140 Tahitian First Names + Meanings

Welcome to the Fascinating World of Tahitian First Names! Dive into the rich and vibrant culture of Tahiti through the lens of its beautiful first names.

Each Tahitian name isn’t just a label; it’s a story, a piece of history, and a thread in the vibrant tapestry of Polynesian heritage.

Discover the meanings behind these names and what they say about the values, aspirations, and traditions of Tahitian society.

Whether you’re looking for a name that resonates with nature, evokes a sense of adventure, or reflects deep cultural roots, this interactive guide will enlighten and inspire you.

Let this journey through Tahitian names reveal the soul and spirit of a culture that treasures the beauty and significance of every word.

Significance of Tahitian Names

In Tahitian culture, names carry profound significance and are often chosen with great care and deliberation.

Unlike in many Western societies where names are a matter of preference, Tahitian names carry deep meaning and cultural importance.

They often reflect the natural world, embodying qualities of flora, fauna, and landscapes that hold special significance to the Polynesian people.

Moreover, Tahitian names can also denote aspirations, virtues, and familial connections. For instance, a name might symbolize strength, wisdom, or beauty, acting as a guiding star for the individual throughout their life.

Family heritage plays a pivotal role, with names being passed down through generations, thereby preserving the lineage and honoring ancestors.

This deep cultural practice not only binds the individual to their immediate family but also weaves them into the larger tapestry of their community and heritage.

Through the lens of Tahitian names, one can gain a richer understanding of the values, beliefs, and traditions that animate Tahitian society.

Tahitian Boy First Names + Meanings

Tahitian Boy First Names + Meanings

Anani: “Orange tree” – Symbolizes vitality and growth.

Apirana: “Sacred child” – Often bestowed upon children as a blessing.

Aramaiti: “Compassion” – Represents empathy and kindness.

Ariihau: “Royal rain” – Emphasizes the importance of nature’s blessings.

Haunui: “Big wind” – Reflects power and force of nature.

Heiata: “Crowned king” – Denotes leadership and nobility.

Heimana: “Living crown” – Symbolizes honor and prestige.

Herenui: “Great love” – Represents profound affection and care.

Hiro: “Name of a warrior hero” – Implies bravery and heroism.

Mahana: “Sun” – Signifies warmth and life-giving energy.

Manutea: “White bird” – Symbolizes peace and freedom.

Marama: “Moonlight” – Reflects calmness and serenity.

Mareva: “Migrating soul” – Represents a journey or transition.

Matani: “Wind, breeze” – Symbolizes change and movement.

Matatoa: “Famed warrior” – Denotes renown and strength in battle.

Moana: “Ocean, sea” – Represents vastness and depth.

Noa: “Freedom” – Implies liberty and independence.

Poe: “Pearl” – Symbolizes rarity and value.

Puarai: “Flower of the rain” – Reflects beauty thriving under nourishment.

Raimana: “Sky, heaven” – Denotes the vast expanse and divinity.

Rairai: “Supreme chief” – Reflects ultimate authority and leadership.

Tamatoa: “Chief warrior” – Signifies strength and leadership in battle.

Tamatoa: “Brave man” – Represents courage and bravery.

Tamarii: “Youth, child” – Symbolizes innocence and potential.

Tane: “Man, god of forests” – Denotes masculinity and natural guardianship.

Taatira: “Unity” – Emphasizes togetherness and solidarity.

Taparu: “Feather” – Represents lightness and agility.

Tehani: “Sweet caress” – Implies gentleness and affection.

Tahitai: “Kingdom of dawn” – Symbolizes new beginnings and hope.

Tevaiharoa: “Path to the ocean” – Reflects a journey towards vast possibilities.

Terama: “Light” – Denotes illumination and clarity.

Tetuanui: “Sacred island” – Symbolizes sanctity and isolation.

Teva: “Leader of the people” – Implies guidance and responsibility.

Timi: “Honor” – Reflects respect and integrity.

Tini: “Many” – Symbolizes abundance and multitude.

Toa: “Warrior” – Denotes strength and valor.

Toanui: “Great warrior” – Represents exceptional bravery and power.

Toatea: “Brave person” – Implies courage and fearlessness.

Toarere: “Living warrior” – Reflects vitality and strength in combat.

Tomai: “Steadfast” – Symbolizes reliability and determination.

Toriki: “Leader” – Denotes authority and guidance.

Tupaia: “Navigator” – Reflects knowledge and exploration skills.

Tupuna: “Ancestor” – Symbolizes heritage and respect.

Uapou: “Sacred circle” – Represents unity and reverence.

Vahana: “Chief” – Denotes leadership and responsibility.

Vaihoa: “Sacred water” – Symbolizes spiritual purity.

Vairua: “Spirit” – Reflects spirituality and essence.

Vehiatua: “Fortunate” – Denotes luck and blessings.

Viro: “Strength” – Symbolizes power and resilience.

Viva: “Alive” – Represents vitality and life force.

Uru: “Breadfruit” – Symbolizes sustenance and abundance.

Vai: “Water” – Represents life and purity.

Vaianu: “Generous sea” – Implies bountifulness and generosity.

Vairaoa: “Sacred water” – Symbolizes purity and spiritual significance.

Vatea: “God of the sea” – Denotes power and control over the ocean.

Tahitian Girl First Names + Meanings

Tahitian Girl First Names + Meanings

Ahura: “Dawn” – Symbolizes new beginnings and hope.

Anapa: “Flash of lightning” – Represents sudden brightness and impact.

Apetahi: “Sacred flower” – Denotes beauty and spiritual significance.

Ariifaite: “Royal weaving” – Implies nobility and intricate craftsmanship.

Ariirau: “Rain queen” – Symbolizes leadership and nature’s blessings.

Atarau: “Moonlight” – Reflects gentleness and serenity.

Ehia: “Blessing” – Denotes divine favor and grace.

Emere: “Loving one” – Represents affection and warmth.

Faheina: “Flower garden” – Symbolizes beauty and abundance.

Hauarii: “Royal dew” – Denotes purity and significance.

Heipua: “Crown of flowers” – Represents honor and natural beauty.

Heirani: “Crowned with the sky” – Symbolizes vast reach and majesty.

Herenui: “Great love” – Reflects profound affection and care.

Heva: “Cherished” – Implies being treasured and valued.

Hina: “Goddess of the moon” – Denotes beauty and mystery.

Hinano: “Magnolia flower” – Symbolizes purity and elegance.

Hirirau: “Feather crown” – Reflects lightness and royal beauty.

Hitiura: “Golden glow” – Denotes warmth and brilliance.

Hokulea: “Star of gladness” – Symbolizes hope and direction.

Ioaneva: “Heavenly mist” – Reflects ethereal beauty and grace.

Irae: “Enthusiasm” – Denotes vigor and excitement.

Kaorana: “Golden horizon” – Implies endless possibilities and optimism.

Maire: “Plant used in leis” – Symbolizes celebration and connection.

Mahana: “Sun” – Signifies warmth and life-giving energy.

Maiarii: “Beloved princess” – Denotes cherished nobility.

Manaarii: “Divine gift” – Reflects spiritual grace and blessings.

Manavai: “Water garden” – Symbolizes life and nourishment.

Mareva: “Migrating soul” – Represents a journey or transition.

Moeata: “Sleep in the moonlight” – Reflects tranquility and peace.

Moerani: “Sweet sleep” – Denotes comfort and restfulness.

Moeura: “Golden sleep” – Symbolizes precious rest and peace.

Naia: “Dolphin” – Implies playfulness and intelligence.

Noana: “Freedom” – Denotes liberty and independence.

Noe: “Mist” – Symbolizes mystery and ethereal beauty.

Orohena: “Embrace from the heights” – Reflects lofty affection and care.

Poehere: “Beloved pearl” – Symbolizes treasured rarity.

Poeiti: “Little pearl” – Denotes delicacy and beauty.

Raia: “Of the sky” – Implies divine attributes and presence.

Raivavae: “Bright sunlight” – Symbolizes clarity and brilliance.

Raiata: “Clear sky” – Reflects purity and calmness.

Rangiroa: “Bright sky” – Denotes clarity and expansiveness.

Rauata: “Feather dawn” – Symbolizes delicate beginnings.

Rauhoura: “Golden feather” – Implies preciousness and lightness.

Tanehouai: “Sacred spirits” – Reflects spirituality and reverence.

Tara: “Star” – Denotes guidance and brilliance.

Tehina: “Sweet as sugar” – Symbolizes pleasantness and charm.

Tehani: “Sweet caress” – Implies gentleness and affection.

Teiteiara: “High sky queen” – Symbolizes supreme leadership and grandeur.

Tiare: “Flower” – Represents beauty and elegance.

Tihoni: “Delicate flower” – Symbolizes delicate beauty and grace.

Tirautua: “Star dancer” – Reflects elegance and celestial connection.

Tiva: “Dance” – Represents cultural expression and joy.

Tore: “Prayer” – Denotes spirituality and reverence.

Tuanua: “Rainbow” – Symbolizes diversity and beauty of nature.

Urua: “Green” – Represents freshness and vitality.

Vaiana: “Water goddess” – Denotes life and divine purity.

Vaitiare: “Water flower” – Reflects beauty and purity.

Tahitian Unisex First Names + Meanings

Aio: “Peace” – Symbolizes tranquility and calmness, often associated with a serene state of mind and a harmonious environment.

Anui: “Great peace” – Reflects profound serenity and harmony, representing a deep, enduring sense of well-being and contentment.

Ari: “King” – Symbolizes leadership and nobility, embodying qualities of authority, wisdom, and honorable governance.

Ekai: “Tide” – Reflects the ebb and flow of life, signifying the natural rhythms and cycles that influence our existence.

Fare: “House” – Denotes stability and shelter, symbolizing a safe haven and a place of comfort and security.

Hau: “Dew” – Denotes freshness and purity, often associated with the early morning and the renewal of life.

Hina: “Moon” – Represents beauty and mystery, used for both genders, symbolizing the enchanting and ever-changing nature of life.

Hokulea: “Star of Gladness” – Represents hope and navigation, guiding individuals through life’s journey with a sense of joy and optimism.

Kalei: “The Flower Wreath” – Symbolizes beauty and celebration, often linked with festivities and the appreciation of nature’s splendor.

Mareva: “Migrating Soul” – Implies transition and journey, reflecting the idea of continual growth and exploration.

Maui: “God of strength” – Symbolizes power and energy, representing the might and vigor necessary to overcome challenges.

Moana: “Ocean” – Reflects vastness and depth, symbolizing the infinite possibilities and profound mysteries of life.

Nana: “Spring” – Represents renewal and growth, signifying a time of rebirth, rejuvenation, and new beginnings.

Noa: “Free” – Denotes simplicity and liberty, embodying the essence of a carefree and unburdened existence.

Nui: “Great” – Denotes grandeur and significance, often associated with impressive stature and notable achievements.

Pu: “Shell” – Reflects natural beauty and uniqueness, symbolizing individuality and the treasures found within the natural world.

Raiatea: “Bright sky” – Symbolizes clarity and expansiveness, suitable for either gender, representing an open mind and clear vision.

Tane: “Man, heaven” – Reflects strength and divinity, embodying qualities of physical prowess and spiritual elevation.

Teva: “Brave” – Symbolizes courage and strength, representing the fortitude to face adversity with confidence and determination.

Ua: “Rain” – Denotes nurturing and life-giving properties, symbolizing growth, renewal, and the sustenance essential for life.

Upu: “Sacred Word” – Represents reverence and spirituality, signifying the power of language and the sanctity of speech.

Vai: “Water” – Denotes life and purity, a fitting name for any gender, symbolizing the fundamental essence of life and cleansing.

Vahine: “Woman” – Symbolizes femininity and strength, representing the empowering qualities inherent in womanhood.

Vatea: “God of the sea” – Represents control over the ocean, used for both genders, symbolizing mastery over the vast and powerful sea.

Vero: “Spear” – Denotes agility and precision, embodying the qualities of sharpness, focus, and swift action.

Fetia: “Star” – Symbolizes guidance and illumination, often associated with celestial bodies and the pursuit of knowledge and truth. It can also represent aspirations and goals in life.

Hauata: “Sunrise” – Denotes a new beginning and optimism, symbolizing the start of a new day filled with possibilities and potential. It can also represent hope and positivity in overcoming challenges.

Heremoana: “Blue Ocean” – Reflects the vastness and beauty of the ocean, often associated with tranquility and peace. It can also symbolize a deep connection to nature and its wonders.

Final Thoughts

Tahitian names are steeped in rich cultural meanings and symbolism, reflecting the values and beliefs of the Polynesian people.

These names not only honor the natural world around us but also embody virtues such as peace, strength, and beauty.

Whether you choose a traditional Tahitian name or one with a modern twist, each name carries its own unique significance and story.

So if you’re looking for a meaningful and distinct name for your child, consider exploring the vast array of Tahitian names and their beautiful meanings.

So next time you hear someone say “Aroha” or “Teitiare,” remember that these names hold much more than just sound – they represent an entire culture’s history, beliefs, and way of life.

Let us embrace and celebrate the beauty of Tahitian names, honoring the wonderful diversity and richness of our world’s cultures.

So go ahead, dive into the fascinating world of Tahitian names and discover the perfect name for your little one.

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