97 Soft Feminine Names That Are Sweet and Serene

Are you looking for a soft feminine names with a sweet meaning? Look no further! In this article, we will explore the world of elegant and graceful names that exude a sense of sweetness.

In a world where trends come and go, there’s something timeless about soft feminine names. These names evoke a sense of resonating, grace, elegance, sophistication with a kind heart.

From classical names to modern names each name has its own unique meaning.

These names are perfect for parents who want to give their child a gentle and delicate name with a beautiful meaning.

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore a curated selection of soft feminine names with sweet meanings, symbolism, origins and cultural significance.

Why Choose a Soft Feminine Name?

There are many reasons why parents may opt for a soft feminine name for their daughter.

For some, it may simply be a personal preference, while for others, it may hold a deeper meaning or cultural significance.

Some common characteristics associated with soft feminine names include:

  • Gentle and delicate nature
  • A sense of grace and elegance 
  • Sweet and kind-hearted personality
  • Timeless and classic appeal
  • Often associated with nature, flowers or other elements of beauty.
Feminine Names with Sweet Meanings

Feminine Names with Sweet Meanings

  1. Adelaide: Meet Adelaide, the epitome of nobility and kindness. She’s like your favorite storybook queen, always there with a warm smile.
  2. Amara: Everlasting and immortal, Amara is the name for those who leave a mark on the world that time itself cannot erase.
  3. Anya: Graceful and merciful, Anya floats through life with a ballet dancer’s poise and a saint’s heart.
  4. Belle: Just like her namesake, Belle is a beauty, turning heads and charming hearts with ease.
  5. Cara: The name for the most cherished, Cara is as beloved as a treasured family heirloom.
  6. Dulcie: Sweetness personified, Dulcie brings a dash of sugar to the spice of life.
  7. Elena: A beacon of hope, Elena shines bright, guiding the way with her luminous spirit.
  8. Felicity: For the joy-bringers, Felicity captures the essence of pure happiness and heartwarming laughter.
  9. Gemma: A jewel among names, Gemma sparkles with the promise of hidden treasures.
  10. Hannah: Embodiment of grace and favor, Hannah is a reminder of life’s gentle blessings.
  11. Isla: Serenity in a sea of chaos, Isla is a peaceful haven, calm and untouched.
  12. Jasmine: Fragrant and graceful, Jasmine is a breath of fresh air on a spring day.
  13. Kira: Like a ray of sunshine, Kira lights up the room, heralding a new dawn.
  14. Layla: Mysterious as the night sky, Layla holds beauty that whispers secrets of the dark.
  15. Mila: Gracious and dear, Mila is the friend everyone wishes they had, always there with a kind word.
  16. Nina: Dreamer with a heart full of adventure, Nina sees the world with wonder and awe.
  17. Olivia: As enduring as the olive tree, Olivia stands for peace in tumultuous times.
  18. Phoebe: Radiant as the moon, Phoebe illuminates the path for those lost in the night.
  19. Quinn: Wise beyond years, Quinn offers insights sprinkled with wit, a true sage in the making.
  20. Rose: The classic emblem of love and beauty, Rose is timeless, a testament to enduring elegance.
  21. Serena: Tranquility personified, Serena is the calm in the heart of the storm.
  22. Talia: Like dew from heaven, Talia refreshes the soul, nurturing growth with her presence.
  23. Uma: A nurturing force, Uma embodies the strength and tenderness of motherhood itself.
  24. Violet: More than just a flower, Violet is a splash of color in an otherwise drab world.
  25. Willow: Graceful and resilient, Willow bends but never breaks, standing tall through life’s trials.
  26. Xanthe: With locks of gold, Xanthe shines brightly, a beacon of light and beauty.
  27. Yara: Graceful as a butterfly, Yara symbolizes transformation, embodying change and new beginnings.
  28. Zara: Royalty in every step, Zara carries herself with the grace of a princess, commanding the room.
  29. Aurora: The break of dawn, Aurora heralds new beginnings, painting the sky with hope.
  30. Bianca: Pure as the driven snow, Bianca is a fresh start, a blank slate ready to be written upon.
  31. Celeste: Heavenly and divine, Celeste is a name that reaches for the stars, dreaming big.
  32. Daisy: Innocence blooms with Daisy, a reminder of the simple joys and purity of heart.
  33. Elara: Shining brightly, Elara is a beacon in the darkness, guiding the way forward.
  34. Fiona: With fair beauty, Fiona is a vision of grace, embodying the light in every room.
  35. Grace: The essence of elegance, Grace moves with poise, leaving a trail of admirers in her wake.
  36. Hazel: Earthy and warm, Hazel is a reminder of autumnal coziness and the simple pleasures of life.
  37. Ivy: Climbing high, Ivy represents determination and the bonds of love, steadfast and enduring.
  38. Jade: Precious as the gemstone, Jade is a symbol of purity and protection, a guardian in the night.
  39. Kaya: Pure and wise, Kaya is an old soul in a new world, offering insights with a gentle voice.
  40. Luna: The moon’s mystery, Luna is the keeper of secrets, a guardian of the night’s magic.
  41. Mabel: Sweet Mabel, lovable and soft, she’s the heart of the family, always bringing people together.
  42. Nora: Carrying a light, Nora is a beacon of hope and honor, illuminating the path for others.
  43. Olive: Symbolizing peace and fruitfulness, Olive is a reminder of the olive branch, offering reconciliation.
  44. Piper: With a melody in their heart, Piper plays the soundtrack of life, setting the rhythm for those around them.
  45. Quincy: Estate of the fifth son, Quincy carries a legacy of uniqueness, standing out in a crowd.
  46. Rhea: Flowing like a gentle stream, Rhea is the lifeblood of creativity, nurturing all she touches.
  47. Sylvie: Whispering tales of the forest, Sylvie is a walk through the woods, refreshing the soul.
  48. Thea: Divine in her essence, Thea is a goddess among mortals, blessing all with her presence.
  49. Una: Singular and unique, Una is the one in a million, a rare find in the tapestry of life.
  50. Vera: Embodiment of faith and truth, Vera is a steadfast guide, always leading by example.
  51. Wren: With a song in the air, Wren is a melody of nature, a symphony of the simple and the sublime.
  52. Xenia: Hospitality personified, Xenia welcomes all with open arms, a sanctuary for the weary.
  53. Yasmin: Like the jasmine flower, Yasmin is a fragrant reminder of the beauty in the world.
  54. Zelda: Warrior at heart, Zelda is a protector, a fierce guardian of those she loves.
  55. Aria: A melody that dances on the air, Aria is a song of the heart, a harmony of life’s beauty.
  56. Brielle: Strength and divine power, Brielle is a fortress, a beacon of hope in the darkness.
  57. Calla: Beyond beauty, Calla is elegance personified, a bloom of perfection in a wild garden.
  58. Delphine: Graceful as the dolphin, Delphine carries the wisdom of the deep, an oracle of the ocean.
  59. Evangeline: Bearing good news, Evangeline is a light in the darkness, a messenger of joy.
  60. Freya: Noble lady, Freya is a queen in her own right, ruling with kindness and strength.
  61. Giselle: A pledge of peace, Giselle is a hostess of the heart, welcoming all to share in the joy.
  62. Holly: Festive and bright, Holly is the spirit of the holidays, bringing cheer and warmth to cold days.
  63. Iris: A rainbow bridge, Iris connects worlds, a messenger of the gods bearing hope and renewal.
  64. Juniper: Youthful spirit, Juniper is a reminder of the endless possibilities, a spark of potential.
  65. Kaia: Earthly and nurturing, Kaia is a grounding force, a reminder of our connection to the natural world.
  66. Lilith: Enigmatic as the night, Lilith is a tale of mystery and empowerment, a journey into the self.
  67. Maeve: Intoxicatingly charming, Maeve is a whirlwind of passion and joy, a celebration of life itself.
  68. Nola: Renowned and noble, Nola stands tall, a beacon of light in the pursuit of greatness.
  69. Ophelia: Offering help and hope, Ophelia is a hand extended in the darkness, a guide to safe harbor.
  70. Pearl: A gem born from adversity, Pearl is resilience and beauty, a testament to strength.
  71. Quinta: Marking a milestone, Quinta is a celebration of moments, a commemoration of life’s chapters.
  72. Rowan: Fiery spirit, Rowan is a flash of brilliance, a spark that ignites passion and creativity.
  73. Sasha: Defender of dreams, Sasha is a shield in the night, a guardian of the sacred and the hopeful.
  74. Tamsin: A bond unbroken, Tamsin is the connection between souls, a twin flame in the darkness.
  75. Una: Singular and unmatched, Una is a beacon of uniqueness, a one-of-a-kind gem in the universe.
  76. Violetta: Delicately strong, Violetta is a whisper of beauty, a tender strength in a vibrant world.
  77. Willa: Steadfast protector, Willa is a fortress of resolve, guarding those she loves with fierce loyalty.

Feminine Names Meaning “loved”, “treasured”

  1. Amara: From the Latin word for “beloved”, Amara is a name that represents deep affection and adoration.
  2. Carys: Meaning “love” in Welsh, Carys embodies the warmth and tenderness of unconditional love.
  3. Esme: Derived from the Old French word for “loved”, Esme is a name that exudes affection and admiration.
  4. Milena: With roots in the Slavic word for “love”, Milena is a name that symbolizes strong and enduring love.
  5. Priya: In Sanskrit, Priya means “beloved” or “darling”, making it a beautiful name for a cherished little one.
  6. Suki: With origins in Japanese, Suki means “beloved”, a fitting name for a child who is deeply loved and treasured.
  7. Aiko: Meaning “child of love” in Japanese, Aiko is a name that conveys the special bond between parent and child.
  8. Carina: Derived from the Latin word for “dear”, Carina is a name that represents deep affection and fondness.
  9. Davina: From the Hebrew word for “beloved”, Davina is a name that embodies cherished love and devotion.
  10. Mahal: In Filipino, Mahal means “love” or “beloved”, a beautiful name with a profound meaning.
  11. Sarina: With roots in Hebrew and Sanskrit, Sarina means “beloved” or “precious”, two qualities every child possesses.
  12. Zainab: From the Arabic word for “fragrant flower”, Zainab is a name that symbolizes love, beauty, and grace.
  13. Mila: In Slavic languages, Mila means “dear” or “loved”, a name that radiates warmth and affection.
  14. Niamh: Pronounced “neev”, Niamh is an Irish name meaning “radiance” or “brightness”, representing the light and love a child brings into the world.
  15. Querida: In Spanish, Querida means “beloved” or “dear”, a name that reflects the preciousness of a child’s life.
  16. Vida: Derived from the Spanish word for “life”, Vida is a name full of love and vitality, perfect for an energetic little one.
  17. Aimee: With French origins, Aimee means “loved” or “beloved”, a name that encapsulates the adoration and affection felt for a child.
  18. Dilshaad: Of Persian origin, Dilshaad means “happy heart” or “cheerful”, representing the joy and love a child brings to their family.
  19. Kanani: In Hawaiian, Kanani means “beauty” or “glory”, a name that celebrates the beauty and love found in every child.
  20. Mabelle: From the Latin word for “loving”, Mabelle is a name that speaks to the unconditional love and adoration parents have for their children.

Wrap Up!

And there you have it, a collection of soft, feminine names that not only sound beautiful but carry with them deep meanings of love, cherished bonds, and the undying beauty of being treasured.

Whether you’re inspired by the elegance of Iris, the love encapsulated in Amara, or the unique charm of Una, each name offers its own story and promise.

Choosing a name for your little one is a profound act of love, a first gift that they will carry throughout their lives.

We hope this list has sparked some ideas and perhaps even the perfect choice for your newest family member.

Remember, the right name is out there, just waiting to be discovered by you.

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