Best Conference Room Names For Indian Organization

Are you in the process of setting up a new office for your business? Naming a conference room is an important part of setting up an office for maximum efficiency and productivity.

It’s no surprise that many organizations in India are looking for creative, meaningful and culturally relevant names for their meeting spaces.

The most popular conference room names in India are inspired by Hindu gods and goddesses. These include room names such as “Vishnu”, “Shiva”, “Lakshmi”, and more.

For those wanting something less traditional, why not look at Indian cities?

Conference rooms such as “Delhi”, “Mumbai”, “Bangalore” or even animals like “Tiger” and “Elephant” can be an option too.

To help you get started, here are some of the best conference room names for Indian organizations that we have thought off.

Best Conference Room Names in India

Best Conference Room Names in India

  • Tagore Hall – in honor of Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore, one of the most respected and celebrated personalities in Indian history.
  • Gandhi Room – an inspiring name to remind everyone of the values of peace, non-violence and justice espoused by Mahatma Gandhi.
  • Shivaji Room – a tribute to the Maratha warrior king Chhatrapati Shivaji.
  • Ashoka Room – in honor of the legendary Mauryan emperor Ashoka, who spread Buddhism across India and beyond.
  • Buddha Room – to reflect the teachings of Lord Buddha, one of the most influential and inspirational figures in Indian history.
  • Hyderabad – in honor of the city in Southern India, which is known for its rich historical heritage and vibrant culture.
  • Kolkata – a tribute to the city of Calcutta, which was once the capital of British India.
  • Jaipur Meetup– in honor of the capital city of Rajasthan, known for its magnificent forts and palaces.
  • Sanchi – a tribute to the ancient Buddhist site in central India, which is home to some of the oldest monuments in Asia.
  • Chennai Confluence – in honor of the capital city of Tamil Nadu, which is known for its rich culture and vibrant music scene.
  • Bangalore Boom – a tribute to the “Silicon Valley of India”, known for its rich IT and software industry.
  • Mumbai Meetup – a tribute to the financial capital of India, which is home to some of the most iconic landmarks in the country.
  • Delhi Dialogue – a tribute to the capital city of India, which is home to some of the most important political and diplomatic institutions in the world.
  • Goa Getaway – a tribute to the beach destination of Goa, which is known for its vibrant nightlife and stunning beaches.
  • Himalayan Heights – a tribute to the magnificent mountains of India, which are home to some of the most spectacular scenery in the world.
  • Maharana Pratap Parlor – a tribute to the great Rajput king who fought against the Mughal Empire.
  • Jhansi Ki Rani Room – a tribute to the brave queen who fought against the British in the 19th century during the 1857 independence movement / Rebellion.
  • Chandragupta Chamber – a tribute to the first Mauryan emperor who unified India in the 4th century BC.
  • Unity Room – a tribute to the spirit of unity and togetherness which is so important in India.
  • Dr. Kalam’s Conclave – a tribute to the beloved former President of India, Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam, who was a great inspiration for generations of Indians.
  • Jambudvīpa – A tribute to the territory of Greater India as in Ancient Indian culture.
  • Magadha Meetup – A tribute to the most powerful of the sixteen great states ( Mahajanapadas ) in Ancient India.

Inspirational Meeting Room Names For Indian Business

  1. Unity Room
  2. Creativity Corner
  3. Teamwork Space
  4. Idea Lab
  5. Vision Point
  6. Sankalp Sabha (Resolution Room)
  7. Dream Factory
  8. Collaboration Hub
  9. Strategy Centre
  10. Innovation Station
  11. Progress Plaza
  12. Pragati Prangan (Progress Plaza)
  13. Diversity Den
  14. Network Nest
  15. Vision 2030
  16. Leadership Lounge
  17. Kalpana Kaksh (Imagination Room)
  18. Karma Corner
  19. Growth Groves
  20. Oneness Outpost
  21. Success Summit
  22. Udyam Upavan (Enterprise Garden)
  23. Entrepreneurial Express
  24. One Goal
  25. Burning Desire
  26. Nav Nirman (New Construction)
  27. Unlimited Opportunities
  28. Synergy Station
  29. Dridh Sankalp (Firm Resolve)
  30. Dreamer’s Den
  31. Pinnacle Peak
  32. Collaboration Corner
  33. Aspiration Alcove
  34. Labor Chambers
  35. Community Spot
  36. Ideation Zone

Conference Room Names in Sanskrit

  1. Arohanam ( Ascension )
  2. Vikasana ( Expansion )
  3. Anveshanam ( Exploration )
  4. Gauravam ( Pride )
  5. Prajjwalam ( Brilliance )
  6. Udyogam ( Enterprise )
  7. Adhikaram ( Solutions )
  8. Parinamam ( Transformation )
  9. Uddesham ( Aim )
  10. Samskara Sadan (House of Values)
  11. Shanti Shala (Peace Hall)
  12. Viveka Vatika (Discernment Garden)
  13. Moksha Mandir (Liberation Temple)
  14. Vidya Vihar (Knowledge Abode)
  15. Dharma Dham (Path of Righteousness)
  16. Pragati Prasthan (Progress Path)
  17. Atma Anveshak (Soul Seeker)
  18. Buddhi Bhavan (Wisdom House)
  19. Samanvaya Sabha (Harmonious Assembly)
  20. Gyan Ghar (House Of Wisdom)
  21. Yoga Yogashrama (Yogic Retreat)
  22. Vivek Sadan (Hall Of Discernment)
  23. Mangal Mandapam (Auspicious Hall)
  24. Nirvikalp Sadan (Hall Of Non-Duality)
  25. Ujjwal Sadan (Hall Of Brightness)
  26. Karma Kshetra (Field Of Action)
  27. Tapasya Sadan (Hall Of Austerity)
  28. Samarpan Sabha (Assembly Of Dedication)
  29. Chintan Chakra (Thought Circle)
  30. Satya Sangam (Truth Confluence)

Catchy Conference Room Names For Indian Business

  1. Teamwork Treehouse
  2. Strategy Sanctuary
  3. Brainstorm Bunker
  4. Chai Charcha Chamber
  5. Bengaluru Brainstorm
  6. Ranthambore Roundtable
  7. Bollywood Boardroom
  8. Darbar Dialogue
  9. Inspiration Lounge
  10. Idea Empire
  11. Gyan Ghar (House Of Wisdom)
  12. Innovators Inn
  13. Vision Valley
  14. Nirvana Nexus
  15. Dream Den
  16. Creativity Capsule
  17. Utkarsh Lounge
  18. Sankalp Square
  19. Development Center
  20. Strategy Studio
  21. Mastermind Mansion
  22. Room 284
  23. Mind Mansion
  24. Inspiration Station
  25. Jaipur Junction
  26. Rajasthan Roundtable
  27. Innovation Island
  28. Leadership Library
  29. Dream Drive
  30. Mysore Meetup
  31. Maratha Meeting Room
  32. Abhyuday Pravah ( Rise with the Flow )

Funny Conference Room Names

  1. Brain Freeze Room
  2. Couch Potato’s Corner
  3. Meeting Mayhem
  4. The Water Cooler
  5. Word Factory
  6. Ponder Palace
  7. Interactive Innards
  8. Brain Busters’ Basement
  9. The Boardwalk
  10. Battle of the Titans
  11. Pow-Wow Point
  12. High Five Hangout
  13. Dialogue Den
  14. Hogwarts Hall
  15. Jugaad Junction
  16. The Thunderdome
  17. The Upside Down
  18. The Shire Summit
  19. The Death Star Boardroom
  20. The Room Where it Happens
  21. Puzzler’s Paradise
  22. Mission Possible
  23. The War Room
  24. The Creative Cave
  25. Eureka Hall
  26. Flip Flop Forum
  27. Brainy Bytes Basement
  28. Kabaddi Kave
  29. Tuk-Tuk Talk Room
  30. Walking Dead Room

Creative Conference Room Names in India

  1. Gyan Ghar (House Of Wisdom)
  2. Udyam Upavan (Enterprise Garden)
  3. Karma Kshetra (Field Of Action)
  4. Vidya Vihar (Knowledge Abode)
  5. Moksha Mandir (Liberation Temple)
  6. Prajjwalam (Brilliance)
  7. Dharma Dham (Path of Righteousness)
  8. Drishti Sadan (Hall Of Insight)
  9. Buddhi Bhavan (Wisdom House)
  10. Atma Anveshak (Soul Seeker)
  11. Conference Construct
  12. Roundtable Retreat
  13. Leadership Lab
  14. Vibrant Valley
  15. Growth Grove
  16. Innovation Island
  17. Idea Factory
  18. Progress Plaza
  19. Unlimited Opportunities
  20. Communication Corridor
  21. Nav Nirman (New Construction)
  22. Eager Ecosystem
  23. Synergy Station
  24. Success Summit
  25. Smart Choices
  26. The Thoughtful Terrace
  27. The Idea Incubator
  28. Collaboration Hub
  29. Beyond Trust
  30. Customer Meets Company

Unique Conference Room Names Popular in India

  1. Go To Space
  2. GoSpace
  3. 91SpringBoard
  4. WeWork Daily
  5. The Unity Universe
  6. Upstart Work Life
  7. The Executive Centre
  8. WorkX Space
  9. Co-Work India
  10. My Office
  11. Launchpad Coworking
  12. The Hive Workplace
  13. India Desk Jockey
  14. Brain Candy Cafe
  15. Work Street Hub
  16. Launch Pad
  17. Main Bridge
  18. Team Territory
  19. Empower Workplace
  20. CrowdSourced Office
  21. Meeting Room A/B/C
  22. CoLoft Office Space
  23. The Network Hub
  24. The CoWorker
  25. Dojo Room
  26. Pitch Place
  27. Club Workspace
  28. Polaris Parlor
  29. Ten Forward
  30. Chamber of Understanding

Conclusion: Conference Room Names India

To end, naming a conference room is no mean feat, and one usually needs to find the perfect combination of quirkiness and agility to get the work done.

The right conference room name can set the tone for a successful meeting or gathering.

In India, there are a wide variety of names available that pay homage to the country’s rich history and culture. Whether you’re looking for something funny, catchy, inspirational, or meaningful, there is sure to be something here that will suit your needs.

From Maharana Pratap Parlor to Gyan Ghar (House Of Wisdom), these unique and creative conference room names capture the spirit of India.

So go ahead, choose the perfect name for your next meeting!

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