140 Names that Mean White or Fair

Welcome to a luminous realm where names are as radiant as the morning light!

Whether you’re seeking inspiration for a name that echoes the purity of white or the elegance of fairness, you’ve come to the perfect place.

Our collection is a treasure trove of names that shimmer with the hues of fairness and the brilliance of white.

From ancient origins to modern-day marvels, each name carries a story, a whisper of tales untold and lands unexplored.

Ready to uncover the perfect list of names that mean White or Fair?

Dive into this enchanting exploration, where each name awaits to bestow its rich heritage and unique significance upon its bearer.

Baby Girl Names that Mean White or Fair

Baby Girl Names that Mean White or Fair

Akmaral – A unique Kazakh name symbolizing a “white deer.”

Alba – Perfect for lovers of international names, signifying “white, bright” in Latin and “dawn” in Spanish.

Albinka – A charming Polish name that translates to “white, bright.”

Arianwen – A melodious Welsh name meaning “white, blessed, fair,” ideal for spiritual girls.

Bianca – A lively name meaning “fair, white.”

Blanca – This name’s Spanish origins, meaning “white,” evoke a sense of sanctity.

Blancanieves – The Spanish rendition of Snow White, suited for a Disney princess.

Blanche – The French counterpart to Blanca, offering another elegant variation.

Blodwen – A bold yet delicate Welsh name meaning “white flower.”

Blondie – A vibrant, rock ‘n’ roll name inspired by “blond, white” hair.

Branca – A unique Portuguese version of Blanche, earthy and engaging.

Calla – Named after the pristine white Calla lily.

Candida – A sassy and feminine Latin name meaning “white.”

Clematis – Named after a stunning vine flower, often found in white.

Dahlia – Dreamy white Dahlias inspire this beautiful “valley flower” name.

Daisy – A cheerful name derived from the white and yellow flower, symbolizing “day’s eye.”

Danala – A graceful Hebrew name meaning “white swan.”

Dove – Symbolizing peace, this name is inspired by the serene white bird.

Edelweiss – Evoking The Sound of Music, this name means “noble, white” mountain flower.

Eilwen – A grounded Welsh name meaning “white brow.”

Eira – A magical Welsh name for “snow.”

Eirlys – The sweetest Welsh name meaning “snowdrop,” perfect for delicate souls.

Elsa – Popularized by Disney, this name means “God is my oath,” reminiscent of the white-haired ice queen.

Endzela – A Georgian choice meaning “snowdrop,” adding an exotic touch.

Finn – An Irish name meaning “fair” or “white.”

Fiona – A Gaelic name for “fair” maidens.

Fionnuala – An Old Irish name meaning “white-shouldered,” conjuring images of snowy births.

Fjolla – A tender Albanian name meaning “snowflake.”

Fuyoko – A beautiful choice for a “winter child,” embodying purity.

Galatea – From Greek mythology, this name describes a girl “who is milk-white.”

Gauri – A radiant name from Hindi mythology, symbolizing purity with its meaning, “white.”

Ginevra – Italian, meaning “white shadow” or “white wave.”

Gowri – A regional variation of Gauri, equally evocative of purity with its “white” significance.

Gwen – A legendary name from Wales, embodying chastity with its “white, holy” connotation.

Haukea – Perfect for winter, this Hawaiian name means “white snow,” capturing the season’s essence.

Haunani – Another enchanting Hawaiian name, meaning “beautiful snow,” ideal for a winter-born.

İnci – A charming Turkish name that translates to “pearl,” reflecting delicate beauty.

Inzhu – From Kazakh, another gem of a name meaning “pearl,” for girls with a gentle spirit.

Irwen – An earth-toned Welsh name with a wintry vibe, meaning “white snow.”

Ivory – Named after the pure, stark shade of white, evoking crisp elegance.

Jasmine – Inspired by the ethereal white flower, symbolizing a “gift from God.”

Jemima – A cheerful Hebrew name meaning “dove,” associated with peace and purity.

Jennifer – With Cornish roots, this popular name means “white fairy” or “fair one.”

Jenny – A classic and light-hearted nickname, derived from the beloved Jennifer.

Jumana – A stunning Arabic name meaning “silver pearl” or “rare pearl,” for the truly unique.

Lacey – An alternative to Stacey/Macey/Casey, exuding a white, frilly charm.

Lily – A common floral name, where white lilies symbolize purity and rebirth.

Lumi – Finnish for “snow,” this name conjures images of a white winter wonderland.

Luna – Latin for “moon,” symbolizing light in darkness, purity, and fairness.

Maille – A Gaelic name meaning “pearl,” or in French, “small coin,” offering dual charm.

Malika – A Hindi name with a sassy flair, referring to the fragrant “jasmine.”

Margaret – A timeless name with Greek origins, meaning “pearl,” shimmering with elegance.

Margarita – A Spanish take on Margaret, evoking images of “pearls,” and fun associations with pizza and cocktails.

Margot – A pretty French variant of Margaret, meaning “pearl.”

Marjory/Marjorie – Classic variations of Margaret, carrying the precious “pearl” meaning.

Megan – Stemming from Margaret, meaning “pearl,” or in Irish, “honorable.”

Miyuki – A delightful Japanese name, meaning “beautiful snow” or “beautiful happiness, fortune.”

Muireann – An Irish pick for those drawn to the sea, meaning “sea-white.”

Neve – Latin for “snow” or an Irish variant of Niamh, meaning “bright.”

Niamh – Pronounced as Neev, this Irish name means “bright” or “white.”

Nicosia – Named after the capital city in mythology, meaning “city of the white gods.”

Olwen – A rare Welsh mythological name, meaning “white footprint.”

Opal – A gem name, appearing milky-white with rainbow hues underneath.

Paloma – In Spanish, this name for “dove” or “pigeon” evokes peaceful white imagery.

Pearl – The quintessential choice for names inspired by white, oceanic gems.

Peggy – Playful and petite, this diminutive of Margaret means “pearl.”

Peony – White peonies represent shyness and innocence, a name as beautiful as the flower.

Riko – A popular Japanese choice, meaning “white jasmine” or “reason, logic.”

Rosalba – A fresh blend of “white rose,” for an enchanting floral name.

Shweta – A bold Hindi name for girls, meaning “white.”

Swan/Swann – Elegant surnames inspired by the graceful, white bird.

Tanwen – A fierce Welsh name for girls with the fiery meaning of “white fire.”

Ulexite – Named after a mineral stone, silvery-white, rare among gemstone names.

Whitley – A coastal English name that explores the adventurous “white meadow.”

Xewali – A unique Indian name referring to the white, night-blooming jasmine.

Yasmine/Yasmeen – Dreamy alternatives to Jasmine, with the same fragrant, floral essence.

Zuriñe meaning “white” in Basque, perfect for those coveting that “Z” initial allure.

Baby Boy Names that Mean White or Fair

Ailbe – A unique Irish name signifying “white.”

Ákos – A striking Hungarian name meaning “white falcon,” perfect for a warrior in the making.

Alban – A name with saintly origins, meaning “white” or “from Alba.”

Albino – A name used in Italian and Hispanic cultures, signifying a fair-skinned individual.

Albus – A name beloved by Harry Potter fans, derived from Latin meaning “white, bright.”

Alby – A diminutive of Albus or a modern twist on Ailbhe.

Alpin – A Gaelic name meaning “fair, white,” ideal for a blond baby boy.

Alvi – An enchanting name meaning “white,” reminiscent of elven lore.

Arjan – A modern Hindi name, variant of Arjuna, meaning “white, clear.”

Arjuna – A powerful name from Sanskrit meaning “white, clear,” embodying purity and strength.

Aubin – A French name rooted in Albus, meaning “white, bright.”

Bai – In Chinese, this concise name conveys purity with its meaning, “white.”

Bianco – The Italian male counterpart to Bianca, meaning “fair, white.”

Blanchard – A unique surname turned first name, meaning “white-ish.”

Branco – A masculine version of Branca, meaning “white” in Portuguese.

Callum – A Gaelic name of honesty and purity, meaning “dove.”

Candido – From Latin origins, expressing the purity of “white.”

Candidus – A Roman name meaning “white,” the male form of Candida.

Cano – A surname derived from Latin “canus,” meaning “old, white-haired.”

Dhaval – A Sanskrit name that shines brightly as “pure white.”

Dhavalchandra – Meaning “white moon,” this name adds a layer of splendor.

Dilwyn – A Welsh name for a boy who is “fair, white” and “genuine.”

Finlay – A name signifying “white warrior” in Gaelic, both popular and powerful.

Finn – Often a nod to Finnish heritage, but also means “fair” in Irish.

Finnian – An extension of Finn, offering more flair and meaning “white, fair.”

Finnegan – An Irish name meaning “fair” or “white,” associated with legendary charm.

Fintan – Another distinguished Irish “Fin” name, meaning “white flame.”

Gavin – A Welsh name with the majestic meaning of “white hawk.”

Gareth – A name of Welsh origin, symbolizing gentleness and fairness.

Gavin – Of Celtic roots, suggesting “white hawk” and embodying strength.

Gil – A Hebrew name meaning “joy” or “bright promise,” often associated with a fair outlook.

Haku – A concise and sweet Japanese name meaning “white.”

Jonah – A Hebrew name with the pure, biblical significance of “dove.”

Jonas – A trendy alternative to Jonah, also symbolizing “dove.”

Lachlan – Originally signifying “from the land of lakes,” it’s associated with purity and brightness.

Lucian – From the Latin “lux” meaning “light,” suggesting brightness and clarity.

Keir – A Scottish name meaning “bright” or “light-colored.”

Kenyon – An English name for a “blond, white-haired” individual, also a surname.

Laban – A biblical Hebrew name that translates to “white.”

Neville – An Old French name meaning “new town,” often associated with freshness and purity.

Tushar – A Hindi name meaning “white winter, snow, frost,” perfect for serene babies.

Whit – An English name, often a nickname for surnames like Whitaker or Whitman, meaning “white.”

Whitaker – Originating from an Old English surname meaning “white field.”

Whitman – An Old English name with significant literary value, meaning “white man.”

Whittle – Another Old English surname, this time meaning “white hill.”

Gender-neutral Names that Mean White or Fair

Ailbhe – With its ethereal Old Irish roots, “Ailbhe,” pronounced “al-va,” embodies purity and sweetness, symbolizing “white.”

Akmar – This radiant Arabic name stands out for its “brilliant whiteness,” echoing dazzling purity.

Arwyn – Hailing from Celtic origins, “Arwyn” translates to “bright, fair, blessed,” echoing enchantment worthy of a fairytale.

Blake – An intriguing Old English name that uniquely means both “pale, white” and “black, dark,” offering a striking contrast.

Bronwen – Gaelic in origin, “Bronwen” combines elements meaning “white, holy” and “breasted,” signifying purity of heart.

Châu – This endearing Vietnamese name, meaning “pearl,” is a gem among gender-neutral choices.

Columba – Rooted in Latin, “Columba” meaning “dove,” stands as a symbol of peace in Christian tradition.

Fionn – A Gaelic favorite, “Fionn” captures the essence of “fair, white,” ideal for babies.

Finley – The gender-neutral version of Finlay, encapsulating “fair-haired hero” or “white warrior.”

Harper – While not directly meaning white or fair, Harper has a clean, sharp sound that carries a light and airy quality.

Himu – From Bengali origins, “Himu” is a succinct four-letter name that means “white, pure, snow.”

Moon – This celestial word name, evoking images of ethereal white and silver, is truly out of this world.

Snow – Crisp and luminous, “Snow” is a distinctive choice, especially fitting for a child born in winter.

Whitney – With Old English roots meaning “white island,” “Whitney” is a name historically cherished for females.

Yuki – Ideal for a winter child, this Japanese name conveys “snow” or “happiness,” wrapping warmth and joy in a blanket of white.


And there you have it, a world painted in hues of white and purity through names that span cultures, languages, and meanings.

From the snow-capped essence of “Yuki” to the bright promise of “Gil,” each name carries with it a story, a character, and a destiny awaiting its bearer.

Whether you’re charmed by the notion of a “white warrior” or enchanted by the serenity of “dove,” there’s a name in this collection that’s sure to resonate with the spirit of your little one.

After all, every name is a new light, and in every light, a new story begins.

What’s yours? So, explore and find the perfect name that captures your child’s pure and fair essence. Happy naming!

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