan, honoring sibling relationships and the role of a younger sister.

49. Ume

In Japanese culture, “Ume” refers to a plum blossom, symbolizing beauty and perseverance.

Often used as a name for younger sisters, it reflects strength, resilience, and the cherished presence of a sibling.

50. Mèi

Derived from Chinese roots, “Mèi” means “younger sister,” conveying affection and closeness within the sibling relationship.


Sisterhood is a priceless bond that transcends cultural boundaries and connects individuals in shared experiences, memories, and love.

Whether through traditional names with deep roots or modern names with symbolic meanings, the essence of sisterhood remains constant – love, support, and enduring familial bonds.

Choosing one of these beautiful names for your sister can serve as a testament to the special relationship you share and honor the unique qualities that make her an important part of your life.

So whether she is your “Sorella,” “Noona,” or “Meimei,” let her name serve as a constant reminder of the unbreakable bond between sisters.

So, choose wisely and celebrate this treasured relationship with a meaningful name for your sister.  With that, we have come to the end of our list of 50 beautiful names for sisters.

We hope this has been helpful in your search for a special name for your beloved sister.

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