151 Baby Names That Mean Wealth

Welcome to our captivating exploration of names that embody wealth, prosperity, and abundance!

In every culture around the globe, certain names have been cherished and passed down through generations, carrying with them the promise of fortune and success.

Whether you’re expecting a little bundle of joy, penning a novel, or just curious about the wealth of meanings behind names, this collection will guide you through a treasure trove of names that resonate with richness and opulence.

Prepare to be dazzled by the stories and origins of these enchanting names that are as wealthy in history as they are in promise.

Join us on this luxurious journey and find the perfect names that mean wealth, prosperity, and a prosperous future.

Significance of Names That Mean Wealth

Choosing a name for a child is an act laden with hope and aspirations for their future.

Names that mean wealth carry a powerful significance, embodying the desire for prosperity and success in the child’s life.

Beyond mere monetary richness, these names evoke a sense of abundance in wisdom, love, and health. In various cultures, a name is believed to shape one’s destiny, and thus, selecting a name with such a profound meaning is seen as bestowing a blessing upon the child.

It signals the parents’ wish for their child’s path to be marked with fortune and opportunities, ensuring a life filled with abundance in all its forms.

This tradition of naming is both a reflection of cultural values and a universal hope shared by parents for their children’s future wellbeing and happiness.

Baby Girl Names That Mean Wealth

Abhitha – “one who is surrounded by wealth” (Sanskrit)

Aislinn – “dream of wealth” (Irish)

Amani – “desire, aspirations, wealth” (Swahili)

Amina – “trustworthy, faithful, prosperous” (Arabic)

Aisha – Living, prosperous.

Alda – Rich.

Beatriz – She who brings happiness; blessed with wealth.

Beatrix – “bringer of joy and blessings” (Latin)

Belinda – “beautiful serpent, wealth” (Italian)

Bo – “wealth and treasure” (Chinese)

Cassia – Cinnamon, associated with wealth and spice trade riches.

Daria – Possesses well; wealthy.

Dorothy – Gift of God; a divine gift of riches.

Eadgyth – Rich war.

Edith – Rich war or riches and blessed.

Elodie – Foreign riches.

Estelle – Star; shining wealth.

Esme – “esteemed and beloved, wealth” (French)

Faiqa – “surpassing, excellent, wealthy” (Arabic)

Felicity – “happiness and prosperity” (Latin)

Fortuna – “fortune and wealth” (Latin)

Faye – Fairy; magical wealth.

Fiona – Fair, white, clear; pureness of wealth.

Fulvia – Golden and wealthy.

Gertrude – Spear of strength; associated with wealth.

Gilda – Sacrifice or value; associated with measured wealth.

Grace – Charm, goodness, and generosity; blessings of wealth.

Gwen – White, holy; symbolizing pure wealth.

Harper – Harp player; associated with joy and the richness of music.

Hedy – Sweet or pleasant; the sweetness of wealth.

Helena – Torch or bright light; illuminating the path to wealth.

Irene – Peace; prosperity.

Isla – Island; secluded and prosperous.

Isobel – Pledged to God; blessed with wealth.

Jacinta – Beautiful; attracting wealth and beauty.

Jade – Precious green stone signifying wealth.

Jemima – Little dove; symbol of prosperity and peace.

Jessie – Wealthy.

Jinan – “gardens, paradise, wealth” (Arabic)

Joan – God is gracious; bestowed with wealth and joy.

Keira – Dark; mysterious wealth.

Kiara – “dark-haired, little dark one, wealth” (Irish)

Kimberly – Royal fortress meadow; protected wealth.

Klara – Clear, bright, and famous.

Lakshmi – Good sign, wealth; Goddess of Wealth in Hinduism.

Livia – Envious; ancient prosperity and wealth.

Louisa – Renowned warrior; battling for wealth.

Lucrezia – “profit, wealth” (Italian)

Mabel – Lovable; attracting wealth and affection.

Mamie – Wealthy.

Monique – Advisor; guiding towards wealth.

Nadia – Hope; signifies prosperity through hope.

Niamh – Bright; radiant wealth.

Nola – White shoulder; purity and wealth.

Nessa – “ambition, wealth” (Irish)

Oona – “lamb, pure, wealth” (Irish)

Orla – “golden princess” (Irish)

Opal – Jewel; representing wealth and beauty.

Orla – Golden princess; symbolic of ultimate wealth.

Ovidia – Wealthy shepherd.

Penelope – Weaver of fate; associated with diligent wealth creation.

Phoebe – Bright one; illuminating the path to wealth.

Pia – Pious, devout; spiritual wealth.

Ploutia – “wealth” (Greek)

Quinn – Descendent of Conn (chief); wisdom and wealth.

Quintessa – Essence; pure wealth.

Rhea – Flowing stream; signifies a flow of wealth and blessings.

Richea – “wealthy, powerful ruler” (Germanic)

Rithika – “wealthy, prosperous” (Sanskrit)

Rosalind – Pretty rose; beauty and wealth.

Ruby – Precious red gemstone; symbolizing wealth and passion.

Sadie – Princess; wealth and power.

Sapphire – Precious blue gem; signifying wealth and wisdom.

Serena – Tranquil, serene; peaceful prosperity.

Tabitha – Gazelle; grace and beauty leading to wealth.

Tansy – Immortal; eternal wealth.

Thalia – To flourish; blooming wealth.

Una – One; unity and the beginning of wealth.

Ursula – Little female bear; symbol of wealth in folklore.

Valerie – Strong; valorous wealth.

Valentina – “strength, health, wealth” (Latin)

Vanna – “golden, gracious gift of wealth” (Cambodian)

Vania – Brings good news; forebearer of wealth.

Veronica – She who brings victory; success and wealth.

Wanda – Wanderer; seeking wealth.

Willa – Resolute protection; safeguarding wealth.

Winona – Firstborn daughter; beginning of familial wealth.

Xenia – Hospitality; believed to bring wealth through kindness.

Yara – Small butterfly; transformation and growth towards wealth.

Yvette – Yew wood; symbolizing resilience and enduring wealth.

Zaida – Prosperous, fortunate.

Zalika – “well-born, wealth” (African)

Zara – “princess, wealthy” (Arabic)

Zara – Princess; prosperity and wealth.

Zoe – Life; living a wealthy and full life.

Each of these names carries with it a story and an energy of prosperity, setting a powerful intention for a life enriched with wealth and abundance.

Baby Boy Names That Mean Wealth

Abundance – “plentiful and prosperous” (English, Invented)

Alaric – “ruler of all” (Germanic)

Asher – “fortunate, blessed” (Hebrew)

Alden – “old, wise friend, wealthy” (English)

Darius – “possessor of wealth” (Persian)

Dhanesh – “lord of wealth” (Sanskrit)

Dhanvin – “possessor of wealth” (Sanskrit)

Edgar – “wealthy spear-man” (English)

Edward – “wealth, fortune, and prosperity” (English)

Edwin – “rich friend” (English)

Eldon – “old, wise protector of wealth” (English)

Eadric – “prosperous ruler” (Old English)

Ethan – “strong, firm, and wealthy” (Hebrew)

Felix – “happy and prosperous” (Latin)

Gavin – “white hawk, represents nobility and wealth” (Welsh)

Godfrey – “God’s peace, wealthy” (German)

Humphrey – “peaceful warrior, wealthy” (English)

Jasper – “treasure bearer, wisdom, and wealth” (Persian)

Jefferson – “son of Jeffrey, divine peace and wealth” (English)

Kieran – “little dark one, wealthy” (Irish)

Leroy – “the king, wealth” (French)

Mammon – “wealth personified” (Aramaic)

Midás – “mythical king with the golden touch” (Greek)

Milo – “merciful, wealthy” (German)

Neville – “new village, potential for growth and wealth” (French)

Nigel – “dark cloud, potential for bountiful wealth” (Irish)

Orson – “bear cub, symbol of strength and wealth” (English)

Otto – “wealth, prosperity” (German)

Otis – “wealthy” (Greek)

Plutus – “wealth” (Greek)

Prosper – “fortunate, wealthy” (Latin)

Quentin – “fifth, derived from wealth” (Latin)

Raymond – “wise protector of wealth” (German)

Ricardo – “powerful, rich ruler” (Spanish, Portuguese)

Richard – “strong in rule, wealthy” (English, German)

Richwin – “wealthy friend” (Old English)

Robert – “bright fame, wealthy” (German, English)

Rockefeller – “rich field” (German)

Rodney – “fame, island, wealth” (English)

Ronald – “counselor-ruler, wealthy” (Norse)

Rupert – “fame, wealth” (German)

Ryan – “little king, rich” (Irish)

Silas – “man of the forest, wealth” (Latin)

Stanley – “stone clearing, stability, and wealth” (English)

Stewart – “house guard, steward” (English)

Subrata – “devoted to good deeds and wealth” (Sanskrit)

Terence – “smooth, tender, wealthy” (Latin)

Theo – “divine gift or wealthy” (Greek)

Tomás – “twin, potentially infused with wealth” (Spanish)

Ulysses – “wrathful, wealthy” (Greek)

Vance – “marshland, wealth” (English)

Victor – “conqueror, wealthy” (Latin)

Vincent – “conquering, wealthy” (Latin)

Walter – “ruler of the army, powerful wealth” (German)

Warren – “loyal, wealthy” (English)

Welland – “wealthy land” (Old English)

Wesley – “western meadow, prosperity” (English)

William – “resolute protector, wealthy” (English)

Xander – “defender of the people, wealth” (Greek)

Yusuf – “God increases in wealth” (Arabic)

Zachary – “God remembers, wealth” (Hebrew)

Zane – “God’s gracious gift, wealth” (Hebrew, English)

Each name not only carries the hope of prosperity but also of a meaningful life filled with success and joy.

Unisex Names That Mean Wealth

Alexis – “helper, defender of wealth” (Greek)

Avery – “ruler of the elves; wisdom and wealth” (English)

Blake – “dark, bright; wealthy” (English)

Casey – “brave in battle; vigilant in wealth” (Irish)

Dana – “wise, knowledgeable; possessing wealth” (English, Hebrew)

Devin – “poet; divinely inspired wealth” (Irish)

Ellis – “benevolent; promise of wealth” (Welsh)

Harper – “harp player; harmoniously attracting wealth” (English)

Jamie – “supplanter; one who gains wealth” (English, Scottish)

Jordan – “to flow down; stream of wealth” (Hebrew)

Kai – “sea; ocean of wealth” (Hawaiian, Japanese)

Kelly – “bright-headed; strategic wealth” (Irish)

Morgan – “sea circle; infinite wealth” (Welsh)

Quinn – “descendant of Conn; wisdom and wealth” (Irish)

Reese – “ardor; passionate pursuit of wealth” (Welsh)

Riley – “valiant; vibrant wealth” (Irish)

Rowan – “little redhead; flourishing wealth” (Irish)

Sage – “wise; well-judged wealth” (Latin)

Skyler – “scholar; knowledge and wealth” (Dutch)

Taylor – “tailor; crafted wealth” (English)

Terry – “power of the tribe; collective wealth” (English)

Tyler – “maker of tiles; constructing wealth” (English)

Robin – “famed, bright, shining; wealth’s brilliance” (English)

Sam – “told by God; heard wealth” (Hebrew)

The essence of these unisex names transcends the boundaries of gender, encapsulating the universal desire for abundance and prosperity.

Bottom Line

In the tapestry of life, names carry the essence of our aspirations, stories, and legacies.

From Alaric to Zane, Alexis to Sam, each name we’ve explored is a treasure trove of character, potential, and the endless possibilities of life, beyond just material wealth.

Now, it’s your turn!

Which of these names resonates with you and your dreams for the future?

Whether you’re naming a future leader, a creative genius, or a cherished family member, remember, the wealth they carry isn’t just in their name, but in the story you wish for them to write in the world.

Join the conversation and be a part of this rich tradition of naming, as we continue to wish wealth, prosperity, and success to all.

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