350 Gentle Middle Names for Gianna

Hey there, you savvy name-picker, you!

Are you ready to sprinkle a dash of magic on your little Gianna’s name?

Think of her middle name as the secret ingredient that turns her name from a lovely melody into a symphony of personality.

Whether you’re looking for a name that dances right off the tongue, like “Gianna Seraphina,” or a nature-inspired twist with “Gianna Willow” that whispers of whimsical woodlands, we’ve got you covered.

Explore a treasure trove of middle names for Gianna that will make your heart sing and maybe even a fluttering butterfly or two!

So, lace up your name-hunting boots, and let’s explore a treasure trove of middle names that will make your heart sing and maybe even a fluttering butterfly or two!

Gianna Name Meaning And Origin

Before we dive into the magical world of middle names, let’s take a moment to appreciate the beauty and significance of Gianna’s name.

Gianna is a female Italian given name, a diminutive form “Giovanna,” meaning “God is gracious.” It is the feminine form of Gianni.

It has a sweet and gentle ring to it, making it perfect for parents who want to honor their faith or simply love the sound of it.

This common Italian classic entered the U.S. list in 1989, breaking into the Top 100 in 2006, and currently ranks #22 on the popularity charts.

But why stop at just one beautiful name? Let’s elevate Gianna’s name even further by adding a unique and meaningful middle name.

Gentle Middle Names For Gianna

Gentle Middle Names For Gianna

Here are our top picks for gentle and charming middle names that will perfectly complement Gianna’s majestic first name.

  • Gianna Grace: A classic and elegant choice, Grace means “charm” and “divine influence,” fitting perfectly with Gianna’s meaning of God’s grace.
  • Gianna Pearl: A timeless and sophisticated name, Pearl symbolizes purity and wisdom, making it a meaningful choice for your precious little one.
  • Gianna Rose: With its delicate beauty and symbolism of love and beauty, Rose is a perfect match for the graceful and feminine Gianna.
  • Gianna Celeste: This celestial-inspired name means “heavenly” or “of the sky,” adding a touch of magic and wonder to Gianna’s name.
  • Gianna Mae: A sweet, vintage name meaning “pearl,” Mae adds a delightful charm to Gianna’s name while still holding onto its classic roots.
  • Gianna Hope: A beautiful and optimistic name, Hope represents strength and resilience, making it a perfect choice for your little warrior princess.
  • Gianna Breeze: For nature lovers, Breeze is a lovely option that evokes feelings of freshness and serenity, adding an ethereal touch to Gianna’s name.
  • Gianna Skye: With its connection to the sky and endless possibilities, Skye is a unique and whimsical middle name that pairs beautifully with Gianna.
  • Gianna Sage: This one’s for the wise and wondrous! With herbal connotations and a meaning of wisdom, Sage signifies knowledge and a deep connection to nature’s wisdom.
  • Gianna Faye: A name with fairy tale echoes, Faye means “fairy” and brings an enchanting air to the already beautiful Gianna.
  • Gianna Joy: Short and oh-so-sweet, Joy is the burst of happiness that tells the world your Gianna is bound to be a delightful presence in every room.
  • Gianna Lark: Inspired by the songbird, Lark is a choice that sings of spontaneity, joy, and the thrill of a fresh morning chorus.
  • Gianna Eve: This classic name hints at the beginning of something extraordinary. Eve means “life” and pairs with Gianna to create a timeless elegance.
  • Gianna Quinn: A more modern twist, Quinn is spunky and vibrant, meaning “descendant of Conn” (which stands for wisdom), and gives a nod to those Irish roots.

Don’t just pick a middle name; choose a story, a personality, a whisper of the legacy your Gianna will carry. Can you hear the applause?

That’s the sound of your perfect choice resonating with everyone who hears it. Keep listening, you’re almost there!

Classic Middle Names for Gianna

Oh, you intrepid explorer of names!

Well, buckle up, because here comes a parade of classic middle names that are just waiting to waltz with our delightful Gianna.

  1. Gianna Marie (a classic that’s always en vogue)
  2. Gianna Elizabeth (as regal as a crown)
  3. Gianna Rose (blooming with beauty)
  4. Gianna Victoria (for a little conqueror)
  5. Gianna Grace (elegance in simplicity)
  6. Gianna Claire (clear as a bell)
  7. Gianna Faith (a touch as tender as a prayer)
  8. Gianna Anne (short and sweet)
  9. Gianna Catherine (royal and evergreen)
  10. Gianna Sophia (wise beyond years)
  11. Gianna Louise (a nod to the famed)
  12. Gianna Jane (the simplicity of a lily)
  13. Gianna Charlotte (the charm of a classic novel)
  14. Gianna Alexandra (strength in a whisper)
  15. Gianna Violet (a burst of spring)
  16. Gianna Eve (the origin of elegance)
  17. Gianna Audrey (timeless as the stars)
  18. Gianna Lillian (as fresh as the first garden)
  19. Gianna Isabelle (radiant with light)
  20. Gianna Margaret (a pearl in the sea)
  21. Gianna Helena (a shining torch)
  22. Gianna Beatrice (she who brings happiness)
  23. Gianna Alice (truth in a name)
  24. Gianna Mabel (my beautiful one)
  25. Gianna Juliet (a romantic at heart)
  26. Gianna Teresa (harvester of joy)
  27. Gianna Ruth (a friend to all)
  28. Gianna Mae (as bright as the morning)
  29. Gianna Iris (a rainbow’s promise)
  30. Gianna Pearl (precious and rare)
  31. Gianna Rachel (as lovely as a lamb)
  32. Gianna Diane (divine)
  33. Gianna Harriet (home ruler)
  34. Gianna Lydia (a musical melody)
  35. Gianna Edith (blessed and strong)
  36. Gianna Sylvia (from the forest)
  37. Gianna Judith (praised one)
  38. Gianna Miriam (wished-for child)
  39. Gianna Ellen (light of god)
  40. Gianna Rosalind (gentle rose)
  41. Gianna Caroline (free-spirited)
  42. Gianna Ada (noble and serene)
  43. Gianna Elsie (pledged to god)
  44. Gianna Florence (blooming and flourishing)
  45. Gianna Isadora (gift of Isis) 
  46. Gianna Alicea (exalted one) 
  47. Gianna Naomi (pleasantness) 
  48. Gianna Cecilia (blind to one’s own beauty)
  49. Gianna Amara (eternal, everlasting)
  50. Gianna Felicity (happiness and good fortune)

Vintage Middle Names for Gianna

Oh, darling star-gazers and time travelers, ready to dive into the nostalgic treasure chest?

Let’s rewind the clock and handpick a vintage gem that’ll crown your Gianna with a hat-tip to yesteryears. Hold onto your parasols; we’re off!

  1. Gianna Florence (echoing a Renaissance bloom)
  2. Gianna Beatrice (for the child who will bring joy aplenty)
  3. Gianna Marguerite (daisy chains and Sunday best)
  4. Gianna Eloise (whispers of an old love song)
  5. Gianna Lorraine (a name that travels through time)
  6. Gianna Harriet (nostalgic and noble)
  7. Gianna Estelle (stars twinkle in her eye)
  8. Gianna Corinne (time-honored yet still sparkling)
  9. Gianna Lucille (the light of a bygone era)
  10. Gianna Mabel (my beautiful, beloved)
  11. Gianna Opal (precious and wise as the gemstone)
  12. Gianna Irene (peace from a time long past)
  13. Gianna Agnes (pure and ancient)
  14. Gianna Doris (with an ocean’s charm)
  15. Gianna Maude (battle-mighty sweetheart)
  16. Gianna Constance (as steadfast as they come)
  17. Gianna Blanche (white and shining)
  18. Gianna Viola (a name as sweet as the flower)
  19. Gianna Vera (truth wrapped in tenderness)
  20. Gianna Myrtle (an everlasting bloom)
  21. Gianna Ida (diligent and loving)
  22. Gianna Hazel (a nutty sprinkle of old-school cool)
  23. Gianna Adelaide (nobility with a twinkle)
  24. Gianna Theodora (gift of divine grace)
  25. Gianna Blythe (free spirit, light-hearted)
  26. Gianna Pearl (a rarity in the ocean of names)
  27. Gianna Edith (blessed with riches)
  28. Gianna Iris (a message from the heavens)
  29. Gianna Alma (soulful and sweet)
  30. Gianna Ruby (a sparky throwback jewel)
  31. Gianna Clementine (oh my darlin’)
  32. Gianna Prudence (wise whispers from the past)
  33. Gianna Agatha (good and kindhearted)
  34. Gianna Sylvia (of the enchanting forest)
  35. Gianna Eve (the inception of innocence)
  36. Gianna Muriel (a bright sea, a shining delight)
  37. Gianna Eunice (victorious spirit)
  38. Gianna Clarice (a clear and bright choice)
  39. Gianna Letitia (joy and happiness abound)
  40. Gianna Elsie (pledged to enchantment)
  41. Gianna Gertrude (the spear of strength)
  42. Gianna Myra (admired through ages)
  43. Gianna Ethel (noble and grand)
  44. Gianna Josephine (adding to Gianna’s grace)
  45. Gianna Phyllis (green bough, a burst of nature)
  46. Gianna Bertha (bright and shining)
  47. Gianna Velma (desires protection, a hidden meaning)
  48. Gianna Hattie (home ruler with a retro twist)
  49. Gianna Gladys (the land, nation, and a nod to nostalgia)
  50. Gianna Winifred (blessed peacemaking, a classic reborn)

And there it is, a delicatessen of delectable, vintage-flavored names, each one ready to be served alongside your gorgeous Gianna.

Creative Middle Names for Gianna

Ready for a sprinkle of magic on a canvas of tradition? Let’s swish our wands and bring forth a parade of middle names for Gianna that are as unique as unicorn Frappuccino’s!

  1. Gianna Seraphina (angelic whispers)
  2. Gianna Waverly (riding the waves of imagination)
  3. Gianna Clementine (a zesty slice of sunshine)
  4. Gianna Delphine (secrets of the deep blue)
  5. Gianna Esmeralda (jewel of the emerald forest)
  6. Gianna Juniper (a nature-inspired twist)
  7. Gianna Marigold (sun-kissed and merry)
  8. Gianna Calliope (song of the muses)
  9. Gianna Peregrine (wandering with grace)
  10. Gianna Solstice (where light and dark play)
  11. Gianna Bellamy (fine friend indeed)
  12. Gianna Callista (most beautiful star)
  13. Gianna Fable (where stories begin)
  14. Gianna Reverie (daydreams in abound)
  15. Gianna Sonata (music to one’s ears)
  16. Gianna Whimsy (playful as a pixie)
  17. Gianna Evadne (radiant benevolence)
  18. Gianna Lark (songbird at dawn)
  19. Gianna Thalassa (ocean’s daughter)
  20. Gianna Zephyr (gently blowing wind)
  21. Gianna Briony (a vine with strength)
  22. Gianna Odyssey (an epic journey)
  23. Gianna Lyric (beautiful as a poem)
  24. Gianna Amaryllis (sparkling eyes)
  25. Gianna Elysia (blissful fields)
  26. Gianna Ambrosia (food of the gods)
  27. Gianna Rhapsody (an outburst of passion)
  28. Gianna Lotus (bloom of purity)
  29. Gianna Cadenza (rhythmic flow)
  30. Gianna Tempest (a storm of talent)
  31. Gianna Euphoria (joy in abundance)
  32. Gianna Lore (a whisper from the past)
  33. Gianna Novalie (newly strong)
  34. Gianna Elara (shining brightly)
  35. Gianna Saffron (a dash of spice)
  36. Gianna Calista (most beautiful)
  37. Gianna Fenix (rising anew)
  38. Gianna Sonnet (a fourteen-line poem)
  39. Gianna Echo (sound of laughter)
  40. Gianna Nirvana (ultimate peace)
  41. Gianna Moxie (boldness in buckets)
  42. Gianna Isolde (vow of ice and fire)
  43. Gianna Tundra (expanse of pure snow)
  44. Gianna Clio (to celebrate)
  45. Gianna Indigo (deep as the twilight)
  46. Gianna Velvet (soft to the touch)
  47. Gianna Halo (ring of light)
  48. Gianna Vesper (evening star)
  49. Gianna Wilder (untamed heart)
  50. Gianna Arcadia (vision of harmony)

And there you have it, a cadre of off-the-chart middle names ready to give your lovely Gianna a touch of individuality as bright and bold as a comet trail.

Modern Middle Names for Gianna

Feeling adventurous?

Like a hipster on a quest for the perfect artisanal coffee, we’re on the hunt for modern, buzzworthy middle names for Gianna.

Step out of the ordinary and let’s drop some names so fresh, they’re like avo on toast – classic but with a twist!

  1. Gianna Skye (where dreams take flight)
  2. Gianna Harper (a book full of secrets)
  3. Gianna Piper (a melody of charm)
  4. Gianna Everly (forever and always)
  5. Gianna Sage (wisdom in whispers)
  6. Gianna Phoenix (reborn from the ashes)
  7. Gianna Nova (new like a supernova)
  8. Gianna Eden (paradise found)
  9. Gianna Quinn (a quick-witted spirit)
  10. Gianna Lux (radiating brilliance)
  11. Gianna Winter (cool and crisp as the first frost)
  12. Gianna Raine (blessings from above)
  13. Gianna Ember (a glowing warmth)
  14. Gianna Haven (safe in the storm)
  15. Gianna Marlowe (drifting like the river)
  16. Gianna Sloane (warrior with grace)
  17. Gianna Indie (charting her own course)
  18. Gianna Lumen (the light of life)
  19. Gianna True (honesty in her heart)
  20. Gianna Ocean (a tide of tranquility)
  21. Gianna Atlas (carrying the world with ease)
  22. Gianna Lyra (a constellation of joy)
  23. Gianna Arrow (soaring to new heights)
  24. Gianna Wren (small bird with a mighty song)
  25. Gianna Orion (hunting the stars)
  26. Gianna Briar (sweetly wild)
  27. Gianna Bliss (joy uncontained)
  28. Gianna Kai (sea’s gentle embrace)
  29. Gianna Solaris (of the sun)
  30. Gianna Vale (living in the valley)
  31. Gianna Emberly (flames of enthusiasm)
  32. Gianna Sparrow (flight of fancy)
  33. Gianna Onyx (dark and mysterious)
  34. Gianna Poet (a life in stanzas)
  35. Gianna Reef (a submerged beauty)
  36. Gianna Story (an open book)
  37. Gianna Bliss (pure delight)
  38. Gianna Ocean (depths of wonder)
  39. Gianna Brave (courageous heart)
  40. Gianna Bloom (a flower in the sunshine)
  41. Gianna Lyric (song in her step)
  42. Gianna Zinnia (a zesty flower’s power)
  43. Gianna Echo (reflections of greatness)
  44. Gianna Jade (a gem of soft strength)
  45. Gianna Reign (a queen in training)
  46. Gianna Vail (hidden in the valley)
  47. Gianna Mercer (a tribute to trade)
  48. Gianna Zephyr (gentle breeze of change)
  49. Gianna Jett (jet-setter from the start)
  50. Gianna Liora (my light of delight)

Whichever you pick, it’ll be the cherry on top of the trendsetting cake that is your Gianna!

Nature-Inspired Middle Names for Gianna

Hey there, nature lover!

Let’s dive deep into the forest of creativity and unearth nature-inspired middle names that will pair perfectly with the beautiful Gianna.

  1. Gianna Meadow (whispers of the wild)
  2. Gianna Aurora (lights of the north)
  3. Gianna Willow (wisps of elegance)
  4. Gianna Ivy (climbing towards the sun)
  5. Gianna Fern (deep in the emerald forest)
  6. Gianna Hazel (shades of autumn)
  7. Gianna Brook (babbling with joy)
  8. Gianna Violet (splashes of purple in a sea of green)
  9. Gianna Rain (quenching the earth’s thirst)
  10. Gianna Blossom (burst of spring)
  11. Gianna Coral (beauty beneath waves)
  12. Gianna Dune (shifting with the wind)
  13. Gianna Maple (as majestic as the tree)
  14. Gianna Flora (a garden of wonder)
  15. Gianna Ocean (endless blue)
  16. Gianna Pebble (strength over time)
  17. Gianna Celeste (like the infinite sky)
  18. Gianna Pearl (hidden treasures)
  19. Gianna Laurel (honors of yore)
  20. Gianna Elm (towering and true)
  21. Gianna Petal (delicate as a whisper)
  22. Gianna Heather (cozy as a highland breeze)
  23. Gianna Sky (limitless dreams)
  24. Gianna Sage (enduring wisdom)
  25. Gianna Brier (rooted in nature)
  26. Gianna Jade (enduring and strong)
  27. Gianna Cedar (standing tall)
  28. Gianna Rose (thorns and beauty)
  29. Gianna Dew (morning’s fresh kiss)
  30. Gianna Echo (sounds from the depths)
  31. Gianna Luna (glistening moonlight)
  32. Gianna Terra (earth mother)
  33. Gianna River (flowing with grace)
  34. Gianna Iris (rainbow hues)
  35. Gianna Cliff (steeped in heights)
  36. Gianna Daisy (day’s eye)
  37. Gianna Raven (wisdom of the night)
  38. Gianna Serenity (tranquil waters)
  39. Gianna Hollow (mystery within)
  40. Gianna Starling (flight at dusk)
  41. Gianna Opal (fireworks of the sea)
  42. Gianna Prairie (stretching fields of peace)
  43. Gianna Briar (spontaneous and wild)
  44. Gianna Tulip (spring’s smile)
  45. Gianna Luna (light of the night)
  46. Gianna Quarry (carved through time)
  47. Gianna Star (shining from afar)
  48. Gianna Dawn (new beginnings)
  49. Gianna Stone (solid and unyielding)
  50. Gianna Wisteria (sweeping grace)

With one of these whimsical, nature-inspired names, your Gianna will have a middle name that blooms with personality and stands out like a vibrant butterfly in a meadow of daisies.

Best Compliments for Gianna

Buckle up, buttercup!

We’re about to sprinkle some magic on the already dazzling name Gianna with best compliments that are sure to make your heart sing.

  1. Gianna Joy (laughter in her eyes)
  2. Gianna Seraphina (her angelic counterpart)
  3. Gianna Elise (as classic as it gets)
  4. Gianna Belle (beauty in every syllable)
  5. Gianna Celestia (among the stars)
  6. Gianna Faye (a fairy tale whisper)
  7. Gianna Rosette (a bloom of elegance)
  8. Gianna Juliet (romance written in the stars)
  9. Gianna Clementine (sweet as sun-kissed oranges)
  10. Gianna Pearl (classically refined)
  11. Gianna Blythe (carefree and blissful)
  12. Gianna Caprice (whimsical and free-spirited)
  13. Gianna Delight (happiness multiplied)
  14. Gianna Eve (the beginning of everything)
  15. Gianna Felicity (good fortune’s charm)
  16. Gianna Harmony (a melody of peace)
  17. Gianna Isla (an island of tranquility)
  18. Gianna Joyful (ever brimming with glee)
  19. Gianna Kismet (destiny’s touch)
  20. Gianna Lark (a song at first light)
  21. Gianna Mirth (revelry and joy)
  22. Gianna Noel (a Christmas carol)
  23. Gianna Odette (a dance of grace)
  24. Gianna Promise (a future shining bright)
  25. Gianna Quest (adventure awaits)
  26. Gianna Rosemary (remembrance and fidelity)
  27. Gianna Sonnet (a poem just for her)
  28. Gianna Tinsel (holiday sparkle)
  29. Gianna Unity (joined in purpose)
  30. Gianna Verity (truth in her smile)
  31. Gianna Wisp (light as air, hard to catch)
  32. Gianna Exuberance (vigorous and joyful enthusiasm)
  33. Gianna Yara (a beautiful butterfly)
  34. Gianna Zest (full of energy and life)
  35. Gianna Aria (an operatic air)
  36. Gianna Breeze (gentle and refreshing)
  37. Gianna Charm (captivating and lovely)
  38. Gianna Dream (sweet dreams made real)
  39. Gianna Essence (the heart of it all)
  40. Gianna Flora (a garden of loveliness)
  41. Gianna Gale (a force of nature)
  42. Gianna Hope (eternally optimistic)
  43. Gianna Inspire (to fill with courage or purpose)
  44. Gianna Jewel (as precious as can be)
  45. Gianna Kindle (to ignite passions)
  46. Gianna Love (universal and timeless)
  47. Gianna Mystic (a riddle wrapped in mystery)
  48. Gianna Nectar (the sweetest part)
  49. Gianna Oath (a solemn promise)
  50. Gianna Pixie (mischievously delightful)

Sibling Names for Gianna

Strap in, and let’s go on a ride through the enchanted forest of names where Gianna’s sibling names are just waiting to be discovered!

Think of names that sing in harmony with Gianna, each as unique and delightful as a secret garden.

For her brother, consider:

  • Luca Sterling (silver flashes of quick wit)
  • Mateo Rivers (flowing with spirit and life)
  • Nico Valor (brave as the night is dark)
  • Romeo Blaise (fiery heart meets romantic soul)
  • Ezra Phoenix (rising anew, full of promise)
  • Adrian Meadow (where dreams lay in the grass)
  • Theo Cove (a hidden gem of wit and wonder)
  • Julian Crest (a wave of adventure on the horizon)
  • Levi Zenith (reaching new peaks of joy)
  • Gabriel North (true as the guiding star)
  • Finn Whisper (secrets carried on the wind)
  • Oliver Branch (peaceful resolutions in every handshake)
  • Sebastian Wild (as untamed as a stormy sea)
  • Elias Trail (blazing new paths with every step)
  • Noah Songbird (melodies that resonate with the soul)
  • Leo Summit (braving new heights with a roar)
  • Isaac Gale (bursting through life with unstoppable force)
  • Samuel Tide (steady and reliable as the ocean’s rhythm)
  • Maxwell Orbit (gravitating towards greatness)
  • Jasper Stone (unwavering and eternal in spirit)

And for a sister who’s the perfect playmate:

  • Sienna Lark (songbird at dawn’s first light)
  • Bianca Sage (wisdom as pure as driven snow)
  • Liliana Joy (the giggle behind a bloomed lily)
  • Aria Wren (a melody in a tiny, lively package)
  • Viviana Grace (living with love and a twirl)
  • Fiona Meadow (where fairy tales roam free)
  • Alessandra Star (a sparkling firework at every turn)
  • Sophia Luna (illuminating every night with her glow)
  • Bella River (flowing with grace and charm)
  • Emilia Rose (a rose by any other name is still sweet)
  • Gemma Fern (a gem in the midst of nature’s beauty)
  • Aurora Sky (reaching for the stars with boldness and wonder)
  • Isabella Ocean (endless depths of love and joy)
  • Carmen Blossom (a burst of color, life, and laughter)
  • Valentina Breeze (gentle and refreshing, yet always present)
  • Evelyn Pearl (pure and refined as a pearl in the sea)
  • Clara Celeste (a star among stars, shining bright)
  • Luna Willow (trailing through life with grace and curiosity)
  • Aurora Faith (believing in magic and making it real)
  • Avery Jade (unbreakable strength with a touch of jade’s wisdom)  End of Document

So, whether you’re welcoming a Lorenzo Sky or a Sofia Dawn, each name is a brushstroke of individuality on your family’s canvas.

With every call across the playground or whisper at bedtime, these names promise to carry the same spirit of adventure and charm as Gianna!

Nicknames For Gianna

Tired of the same old nicknames? Fear not!

We’ve got a treasure trove of playful monikers for your darling Gianna that’ll have her standing out in the playground with a sparkle of uniqueness. Let’s dive in!

  • Gigi: A double dose of giggles and joy, perfect for a bubbly Gianna.
  • Anna Banana: For the gal who brings a bunch of fun wherever she goes!
  • GiGi Bear: Cuddly and sweet, she’s the one you’ll love to meet.
  • JiJi: A twist on the traditional, for a girl who’s anything but ordinary.
  • Gia: Short and chic, for a trendsetting sweet pea.
  • Gi-Gi-O: As merry as a carousel ride.
  • Nana: For the Gianna with time-honored charm.
  • Gee: A simple, cherry call across a sunlit park.

So, take your pick and crown your Gianna with a nickname that’s just as endearing and inspired as she is. 

Whether it’s GiGi fluttering like a social butterfly or Anna Banana with her fruit-tastic capers, these playful pet names are just the ticket to celebrate her one-of-a-kind spirit!

Final Line!

And there we have it, a cosmic carousel of Gianna-compatible gems that will surely sparkle and shine long after the ink has dried on her birth certificate.

Whether she’s out frolicking in the forest of life as Gianna Wren or twirling through tall tales as Gianna Story, the name you choose will be as full of life and character.

Remember, in the grand tapestry of life, each name is a rich color, a vibrant thread weaving together the story of your little one.

So go ahead, take the baton of creativity and run with it – after all, with a name like Gianna, she’s bound to be the leading lady in her very own fairy tale.

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