Names That Mean Sun (Sunshine) for Boys and Girls

Choosing a name for your baby is a meaningful journey filled with excitement, especially when aiming for a name that carries a special significance like “sun” or “sunshine.”

The sun, as a symbol of light and warmth in our vast universe, can serve as a beautiful source of inspiration for your little one.

Whether you lean towards names embodying the concept of “sunrise” to signify new beginnings or “sunset” to represent a serene closure, our curated list presents names that capture the essence of the sun’s radiance and comfort, ideal for your child.

Nature-inspired names associated with the sun have been on the rise in popularity since 2021, resonating with themes of vitality, positivity, and fresh starts.

Why Give Your Child a Name That Means Sun?

The sun is universally recognized as a symbol of happiness, hope, and vitality.

It has been worshiped by countless civilizations throughout history, revered as a deity in many cultures.

It represents the cycle of day and night, embodying the eternal rhythm of the universe.

Names meaning “sun” or “sunshine” can serve as powerful reminders of these positive attributes and instill them in your child’s identity.

Moreover, these names are timeless, carrying the same significance regardless of age or gender.

For parents, choosing a sun-related name for their child is a meaningful gesture, aiming to impart qualities like resilience, courage, and the ability to bring light to dark places.

It reflects a wish for the child to lead a life filled with joy, inspiration, and the capacity to overcome challenges with grace and strength.

Names That Mean Sun

Baby Boy Names That Mean Sun

Here are several baby boy names inspired by the “Sun” or “Sunshine,” each carrying with it the brilliance and vigor of the sun:

  1. Aarush: A popular name in India meaning the first ray of the sun, suggesting a pioneering spirit.
  2. Altan: Of Turkish origin, meaning “red dawn” or “golden”.
  3. Arka: Another name from India, Arka means sun, epitomizing the source of all light and life on Earth, highlighting the solar deity’s vital role in Indian mythology.
  4. Elio: A name of Italian and Spanish origin translating directly to “Sun,” embodying the warmth and radiance of the sun.
  5. Samson: Originating from Hebrew, this name means Sun or service, historically tied to strength and vitality.
  6. Sol: Directly translating to “Sun” in Spanish, this name is concise yet powerful, evoking the essential nature of the sun.
  7. Cyrus: An ancient name of Persian origin meaning “sun” or “one who bestows care,” linking leadership with the sun’s life-giving qualities.
  8. Ravi: In Sanskrit, Ravi directly translates to “Sun” and is a common name in India, signifying brilliance and leadership.
  9. Aditya: A Sanskrit name meaning “belonging to Aditi” (the mother of gods); often associated with the sun and solar deities.
  10. Anatole: Of Greek origin meaning “sunrise” or “east,” suggesting new beginnings and light.
  11. Arun: A name from Indian mythology, meaning “dawn light” or “the charioteer of the Sun.”
  12. Haru: A Japanese name that can mean sun or sunlight in certain contexts.
  13. Hinata: A name of Japanese origin meaning “sunny place” or “toward the sun,” representing the warmth and positivity of sunlight.
  14. Haru: This Japanese name means “sunlight” or “spring,” signifying rebirth and new beginnings brought forth by the warmth of the sun.
  15. Suryakant: Also from India, meaning “loved by the sun” or “gem of the sun,” highlighting the precious nature of sunlight in our lives.
  16. Phoebus: Another name for Apollo, meaning “bright” or “shining” in Greek, directly associated with sun.
  17. Savitendra: A unique name meaning “Lord of the Sun” in Sanskrit, signifying supremacy and brilliance.
  18. Surya: The Hindu god of the sun, connoting divine light and the universal source of life.
  19. Solanus: A Latin name meaning “eastern wind,” which is often associated with the morning sun.
  20. Vivashvat: Meaning “bright sun” in Sanskrit, signifying enduring luminosity and energy.
  21. Zohar: Of Hebrew origin, meaning “light” or “brilliance,” reflecting the qualities of the sun.
  22. Kiran: A name of Indian origin meaning “ray of light,” reflecting the myriad beams of the sun.
  23. Aelius: A Roman name meaning “sun,” commonly associated with the god Helios.
  24. Antiman: A Native American name meaning “sun deity,” embodying the spiritual significance and reverence for the sun in indigenous cultures.
  25. Antinanco: Another Native American name meaning “sunset,” symbolizing the end of the day and a peaceful transition to rest.
  26. Albertus: A Germanic name meaning “bright” or “illustrious,” often related to the sun’s brilliance.
  27. Anshul: From Sanskrit, this name means “sunny” or “radiant,” representing the warmth and brightness of sunlight.
  28. Areg: A name of Persian origin meaning “sun” or “light,” also associated with the god of fire in Persian mythology.
  29. Agim: Of Albanian origin, meaning “dawn” or “sunrise,” representing new beginnings and hope.
  30. Soleil: A French name translating to “sun,” evoking the warmth and radiance of the sun’s rays.
  31. Anatoly: Of Russian origin meaning “sunrise” or “east,” symbolizing new beginnings and light.
  32. Aurelius: A Latin name meaning “golden” or “sun-like,” representing the sun’s brilliance and warmth.
  33. Haruki: A Japanese name meaning “light at the center of the sun,” conveying the intensity and power of sunlight.
  34. Heliodoro: A Spanish name meaning “gift of the sun,” symbolizing the precious nature of sunlight in our lives.
  35. Naru: From Japanese, this name means “to become light” or “to shine,” capturing the essence of sunlight’s transformational power.
  36. Anwar: A name of Arabic origin meaning “brighter” or “more luminous,” often associated with the sun’s radiance.
  37. Arki: From Estonia, this name means “sun” or “sunny,” symbolizing optimism and positivity.
  38. Helios: The Greek personification of the sun, representing vitality and brilliance.
  39. Atefeh: A name of Persian origin meaning “affectionate” or “sun-like,” emphasizing the warmth and caring nature associated with sunlight.
  40. Horus: The ancient Egyptian god of the sun, symbolizing power and strength.
  41. Berto: Of Germanic origin, meaning “bright” or “shining,” often associated with the sun’s radiance.
  42. Mehrab: A name of Persian origin meaning “sun” or “sun god,” highlighting the sun’s vital role in Iranian culture.
  43. Ataru: From Japanese, this name means “to be hit by the sun,” evoking the energizing and transformative nature of sunlight.
  44. Castor: A Greek name meaning “beaver,” but also the twin brother of Pollux and associated with the constellation Gemini, which appears in the sky at sunrise.
  45. Dismas: From Greek, meaning “sunset” or “evening,” representing the peaceful ending of a day and the transition to rest.
  46. Diellza: A name of Albanian origin meaning “sun and heart,” representing the strong connection between sunlight and joy.
  47. Somerled: A Scottish name meaning “summer traveler,” symbolizing the brightness and warmth of sunlight during the summer months.
  48. Enlil: In ancient Mesopotamian mythology, Enlil was known as the god of air, wind, and storms, but also represented the power and light of the sun.
  49. Auster: In Latin, Auster means “south wind,” often associated with the sun’s warmth and energy.
  50. Baer: A German name meaning “bear,” but also associated with the constellation Ursa Major, which is visible in the night sky during the summer months when the sun sets later.

Baby Girl Names That Mean Sun

For those seeking a radiant name for their baby girl, inspired by the “Sun” or “Sunshine,” here are several illuminating options.

These names capture the essence of warmth, light, and the nurturing aspects of the sun across different cultures and languages:

  1. Aelia: An ancient Roman name meaning “Sun,” embodying the timeless elegance and warmth of sunlight.
  2. Arunika: A versatile Sanskrit name meaning “early morning sunlight,” suitable for those who draw inspiration from the dawn.
  3. Aurora: Latin for “dawn,” this name also refers to the Roman goddess of sunrise, representing renewal and the first light of day.
  4. Soleil: Direct from French, meaning “Sun,” this name carries the charm and warmth of the sunny countryside of France.
  5. Sunniva: Of Old English and Norwegian origin, meaning “sun gift,” symbolizing a blessing of light and life.
  6. Eliana: Of Hebrew origin, meaning “my God has answered,” or “sun,” offering a spiritual connection to the light.
  7. Helen: A name of Greek origin meaning “sun ray” or “shining light,” reflecting the bright and guiding light of the sun.
  8. Cyra: Derived from the Persian word for “Sun” or “throne,” suggesting nobility paired with the brilliance of sunlight.
  9. Kalinda: Of Sanskrit origin, meaning “the Sun,” offering a direct homage to the radiant energy of the sun.
  10. Oriana: Meaning “dawn” or “sunrise” in Latin, symbolizing the first light that dispels the darkness.
  11. Soraya: A Persian name that means “princess” or “bright as the sun,” aligning with the life-giving and vital essence of sunlight.
  12. Rashmi: A Sanskrit name meaning “ray of light” or “sunbeam,” exuding warmth and energy.
  13. Tesni: A Welsh name meaning “warmth from the sun,” highlighting the nurturing and comforting aspects of sunlight.
  14. Idalia: Derived from the Greek word for “sun,” this name is associated with the vision of warmth and radiance.
  15. Thea: In Greek mythology, Thea is the Titaness of sight and the shining light of the clear blue sky, representing the luminescence of the sun.
  16. Siria: Similar in sound to “Syria” but of entirely different origin, this name means “sun-bright, glowing,” capturing the majestic glow of the sun.
  17. Alba: From Latin, meaning “dawn” or “white,” connoting the first light of day and the promise of a new beginning.
  18. Ellen: Of Greek origin, a variant of Helen, meaning “sun ray” or “shining light,” an epitome of brightness and guiding light.
  19. Solana: A name of Spanish origin meaning “sunshine,” encapsulating the warmth and joy brought by the sun’s rays.
  20. Solene: A French name derived from “solennis,” meaning “solemn” or regarded as sacred, capturing the reverence for the sunlight.
  21. Savita: In Sanskrit, Savita is a name that means “sun,” symbolizing the life-giving power and the unending cycle of day and night.
  22. Zia: Of Arabic origin, meaning “light” or “splendor,” Zia is often associated with the brilliance and radiant glow of the sun, representing magnificence and shining grace.
  23. Dawn: A classic English name meaning “first appearance of light” or “daybreak,” representing the transformative and hopeful nature of sunlight.
  24. Nura: This Arabic name means “light” or “the Divine light,” reflecting the majestic and transcendent qualities associated with sunlight.
  25. Aelian: A Greek name meaning “sun ray” or “light,” often representing the beauty and radiance of sunlight.
  26. Akino: A Japanese name meaning “autumn sun,” symbolizing the warm and comforting nature of sunlight during the cooler seasons.
  27. Arpina: Of Armenian origin, meaning “from the rising sun,” signifying hope, renewal, and new beginnings.
  28. Akosua: Meaning “born on Sunday” in Ghanaian, this name pays tribute to the significance of the sun as a source of light and life.
  29. Aine: An Irish name meaning “radiance” or “splendor,” often associated with the sun’s celestial beauty and guiding light.
  30. Kiran: Derived from Sanskrit, meaning “ray of sunlight” or “beam of light,” representing the transformative nature of the sun’s rays.
  31. Fajr: Of Arabic origin, meaning “dawn” or “first light,” this name holds significant spiritual connotations and symbolizes the awakening of a new day.
  32. Marisol: A Spanish name that means “sea and sun,” embodying the warmth and radiance of sunlight over the ocean.
  33. Gwawr: A Welsh name meaning “dawn” or “daybreak,” capturing the beauty and transformative power of sunlight as it breaks through the darkness.
  34. Nahal: Meaning “stream” or “riverbed” in Persian, this name is associated with the life-giving and nurturing qualities of flowing water, often compared to the warmth of sunlight.
  35. Sandhya: A Sanskrit name meaning “twilight” or “dusk,” signifying the transition of sunlight into darkness and representing balance and harmony.
  36. Amaterasu: Of Japanese origin, this name means “shining over heaven,” referring to the beloved goddess of the sun who brings light and life to the world.
  37. Bertrand: A French name meaning “bright raven,” often associated with the warm and majestic qualities of sunlight.
  38. Aelius: Derived from the Roman family name “Aelia,” this name means “Sun God” or “sunny,” representing the divine and all-encompassing nature of sunlight.
  39. Ushas: A Sanskrit name meaning “dawn” or “first light,” representing the vibrant and transformative energy of sunlight as it brings in a new day.
  40. Dayton: Of English origin meaning “sunny town,” this name captures the warmth and radiance of sunlight and its potential to brighten up any place.
  41. Dai: A Chinese name meaning “sun” or “light,” signifying the nurturing and life-giving qualities of sunlight.
  42. Blaine: Of Scottish origin, meaning “yellow” or “golden,” often associated with the bright and life-giving aspects of sunlight.
  43. Dashinima: A Mongolian name meaning “dawn,” symbolizing the beginning of a new day and all the possibilities that come with it.
  44. Marinda: Derived from Latin, meaning “wonderful beauty,” often associated with the radiant and glorious qualities of sunlight.
  45. Dimas: Of Greek origin, meaning “sunset” or “sunlight,” capturing the peaceful and serene essence of sunlight as it fades away into the night.
  46. Selene: From Greek mythology, Selene is the goddess of the moon who symbolizes light and hope, often associated with the transformative nature of sunlight.
  47. Langa: A South African name meaning “sun” or “day,” representing the warmth and life-giving properties of sunlight in their culture.
  48. Arushi: Of Hindi origin, this name means “first rays of the sun,” representing new beginnings and the promise of a bright future.
  49. Egbert: A German name meaning “bright edge” or “shining sword,” often associated with the powerful and sharp qualities of sunlight.
  50. Soleil: Of French origin, meaning “sun,” capturing the radiant and majestic nature of sunlight in a simple yet beautiful way.

Unisex Baby Names That Mean Sun

Choosing a name that means “Sun” or “Sunshine” can be a beautiful way to inspire a life filled with light and warmth, regardless of gender.

Here are some unisex options that celebrate the luminosity and vitality of the sun:

  1. Phoenix: Derived from the mythical bird that is reborn from its ashes, often associated with the sun’s cycle of rising and setting.
  2. Sol: From the Latin word for sun, “Sol” is a short, powerful name that directly references the celestial star at the center of our solar system.
  3. Sunny: An English name embodying the cheery and bright disposition of a sunny day, perfect for a child with a radiant smile.
  4. Luce: An Italian and French name meaning “Light,” often associated with the brightness of the sun.
  5. Ray: Short for “Raymond” or a standalone name meaning “beam of light,” this name conveys the idea of sunlight piercing through.
  6. Elidi: Of Greek origin, meaning “gift of the sun,” a beautiful name that suggests the preciousness of sunlight.
  7. Daya: Hebrew and Sanskrit origins, meaning “bird of light” or “compassion,” it evokes the gentle warmth of sunlight.
  8. Afton: An Old English name associated with “afternoon sun,” suggesting the gentle warmth of the sun later in the day.
  9. Rayen: Meaning “flower” in Mapuche and interpreted as “ray of light” in its modern context, this name beautifully combines nature with the imagery of sunlight.
  10. Ciro: Of Italian origin, meaning “sun,” Ciro is a sleek, modern choice that retains a classical warmth.
  11. Sun: A simple, striking name that directly references the sun, perfect for those who want to celebrate its life-giving energy.
  12. Lucien: From “Lucius” in Latin meaning light or daylight, this name carries a sense of sophistication and brilliance.
  13. Aruna: Derived from Sanskrit, meaning “reddish glow” or “dawn,” symbolizing the arrival of sunlight and a new beginning.
  14. Nuri: Of Arabic and Turkish origin, meaning “my light” or “bright fire,” this name celebrates the warm and radiant qualities of the sun.
  15. Asahi: A Japanese name meaning “morning sun,” representing the optimistic and hopeful nature of sunlight.
  16. Samson: Derived from Hebrew, meaning “sun,” this name has a strong and powerful connotation associated with the strength of sunlight.
  17. Chang: Of Chinese origin, meaning “bright” or “shining,” often associated with the bold and vibrant qualities of sunlight.
  18. Albany: An Old English name meaning “white sun,” capturing the purity and brilliance of sunlight in a simple yet striking way.
  19. Rashmi: A Sanskrit name meaning “ray of light” or “sunbeam,” representing the delicate and transformative power of sunlight.
  20. Khurshid: Of Persian and Urdu origin, meaning “sun,” representing the illuminating and nurturing qualities of sunlight in different cultures.
  21. Shachar: Derived from Hebrew, meaning “dawn” or “morning,” symbolizing the arrival of sunlight and all its possibilities.
  22. Amaterasu: From Japanese mythology, Amaterasu is the goddess of the sun, associated with strength, warmth, and light.
  23. Solana: Of Spanish origin, meaning “sunshine,” evoking images of a bright and cheerful nature, perfect for a sunny disposition.
  24. Jorah: Derived from Hebrew, meaning “autumn rain” or “first light,” representing the transformative and refreshing qualities of sunlight after a storm.
  25. Shams: From Arabic, meaning “sun,” this name celebrates the life-giving and guiding qualities of the sun in different cultures.
  26. Olwen: A Welsh name meaning “white footprint” or “white essence,” often associated with the purity and radiance of sunlight.
  27. Aelia: Of Latin origin, meaning “sun,” capturing the brilliant and warm qualities of sunlight in a simple yet elegant way.
  28. Shemesh: Derived from Hebrew, meaning “sun,” this name highlights the life-sustaining and powerful nature of sunlight in biblical contexts.
  29. Haru: A Japanese name meaning “spring” or “sunshine,” representing the rejuvenating and vibrant qualities of sunlight in different seasons.
  30. Tonalli: From the Aztec language Nahuatl, meaning “day” or “heat,” often associated with the intensity and vitality of sunlight.

Mythological Baby Names That Mean Sun

Mythologies from around the world have revered the sun, often placing it at the center of stories and naming divine entities after its power and light.

Here are some baby names derived from various mythologies that mean “Sun” or are associated with the solar deity:

  1. Apollo: In Greek mythology, Apollo is one of the Olympian deities and is often associated with the sun, light, and music.
  2. Helios: Another figure from Greek mythology, Helios is the personification of the Sun itself, driving his chariot across the sky each day.
  3. Ra: In ancient Egyptian mythology, Ra is the sun god, considered the most important of all gods, reigning over the sky, the Earth, and the underworld.
  4. Amaterasu: From Japanese mythology, Amaterasu is a goddess of the sun and the universe. Her full name, Amaterasu-ōmikami, means “great divinity illuminating heaven.”
  5. Sol: In Norse mythology, Sol (or Sunna) is the sun goddess, driving the sun’s chariot across the sky and pursued by a wolf, symbolizing the night.
  6. Lugh: In Irish mythology, Lugh is associated with skill and craftsmanship, but he is also recognized as a sun god, embodying light and talent.
  7. Tonatiuh: In Aztec mythology, Tonatiuh was the sun god, responsible for the sun’s movement and demanding human sacrifices as tribute to continue his journey across the sky.
  8. Baldr: Norse mythology presents Baldr as a god of light, joy, purity, and the summer sun, beloved by all the gods.
  9. Belenus: In Celtic mythology, Belenus is a god of light and healing, associated with the sun and solar energy. 
  10. Surya: In Hinduism, Surya is the god of the sun, responsible for bringing light and warmth to the world.


From nature-inspired names to mythological ones, there are plenty of baby names that celebrate the warmth and brilliance of sunlight.

Whether you want a name that directly references the sun or one that evokes its gentle and nurturing qualities, these options offer beautiful meanings and imagery.

Let your child’s name be a shining reminder of the life-giving energy and positivity of sunlight.  

So, go ahead and choose a name that captures the essence of this powerful phenomenon and bestows it upon your little ray of sunshine.

The possibilities are endless! Happy naming! 🌞😊

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