115 Divine Names That Mean God, Gift of God, Lord

Have you ever pondered the power that lies within a name?

Beyond mere identification, names carry history, significance, and sometimes, a spark of the divine.

In many cultures around the world, naming a child is a sacred act, a hope or blessing woven into the very letters that will follow them throughout their lives.

Some of the most enchanting names are those that mean “God,” reflecting a deep connection to spirituality and faith.

Join us on an ethereal journey as we unlock the meanings and stories behind these celestial names.

Whether you’re seeking inspiration for a new arrival, researching for a character in your next masterpiece, or simply curious about the meanings behind these names, You’re in for a divine treat!

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Why Choose a Name That Means God?

Naming a child is an act of love and guidance, shaping their identity and influencing their journey in life.

Choosing a name with a meaning related to God can be seen as bestowing a powerful blessing upon the child.

It can also serve as a reminder of the divine presence in our lives and the importance of faith.

Additionally, by selecting a name rooted in such powerful beliefs, you’re instilling values of strength, gratitude, and reverence early on.

A name that means God is not just a label, but a reflection of the divine qualities we strive to embody and pass on to future generations.

Divine Names Across Cultures

The concept of the divine can be found in various cultures and religions around the world. This diversity also brings forth a multitude of names with different meanings related to God.

In Hinduism, Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva are some of the most well-known divine names.

In Christianity, we have traditional names such as Michael, meaning “who is like God,” or Gabriel, meaning “God is my strength.”

Islam offers beautiful names like Allah, which means “the one true God,” and Muhammad, meaning “praiseworthy.”

Beyond these three major religions, there are countless other cultures and belief systems with their own unique names that hold deep spiritual significance.

From Elouisa in African mythology to Tenzin in Tibetan Buddhism, each name tells a story and offers a glimpse into the divine nature.

Names That Mean God, Lord

Baby Boy Names That Mean God, Lord

1. Adriel

Meaning “Flock of God” in Hebrew, Adriel has a pastoral, gentle quality while still reflecting a strong connection to the divine and the communal aspect of faith.

2. Balthazar

Meaning “God protects the king” in a biblical context, Balthazar embodies both celebration and a strong divine guardianship, reflecting a sense of dignity and divine favor.

3. Baraqiel

Meaning “lightning of God,” Baraqiel symbolizes the divine’s awe-inspiring power and the sudden enlightenment it brings to our lives.

4. Daniel

Another name derived from Hebrew, Daniel means “God is my judge”, reflecting faith and righteousness.

5. Elijah

Coming from Hebrew origin, Elijah means “Yahweh is God”, embodying a strong spiritual connection.

6. Emmanuel

With its origins in Hebrew, Emmanuel means “God is with us”, a powerful reminder of God’s constant presence in our lives.

7. Ethan

Ethan, associated with endurance and strength, also carries a spiritual meaning of “Firm, strong, and long-lived.” This indirectly hints at God’s eternal nature in various religious texts.

8. Ezekiel

Derived from Hebrew, Ezekiel means “God strengthens.” It’s a significant name, linked to a major prophet known for his visions and the strength given by God.

9. Gabriel

This name has roots in both Hebrew and Christian tradition, meaning “God is my strength” or “God’s hero”.

10. Isaiah

This name from the Old Testament means “Salvation of the Lord”, reflecting hope and redemption.

11. Jehovah

A direct reference to God, Jehovah is the Romanization of the Hebrew יְהֹוָה, signifying the eternal and unchanging nature of God in the Abrahamic religions.

12. Jeremiah

Originating from Hebrew, Jeremiah means “Exalted of the Lord.” It is a name that carries a deep, prophetic connotation and has been borne by one of the major prophets in the Bible.

13. Joel

Joel, a name meaning “Yahweh is God” in Hebrew, is notable for its spiritual depth. It belonged to one of the twelve minor prophets in the Old Testament.

14. Joshua

This name means “Yahweh is salvation” in Hebrew. Joshua, a key figure in the Old Testament, led the Israelites into the Promised Land, symbolizing leadership and divine guidance.

15. Micah

A name of Hebrew origin that means “Who is like Yahweh?” Similar to Michael, it emphasizes the unparalleled nature of God, mirroring His incomparable power and wisdom.

16. Michael

Michael, a name with Hebrew origins, means “Who is like God?” This rhetorical question suggests no one compares to God’s uniqueness and greatness.

17. Raphael

Coming from the Hebrew word for “healing”, Raphael symbolizes God’s ability to mend and restore.

18. Samuel

A name with biblical roots, Samuel means “Name of God” in Hebrew, often chosen for its deep religious significance.

19. Zachariah

Zachariah, a name of Hebrew origin, means “The Lord has remembered,” symbolizing God’s omnipresence and His faithfulness to His promises.

20. Zane

A fresh, modern twist on the more traditional John, Zane means “God is gracious”, blending contemporary style with timeless significance.

21. Milo

Often associated with strength and mercy, Milo can be interpreted as “merciful”, evoking the compassionate aspect of God’s character.

22. Ezra

A name of Hebrew origin meaning “help” or “helper”, Ezra reflects the supportive and guiding hand of God in our lives.

23. Asher

Meaning “happy” or “blessed” in Hebrew, Asher conveys the joy and blessing that faith in God brings into our lives.

24. Jude

Short and sweet, Jude means “praised” in Hebrew, encouraging a life of gratitude and recognition of God’s gifts.

25. Micah

Another name derived from Hebrew, Micah means “who is like God?”, a rhetorical question highlighting God’s uniqueness and supremacy.

26. Axel

With roots in the Scandinavian name Absalom, Axel means “father of peace”, reflecting the peace that comes from a relationship with God.

27. Atlas

Atlas is a Greek name meaning “bearer of the heavens” or “supporter,” symbolizing guidance and protection, reminiscent of the mythological figure who held up the sky.

28. Oscar

Of Irish and Gaelic origin, Oscar means “friend of deer” or “fawn”, symbolizing gentleness and grace, similar to the divine characteristics often associated with Jesus.

29. Tobias

Tobias is a Greek name meaning “God is good”, emphasizing the positive attributes of God and His goodness towards humanity.

30. Elias

Derived from Hebrew, Elias means “Yahweh is God”, emphasizing the monotheistic belief in one true God.

Baby Girl Names That Mean God, Lord

31. Abigail

This Hebrew name means “my father’s joy,” but it’s extended to mean “a father’s joy is in God,” symbolizing the joy and happiness derived from a faithful life.

32. Anaya

With roots in multiple cultures, Anaya means “God’s care” or “protection”, signifying a deep trust in God’s guidance and love.

33. Ariella

Originating from Hebrew, Ariella means “Lion of God,” symbolizing the strength and protection afforded by the divine.

34. Divya

This Sanskrit name means “divine” or “celestial”, reflecting a deep connection to the spiritual world.

35. Eliana

A name of Hebrew origin, Eliana translates to “My God has answered,” reflecting the fulfillment of divine hopes and prayers.

36. Elizabeth

A classic name with Hebrew roots, Elizabeth means “God is my oath”, representing a strong and unwavering faith.

37. Gabriella

Similar to the male counterpart Gabriel, Gabriella means “God is my strength” in Hebrew, epitomizing the support and power drawn from faith.

38. Grace

A name with Latin origins, Grace is a popular choice for its meaning “God’s favor” or “blessing”, reflecting the divine grace bestowed upon us.

39. Hannah

A name with deep biblical roots, Hannah means “grace” or “favor of God” in Hebrew, capturing the essence of divine benevolence and mercy.

40. Helena

Derived from the Greek word for “shining light”, Helena embodies God’s radiance and guidance.

41. Isadora

This Greek name translates to “gift of Isis”, reflecting not only a connection to the ancient goddess but also to the divine gifts bestowed upon us by God.

42. Joanna

Deriving from the Hebrew name Yochana, Joanna means “God is gracious,” a testament to the kindness and compassion of the divine.

43. Miriam

Meaning “beloved” in Hebrew, Miriam is often associated with the biblical figure who had a special relationship with God.

44. Naomi

This Hebrew name translates to “pleasantness” or “delight”, embodying God’s love and joy in our lives.

45. Sarah

A widely recognized and revered name, Sarah means “princess” in Hebrew, but its biblical associations imbue it with the deeper meaning of being chosen or blessed by God.

46. Selah

A unique name from Hebrew origin, Selah means “to praise” or “pause and reflect”, representing a deep reverence for God.

47. Sophia

A name of Greek origin, Sophia means “wisdom,” embodying the divine wisdom and the pursuit of enlightenment.

48. Tabitha

This Aramaic name, used in the New Testament, means “gazelle” but is also associated with gracefulness and beauty bestowed by God.

49. Thea

Meaning “goddess” in Greek, Thea is perfect for parents looking for a name that exudes strength and femininity.

50. Zoe

Stemming from Greek, Zoe means “life,” representing the divine gift of life and its spiritual significance.

51. Brielle

Radiant amongst French names, Brielle means “God is my strength,” representing the unwavering support and power derived from faith.

52. Celeste

Coming from Latin origin, Celeste means “heavenly”, signifying our ultimate goal to reach heaven and be united with God.

53. Chike

A name revered in African cultures, specifically Igbo, Chike translates to “God of strength,” highlighting the omnipotent force and support of the divine.

54. Daniela

A beautiful feminine iteration of Daniel, Daniela means “God is my judge,” reflecting the divine guidance and fairness in judgment.

55. Diana

Originating from Roman mythology, Diana is a goddess name that means “divine,” encapsulating the celestial and sublime nature of the divine.

56. Elisha

A name that radiates jubilance, carrying the profound meaning of “God is my salvation.”

57. Elishava

Rooted in traditional Hebrew, this name stands for a child “pledged to God,” echoing the essence of being bound to the divine.

58. Elizabeth

A classic and majestic name that signifies “pledged to God, God is my oath,” embodying a regal and sacred promise.

60. Elsa

Made famous by Disney’s Frozen, this cool name carries the powerful meaning of “God is my oath,” blending pop culture with timeless grace.

61. Emanuela

A vibrant and joyful Hebrew name that serves as a beautiful reminder that “God is with us,” infusing life with a sense of divine companionship.

62. Eliana

A romantic Hebrew name meaning “God has answered,” symbolizing a family’s prayers being fulfilled by divine grace.

63. Elise

A beautiful variant of Elizabeth, meaning “pledged to God,” reflecting a commitment to divine will and grace.

64. Evelyn

With roots in both English and French, Evelyn means “wished for child” or “desired one”, representing the fulfillment of our prayers when we place our trust in God.

65. Janet

A two-syllable alternative to Jane, Janet carries the same heavenly meaning, embodying the grace and benevolence from above.

66. Jean

An extra-vintage variant of Jane, Jean harks back to a time of classic elegance, meaning “God is gracious,” a testament to the timeless grace bestowed upon us.

67. Jeanette

Whether spelled as Jeanette or Janette, this ultra-feminine form of Janet echoes the sentiment “God is gracious,” celebrating the divine grace in its most delicate forms.

68. Jessica

Jessica, meaning “God beholds,” symbolizes divine watchfulness and is a cherished name among girls, marking them as beloved daughters of God.

69. Miracle

This name has a strong biblical connotation, referring to miraculous events performed by God, and is a reminder of the power and grandeur of God.

70. Nadia

With roots in multiple cultures, Nadia means “hope” or “delicate” and can also be interpreted as “calling upon God”, signifying a deep trust and reliance on Him.

71. Nevaeh

A name with a unique modern twist, Nevaeh is the reverse spelling of “heaven”, symbolizing our ultimate hope and destination with God.

72. Alora

A name with Latin roots, Alora means “the Lord is my light,” representing the divine guidance and clarity of purpose in our lives.

73. Anisha

A beautiful Indian name, Anisha means “eternal light” or “continuous blessing,” embodying the eternal love and grace of the divine.

74. Araceli

Meaning “altar of heaven” in Spanish, Araceli is a name that embodies the sacredness and closeness to God.

75. Eliora

Derived from Hebrew, Eliora means “God is my light,” representing the divine illumination and guidance in our lives.

76. Emanuella

A variant of Emanuela, this name also means “God is with us,” emanating a sense of divine presence and protection.

77. Griffin

This unique name has Welsh origins, meaning “strong lord” or “faithful,” representing the strength and loyalty found in a relationship with God.

78. Hope

A classic virtue name, Hope represents the confident expectation and trust in God’s promises and blessings.

79. Immanuel

Derived from Hebrew, this name means “God is with us,” reminding us that the divine is ever-present and by our side.

80. Kitsa

A name of Greek origin, Kitsa means “one who answers,” symbolizing the divine response to our prayers and pleas for guidance.

Baby Names That Mean Gift of God

81. Matthew ( Boys )

Meaning “Gift of God” in Hebrew, Matthew is a popular choice for parents seeking a name with a divine connotation.

82. Nathaniel ( Boys )

Translated to “Gift of God” in Hebrew, Nathaniel is a timeless and meaningful name choice for any baby boy.

83. Dorothy ( Girls )

An old-timey, cute name meaning “gift of God,” evoking a sense of nostalgia and divine blessing.

84. Dorota ( Girls )

A sweet Slavic version of Dorothy, encapsulating the meaning “gift of God,” blending tradition with divine grace.

85. Diorbhail ( Girl )

A Gaelic name that stands out, meaning “gift of God,” echoing the medieval times’ reverence and blessings.

86. Dorothea ( Girl )

A vintage-sounding variant of Dorothy, carrying the timeless charm of being considered a “gift of God.”

87. Jasmine ( Girl )

Originating from rich Persian traditions, Jasmine, a name as fragrant as the flower it represents, signifies a “gift of God,” reminding us of the beauty and blessings that surround us.

88. Theo ( Boy )

Short for Theodore, this Greek name translates to “God-given”, a beautiful sentiment for any newborn.

89. Bogdana ( Girl )

A name of Slavic origin, Bogdana signifies “given by God,” embodying the precious gift of life granted by the divine.

90. Donata ( Girl )

An Italian name meaning “given by God,” symbolizing a precious gift from the divine to a family.

91. Abisai ( Boy )

A Hebrew name meaning “gift of God,” representing the cherished love and blessings bestowed upon us from above.

92. Byrd ( Girl )

Meaning “precious gift from above” in English, Byrd is a name that captures the joy and wonder of God’s gifts in our lives.

93. Addai ( Boy )

Originating from ancient Assyrian traditions, Addai means “gift of God,” signifying the grace and blessings bestowed upon us from above.

94. Dorotheos ( Boy )

An exotic Greek name meaning “gift of God,” capturing the essence of divine blessings in its unique sound.

95. Sven ( Boy )

A Scandinavian name, Sven means “gift of God,” symbolizing the divine blessings and grace in our lives.

96. Atallah ( Boy )

With roots in Arabic, Atallah means “gift of God,” representing the precious blessings and love bestowed upon us by the divine.

97. Dorete ( Girl )

A Danish variant of Dorothy, this name also signifies “gift of God,” emphasizing the gratitude and joy found in divine blessings.

98. Ayan ( Boy )

A popular name in multiple cultures, Ayan means “gift of God” in Arabic and symbolizes the precious love and blessings bestowed upon us from above.

99. Donatella ( Girl )

A feminine variant of Donato, this Italian name also means “gift of God,” representing the cherished blessings found in a relationship with the divine.

100. Devarsh ( Boy )

A unique Indian name, Devarsh means “gift of God,” celebrating the divine blessings and grace in our lives.

101. Dorek (Boy)

A name of Polish origin, Dorek means “a gift from God,” reminding us that all good things in our lives are ultimately gifts from the divine.

102. Enam (Girl)

A beautiful Arabic name, Enam means “God’s gift,” representing the precious blessings and love bestowed upon us by God.

103. Fyodor (Boy)

A Slavic name meaning “God’s gift,” Fyodor captures the appreciation and gratitude for the blessings bestowed upon us by the divine.

104. Alanis (Girl)

With roots in both Gaelic and Spanish, Alanis means “precious” or “valuable,” representing the significance and value of God’s blessings in our lives.

105. Ata (Boy)

A name of Persian origin, Ata means “gift,” symbolizing the gratitude and appreciation for all the blessings bestowed upon us by God.

106. Darina (Girl)

Meaning “gift” or “present” in Bulgarian and Russian, Darina also has roots in multiple other languages, capturing the universal understanding of God’s blessings in our lives.

107. Hadiya (Girl)

A name with Arabic roots, Hadiya signifies “gift,” reminding us that all good things are ultimately gifts from the divine.

108. Hanno ( Boy )

A German name meaning “God’s gift,” Hanno represents the precious blessings and love bestowed upon us by God. 108.

109. Dorette ( Girl )

With origins in French, Dorette means “gift of God” or “divine gift,” capturing the essence of divine blessings in its elegant sound.

110. Hansel ( Boy )

A German name meaning “God is gracious,” Hansel symbolizes the love and blessings bestowed upon us from above.

111. Jemal (Boy)

Originating from Arabic, Jemal means “handsome” or “beautiful,” representing God’s beautiful gifts in our lives.

112. Dottie ( Girl )

An adorable nickname for Dorothy, Dottie captures the charm and joy of being considered a “gift of God.”

113. Maceo ( Boy )

A name with Spanish and Italian roots, Maceo means “God’s gift,” representing the precious blessings and love bestowed upon us by God.

114. Shreya ( Girl )

A popular Indian name, Shreya means “blessed” or “beloved,” signifying the divine blessings and love in our lives.

115. Hansvi ( Girl )

A name of Sanskrit origin, Hansvi translates to “God’s gift,” representing the cherished blessings and grace in our lives.


From Elijah to Anaya, these names that mean God hold powerful stories and meanings behind them. They represent hope, faith, and a deep connection to the divine.

Whether you’re looking for a name for your child or simply curious about the origins of these names, we hope this journey through celestial names has inspired and enlightened you.

Remember, no matter what name we bear, we are all God’s children, loved and cherished in His eyes.

So, let us hold on to our faith and continue to spread love and kindness in this world. For in doing so, we are truly reflecting the divine within us.

So go ahead, choose a name that speaks to your heart and reflects the glory of God. And may it be a reminder for you and your child of the everlasting bond between humanity and divinity.

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