151 Best Names That Mean Compassion, Kind or Mercy

The process of naming a child is an intimate and significant part of the parenting journey.

The name a parent chooses carries within it the hopes, dreams, and values that they wish to impart on their offspring.

For many, the notion of choosing a name that embodies the compassionate spirit they want to foster in their child is paramount.

In this exploration, we look at names from various cultures that directly translate to ‘compassion,’ offering expectant parents a meaningful way to invest a central aspect of their identity into their child’s name.

Here are several beautiful names that usher in a legacy of empathy and kindness.

Popular Names That Mean Compassion

Popular Names That Mean Compassion

  • Anukampa (Sanskrit) – Literally translating to “act of compassion.”
  • Karuna (Sanskrit) – A name that conveys the essence of compassion and mercy.
  • Chesed (Hebrew) – Often associated with kindness and love, it directly translates to “compassion.”
  • Daya (Sanskrit) – Signifies kindness and mercy, a direct nod to compassion.
  • Rahim (Arabic) – One of the names of Allah in Islam, representing “The Merciful” or “One who is compassionate.”
  • Mercy (English) – A name that epitomizes compassion and forgiveness.
  • Mila (Slavic) – Means “gracious” or “kind,” reflecting a gentle and compassionate nature.
  • Femi (African) – Signifies “love me,” embodying a compassionate and loving spirit.
  • Agape (Greek) – Representing the highest form of love and charity, often interpreted as “divine love.”
  • Clemence (French) – Deriving from clemency, connoting mildness and compassion.
  • Eleos (Greek) – The personification of mercy and compassion in Greek mythology.
  • Hanane (Arabic) – Means “compassion” and “tenderness.”
  • Levina (Latin) – Derived from “lev,” meaning heart, indicating a tender and compassionate heart.
  • Prem (Sanskrit) – Signifies love and affection, core components of compassion.
  • Wema (Swahili) – Translates to “goodness” or “compassion.”
  • Maitri (Sanskrit) – Signifies “loving-kindness” or “benevolence.”
  • Esed (Turkish) – Means “kindness,” reflecting a compassionate demeanor.
  • Bonisa (Zulu) – Translates to “show kindness” or “to be compassionate.”
  • Amor (Spanish, Latin) – Represents “love,” the foundation of true compassion.
  • Charis (Greek) – Associated with grace, kindness, and life’s blessings, enveloping the acts of compassion.
  • Aaric (German) – Means “ruler of all” and can be interpreted as the compassionate leader.
  • Anika (Hindi) – Translates to “kind-hearted one” and represents a compassionate nature.
  • Agapios (Greek) – Derived from the word “agape,” signifying unselfish love and compassion.
  • Gia (Italian) – Short form of Gianna, meaning “God is gracious” or “compassionate.”
  • Karim (Arabic) – Means “generous,” reflecting a compassionate and giving nature.
  • Mahal (Sanskrit) – Translates to “love, affection, compassion.”
  • Aashish (Indian) – Means “blessing” or “compassion.”
  • Anacleto (Portuguese, Spanish) – Derived from the Greek name Anakletos, meaning “invoked” or “called upon,” signifying a compassionate being.
  • Hana (Japanese) – Means “compassionate and empathetic.”
  • Naava (Hebrew) – Translates to “the beautiful,” representing a kind and compassionate soul.
  • Anca (Romanian) – Short form of Ana, meaning “gracious” or “compassionate.”
  • Milas (Greek) – Means “kindness” or “merciful.”
  • Kyrie (Greek) – Derived from the word “kyrios,” meaning “lord” or “master,” signifying a compassionate leader.
  • Célia (French, Portuguese) – Means “heavenly” or “merciful.”
  • Althea (Greek) – Translates to “healer,” reflecting a compassionate and nurturing spirit.
  • Arul (Tamil) – Means “grace” or “compassion.”
  • Eirlys (Welsh) – Translates to “snowdrop,” symbolizing rebirth and compassion.
  • Inaya (Arabic) – Signifies “kindness” and “mercy.”
  • Kanika (Hindi) – Derived from the word “kanita,” meaning “kind-hearted” or “compassionate.”
  • Liora (Hebrew) – Translates to “my light” and represents a compassionate and guiding spirit.
  • Maheen (Arabic) – Means “full moon,” symbolizing compassion and illumination.
  • Dashasava (Sanskrit) – Translates to “one who is compassionate towards all living beings.”
  • Nadir (Arabic) – Means “rare” or “precious,” signifying a compassionate soul.
  • Dayaanidhi (Indian) – Translates to “treasure of compassion” or “one who is kind-hearted.”
  • Emiliana (Spanish, Italian) – Derived from the Latin name Aemilius, meaning “rival” or “emulating.”
  • Dayasagar (Indian) – Means “ocean of compassion and kindness.”
  • Milica (Slavic) – Derived from the word “milos,” meaning “gracious” or “kind-hearted.”
  • Shafiq (Arabic) – Signifies “compassionate” or “merciful.”
  • Ihsan (Arabic) – Means “compassion” or “kindness,” embodying the spirit of compassion.
  • Sanyu (African) – Signifies “joy” or “happiness,” reflecting a compassionate and loving demeanor.

Girl Names That Mean Compassion

  • Anya (Russian) – Conjures feelings of grace and compassion
  • Karunai (Tamil) – Directly translates to compassion and mercy
  • Mercia (Latin) – A variation of Mercy, embodying compassion and benevolence
  • Milena (Slavic) – Derives from Mila, meaning gracious or kind
  • Amora (Spanish) – Evokes love and compassion
  • Caris (Welsh) – Variation of Charis, representing grace and kindness
  • Hana (Japanese) – Signifies flower, beauty, and compassion in different contexts
  • Idayu (Malay) – Means heart, symbolizing compassion and affection
  • Sneha (Hindi) – Translates to love and affection, elements of compassion
  • Tirzah (Hebrew) – Connotes delight and compassion
  • Vena (Latin) – Implies love and compassion, a variation of Levina
  • Euna (Korean) – Brings to mind mercy and compassion
  • Aanisa (Arabic) – Conveys feelings of love and compassion
  • Kuan (Chinese) – Short form of Guanyin, the Goddess of Compassion
  • Channon (Irish) – Derived from Shannon, meaning wise and compassionate
  • Agapi (Greek) – A variation of Agape, symbolizing unconditional love
  • Maiara (Tupian) – Means wise and compassionate in indigenous Brazilian
  • Premila (Sanskrit) – Combines love and compassion, indicative of a nurturing spirit
  • Widad (Arabic) – Represents love and compassion
  • Liefie (Afrikaans) – Translates to ‘little love’, encapsulating tenderness and compassion

Boy Names That Mean Compassion

  • Jian (Chinese) – Symbolizes benevolence and compassion
  • Anaru (Maori) – Represents love and compassion
  • Dilan (Kurdish) – Means love and evokes a sense of compassion
  • Efran (Hebrew) – Signifies fruitful or fertile, often related to compassion
  • Kanu (Hindi) – A name inspired by Lord Krishna, embodying compassion
  • Lennan (Irish) – Means lover; symbolizing compassion and love
  • Mehran (Persian) – Stands for kindness and compassion
  • Rafiq (Arabic) – Denotes friend or companion, with undertones of compassion
  • Sajan (Hindi) – Represents beloved, inferring a compassionate nature
  • Shafiq (Arabic) – Signifies compassionate or tender
  • Vadivel (Tamil) – An epithet of the god Murugan noted for his compassion
  • Yaron (Hebrew) – Means to sing; symbolizes joy and compassion
  • Zulfi (Turkish) – Stands for forgiveness and compassion
  • Dayan (Hebrew) – Conveying judgment coupled with compassion
  • Haris (Arabic) – Protector, inferring a compassionate guardian
  • Karam (Arabic) – Signifies generosity, a form of compassion
  • Milos (Slavic) – Represents grace and compassion
  • Nihal (Arabic/Turkish) – Evokes a sense of satisfaction and compassion
  • Tuvya (Hebrew) – God’s goodness, implying divine compassion
  • Vishal (Sanskrit) – Signifies largeness; metaphorically representing a big heart full of compassion

Unique Names That Mean Compassion

  • Arham (Arabic) – Denoting the most merciful or compassionate.
  • Belina (Latin) – Conveys the notion of one who is compassionate by nature.
  • Cedric (Celtic) – Symbolizes bounty and compassion.
  • Dara (Khmer) – Signifies star, with an underlying meaning of gentle compassion.
  • Elsu (Native American) – Flying towards compassion, embodying a spiritual guide.
  • Fane (Romanian) – Stands for temple or church, a place of compassion and refuge.
  • Gentian (Albanian) – Named after the flower, represents endurance and compassion.
  • Hiro (Japanese) – Means generous, a character trait closely related to compassion.
  • Inas (Arabic) – Signifies sociability and compassion.
  • Jivansh (Hindi) – A part of life, symbolizing the essence of compassion in living.
  • Kyna (Irish) – Stands for love and compassion, the kindest of emotions.
  • Lubomir (Slavic) – Meaning love and peace, encapsulating a compassionate spirit.
  • Myron (Greek) – Signifies sweet oil, perfume, which is often used metaphorically for compassion.
  • Nadeem (Arabic) – A companion, one who offers compassion and friendship.
  • Oleisa (Russian) – A unique form of Olga, suggesting compassion.
  • Pirmin (Germanic) – Means first or foremost, often in the context of leading with compassion.
  • Queran (Irish) – Stands for dark one, with a deep, compassionate soul.
  • Rudo (African) – Symbolizes love and compassion.
  • Siona (Hebrew) – Means God is gracious, underlining mercy and compassion.
  • Tendai (Shona) – Be thankful to God, implying gratitude and compassion.

Asian Names That Mean Compassion

  • Amitoj (Punjabi) – Reflects the light of compassion.
  • Daya (Sanskrit) – Literally means compassion or mercy.
  • Karuna (Sanskrit) – Represents the universal compassion of beings.
  • Maitri (Sanskrit) – Symbolizes loving-kindness and friendliness towards all.
  • Anukampa (Sanskrit) – Signifies God’s compassion towards humans.
  • Hesed (Hebrew) – A deep form of love and compassion in the Hebrew tradition.
  • Jin (Korean) – Stands for benevolence, generosity, or compassion.
  • Min-Jun (Korean) – Means clever and talented but also implies a compassionate nature.
  • Seok (Korean) – Suggests a rock-solid compassion that endures.
  • Kuan-Yin (Chinese) – Named after the Goddess of Mercy and Compassion.
  • Levina (Hebrew) – Signifies an attached and compassionate heart.
  • Padma (Sanskrit) – Evokes the compassion and purity of the lotus flower.
  • Quan (Vietnamese) – Means caring and compassionate or a benevolent person.
  • Rei (Japanese) – Symbolizes gratitude and kindness alongside compassion.
  • Sudha (Sanskrit) – Represents nectar, the sweetness of compassion.
  • Tashi (Tibetan) – Conveys auspiciousness and compassionate blessings.
  • Wei (Chinese) – Signifies greatness or valuable, but also compassionate action.
  • Xin (Chinese) – Means heart or mind, implying a compassionate nature.

Vintage Names That Mean Compassion

  • Agatha (Greek) – Signifying good and compassionate, a name with classic charm.
  • Barnabas (Aramaic) – Means son of encouragement, often associated with comfort and compassion.
  • Clemence (Latin) – Symbolizes mildness and mercy, reflecting a compassionate spirit.
  • Dorcas (Greek) – Representing a gazelle, but historically known for charitable and compassionate deeds.
  • Eustace (Greek) – Stands for fruitful or steady, suggesting a compassionate and reliable character.
  • Felicity (Latin) – Signifies happiness, a joyful spirit often accompanies a compassionate nature.
  • Geoffrey (Germanic) – Meaning peace, its holder is often seen as compassionate and tranquil.
  • Helena (Greek) – Evokes the light of compassion and empathy.
  • Isidore (Greek) – Means gift of Isis, symbolizing the generous and compassionate gifts of life.
  • Josiah (Hebrew) – Stands for the Lord supports, often attributed to a compassionate leader.
  • Keziah (Hebrew) – Signifies cassia spice, likened to the warmth and comfort of compassion.
  • Lucinda (Latin) – Evokes light, representing clarity and compassion.
  • Myrtle (Greek) – Named after the plant associated with love and compassion.
  • Norbert (Germanic) – Means north bright, shining a light on compassion.
  • Opal (Sanskrit) – A gem name representing hope, love, and compassion.
  • Phoebe (Greek) – Symbolizing bright and shining, often attributed to a radiant, compassionate personality.
  • Quincy (Latin) – Signifying the fifth, associated with grace, harmony, and compassion.
  • Rosalind (Germanic) – Means gentle horse, but often symbolizes beauty and compassion.
  • Sylvester (Latin) – Evokes the forest, symbolizing growth, renewal, and compassion.
  • Theodore (Greek) – Signifies gift of God, often interpreted as the divine gift of compassion.


In exploring the vast canvas of names from around the globe, we’ve embarked on a linguistic and cultural odyssey that illuminates the universal value of compassion.

Each name, like a beacon, shines light on the diverse ways cultures express and prioritize kindness, empathy, and love.

Together, let’s celebrate the beauty and diversity of names that carry with them the hope and promise of a more compassionate world.

May we choose to embody the essence of these names and spread compassion wherever we go.

So let’s be kind, starting with ourselves and radiating outwards towards others. The world needs more compassion now more than ever before.  So let us carry these names.

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