50 Names That Mean Four or Quarter

Welcome to our fascinating exploration of unique names from around the globe that mean Four or Quarter!

In various cultures, the number four holds different meanings—from symbolizing stability and order to representing the four elements or seasons.

Today, we’re venturing into this numeral’s cultural significance through the lens of names.

Whether you’re a numerology enthusiast, a soon-to-be parent seeking a meaningful name for your child, or simply curious.

Join us as we unveil the stories and origins behind these captivating names. Get ready to be inspired by the vibrant diversity and deep-rooted meanings of these names!

Why Choose a Name That Means Four or Quarter?

Before we dive into our list, you might wonder, why choose a name that means Four or Quarter?

Well, besides being unique and uncommon, these names hold special significance and symbolism.

They can symbolize stability, balance, and a sense of completeness in life, or just be a cool way to represent the fourth member of the family.

Moreover, they are steeped in rich cultural traditions and beliefs from all over the world, making them a meaningful choice for parents looking for a deeper connection with their child’s name.

baby Names That Mean Four or Quarter

Baby Boy Names That Mean Four or Quarter

  • Arba – Originating from the Hebrew word for “four,” this name stands out for its uniqueness and significant numerical connection, offering a spiritual and cultural depth.
  • Ambnas – Originating from the Sanskrit word for “quarter,” this name symbolizes completeness and balance, making it a popular choice among Hindu families.
  • Ammenon – With Greek roots, this name means “the fourth,” and is associated with progress and achievement, making it a wonderful choice for parents looking to inspire ambition in their child.
  • Anane – This name comes from the African Akan language and means “fourth-born child,” signifying a special place within the family.
  • Arba’a – The Arabic word for “Four,” this name is steeped in linguistic tradition, providing a direct and powerful connection to the number.
  • Athrava – Meaning “fourth,” this name has Persian origins and is often associated with wisdom, making it an excellent choice for a child destined for greatness.
  • Cadhan – This vibrant Welsh name means “one quarter” or “fourth.” With a strong and bold sound, it’s perfect for parents seeking a unique yet meaningful name.
  • Catur – A Sanskrit name meaning “Four,” reflecting ancient linguistic heritage and the universal significance of the number across cultures.
  • Chetyre – A Russian name translating to “Four,” echoing the language’s rich history and the universal appeal of numerical names.
  • Czwórka – The Polish word for “Four,” symbolizing stability and reliability, reflecting the strength and resilience inherent in the number.
  • Fjórir – In Icelandic, “Four” signifies more than a number; it’s a tribute to the language’s capacity to convey strength and solidity in its naming conventions.
  • Foursan – A creatively coined name that captures the essence of being forthright and sturdy. Inspired by the numerical significance of four, it suggests solidity and reliability.
  • Fyra – In Swedish, “Four” represents not just a number, but a symbol of stability and balance, reflecting the cultural values of simplicity and functionality.
  • Ivann – A unique Russian variant of John, reminiscent of the numerical “IV” for four. It blends tradition with numeral symbolism, offering a deep connection to heritage and the significance of numbers.
  • Kadir – With Arabic origins, this name means “the fourth one” and has strong ties to Islamic history, making it a popular choice for Muslim families.
  • Kuzivakwashe – This uncommon Shona name from Zimbabwe translates to “four blessings,” making it an uplifting and auspicious choice for any baby boy.
  • Patru – This Romanian variation of “Four” provides a direct numeral connection, emphasizing the importance of numbers in naming and identity.
  • Quartus – A classic Latin name meaning “the fourth,” traditionally used for the fourth son in a family. It carries historical significance and honors a rich cultural practice of naming.
  • Quattro – An evocative Italian name that translates directly to “Four,” embodying both simplicity and strength, perfect for those who value straightforwardness and resilience.
  • Tesseris – A Greek name meaning “Four,” it resonates with the ancient Greek appreciation for numbers and their significance in the natural world and philosophy.
  • Turi – Meaning “Fourth” in Finnish, this name offers a simple yet profound connection to its numerical value, embodying order and sequence in a familial context.
  • Udofia – This Nigerian name means “fourth son” or “born fourth,” representing a strong sense of lineage and pride in one’s heritage.
  • Udofot – Another Nigerian name meaning “fourth-born son,” emphasizing the importance of numerical order and honoring family tradition.
  • Vier – Meaning “Four” in Dutch, this name reflects a cultural appreciation for numbers and their significance in daily life, adding depth and character to any name.
  • Vijay – With Sanskrit origins, this popular Indian name means one who wins or conquer all four directs.
  • Vier – The Dutch word for “Four,” providing a straightforward and strong numerical identity, emphasizing clarity and simplicity.
  • Vieras – Although translating to “Stranger” in Finnish, it phonetically aligns with the theme of four, offering a unique twist on numerical naming by incorporating a word with a different meaning but similar sound.
  • Yon – A concise Korean name for “Four,” offering a unique cultural take on numerical naming, highlighting the simplicity and elegance of the Korean language.

Baby Girl Names That Mean Four or Quarter

  • Arabeth – A fusion of “Arba” (meaning four in Hebrew) and a traditionally feminine suffix, this name conveys both numerical significance and artistic creativity, ideal for those seeking a name with depth and originality.
  • Caturi – This charming Indian name translates to “The fourth,” encapsulating both cultural heritage and numerical significance with a touch of femininity.
  • Chetyrechka – A Russian name meaning “Four,” with a softer, more delicate sound than its male counterpart Chetyre. It offers a powerful yet feminine take on numerical names.
  • Carys – Although not directly related to the number four, the name embodies love and connection, qualities that harmonize with the concept of four elements or seasons, offering a deeper, metaphorical link to the number.
  • Fourlene – A creatively coined name that evokes the essence of the number four, suggesting solidity, reliability, and a grounded nature, tailored for those who admire the qualities attributed to the number.
  • Foursie – A whimsical and affectionate take on the numerical theme, perfect for a beloved fourth child, embodying charm and uniqueness.
  • Ivy – Symbolically tied to the Roman numeral IV (four), Ivy represents growth, resilience, and eternity, offering a natural and profound connection to the number four beyond its literal meaning.
  • Khanyisa – A beautiful Zulu name meaning “light” or “illumination,” reflecting the illuminating role of a fourth child in a family and emphasizing their special place within it.
  • Maharbela – With Arabic origins, this name means “fourth female” and carries a historical significance in Islamic traditions, making it a popular choice for Muslim families.
  • Nanea – A Hawaiian name meaning “Fourth-born child,” ideal for honoring birth order and acknowledging the unique identity of being the fourth member of a family.
  • Quadrina – Inspired by the Latin term for a group of four or a quartet, this name speaks to harmony and unity, echoing the strength and stability associated with the number four.
  • Quatrina – A unique, inventive name that plays on the word “Quattro,” the Italian for “four,” offering an elegant and distinctive option for a girl’s name with a numeric essence.
  • Quatrilla – A melodious name that blends “Quatre,” the French word for “four,” with a feminine suffix, exuding elegance and sophistication while encapsulating the significance of numbers.
  • Quenda – Meaning “fourth” in an invented linguistic blend, this name offers modern parents a fresh take on numerical naming, encapsulating both innovation and the enduring appeal of the number four.
  • Quarta – A Latin name signifying “the fourth,” explicitly reserved for the fourth daughter in a family, beautifully blending tradition with the numerical value it represents.
  • Rabia – With Arabic origins, this name means “Fourth-born,” paying homage to birth order and celebrating the unique identity of being the fourth child in a family.
  • Rabah – This Arabic name also means “Fourth-born,” providing an alternative for those preferring a more straightforward spelling and pronunciation.
  • Tess – A shortened form of the Greek name “Tessera,” meaning “Four,” it offers a charming and compact option for those who admire both the numerical value and its cultural significance.
  • Tetra – Deriving from Ancient Greek, meaning “Four,” this name captures the simplicity and symmetry found in the number, reflecting ancient ideologies of balance and harmony.


Our exploration of numerically inspired names has spanned cultures, languages, and meanings, revealing the beauty and significance numbers can bring to names.

Whether you’re attracted to the solidity of Quattro, the artistic mix of Arabeth, or the harmony in Quatrilla, each name holds a world of stories ready to be told.

As you consider these names, remember that choosing a name crafts a melody for your child’s life—a melody that echoes through time, carrying their identity’s essence.

May your choice reflect not only the beauty of the number four but also the uniqueness of the soul it will represent.

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