364 Electrical Company Name Ideas That Spark Success

Finding the perfect name for your electrical company is a vital step in your business journey.

It can set the tone for your brand and help you stand out in a crowded marketplace.

This blog post will offer a selection of inventive and unique electrical company name ideas.

Whether you’re just starting out or looking to rebrand, you’ll find plenty of inspiration to spark your creativity.

Stick around and discover a name that truly embodies your business values and services.

The Importance of a Good Electrical Company Name

A catchy business name is a powerful tool for brand recognition. It’s the hook that reels in potential customers and makes your business stand out in a crowded market.

On the other hand, a well-thought-out name also reflects business professionalism.

It shows that you have invested time and effort into building your brand, which can instill trust and confidence in your customers.

Furthermore, a name that is tailored to your target audience can be an effective magnet, drawing in the customers you are aiming to serve.

Characteristics of a Good Electrical Company Name:

  • Electricity companies often prefer concise and straightforward business names.
  • Choose a company name that’s easy to pronounce and spell. It’ll make it convenient and accessible for others to remember and find your business.
  • Choosing unique and interesting names for your electricity-related projects yields better results compared to using copied or generic options.
  • Electrical company names usually don’t lead to abbreviations.
  • Avoid too many trendy names.

Top Electrical Company Names and Why They Work

With the right name, a business in the electrical industry can really light up its brand. Here are some of the top electrical company names and why they work:

  1. Watts Up Electric – This name is straightforward and memorable, while also conveying a friendly attitude.
  2. Bright Sparks Electric – This name is clever and creative, which sets it apart from generic electrical company names.
  3. CenterPoint Energy – This name is powerful and authoritative, which can give customers the confidence they need to trust your business.
  4. Lighten Up Electrical – This name is fun and upbeat, making it perfect for businesses that are looking to appeal to a younger audience.
  5. American Electric Power Company – This is a strong name that conveys a sense of patriotism and loyalty.
  6. DTE Energy Company – This name is short and simple, making it easy to remember.
  7. Illuminate Electrical – This name is catchy and evocative, conveying the idea of an electrical company that brings light into people’s lives.
  8. NextEra Energy – This name is modern and forward-thinking, hinting at the innovative solutions that your business provides.
Electrical Company Names Idea

Electrical Company Names Idea

Below are some electrical company names ideas that can help get your creativity flowing:

  1. Arc Electric
  2. Wattage Worx
  3. Short Circuit Solutions
  4. Voltage Buzz Electricals
  5. Prime Power Pros
  6. Current Master Electricians
  7. Ampere Apparatus Company
  8. Voltage Ventures Corporation
  9. Spark Solutions
  10. Power Pro Electric
  11. Wired Wizards
  12. ElectraTech
  13. Current Connections
  14. Jolt Electric Co.
  15. Amped Up Electrical
  16. Lighting Innovations
  17. Volt Vanguard
  18. Energy Efficient Solutions
  19. Circuit Breakers Inc.
  20. Shockwave Electric
  21. Bright Spark Electricians
  22. Mega Watts Electric
  23. Illuminex Electrical Services
  24. Lightning Bolt Contractors
  25. Fuse Force Electric
  26. Current Control Systems
  27. Watt Wise Electric
  28. Precision Power Pros
  29. Electri-Care Services
  30. Energy Source Electric
  31. The Power Surge Team
  32. Live Wire Electric Co.
  33. Volt Vision
  34. Brilliant Brights
  35. Supercharged Solutions
  36. Electric Express
  37. Watts Up Electricians
  38. Wired for Success
  39. Bright Ideas Electric
  40. Amped Sparks
  41. Voltage Vortex
  42. ElectraMasters
  43. Powerhouse Professionals
  44. We Volte
  45. Influx Electric

Cool Electrical Company Names

A cool name for your electrical business can show customers that you do things differently and aren’t like other companies.

Here are a few examples of cool electrical company names:

  1. Voltage Visionaries
  2. Lightning Rod Specialists
  3. Electrify Solutions
  4. Watt Works Electricians
  5. Power Pros Co.
  6. Kiwi Energy
  7. Five Star Electric
  8. Touchstone Energy
  9. Transformer Shop
  10. Venus Electric Co
  11. Persistent Energy Partners
  12. High Tech Electric
  13. Icon electro
  14. Radiant Energy
  15. Code Green Solar
  16. Power Progress
  17. Smart Energy
  18. Mega sphere Electric
  19. Gigawatt
  20. Mars Electric
  21. City Light
  22. North House Power Corp
  23. Pacific Power
  24. Chain Electric Company
  25. Elexcellence
  26. White Bright Electric
  27. Power Moves
  28. A-C Electrical Company
  29. Current Electric Co
  30. Top Quality Electric
  31. Service Electric Co
  32. Ampere+
  33. My Chariot Energy
  34. Bloom Energy
  35. A Boy Electric & Plumbing
  36. Whitewatt
  37. Solar Mass
  38. Voltmills
  39. Bay City Electric Works
  40. Next Era Energy Resources
  41. Winkle Electric Company
  42. Eletree Green Supply co
  43. Electric Eye Corp
  44. Royal Electrical Supply
  45. The Urban Electric Company
  46. Green Con Energy
  47. Evergreen Waste
  48. Ideal Electric
  49. Unity Electric
  50. Laz Electric LLC
  51. Arise electric
  52. Emerald Electric
  53. PicoVolt Co.
  54. Tri-Eagle Energy
  55. Harmony Electric Co.

Catchy Electrical Company Names

A catchy business name is one of the best ways to grab attention in an already crowded market.

Here are some catchy electrical company names that can help you stand out from the competition:

  1. Wizz Power Co
  2. Light Station Electric Supply
  3. Live Wire Electrical Services
  4. Arc Angel Electricians
  5. Absolute Power Electric
  6. Atomic Electrical
  7. Copperhead Electric
  8. Ignition Electricians
  9. Spark Solutions
  10. Amped Up Innovations
  11. Illuminate Electrical Services
  12. Wired Wizards
  13. Thunderbolt Technologies
  14. Energize Electric
  15. Shockwave Electric
  16. Dynamo Electric
  17. Plug & Play Electrical
  18. Power On Electrical Solutions
  19. Solar Specialists
  20. Voltage Vanguard
  21. Zap Electricians
  22. Brighten Up Electrical
  23. Sparks Fly Electric
  24. Power Up Electric
  25. Shocking Service
  26. Amp Up Your Life Electric
  27. Jolt Electric Co.
  28. Electrical Express
  29. Abc Electrics
  30. Mirsky Electric
  31. Brennan Electric
  32. Ajax Electric Co Inc
  33. High Energy Electric
  34. NW Wind & Solar
  35. Divine Electric LLC
  36. Electric Eye Corp.
  37. Bring The Light
  38. Essential Electric
  39. North Bay Corporation
  40. The Corner Electrical
  41. Bellevue Electric
  42. Artisan Electric Inc
  43. Neptune Electric Co
  44. Electric Avenue
  45. Exact Electric
  46. Current Power & Electric
  47. Graybar Electric Supply
  48. Poles Of Power
  49. Wired!
  50. Max Electric

Creative Electrical Company Names

Creative electrical company names can be a great way to make your business stand out from the competition.

Here are some creative electric company name ideas that you can use for inspiration:

  1. Energized Solutions
  2. Fuse Factory Electric
  3. Ohm Force Electricians
  4. Bright Sparks Electricals
  5. The Illumination Group
  6. Flash Electrics
  7. Circuit Logic
  8. Watts Up Electricals
  9. Electric Avenue LLC
  10. The Electric Company
  11. High Voltage Professionals
  12. Wired Wizards Electricals
  13. Power Surge Solutions
  14. Solar Powerful
  15. Power Professionals
  16. Energy Tree
  17. Atomic Charge
  18. Surge Solutions
  19. Elec Tricks
  20. Harmonious Electrical
  21. Influx Electrics
  22. HighBar Electricals
  23. Solarix Systems
  24. Static Solutions
  25. Flux Electric
  26. Power Fulls
  27. Blackout Nomo
  28. Smooth Electricity
  29. Sonic Electrics
  30. Wire Guys
  31. Greased Lightning
  32. Sparky’s Electric
  33. Shine Bright
  34. Kirby Electric
  35. Prime Electricians
  36. Seattle Electric
  37. Durkin Electric Company
  38. Electrifise
  39. Falcon Electric
  40. Johnstone Supply

Unique Electrical Company Name Ideas

Your company name should be unique enough to stand out from the crowd. Here are some unique electrical company names that you can use for inspiration:

  1. True Blue Electricians
  2. Voltage Ventures Corporation
  3. Bright Ideas Electric
  4. Circuit Breakers Inc.
  5. Supercharged Solutions
  6. Amped Sparks
  7. Electric Edge
  8. Circuit Crafters
  9. Energy Emporium
  10. Fuse Fusion
  11. ElectraElite
  12. Power Pulse
  13. Enigma Electric
  14. Ampere Architects
  15. Lumen Labs
  16. Dynamo Design
  17. Spark Innovations
  18. Illuminex Solutions
  19. Shockwave Systems
  20. Watt Wizardry
  21. ElectriCore
  22. Sparksmiths
  23. Lightning Logic
  24. GridLink Electricals
  25. LiveWire Electrika
  26. Powergen Inc.
  27. Sunbeam Energies
  28. Zero Emissions Solutions
  29. Caelum Energy solutions
  30. SafeWire Electric Co.
  31. Zephyr Power & lighting company
  32. Round The Clock Electricians
  33. Alternative Current Power Solutions
  34. Captain Circuit
  35. Faster than Light(FTL) Solutions
  36. Ampere Electric
  37. Astra Electrical
  38. Bright Side Electric & Solar
  39. Capacitor Electrical Experts
  40. Conductor Electric Company
  41. Different Light Electric Co.
  42. Enlighten Electricians
  43. Flashbulb Electrical Solutions
  44. Generate Electric & Solar
  45. High Wire Electric Co.
  46. Interconnect Electric Co.
  47. Live Wire Electrical Solutions
  48. On Switch Electrical Experts
  49. Overvolt Electricians
  50. Power Play Electric Co.
  51. Recharge Electrical Experts
  52. Spotlight Electrical Services
  53. Static Electric & Solar
  54. Wavelength Electrical
  55. Willpower Electric Company

Location-based Electrical Business Name Ideas

Location-based electrical business name ideas are a great way to give your business an edge in the local market.

Here are some location-based electrical business names you can use for inspiration:

  1. Anderson Electric & Solar
  2. Dayton Electric Company
  3. Brooklyn Electric
  4. Santa Cruz Electricians
  5. Austin Electric Solutions
  6. Chicago Electrical Services
  7. Boston Electricians Inc.
  8. Houston Electric
  9. San Francisco Electric Co.
  10. Seattle Electric & Lighting
  11. Tampa Bay Electrical Company
  12. Denver Electric Company
  13. Phoenix Energized Solutions
  14. Detroit Electrical Pros
  15. Sacramento Electric Solutions
  16. Cleveland Power Professionals
  17. New York City Electrical Company
  18. Indianapolis Electricians
  19. Nashville Electrical Services
  20. Orlando Electric & Lighting Co.
  21. Pittsburgh Electric Solutions
  22. St Louis Electrical Professionals
  23. Atlanta Electrical Solutions
  24. Los Angeles Electric Services
  25. Dallas/Fort Worth Electricians
  26. Minneapolis Electric Professionals
  27. San Antonio Electrical Services
  28. Philadelphia Energized Solutions
  29. Seattle/Tacoma Electric Co Inc
  30. Alabama Electric
  31. Baltimore Electric & Solar
  32. Boise Electric Co.
  33. Concord Electrical Experts
  34. Dover Electric Company
  35. El Paso Electric
  36. Fort Worth Electrical Experts
  37. Honolulu Electric & Solar
  38. Idaho Electric Co.
  39. Jacksonville Electrical Experts
  40. Lansing Electric & Solar
  41. Louisville Electrical Experts
  42. Maine Electrical Services
  43. Miami Electrical
  44. Milwaukee Electric Co.
  45. New Orleans Electric Company
  46. Oahu Electrical Solutions
  47. Electricians of Oakland
  48. Portland Electricians
  49. Raleigh Electric
  50. Topeka Electrical Experts

Funny Electrical Company Names

A funny electrical company name can be a great way to get noticed and generate some attention for your business.

Here are some funny electric company names you can use for inspiration:

  1. Shock & Awe Electricians
  2. Power Surge Supremes
  3. The Circuit Masters
  4. The Power Bros
  5. Voltage Vixens
  6. Arc Angels Electricians
  7. Breaker Boys Electric Company
  8. Sparkly Energy
  9. Copperhead Currents
  10. Electrifying Solutions
  11. Static Shock Specialists
  12. Electriquipo
  13. Ample Amps Co.
  14. Brothers Bright Electric Co.
  15. Preston Link ‘n Light Inc.
  16. Blinding Lights Co.
  17. Standard Spark Co.
  18. No-Shorts Electric
  19. Up2Code Conductors
  20. Reel Power Company
  21. Dunn Right Electronics
  22. Elektrology
  23. Charged Electricians Inc.
  24. Limelight Electricals
  25. The Zappy Guys
  26. Electrication Company
  27. Watt Electricians
  28. Lighting Catchers Company
  29. Zeus Power Hub
  30. Spartan Electricians
  31. Brighter Ideas Technologies
  32. Kleen Energy Solutions
  33. Earthentic Energy
  34. A Team of SuperConductors
  35. EcStatic Electricians
  36. Wattever You Need Electrical Shop
  37. Zero Resistance Power
  38. Live Wire Matters
  39. Positive Electricians
  40. Affordable Electrician
Professional Electric Company Names

Professional Electric Company Names

If you’re looking for an electric company name that sounds professional and trustworthy, here are some ideas:

  1. Reliable Electricians Solutions
  2. Certified Electricians Inc.
  3. Capital Electrical Experts
  4. Catalyst Electricians
  5. Professional Electric Co.
  6. Expert Electrical Services
  7. Universal Electric Solutions
  8. Advanced Electrical Contractors
  9. Total Electric Co Inc
  10. Integrity Electric Incorporated
  11. Innovative Power Solutions
  12. Superior Electrical Solutions
  13. Proven Power Connections
  14. Quality Electric Professionals
  15. Five-Star Electricians
  16. Master Electric Services
  17. Precision Electricians Inc
  18. Professional Power Systems
  19. Omega Electric Company
  20. Efficient Electricals Corp
  21. Safe & Secure Electricians
  22. Flair Electrical Experts
  23. Modern Electrical
  24. Platinum Electricians
  25. Quality Electrical
  26. Resolve Electricians
  27. Advanced Electric Services
  28. Powerhouse Electrical Solutions
  29. Right Choice Electricals Inc

Guidelines for Creating an Electrical Company Name

When it comes to coming up with an electrical company name, there are a few guidelines that you should follow:

  1. Simplicity: Choose a name that is easy to pronounce, spell, and remember. This helps customers easily recognize and recall your electrical company.
  2. Memorable: In a world of information overload, a simple yet memorable name will stick in customers’ minds. Make sure your name stands out and leaves a lasting impression.
  3. Uniqueness: Differentiate your business from competitors by selecting a unique name. A distinctive name helps your company stand out in a sea of generic terms.
  4. Relevance: Ensure your name is relevant to the electrical industry so customers immediately understand the services you offer. A name that reflects your specialization helps establish credibility.
  5. Future-proofing: Choose a name that can adapt to future expansions of your business. This allows you to grow without the need for rebranding. Plan for long-term success.
  6. Industry Terminology: Incorporate electrical industry terms into your name to convey expertise and attract the right audience. Avoid using corporate jargon that may be confusing to customers.
  7. Punctuation-Free: Register the name without any punctuation marks. This simplifies the process and makes it easier for customers to find your company online.
  8. Positive Tone: Stay away from negative words or connotations in your name. Opt for a name that conveys positivity and aligns with your brand values.


In conclusion, a strong, well-considered business name plays a critical role in establishing and growing a successful electrical company.

Take the time to create a name that resonates with your customers, reflects your professionalism, and stands out in the market.

Power up your business with a name that shines.

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