360+ Clever Paint Company Names for Your Business

Are you planning to start a painting business? Choosing a clever name that reflects your brand identity is crucial for building your business’s reputation and attracting potential customers.

With over 800 unique paint company names to choose from, you can find the perfect name that suits your style and resonates with your target audience.

Studies show that having a memorable and catchy business name can increase brand recognition and customer loyalty.

When people hear your company name, they should be able to associate it with quality, trustworthiness, and professionalism.

A creative and eye-catching name can make a lasting impression on your audience and help your business stand out from competitors.

With our extensive list of paint company names, you can choose a name that aligns with your business’s values and vision.

From catchy names like “Splash of Color” and “Brush Strokes,” to more professional-sounding names like “Perfectly Painted” and “Paint Pros,” our list has something for everyone.

So why wait? Browse our list of 800+ clever paint company names and find the perfect name for your business today!

Clever Paint Company Names for Your Business

Painting Company Names

  1. Colorful Creations
  2. Brush Buddies
  3. The Paint Factory
  4. Perfect Coating
  5. Fresh Coat Solutions
  6. Sunshine Painters
  7. Smooth Finishes
  8. Splash of Color
  9. Bright Touch Painting
  10. Brush Strokes
  11. Paint Pros
  12. Colorful Palette
  13. Vibrant Solutions
  14. The Paint Shack
  15. Dream Painter
  16. Rainbow Creations
  17. Wall Covering Experts
  18. Splattered Canvas
  19. Coat of Colors
  20. Bold Brushworks
  21. Topcoat Painting
  22. Perfectly Painted
  23. Coat of Perfection
  24. Walls Galore
  25. Roll & Brush Co.
  26. Sprinkle of Color
  27. Beautiful Blends
  28. Picture Perfect Paint
  29. Total Refinishing Solutions
  30. The Color Wheel

Creative Paint Company Names

  1. The Paint Genie
  2. Premier Painting
  3. Paint Masters
  4. Wall Worthy Designs
  5. Kolor Kingz Paint Co.
  6. Luxury Coats of Color
  7. Flawless Finishings
  8. Colorful Canvas Solutions
  9. Masterpiece Painters
  10. Artistic Finishes
  11. Unique Styles
  12. Aspire Painters
  13. Color Splash Interiors
  14. The Perfect Palette
  15. Dreamy Designs
  16. Pro Paint Solutions
  17. Wall Wizards
  18. Brush Masters
  19. Paint Guru
  20. Painting Pros
  21. Paintgenix
  22. Call Us Painters
  23. Coats of Quality
  24. Colorful Concepts
  25. Your Color Choice
  26. Paint City
  27. Paint Masters
  28. Stroke Pros
  29. Color Bars
  30. Color Exteriors

Painting Business Names

  1. Picture Perfect Paint
  2. Paintology
  3. The Color Institute
  4. Fresco Finishers
  5. Coat Kingz
  6. Rainbow Renovations
  7. Colorful Expressions
  8. Fast Finish Painters
  9. Painting Doctors
  10. Assort Art
  11. Paint & Twist
  12. Paint In Style
  13. Paint It Dry
  14. Masterbrush Painting
  15. Artistic Edge
  16. Urban Painters Co.
  17. Colorz R Us
  18. Paint & Roll Solutions
  19. The Colorful Choice
  20. Premier Paint Services
  21. Color Magic Solutions
  22. Paint It Company
  23. Splash of Paint
  24. Coat Crafters Inc.
  25. Colorful Expressions
  26. Coat Kings
  27. Paintology
  28. The Art of Painting
  29. Brush ‘N Roll Co.
  30. Timeless Tones

Unique Paint Company Names Idea

  1. Colorful Concepts
  2. Paint Perfectionists
  3. The Color Crafters
  4. Masterpiece Painting Inc.
  5. Elite Edge Painters
  6. Roll & Brush Masters
  7. Coat of Colors
  8. Paint Masters
  9. Picture Perfect Painting
  10. The Nifty Painters
  11. Ace of Paint Co.
  12. Colorscape Solutions
  13. Fresh Coat Finishers
  14. Vivid Visions
  15. Pigment Pioneers
  16. Silver Paint
  17. Blank Canvas Panting
  18. Colorful Coats of Paint
  19. Flawless Finesse Painting
  20. The Color Magician
  21. Accent Walls
  22. Masterful Murals
  23. Artistic Finishes Co.
  24. Perfectly Painted Plus
  25. Color Me
  26. Happy Painters
  27. The Paint Storehouse
  28. Creative Coatings Inc.
  29. Colorzastic Solutions
  30. Artful Paint Store

Professional Painting Business Names

  1. Precision Painting Pros
  2. Premium Painters
  3. The Professional Touch
  4. Expert Edge Painters
  5. Perfect Paint Pros
  6. Quality Coaters Inc.
  7. Paint Solutions Plus
  8. Masters of Color
  9. Painting Perfectionists
  10. Masterpiece Pro Painters
  11. Precision Painting Experts
  12. Elite Color Creations
  13. TrueHue Professionals
  14. Premier Paint Solutions
  15. FineFinish Painting Co.
  16. ExpertBrush Services
  17. PaintPerfection Pros
  18. Distinguished Decorators
  19. Artisan Color Specialists
  20. Supreme Surface Painters
  21. Vibrant Visions Pro
  22. Flawless Facades
  23. Immaculate Impressions
  24. Pristine Paint Masters
  25. UltraSmooth Surfaces
  26. Elegant Environments
  27. Transformative Touches
  28. Meticulous Makeovers
  29. Polished Palette Pros
  30. TCL Painters

Cool Painting Company Names

  1. Colorful Creations
  2. Artistic Edge Painters
  3. Cool Coatings Inc.
  4. Brush Buddies
  5. Paint Factory Solutions
  6. Perfect Coating Company
  7. The Paint Shack
  8. Smooth Finish Co.
  9. Dream Painter Services
  10. Bright Touch Painting
  11. Splash of Color Solutions
  12. Vibrant Solutions
  13. Rainbow Creations Inc.
  14. The Perfect Palette
  15. Eco Paints
  16. Pulse N Paints
  17. Colorful Concepts
  18. Ready Paint Co.
  19. Unique Styles Painting
  20. Fresh Coat Solutions
  21. Fast Finishers Co.
  22. Coat of Colors
  23. Wall Worthy Designs Inc
  24. Paint and Sip Studio
  25. Painting Pros
  26. Brush Masters Co.
  27. Artistic Finishes
  28. Colorful Canvas Solutions
  29. Paint Guru Inc.
  30. Creative Colors Painting

Clever Paint Company Names

  1. Paint Bros
  2. Job Well Done
  3. Color it High
  4. BrushWhiz Wonders
  5. Ingenious Inklings
  6. Artful Accents
  7. Rainbow Revamp
  8. Color Clever Co.
  9. Dazzling Duos
  10. Shade Savvy
  11. Tint Trends
  12. ColorWise Creations
  13. The Palette Police
  14. Hue Happiness
  15. Tint Town USA
  16. Color Country
  17. Design Dynasty
  18. Paintplosion Co.
  19. Spectacular Splashes
  20. Painting Partners Inc.
  21. Vivid Visions
  22. Colossal Coatings
  23. Splashy Solutions
  24. Cool Color Craze
  25. Paintopian Paradise
  26. BrushWorks Wonders
  27. Brilliant Brushes Co.
  28. Fresh Paint Pros Inc.
  29. Supreme Staining
  30. The Happy Brush

Funny Names for Painting Company

  1. Painting Pirates
  2. Hidden Paintings Inc.
  3. Multi-Colored Monkeys
  4. The Brush Bandits
  5. Stroke & Co.
  6. Art Attack Painters
  7. Color Crazy Pirates
  8. The Paint Posse
  9. Canvas Chaos Crew
  10. Fresh Lick of Paint
  11. Eyes on the Wall
  12. Happy Paintbrush Co.
  13. The Brushmen Brigade
  14. The Paint Junkies
  15. Vivid Vandalism Inc.
  16. Colorful Chaos Crew
  17. Paint-o-Mania!
  18. Witty Wall Wonders
  19. Palette Puns & Paint
  20. Splatter Matters
  21. The Drip Doctors
  22. A Stroke of Luck
  23. Paints & Ladders Inc.
  24. Fun & Fanciful Finish
  25. Hue It All
  26. Paint The Wall
  27. Bald & Brush
  28. Paint That Lasts!
  29. Why Color IT
  30. Soaked in Success

Cute Paint Company Names Ideas

  1. Refresh IT
  2. Ready Paint Co.
  3. Five-Star Painting
  4. Pan-Teng Services
  5. Proper Coats
  6. Paint Your World
  7. Painting Pals
  8. Thoughtful Touch
  9. Color Crafters Co.
  10. Artistic Edge
  11. The Color Wheel
  12. Paintology Inc.
  13. Rainbow Renovations
  14. Paint Masters Inc.
  15. Kolor Kingz
  16. Paint Co.
  17. Luxury Coats of Color
  18. Beautiful Walls
  19. Lovable Lusters
  20. Delightful Drips
  21. Enchanting Easels
  22. Dainty Decorators
  23. HappyHue Haven
  24. Splendid Spectrum
  25. Sweet Shades
  26. Cozy Colors
  27. Magical Makeovers
  28. Brush Huss
  29. Panda Painting Co.
  30. Tip Tap Paintings

Female Painting Company Names

  1. Girl Power Tint
  2. QueenBee Primer
  3. Sassy Oil Paints
  4. InspiringIris
  5. Visionary Colors
  6. Lady Paint Boss
  7. Female Founders
  8. Acrylics Womanly Dames
  9. Cute As A Brush
  10. Pristine Paintress
  11. Painterly Ladies
  12. Pretty Palettes Co.
  13. Elegance in Design
  14. The Art of Femme Fatale
  15. LadyLovin Lusters Inc.
  16. She Paints Well
  17. Sisters In Paint
  18. Women of Color
  19. Ladies Who Paint Co.
  20. Painting Princesses
  21. The Pink Palette
  22. Femme Finishes Co.
  23. Creative Caretakers
  24. Brush With Purpose
  25. Viva la Brush
  26. Palette Queens
  27. Graceful Walls
  28. She Paints Interiors
  29. Lady Brush Home
  30. Pink Brush Painting Co.

Canvas Painting Business Names

  1. Bold Borders
  2. Coloursome
  3. Canvas Mark
  4. Picvy
  5. Fun Canvas
  6. Bold & Blue
  7. Canvasly
  8. Picture Perfect Co.
  9. Luxury Life Arts
  10. The Art Room Studio
  11. GreenAvante Paintworks
  12. Canvas Color Craze
  13. The Palette Place
  14. Big Brush Painting Inc.
  15. Cool Canvas Crafts
  16. Canvas Crafts
  17. Old With Paint
  18. AAA Canvas Co.
  19. Stroke of Genius
  20. One Fine Stroke
  21. Holy Roller
  22. Canvas Artistry
  23. Painted Perfection
  24. Artful Canvases
  25. Canvas & Brush Co.
  26. Canvas Corner
  27. Canvas Masters Inc.
  28. Canvas Cravings
  29. Go Paint It!
  30. Painting Plus Co.

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Dynamic Paint Company Names

1. Innovative Color Creations

A business name that implies a passion for creative exploration and exceeds expectations through groundbreaking techniques and state-of-the-art solutions.

2. Dazzle Design Painters

This name inspires a sense of excitement and transformation, perfect for those who aim to astonish and leave a striking visual impact on clients’ spaces.

3. Spectrum Evolution Painting

A forward-thinking name that highlights an expert knowledge of the latest color trends and the ability to adapt seamlessly to evolving design preferences.

4. Chroma Visions

A compelling and imaginative name that evokes a sense of artistic expertise in creating customized, visionary color experiences for clients.

5. Color Fusion Dynamics

For businesses that thrive on blending modern techniques with traditional methods, this name asserts their commitment to elevating the industry with cutting-edge approaches.

6. Elite Exterior Environments

Demonstrating a passion for creating exceptional and sophisticated outdoor spaces, this name highlights a drive towards excellence and exceeding client expectations.

7. Transformative Tones

A powerful name emphasizing the impact of carefully chosen colors on the atmosphere and feel of living spaces, proving that company understands the transformative nature of its work.

8. The Creative Chromatics

A vibrant and artistic name that suggests a mastery of color theory and a deep understanding of the emotional and visual impact each color selection can create.

9. Progressive Paint Solutions

A name that communicates a strong commitment to staying current with industry advancements and delivering progressive solutions tailored to each customer’s needs.

10. Color Catalysts

For a business dedicated to sparking innovation and change through color, this name combines the essence of creativity and dynamic expression.

11. Paint Perfectionists

A name that implies precision, accuracy, and a dedication to delivering flawless results for clients who value beautiful paintwork.

This business name exudes professionalism and a commitment to providing top-quality painting services for residential and commercial spaces.

12. Pro Brush Solutions

This company name highlights efficiency and expertise in handling various types of painting projects. The “pro” aspect reflects the company’s mastery of technique and an emphasis on timely, high-quality finishes for any project.

13. Renovated Interiors

For a business that specializes in transforming outdated or dull spaces into modern, vibrant interiors, this name perfectly captures the essence of the company’s mission.

It conveys a strong passion for revitalizing living and working spaces using different colors, designs, and paint techniques.

14. Designer Finishes

This elegant name suggests that the company’s painting services advocate style, sophistication, and custom designs tailored to clients’ individual preferences.

15. Wall Magic Painters

A whimsical and creative name that captures the transformative power of exceptional paintwork. Ideal for a company that specializes in unique, one-of-a-kind painting projects that add an enchanting touch to any space.

16. Fade-Free Coating Solutions

This name emphasizes the durability and longevity of the paintwork, ensuring clients that their spaces will maintain their color and aesthetic appeal for years to come.

17. Colors of Change

A name that reflects a passionate commitment to using color as a powerful tool for making any space feel more alive and energized.

Ideal for companies that specialize in creating vibrant, uplifting environments with the help of bold color schemes and creative painting techniques.

18. Golden Touch Painting

This name emphasizes the importance of detail and quality in every project.

It suggests that each job is handled with the utmost care and attention to deliver results that exceed clients’ expectations.

19. Rainbow Colors Painting

This name is perfect for a business specializing in vibrant, colorful paintwork. It suggests a wide range of color options available to customize any space.

20. Walls Up Painting Co.

This company name implies a sense of efficiency and speed in tackling any painting project. It also highlights the company’s commitment to always delivering quality results on time.

21. Kolor Kave Paint Co.

A fun and catchy name that conveys the creativity and artistry of painting projects. It also suggests a commitment to helping clients explore their individual style and bring it into their spaces through creative color combinations.

22. Whoa Wallz Painting Co.

This eye-catching name is sure to grab attention and convey the company’s skill and expertise in creating stunning visuals.

It is perfect for a business that specializes in bold, colorful painting projects that leave a lasting impression.

23. Endless Possibilities Painting Co.

A name that reflects a company’s openness to exploring different color combinations and experimenting with unique designs.

It also conveys the message that any space can be transformed into something extraordinary through innovative painting techniques.

24. The Palette Pros

This name is perfect for a business that prides itself on its skill and expertise in color matching and selection. It conveys a commitment to finding the perfect tones and hues for any interior or exterior design project.

25. Color Core Painters

This bold name suggests that painting services go beyond just aesthetics, but are also essential to creating an emotional connection between people and their spaces.

26. Smooth Painting Solutions

This name reflects the company’s dedication to delivering flawless paintwork and providing an easy, stress-free experience for clients.

It also implies a commitment to using only high-quality tools and materials in order to ensure perfect results.

27. Aurora Painters

This creative and unique name is perfect for a business that specializes in creating vibrant, colorful interiors and exteriors.

It conveys a passion for adding life to any space with the help of bold hues and unique painting techniques.

28. Paint Kings & Queens

This name is perfect for a business specializing in transforming any space into something extraordinary. It conveys a commitment to providing high-quality paintwork and creative solutions tailored to clients’ individual needs.

29. The Brushworks

This evocative name perfectly captures the artistry and creativity of painting projects, as well as the skill and expertise needed to complete them.

It also implies a dedication to providing the highest quality work for clients.

30. The Colorists

This company name is perfect for a business that places an emphasis on color and hue selection. It suggests a deep understanding of how different colors can affect the atmosphere and feel of any space making it a true dynamic paint company name.

How to Name Your Painting Company?

How to Name Your Painting Company?

When it comes to naming your painting company, the possibilities are endless. However, here are a few tips and tricks that will help you come up with the perfect name:

Research the Market

Naming your painting company is a major decision that requires diligent research and careful consideration.

Understanding the market, analyzing your competition, and identifying consumer preferences are just a few of the important factors to consider.

To effectively name your painting company, you need to think creatively, while also keeping in mind the need for memorability, catchiness, and easy pronunciation.

A generic name won’t make much of a splash, so it’s much better to find ways to be unique, authentic, and true to your brand identity or values.

Your company name is a representation of your brand, so be prepared to make a great first impression on potential customers.

With a bit of research, creativity, and practicality, you’ll be on your way to finding the perfect name for your painting company.

Brainstorm Ideas

Brainstorming is the best way to find a great name for your painting company.

Take a few moments to jot down any ideas that come to mind, no matter how far-fetched they may seem – you never know what sparks of inspiration can ignite in those free-flowing thought processes!

You can also make use of the many online name generators or websites like us with ready made name list that are available to help you come up with creative names for your company.

If you have a hard time picking a favorite, enlist the help of family and friends who can provide fresh perspectives and valuable feedback.

Create a list of potential business names that reflect the services you offer and represent the values of your company.

Consider Your Target Audience

When it comes to naming your painting company, you need to consider the needs and preferences of your target audience.

What kind of name will appeal to them? What does their ideal brand look like? Determine what type of reputation they’re looking for in a painting service provider and make sure your company’s name reflects those values.

Think about the type of imagery your desired customer would be drawn to and choose a company name that reflects that.

For instance, if you’re targeting high-end clients, opt for something sophisticated and classy. If you’re aiming for a family-oriented audience, go with something fun and lighthearted!

Make sure your name is easily recognizable and memorable, so potential customers will be able to find you and remember your services with ease.

Avoid Clichés

Choose something unique and original instead of predictable or overused words that could put customers off.

For example, if you’re looking for a company name that incorporates the word “painting” or just “painters” too many times but don’t want to use it literally, consider other words that mean the same thing such as artist, color, or brush.

You could even opt for something completely unrelated and creative. There are many paint company names to choose from, the possibilities are endless!

Get Feedback

Choosing a paint company name for your new business can be a daunting task, but don’t go at it alone!

Seeking feedback from trusted family and friends can provide valuable insights when it comes to selecting a name that resonates with a wider audience.

Sharing your top name choices and listening to their reactions can help narrow down the list and inform your decision-making process.

It’s always a good idea to get multiple perspectives, as different people may have varying reactions and opinions.

So don’t be afraid to reach out and get feedback – it could make all the difference in finding the perfect name!

Check Availability

Once you’ve narrowed down your list of potential company names, make sure to check the availability of each option.

Make sure that the name is not already taken by another business in the same industry or field and ensure it won’t infringe on any trademarks or copyrights.

You may also want to check the domain name, social media handles and other digital marketing channels related to your chosen company name.

Don’t forget to register for a trademark or copyright protection if needed!

By following these tips, you should have no trouble creating the perfect name for your painting company. Good luck!

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