260 Best Middle Names for Dallas to Inspire You

Choosing a middle name for your child is a labor of love, an opportunity to add depth and personal significance to their identity.

If you’re a parent gearing up to pair the radiant name “Dallas” with a befitting middle moniker, you won’t be short on inspiration by the time you finish this blog post.

Middle names are often underappreciated, yet they play a grand role, offering parents a canvas to paint with tradition, meaning, and creativity.

Whether your intent is to honor a family member or to devise a harmonious triad of names, here are a vast 260 middle name suggestions designed to resonate with you and the city of Dallas itself.

Why Middle Names Matter

Middle names can be a historical homage, a familial link, or a personal statement.

They’re often bestowed with the hope that they’ll never be used in full (barring formal paperwork), but serve as an appreciated bond, or even a secret handshake amongst family members and friends.

For Dallas, the middle name is a chance to reflect the alluring history of the city, the roots and values you wish to instill, and the complimentary ring to the first and last names.

The following lists of middle names cater to various tastes, from classic and sophisticated to adventurous and unique—each as vibrant as the city of Dallas itself.

With considerations for traditional, trendy, gender-neutral, and culturally significant names, there’s a perfect match for every parent’s vision.

Dallas Name Meaning & Origin

Before exploring the vast array of middle name options, let’s first delve into the origin and meaning of Dallas.

Dallas is a gender-neutral name has Scottish origin derived from a Scottish surname that translates to “valley meadow” or “meadow dwelling.”

It has gained popularity as a given name in recent years, especially in the United States.

It’s also worth noting that Dallas is the third-largest city in Texas, known for its rich history, culture, and sports teams.

Middle Names Inspiration for Dallas

Middle Names Inspiration for Dallas

Traditional and Timeless

If you lean toward heritage and classic appeal, these middle names bring a time-honored elegance that matches the grace of the first name Dallas.

  • Dallas Grace: A value that never goes out of style.
  • Dallas Elizabeth: A timeless and regal choice.
  • Dallas James: A solid, traditional name with a strong history.
  • Dallas Louise: The perfect touch of vintage.
  • Dallas Michael: For its universally respected nature.
  • Dallas Kate: Short, sweet, and eternally stylish.
  • Dallas Scott: A perennial favorite that exudes strength.
  • Dallas Anne: An elegant and classic choice.
  • Dallas Rose: Simplicity and beauty captured in a single word.
  • Dallas Edward: A name with royal heritage.
  • Dallas Marie: A nod to classic French elegance.
  • Dallas Thomas: A historic name denoting a strong character.
  • Dallas Patricia: A name that stands the test of time.
  • Dallas Charles: Aristocratic in sound and bearing.
  • Dallas Victoria: A name that speaks of victory and esteem.
  • Dallas Benjamin: A beloved classic that carries a scholarly air.
  • Dallas Theresa: Traditional with a soft, musical quality.
  • Dallas Alexander: A name of strength and ancient provenance.
  • Dallas Charlotte: Combines royal dignity with a gentle touch.
  • Dallas Margaret: Time-tested and always in vogue.
  • Dallas Johnathan: A comprehensive name with an enduring legacy.
  • Dallas Olivia: A harmonious blend of olde-worlde charm and modern allure.
  • Dallas William: A name imbued with kingly qualities.
  • Dallas Josephine: Elegant and resonant with historic flair.
  • Dallas Christopher: A name that’s been cherished through the ages.
  • Dallas Annabelle: A graceful union of tradition and whimsy.
  • Dallas Nicholas: Time-honored with an air of nobility.
  • Dallas Catherine: Classic, with an everlasting appeal.
  • Dallas Gregory: A name with a solid historical footprint.
  • Dallas Sophia: Wisdom and beauty rolled into one.
  • Dallas Henry: A royal name that projects strength and reliability.
  • Dallas Amelia: An endearing choice with a vintage charm.
  • Dallas Samuel: A name revered for its biblical roots and enduring popularity.
  • Dallas Elizabeth: A name that carries a refined quality and a sound of grandeur.
  • Dallas David: Strong, dignified, and timeless.
  • Dallas Eleanor: A classic name with literary connotations.
  • Dallas Robert: An enduring choice with historic weight.
  • Dallas Francesca: Sophisticated and melodious, with a touch of old-world charm.
  • Dallas Patrick: A name that resonates with Irish pride.
  • Dallas Juliette: Romantic and timeless in all its grace.


For those seeking a touch of the earth’s bounty, nature-inspired names bring a poetic and peaceful aura to the name “Dallas.”

  • Dallas River: A serene and flowing name.
  • Dallas Rose: A classic botanical symbol.
  • Dallas Sage: Earthy and thoughtful.
  • Dallas Reed: Sturdy and nature-bound as the plant it derives from.
  • Dallas Kai: Meaning “sea” in Hawaiian, it embodies a vast, calm nature.
  • Dallas Aurora: Reflecting the grandeur of the northern lights.
  • Dallas Ocean: The vast expanse of nature’s wonders.
  • Dallas Sky: An aerial name with a tranquil ring.
  • Dallas Forest: A serene and rooted moniker.
  • Dallas Eden: Symbolizing paradise on earth.
  • Dallas Canyon: Bold and evocative of the great outdoors.
  • Dallas Willow: Graceful and poetic, just like the tree.
  • Dallas Phoenix: A name rising from the ashes with power and beauty.
  • Dallas Ivy: Sweet, sturdy, and symbolic of growth.
  • Dallas Hawk: A name of grace and strength, inspired by the bird of prey.
  • Dallas Sierra: Meaning “mountain range,” it brings a majestic quality to the name.
  • Dallas Jasmine: A sweet-scented flower with exotic origins.
  • Dallas Lark: Symbolizing freedom and happiness as birdsong in flight.
  • Dallas Zephyr: A gentle name inspired by the warm, westward wind.
  • Dallas Coral: A name that echoes the beauty of the sea and its creatures.
  • Dallas Phoenix: A name of rebirth and renewal, with a fiery twist.
  • Dallas Magnolia: An elegant and delicate flower name.
  • Dallas Sunny: Evoking images of warmth, happiness, and the sun’s rays.
  • Dallas Cypress: A strong, enduring tree that grows in harsh environments.
  • Dallas Rain: A refreshing and cleansing moniker.
  • Dallas Scarlet: The color of passion, strength, and courage.
  • Dallas Cedar: An evergreen name symbolizing strength and vitality.
  • Dallas Pearl: A gemstone born from the sea, embodying purity and beauty.
  • Dallas Rowan: Meaning “little red one,” it brings a touch of Irish charm to the name.
  • Dallas Jade: A precious green stone with cultural significance in many cultures.
  • Dallas Saffron: A name inspired by the prized spice, symbolizing beauty and luxury.
  • Dallas Hazel: Earthy, wholesome, and rooted in nature.
  • Dallas Luna: The moon’s ethereal glow captured in a name.
  • Dallas Birch: A sturdy yet delicate tree with a unique white bark.
  • Dallas Iris: A name with regal origins and a delicate, colorful flower to match.
  • Dallas Breeze: Light and airy, like the wind it is named after.
  • Dallas Lily: A graceful and delicate name inspired by the popular flower.
  • Dallas Maple: A sweet and wholesome name inspired by the tree and its syrup.
  • Dallas Garnet: A fiery red gemstone with roots in nature and legends.
  • Dallas Nova: Meaning “new” in Latin, it brings a sense of excitement and adventure to the name.

Artistic and Creative

If you’re drawn to the bohemian and artistic, these names add a dash of whimsy and vision to the name “Dallas.”

  • Dallas Monroe: An artistic nod with an old Hollywood glamour.
  • Dallas Poe: A nod to the poet that brings mystery and depth.
  • Dallas Harper: A literary surname with musical charm.
  • Dallas Lennon: Musical and creative, paying homage to the great John.
  • Dallas Monet: Evoking the color and impression of an artful spirit.
  • Dallas Phoenix: Iconic and symbolizing rebirth and creativity.
  • Dallas Quinn: An androgynous choice with theatrical flair.
  • Dallas Rembrandt: A grand name with a rich and storied history.
  • Dallas Jazz: Cool, sophisticated, and lively.
  • Dallas Beckett: An Irish surname evoking literature and wit.
  • Dallas Anais: An exotic and poetic name, inspired by Anais Nin.
  • Dallas Serafina: A name meaning “fiery one,” with a touch of foreign allure.
  • Dallas Wilder: Symbolizing adventure and creative spirit.
  • Dallas Frida: An artistic homage to the iconic Mexican painter.
  • Dallas Atlas: A strong, mythological name with adventurous undertones.
  • Dallas Esme: Meaning “beloved,” it brings a touch of endearment and charm to the name.
  • Dallas Bowie: Musical, bold, and iconic – inspired by the legendary David Bowie.
  • Dallas Allegra: With Italian origins, it means “joyful” and adds a touch of whimsy.
  • Dallas Romeo: A romantic and artistic choice, inspired by Shakespeare’s iconic tragic hero.
  • Dallas Indigo: A name meaning “blue dye,” it brings a touch of creativity and mystery.
  • Dallas Serenity: A serene and peaceful name with a calming aura.
  • Dallas Dante: Inspired by the Italian poet and known for its literary charm.
  • Dallas Nova: Meaning “new,” it adds a modern and celestial twist to the name.
  • Dallas Sapphira: A gemstone name with a touch of exotic charm.
  • Dallas Banksy: An artistic nod inspired by the renowned street artist.
  • Dallas Aurora: Meaning “dawn,” it adds a poetic and dreamy aura to the name.
  • Dallas Winslow: An artistic surname, evoking the great painter Jasper Johns.
  • Dallas Valentine: Romantic and whimsical, inspired by the holiday of love.
  • Dallas Lola: A playful and artistic name, meaning “strong woman” in Spanish.
  • Dallas August: Meaning “great,” it adds a regal and artistic quality to the name.

Modern and Trendy

For parents who love to stay ahead of the curve, these modern and trendy middle names blend the familiar and the cutting edge for a contemporary feel.

  • Dallas Skyler: With a celestial and contemporary ring.
  • Dallas Ashton: Meaning “ash tree town,” an up-and-coming choice.
  • Dallas Jaxon: A chic and trendy spelling alternative.
  • Dallas Braxton: Strong sounding due to the “x” and the success of pop cultures.
  • Dallas Kyler: Modern and resonant with strength.
  • Dallas Greyson: Classic but currently spiking in popularity.
  • Dallas Raelynn: A trendy and spelled-out-sound that is a fresh find.
  • Dallas Kai: A short, modern, and gender-neutral middle name.
  • Dallas Emerson: Meaning “son of Emery,” it adds a touch of sophistication.
  • Dallas Everly: With musical charm and gaining popularity for girls.
  • Dallas Aiden: Popular and contemporary with Irish origins.
  • Dallas Luna: A name meaning “moon,” it has a mystical and trendy appeal.
  • Dallas Ryker: With a strong sound and modern feel, it’s rising in popularity.
  • Dallas Aria: Meaning “air” or “lioness,” it adds elegance and strength to the name.
  • Dallas Parker: A unisex choice with a modern and chic aura.
  • Dallas Avery: A timeless but rising name for both boys and girls.
  • Dallas Zane: With a unique spelling and trendy sound, it’s gaining popularity.
  • Dallas Harlow: Inspired by the iconic actress Jean Harlow, it adds vintage charm to the name.
  • Dallas Carter: A strong and modern choice, with a dash of sophistication.
  • Dallas Harper: Literary and musical, it’s rising in popularity for girls.
  • Dallas Brooks: With a cool and sleek sound, it adds an air of success to the name.
  • Dallas Sawyer: Meaning “woodcutter,” it adds a rugged and trendy touch.
  • Dallas Willow: A nature-inspired name, it’s gaining popularity for its soft yet strong sound.
  • Dallas Hudson: With a trendy “son” ending and a reference to the iconic river in New York City.
  • Dallas Ainsley: Meaning “one’s own meadow,” it has a fresh and modern ring to it.
  • Dallas Lane: A surname turned trendy first name, adding a bit of edge to the name.
  • Dallas Nora: Classic but currently rising in popularity for its timeless charm.
  • Dallas Lennox: With Scottish origins and a modern sound, it adds a touch of heritage.
  • Dallas Sloan: A unisex choice with a modern feel and a touch of sophistication.
  • Dallas Wren: A nature-inspired name, it has a trendy and whimsical appeal.

Cultural and Unique

For those looking to infuse heritage and individuality, these names draw from various cultural and linguistic backgrounds, from Celtic to Yoruba.

  • Dallas Aisling: An Irish name meaning “dream” or “vision.”
  • Dallas Kamilah: An Arabic name signifying perfection or complete.
  • Dallas Ronan: A meaningful name of Irish origin.
  • Dallas Elio: A sun-drenched name with Italian charm.
  • Dallas Zahra: An elegant and celestial name in Arabic.
  • Dallas Aiden: An Irish name connoting fire and symbolism.
  • Dallas Marcelo: A Portuguese name echoing strength and honor.
  • Dallas Amara: A beautiful name meaning “lovely” in Sanskrit.
  • Dallas Finnegan: An Irish name representing fair or white.
  • Dallas Maya: A timeless and culturally rich choice, with origins in Greek and Hindu mythology.
  • Dallas Cormac: Meaning “charioteer,” this Irish name adds a touch of nobility.
  • Dallas Saoirse: Pronounced “seer-sha,” it means “freedom” in Irish, adding an empowering touch.
  • Dallas Jax: A short and trendy name with Hebrew origins.
  • Dallas Kiran: A beautiful name meaning “ray of light” in Hindi.
  • Dallas Eamon: A Gaelic name meaning “wealthy protector.”
  • Dallas Layla: With Arabic origins, it means “night” or “dark beauty.”
  • Dallas Ciaran: Pronounced “keer-an,” it means “little dark one” in Irish.
  • Dallas Amari: An African name meaning “strength and builder.”
  • Dallas Eira: A Welsh name symbolizing snow, adding a unique and ethereal touch.
  • Dallas Akello: A Yoruba name meaning “precious” or “chosen one.”
  • Dallas Brodie: Meaning “ditch,” it’s a unique Scottish name with a rugged charm.
  • Dallas Niamh: Pronounced “nee-av,” it means “bright” or “radiant” in Irish.
  • Dallas Nola: Of Irish origin, it means “famous” or “just.”
  • Dallas Kian: Meaning “grace of God,” this name has Persian and Irish origins.
  • Dallas Seren: A Welsh name meaning “star,” adding a celestial and unique touch.
  • Dallas Kato: Of African origin, it means “second born of twins.”
  • Dallas Cassius: With Latin origins, it means “hollow” or “vain.”
  • Dallas Ailani: A Hawaiian name meaning “high chief,” adding a royal and exotic touch.
  • Dallas Niall: Pronounced “nee-al,” it’s an Irish name meaning “cloud” or “passionate.”
  • Dallas Zariah: Of Hebrew and Arabic origins, it means “princess” or “flowering.”

Gender-Neutral Options

In modern times, gender fluidity and non-binary identities are gaining recognition. Gender-neutral middle names provide a beautiful symmetry and inclusivity in name combinations.

  • Dallas Morgan: An old Welsh name appealing to both genders.
  • Dallas Cameron: A solid Scottish name that’s equally unisex.
  • Dallas Casey: Originating from Gaelic, its meaning fits both genders.
  • Dallas Jordan: A serene name that spreads across gender lines.
  • Dallas Riley: A name that could stand its ground for all kids.
  • Dallas Keegan: A strong unisex name with Irish roots.
  • Dallas Alexis: A Greek name meaning “defender,” fitting all with courage.
  • Dallas Sam: Short and sweet, it’s a classic unisex name.
  • Dallas Lee: A simple but strong choice for any gender.
  • Dallas Blair: An elegant unisex name with Scottish origins.
  • Dallas Jay: A name with various meanings in different cultures, fitting for any gender.
  • Dallas Avery: Meaning “ruler of the elves,” it’s a timeless and unisex choice.
  • Dallas Charlie: A friendly and classic unisex name of English origin.
  • Dallas Phoenix: Rising in popularity for its strong and gender-neutral appeal.
  • Dallas Sage: A nature-inspired name that’s becoming more popular for its gender-neutral sound.
  • Dallas River: An evocative unisex name with a connection to nature.
  • Dallas Skye: Symbolizing the infinite, it’s a gender-neutral name with a mystical feel.
  • Dallas Robin: An English name connected to nature and equally fitting for all genders.
  • Dallas Rowan: A Gaelic name meaning “little red one,” it’s a strong and versatile unisex choice.
  • Dallas Bailey: A unisex name meaning “bailiff” or “steward.” 
  • Dallas Reese: A Welsh name meaning “enthusiasm,” fitting for any gender.
  • Dallas Parker: Meaning “park keeper,” it’s a unique and unisex name with English origins.
  • Dallas Taylor: Another English surname turned popular unisex first name.
  • Dallas Gray: A sleek and modern unisex name with English origins.
  • Dallas Evan: A name of Welsh origin meaning “God is gracious,” fitting for any gender.
  • Dallas Emerson: An English name meaning “son of Emery,” it’s a elegant and unisex choice.
  • Dallas Kai: With multiple meanings in different cultures, it’s a short and stylish unisex name.
  • Dallas Baileyn: Meaning “berry clearing,” it’s a unique and unisex name with English origins.
  • Dallas Remy: A French name meaning “oarsman,” fitting for both genders.
  • Dallas Drew: Short and sweet, it’s an English name that fits all gender identities.

Family-Honoring Middle Names

Honoring a family member is a cherished tradition. These middle names show a depth of love and respect for your heritage or inspirational figures.

  • Dallas Benjamin: Timeless and in tribute to Uncle Ben.
  • Dallas Marie: If the maternal line holds the name Mary.
  • Dallas David: A strong legacy name for someone dear.
  • Dallas Frances: For grandmothers who embodied grace and wisdom.
  • Dallas William: A classic choice for the esteemed in your family.
  • Dallas Margaret: A musical and classic nod for a beloved matriarch.
  • Dallas Thomas: A quintessentially strong and traditional name.
  • Dallas Elizabeth: A name that’s regal and memorable for a special family member.
  • Dallas Martin: For the science-loving or history-referencing grandparent.
  • Dallas Eleanor: With royal ties, it’s elegant and full of character.
  • Dallas Samuel: A solid choice for the historic figure in your family.
  • Dallas Catherine: A timeless name for a beloved relative.
  • Dallas Henry: For the family member who was always ready to lend a hand.
  • Dallas Lucy: A charming and bright choice, perfect for an inspiring aunt.
  • Dallas Josephine: For those with literary aspirations or admiration for strong women.
  • Dallas Alexander: An enduring and popular name for a meaningful family member.
  • Dallas Jane: A nod to the famous literary figure, Jane Austen.
  • Dallas Arthur: A bold and noble choice for someone who impacted your life.
  • Dallas Julia: If you hold dear an influential woman in your life.
  • Dallas Daniel: For a strong and respected family member or historical figure.
  • Dallas Rose: A delicate and timeless choice, perfect for a beloved grandmother.
  • Dallas Matthew: For the faithful and dependable person in your family.
  • Dallas Charlotte: A name with regal roots, fitting for a special family member.
  • Dallas Edmund: A classic and distinguished name with literary ties.
  • Dallas Grace: A virtue name that honors the graciousness of a family member.
  • Dallas Richard: For those with a love for history or admiration for a famous figure.
  • Dallas Lillian: A charming and elegant name, perfect for an influential aunt.
  • Dallas Peter: A strong and classic name for a special family member.
  • Dallas Caroline: A timeless and sophisticated choice, perfect for a beloved relative.
  • Dallas Vincent: For the creative or artistic person in your family, inspired by Vincent Van Gogh.

Choosing the Right Middle Name for Dallas

Selecting a middle name for any child is no small feat. With Dallas, you have a beautiful first name that offers so many complementary pathways.

As you browse the vast selection of middle names, consider these factors to find the perfect fit.

Sound and Flow

Does the first name combine harmoniously with the middle name? The middle name should roll off the tongue effortlessly with the first and last name, creating a symphony of sound.

Meaning and Significance

Is there a story or significant meaning behind the middle name? Middle names often carry a narrative, whether it’s an ancestral tie or a value you hold dear.

Personal significance adds depth to the choice.

Initials and Monograms

Be mindful of the initials Dallas’s name will create. Avoiding awkward letter combinations is a thoughtful detail that will be appreciated when the monogrammed pieces start to appear.

Practicality and Resonance

When in doubt, go with a name that you feel drawn to, one that resonates with your heart and the vision you hold for your child.

Future Considerations

Imagine Dallas as an adult or professional. Does the middle name you’ve chosen offer versatility and a professional edge if combined with his or her accomplishments?


By now, you are well-equipped to venture into the delightful world of middle name selection for Dallas. Celebrate the process and the opportunity to craft a name that sings for a lifetime.

Whether you’re inspired by nature, art, tradition, or the city of Dallas itself, remember that the perfect middle name is a blend of structure and sentiment.

Enjoy exploring the list of 260 middle names, and when you find the one that lights up your heart, you’ll know it’s the perfect fit for your little Dallas.

Your child’s name is a gift from you to them, a compass for their identity, and a beacon within the vast and beautiful horizon that life in Dallas, Texas, has to offer. Happy naming!

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