500 Middle Names for Jane / Janie: Cute & Adorable Options

Choosing the perfect middle name for your child can be just as important as picking their first.

It’s not only an additional identifier but can also carry personal or familial significance, evoke a certain imagery or feeling, and flow beautifully with both their first and last names.

In this list, we’ve gathered 500 middle names to perfectly complement the name Jane or Janie, ensuring that your little one’s name is as cute and adorable as they are.

Whether you’re drawn to traditional names, looking for a touch of nature, seeking something unique, or a nod to pop culture, we’ve got you covered.

So let’s dive into the list and find the perfect middle name for Jane or Janie ( 500 matching names that complement it.! )

Jane / Janie Name Meaning

Before we explore the options for middle names, let’s take a moment to appreciate the beauty and history behind the name Jane/Janie.

Originating from Hebrew, the name Jane means “God is gracious” or “gift from God.” It was first recorded in England around the 12th century and has been a popular choice ever since. 

In literature and media, the name has been associated with strong, independent, and intelligent characters such as Jane Eyre and Janie Crawford.

While Janie means well-born, noble; God is gracious. It’s often used as a nickname or diminutive for the longer form.

Now that we have a better understanding of the name’s significance, let’s find the perfect middle name to complement it.

Top Middle Names for Jane/Janie

Top Middle Names for Jane/Janie

Here are the top 20 middle name options for Jane/Janie, chosen for their adorability and compatibility with the namesake:

  1. Rose – a classic and elegant choice that pairs well with both Jane and Janie.
  2. Elizabeth – a timeless and regal option to add sophistication to the name.
  3. Grace – another classic choice that adds a touch of grace and charm.
  4. Marie – a popular middle name that flows beautifully with Jane/Janie.
  5. Anne – a simple yet lovely option for those who prefer shorter middle names.
  6. Mae – a sweet and charming choice to complement the simplicity of Jane/Janie.
  7. Claire – a sophisticated name that adds elegance to the combination.
  8. Louise – a vintage name that pairs well with the timeless appeal of Jane/Janie.
  9. Pearl – a unique and delicate choice that adds a touch of whimsy to the name.
  10. Faith – a beautiful option for those who want to add meaning and spirituality to the name.
  11. Renee – a French-inspired middle name that sounds beautiful with Jane/Janie.
  12. Kate – a short and sweet choice that adds a modern touch to the name.
  13. Hope – another meaningful option that adds hopefulness to the name.
  14. June – a fresh and charming middle name, perfect for a summer baby.
  15. Skye – a nature-inspired name that evokes images of open skies and endless possibilities.
  16. Isabella – a longer and more elegant option for those who prefer more elaborate names.
  17. Violet – a unique name that adds a pop of color to the combination.
  18. Joy – a simple yet beautiful choice to bring happiness to the name.
  19. Olivia – a popular and stylish name that pairs well with both Jane and Janie.
  20. Lily – a delicate and sweet choice that adds floral charm to the name.

Classic and Timeless Middle Names

For those who appreciate the elegance of traditional names, consider pairing Jane or Janie with a classic middle name. These names have stood the test of time and offer a refined charm.

  1. Jane Elizabeth
  2. Janie Margaret
  3. Jane Catherine
  4. Janie Eleanor
  5. Jane Victoria
  6. Janie Abigail
  7. Jane Vivian
  8. Janie Beatrice
  9. Jane Diane
  10. Janie Caroline
  11. Jane Annabelle
  12. Janie Penelope
  13. Jane Florence
  14. Janie Isabelle
  15. Jane Alexandra
  16. Janie Patricia
  17. Jane Margot
  18. Janie Theodora
  19. Jane Rebecca
  20. Janie Charlotte
  21. Jane Louisa
  22. Janie Rosalind
  23. Jane Teresa
  24. Janie Samantha
  25. Jane Virginia
  26. Janie Frances
  27. Jane Genevieve
  28. Janie Meredith
  29. Jane Kathleen
  30. Janie Harriet
  31. Jane Lydia
  32. Janie Juliet
  33. Jane Matilda
  34. Janie Carolyn
  35. Jane Lorraine
  36. Janie Josephine
  37. Jane Annette
  38. Janie Georgiana
  39. Jane Constance
  40. Janie Lucille
  41. Jane Marjorie
  42. Janie Prudence
  43. Jane Felicity
  44. Janie Cassandra
  45. Jane Bernadette
  46. Janie Veronica
  47. Jane Dorothea
  48. Janie Beatrice
  49. Jane Winifred
  50. Janie Lillian

Nature-Inspired Middle Names

Invoke the beauty of the natural world with these nature-inspired middle names. They are perfect for adding a serene or whimsical element to Jane or Janie.

  1. Jane Willow
  2. Janie Rose
  3. Jane Violet
  4. Janie Iris
  5. Jane Aurora
  6. Janie Jasmine
  7. Jane Lily
  8. Janie Dahlia
  9. Jane Hazel
  10. Janie Olive
  11. Jane Fern
  12. Janie Ivy
  13. Jane Sage
  14. Janie Briar
  15. Jane Daisy
  16. Janie Aspen
  17. Jane River
  18. Janie Meadow
  19. Jane Magnolia
  20. Janie Cedar
  21. Jane Laurel
  22. Janie Poppy
  23. Jane Juniper
  24. Janie Heather
  25. Jane Sky
  26. Janie Brook
  27. Jane Rowan
  28. Janie Marigold
  29. Jane Primrose
  30. Janie Sierra
  31. Jane Wren
  32. Janie Ocean
  33. Jane Coral
  34. Janie Blossom
  35. Jane Storm
  36. Janie Fawn
  37. Jane Pearl
  38. Janie Maple
  39. Jane Breeze
  40. Janie Aurora
  41. Jane Eden
  42. Janie Sparrow
  43. Jane Bay
  44. Janie Luna
  45. Jane Solstice
  46. Janie Autumn
  47. Jane Ivy
  48. Janie Willow
  49. Jane Flora
  50. Janie Lark

Fun Middle Names for Jane/Janie

If you’re looking for something unique and playful, these fun middle names are sure to make your little one stand out.

  1. Jane Juno
  2. Janie Scout
  3. Jane Pixie
  4. Janie Cricket
  5. Jane Bluebell
  6. Janie Blossom
  7. Jane Fable
  8. Janie Sunny
  9. Jane Coco
  10. Janie Bubbles
  11. Jane Star
  12. Janie Clover
  13. Jane Cleo
  14. Janie Bee
  15. Jane Jazz
  16. Janie Crickett
  17. Jane Zinnia
  18. Janie Stormy
  19. Jane Indie
  20. Janie Gypsy
  21. Jane Pippa
  22. Janie Lulu
  23. Jane Bronte
  24. Janie Lollipop
  25. Jane Tilly
  26. Janie Sugar
  27. Jane Mabel
  28. Janie Honey
  29. Jane Cleopatra
  30. Janie Freya
  31. Jane Ziggy
  32. Janie Pearl
  33. Jane Arrow
  34. Janie Fawn
  35. Jane Phoenix
  36. Janie Bambi
  37. Jane Lotus
  38. Janie Tulip
  39. Jane Misty
  40. Janie Gigi
  41. Jane Kiwi
  42. Janie Summer
  43. Jane Bluebird
  44. Janie Crickett
  45. Jane Valentine
  46. Janie Wren
  47. Jane Frankie
  48. Janie Daisy Mae
  49. Jane Coco Chanel
  50. Janie Lily Belle.

Historical Middle Names for Jane/Janie

For a touch of history and nostalgia, consider these middle names inspired by strong women throughout the ages.

  1. Jane Amelia – after aviation pioneer Amelia Earhart.
  2. Janie Eleanor – after American First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt.
  3. Jane Florence – after nurse and founder of modern nursing, Florence Nightingale.
  4. Janie Harriet – after abolitionist and political activist Harriet Tubman.
  5. Jane Victoria – after Queen Victoria, known for her long and prosperous reign.
  6. Janie Marie – after Nobel Prize laureate and scientist Marie Curie.
  7. Jane Anne – after English monarch Queen Anne.
  8. Janie Elizabeth – after Queen Elizabeth I, one of England’s most famous monarchs.
  9. Jane Ada – after mathematician and early computer programmer Ada Lovelace.
  10. Janie Clara – after nurse and humanitarian Clara Barton.
  11. Jane Joan – after French heroine and saint, Joan of Arc.
  12. Janie Betsy – after American seamstress who made the first American flag, Betsy Ross.
  13. Jane Charlotte – after author Charlotte Bronte.
  14. Janie Louisa – after author Louisa May Alcott.
  15. Jane Ada – after poet and civil rights activist Maya Angelou.
  16. Janie Agatha – after celebrated mystery writer Agatha Christie.
  17. Jane Diana – after Princess Diana, known for her humanitarian work and fashion sense.
  18. Janie Amelia – after American pilot and spy Amelia Earhart.
  19. Jane Helen – after archaeologist and diplomat Gertrude Bell.
  20. Janie Elizabeth – after American suffragette Elizabeth Cady Stanton.
  21. Jane Nellie – after suffragist and women’s rights activist Nellie McClung.
  22. Janie Sojourner – after abolitionist and women’s rights activist Sojourner Truth.
  23. Jane Marie – after first African American female astronaut, Mae Jemison.
  24. Janie Harriet – after author and activist Harriet Beecher Stowe.
  25. Jane Rosa – after civil rights icon Rosa Parks.
  26. Janie Indira – after Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi.
  27. Jane Margaret – after British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.
  28. Janie Abigail – after American First Lady Abigail Adams.
  29. Jane Clara – after pioneering nurse and founder of the Red Cross, Clara Barton.
  30. Jane Gloria – after feminist and civil rights activist Gloria Steinem.

Gender Neutral Middle Names

For parents who prefer a modern, inclusive approach, these gender-neutral middle names might be the perfect match for Jane or Janie, providing a contemporary touch to the traditional first name.

  1. Jane Morgan
  2. Janie Taylor
  3. Jane Ryan
  4. Janie Jordan
  5. Jane Avery
  6. Janie Quinn
  7. Jane Riley
  8. Janie Casey
  9. Jane Cameron
  10. Janie Parker
  11. Jane Reese
  12. Janie Skylar
  13. Jane Finley
  14. Janie Rowan
  15. Jane Alex
  16. Janie Blake
  17. Jane Drew
  18. Janie Lee
  19. Jane Jordan
  20. Janie River
  21. Jane Dakota
  22. Janie Peyton
  23. Jane Taylor
  24. Janie Charlie
  25. Jane Elliot
  26. Janie Frankie
  27. Jane Marlowe
  28. Janie Phoenix
  29. Jane Skyler
  30. Janie Hayden
  31. Jane Emerson
  32. Janie Devon
  33. Jane Jamie
  34. Janie Reese
  35. Jane Casey
  36. Janie Logan
  37. Jane Stevie
  38. Janie Austen
  39. Jane Tatum
  40. Janie Rory
  41. Jane Kyle
  42. Janie Jordan
  43. Jane Sidney
  44. Janie Alex
  45. Jane Sawyer
  46. Janie Blake
  47. Jane Ellis
  48. Janie Taylor
  49. Jane Morgan
  50. Janie Kendall

Unique and Uncommon Middle Names

If you’re looking to stand out with a name that’s both beautiful and unique, explore these unconventional options that add an exotic or distinctive flair.

  1. Jane Seraphina
  2. Janie Isolde
  3. Jane Juniper
  4. Janie Elodie
  5. Jane Marcelline
  6. Janie Calliope
  7. Jane Valentina
  8. Janie Ondine
  9. Jane Persephone
  10. Janie Tempest
  11. Jane Evangeline
  12. Janie Isadora
  13. Jane Fiora
  14. Janie Saffron
  15. Jane Calista
  16. Janie Amaryllis
  17. Jane Elowen
  18. Janie Delphine
  19. Jane Serenity
  20. Janie Sonnet
  21. Jane Talullah
  22. Janie Vesper
  23. Jane Melisande
  24. Janie Arcadia
  25. Jane Bellatrix
  26. Janie Calixta
  27. Jane Odyssey
  28. Janie Reverie
  29. Jane Sonata
  30. Janie Solace
  31. Jane Tempesta
  32. Janie Valkyrie
  33. Jane Whisper
  34. Janie Zephyrine
  35. Jane Allegra
  36. Janie Caprice
  37. Jane Mireille
  38. Janie Noor
  39. Jane Quintessa
  40. Janie Serendipity
  41. Jane Amethyst
  42. Janie Briseis
  43. Jane Elixir
  44. Janie Garland
  45. Jane Lumia
  46. Janie Odyssey
  47. Jane Rhapsody
  48. Janie Sonnet
  49. Jane Twilight
  50. Janie Whisper

Pop Culture Middle Names for Jane/Janie

Celebrate your favorite characters or personalities by borrowing a middle name from the world of movies, TV shows, or celebrities.

These pop culture-inspired names can give Jane or Janie an edge of cool.

  1. Jane Arya (after Arya Stark from “Game of Thrones”)
  2. Janie Rey (inspired by Rey from “Star Wars”)
  3. Jane Hermione (from the beloved “Harry Potter” series)
  4. Janie Katniss (main character of “The Hunger Games”)
  5. Jane Galadriel (a nod to “The Lord of The Rings”)
  6. Janie Scarlett (inspired by the famous character in “Gone With The Wind”)
  7. Jane Leia (after Princess Leia from “Star Wars”)
  8. Janie Lisbeth (from “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo” book series)
  9. Jane Sansa (after Sansa Stark from “Game of Thrones”)
  10. Janie Arya (another nod to “Game of Thrones”)
  11. Jane Trinity (from the iconic character in “The Matrix”)
  12. Janie Daenerys (after Daenerys Targaryen from “Game of Thrones”)
  13. Jane Katara (inspired by the strong character in “Avatar: The Last Airbender”)
  14. Janie Lara (after Tomb Raider’s Lara Croft)
  15. Jane Luna (inspired by “Harry Potter” character Luna Lovegood)
  16. Jane Rey (another nod to “Star Wars”)
  17. Janie Lyra (after the brave protagonist in “The Golden Compass”)
  18. Jane Phoebe (from “Friends” character Phoebe Buffay)
  19. Janie Rory (after the intelligent and ambitious character in “Gilmore Girls”)
  20. Jane Tauriel (from “The Hobbit” series)
  21. Janie Katara (another nod to “Avatar: The Last Airbender”)
  22. Jane Eliza (after Hamilton’s Eliza Schuyler)
  23. Janie Luna (another nod to “Harry Potter”)
  24. Janie Hermione (another nod to “Harry Potter”)
  25. Janie Bella (from the popular “Twilight” series)
  26. Jane Aurora (after Disney’s “Sleeping Beauty”)
  27. Janie Alice (after the beloved character in “Alice in Wonderland”)
  28. Janie Sansa (another nod to “Game of Thrones”)
  29. Jane Katniss (another nod to “The Hunger Games”)
  30. Jane Bella (another nod to “Twilight”)

Cute and Quirky Middle Names

For a fun and whimsical touch, consider these adorable middle names that add a bit of playfulness to Jane or Janie.

  1. Jane Juno
  2. Janie Cricket
  3. Jane Fae
  4. Janie Lilac
  5. Jane Clover
  6. Janie Pippin
  7. Jane Cricket
  8. Janie Clover
  9. Jane Meadow
  10. Janie Tulip
  11. Jane Ziggy
  12. Janie Twinkle
  13. Jane Gigi
  14. Janie Sunny
  15. Jane Kiki
  16. Janie Poppy
  17. Jane Olive
  18. Janie Luna
  19. Jane Pixie
  20. Janie Bree
  21. Jane Tansy
  22. Janie Blossom
  23. Jane Pepper
  24. Janie Lark
  25. Jane Posie
  26. Janie Goldie
  27. Jane Coco
  28. Janie Fern
  29. Jane Lulu
  30. Janie Gem
  31. Jane Dottie
  32. Janie Kit
  33. Jane Flora
  34. Janie Dove
  35. Jane Bambi
  36. Janie Fawn
  37. Jane Beatrix
  38. Janie Marigold
  39. Jane Elsie
  40. Janie Scout
  41. Jane Zuzu
  42. Janie Magnolia
  43. Jane Indie
  44. Janie Hazel
  45. Jane Tilly
  46. Janie Peach
  47. Jane Maisie
  48. Janie Gigi
  49. Jane Birdie
  50. Janie Scout

Clever Middle Names for Jane/Janie

For the parents who love wordplay or have a quirky sense of humor, check out these clever middle names that add a bit of wit to Jane or Janie.

  1. Jane Bliss
  2. Janie Clever
  3. Jane Marvel
  4. Janie Joyful
  5. Jane Fierce
  6. Janie Rebel
  7. Jane Witty
  8. Janie Whimsy
  9. Jane Maverick
  10. Janie Sage
  11. Jane Brave
  12. Janie Quirky
  13. Jane Cleverly
  14. Janie Audacious
  15. Jane Braveheart
  16. Janie Joyous
  17. Jane Brilliant
  18. Janie Curious
  19. Jane Radiant
  20. Janie Sprightly
  21. Jane Daring
  22. Janie Charismatic
  23. Jane Cheeky
  24. Janie Adventurous
  25. Jane Dreamy
  26. Janie Imaginative
  27. Jane Curiosity
  28. Janie Luminescent
  29. Jane Epic
  30. Janie Vivacious
  31. Jane Fearless
  32. Janie Inspired
  33. Jane Sparkle
  34. Janie Maverick
  35. Jane Cleverness
  36. Janie Limitless
  37. Jane Quirky
  38. Janie Courageous
  39. Jane Fanciful
  40. Janie Spunky

Girl Middle Names That Go With Jane/Janie

For parents who prefer a more traditional or classic middle name, try these timeless options that pair beautifully with Jane or Janie.

  1. Jane Elizabeth
  2. Janie Margaret
  3. Jane Catherine
  4. Janie Victoria
  5. Jane Alexandra
  6. Janie Grace
  7. Jane Rosemary
  8. Janie Annabelle
  9. Jane Caroline
  10. Janie Isabella
  11. Jane Charlotte
  12. Janie Beatrice
  13. Jane Francesca
  14. Janie Lillian
  15. Jane Madeline
  16. Janie Penelope
  17. Jane Gabrielle
  18. Janie Adelaide
  19. Jane Eloise
  20. Janie Josephine
  21. Jane Eleanor
  22. Janie Genevieve
  23. Jane Florence
  24. Janie Rosalie 
  25. Jane Matilda
  26. Janie Felicity
  27. Jane Olivia
  28. Janie Evelyn
  29. Jane Abigail
  30. Janie Valentina 
  31. Jane Vivienne
  32. Janie Clarissa
  33. Jane Georgina 
  34. Janie Emilia
  35. Jane Isadora
  36. Janie Cecilia
  37. Jane Angelica
  38. Janie Juliette
  39. Jane Theodora
  40. Janie Arianna.
  41. Jane Anastasia
  42. Janie Cordelia
  43. Jane Rosalind
  44. Jane Cecilia
  45. Jane Evelyn
  46. Jane Maretta
  47. Jane Etta
  48. Jane Molly
  49. Jane Cecelia
  50. Jane Louise

First Names for Jane/Janie

If you’re open to considering alternative first names for Jane or Janie, here are some options that pair beautifully with the middle name ideas previously mentioned.

  1. Claire Jane
  2. Harper Janie
  3. Emily Jane
  4. Lily Janie
  5. Avery Jane
  6. Nora Janie 
  7. Violet Jane
  8. Julia Janie
  9. Eloise Jane
  10. Ruby Janie
  11. Chloe Jane
  12. Isla Janie
  13. Lucy Jane 
  14. Sadie Janie
  15. Sarah Jane
  16. Mila Janie
  17. Cora Jane 
  18. Lydia Janie
  19. Hannah Jane 
  20. Aurora Janie
  21. Sophia Jane
  22. Olivia Janie 
  23. Amelia Jane
  24. Hazel Janie 
  25. Audrey Jane
  26. Grace Janie 
  27. Scarlett Jane
  28. Ellie Janie 
  29. Eden Jane
  30. Isabella Janie.
  31. Penelope Jane
  32. Ava Janie
  33. Maya Jane
  34. Stella Janie
  35. Camila Jane
  36. Aria Janie 
  37. Natalie Jane
  38. Isabelle Janie
  39. Samantha Jane
  40. Nova Janie.

Nicknames used for “Jane” or “Janie”

For a more informal and endearing option, consider these nicknames that are often used as a shortened version of Jane or Janie.

  1. Jan
  2. Janey
  3. J
  4. Jay
  5. JJ
  6. Jean
  7. Jenny
  8. Janis
  9. Nia 
  10. Jamie
  11. Janie-Bug
  12. Jazzy
  13. Janey-Boo 
  14. Jaybird
  15. Nini
  16. Jay-Jay
  17. Jojo 
  18. Janny
  19. Janice
  20. Janz
  21. Janna


We hope you feel inspired by this extensive list of 500 middle names for Jane or Janie and find the perfect one that embodies the qualities you admire.

It’s important to choose a middle name that resonates with your hopes for your child and complements their identity.

The right middle name is out there to fit every family, tradition, and aesthetic — happy naming!

Remember, the name you choose for your child will be a part of who they are for a lifetime, so take your time, say it out loud, and let your heart decide.

Jane or Janie, paired with just the right middle name, is bound to be a winning combination for your bundle of joy.

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