260 Escape Room Name Ideas That Will Make You Feel Better

If you’re looking for something new and exciting to do with your friends or family, why not try an escape room?

Not only are they fun and challenging, but they also provide a great way to bond.

Whether you want to explore the pieces of a puzzle together or test your problem-solving skills in a mysterious environment, escape rooms offer a unique and exciting way to spend time with the people you love.

And if you’re feeling creative, why not come up with an imaginative name for your escape room? Here are some of our favorites that will make your experience even more special!

Escape Room Name Ideas:

Here are some of our favorite escape room name ideas that will make you feel better:

Puzzle Panic – A perfect name for an escape room that will keep you on the edge of your seat. With challenging puzzles and brain teasers around every corner, you’ll be racing against the clock to escape before time runs out.

Secrets of the Illuminati – Players delve into the mysterious world of secret societies, solving riddles and deciphering codes to unravel the enigmatic organization’s hidden agenda and escape before they’re discovered.

The Great Escape – A classic escape room name that is sure to make your friends and family excited for the challenge. Show off your problem-solving skills as you work together to escape from this mysterious environment.

The Mystery Mansion – An intriguing escape room name that will make your friends and family feel like they are stepping into a thrilling adventure. Race against the clock to solve puzzles, find clues, and make your way out of the mansion before time runs out.

The Abduction – Put your detective skills to the test in an escape room with this exciting name. Take on the challenge of escaping from a mysterious captor and use all your problem-solving skills to make your way out.

Breakout Bonanza – A fun and exciting escape room name that will make your friends and family feel like they are in for the adventure of a lifetime. Work together to solve puzzles, find clues, and make your way out before time runs out.

Mind Maze Mayhem – A thrilling escape room name that will make your friends and family feel like they are in for something extra special. Solve the puzzles, find the clues, and make it out of the maze before time runs out!

The Clockwork Conundrum – This escape room name suggests a steampunk-inspired setting filled with intricate gears, levers, and puzzles. Players must work together to navigate the mechanical maze and uncover the secrets hidden within.

The Great Art Heist: In this escape room, players take on the roles of master thieves attempting to steal a priceless masterpiece from a heavily guarded gallery. They must outsmart security systems and solve art-related puzzles to pull off the perfect heist.

Sherlock’s Study: In this detective-themed escape room, players step into the shoes of the legendary sleuth Sherlock Holmes, using logic and deduction to solve a mysterious crime before the culprit escapes justice.

Vampire’s Lair: In this gothic escape room, players must navigate a dark and eerie castle, solving puzzles and avoiding traps set by a cunning vampire who wants to keep them as eternal prisoners.

The Wizard’s Tower: This magical escape room transports players to a fantastical realm where they must solve enchanted riddles, decipher ancient runes, and outsmart mythical creatures to escape the spellbinding tower.

The Doomsday Bunker: In this high-stakes escape room, players are locked in an underground bunker with a ticking time bomb. They must race against the clock to disarm the explosive device, solving puzzles and overcoming obstacles along the way.

No matter which of these creative escape room names you choose, you’re sure to have a memorable experience with your friends and family.

More Escape Room Name Ideas

More Escape Room Name Ideas

Clever Escape Room Names

  1. Cabinet of Curiosities
  2. The Pharaoh’s Tomb
  3. Labyrinth of Legends
  4. The Time Machine
  5. Museum of Mysteries
  6. Sorcerer’s Study
  7. Fairytale Forest
  8. Dr Jekyll’s Laboratory
  9. Soothsayer’s Sanctum
  10. Pirate Shipwreck Cove
  11. Creepy Chamber
  12. Puzzles & Clues
  13. Escape Myst
  14. IQue Manor
  15. The Diamond Heist
  16. Cursed Crypt
  17. Detective Agency
  18. Jungle Expedition
  19. Alien Space Station
  20. Toy Factory Trouble
  21. Mad Scientist Lab
  22. Wizard’s Workshop
  23. Art Gallery Adventure
  24. Royal Palace Escape
  25. Underwater Mystery
  26. Beyond the Wall
  27. Genin Got Lost
  28. Escape Code
  29. Abandon All Hope
  30. Kiddie Kana
  31. Joker Quest
  32. Room 404
  33. Cryptic Cabin
  34. Enigma Expedition
  35. Riddle Retreat
  36. Give Up!
  37. Maze Mania
  38. Game Overlord
  39. The Dungeon Dash
  40. Cabin of Clues
  41. Treasure Island
  42. Dark Dimension
  43. Halloween Horror
  44. Mind Benders Mission
  45. Haunted House Escape
  46. Secret Society Showdown
  47. Robots Revenge
  48. Tricks & Traps
  49. TNT Crypt
  50. Nuclear Bunker

Funny Escape Room Names

  1. Mirthful Mayhem
  2. Escape Clown Town
  3. Cooped Up Co-workers
  4. The Great Indoors
  5. We’re All Trapped Here!
  6. Laughter & Lockdown
  7. Chuckle Challenge
  8. No Laughing Matter
  9. Funny Farm Frenzy
  10. The Humor Room
  11. Hilarious Hideaway
  12. Puzzled Penguins’ Playground
  13. Escape Room of Doom (and Fun)
  14. My Hero Academia Mission
  15. Attack on Titan Terror
  16. Lost & Found-Laughter
  17. Giggle Galore
  18. Stuck in the Joke Factory
  19. Funny Business Breakout!
  20. Don’t Be the Last One In
  21. Clown’s Lair
  22. Naruto’s Ninjutsu Nook
  23. Konoha Escape Room
  24. Goku’s Dragonball Dungeon
  25. The Funhouse Fiasco
  26. The Silly Side Room
  27. Crazy Carnival Capers
  28. One Piece Pirate Puzzle Palace
  29. Death Note Divine Deconstruction
  30. Code Geass Cyber Challenge
  31. Frustration Factory
  32. It’s All an Illusion!
  33. Clowning Around
  34. Room of Jokes
  35. Fullmetal Alchemist Fiasco
  36. Bleach Breakout Bash
  37. Inuyasha Infiltration
  38. Bull City Escape
  39. Room Out of the Dark
  40. Escape from Tokyo Tower

Unique Escape Room Names

  1. The Tower of Terror
  2. Paranormal Panic Room
  3. The Dark Lair
  4. Galactic Gauntlet
  5. Secret Agent Mission
  6. Fortress of Fortune
  7. Operation Obfuscation
  8. Serpent’s Stronghold
  9. Mystical Mansion
  10. Cyber Security Challenge
  11. Captive Chronicles
  12. The Castle of Catastrophe
  13. Lost in Space Station
  14. Highway to Heaven
  15. The Tomb of Terror
  16. Room of the Ancients
  17. Curse of the Pharaoh
  18. The Time Warp Test
  19. Artifact Adventure
  20. Vault of Villainy
  21. The House Of Fear
  22. The Lost Pyramid
  23. Escape The Impossible
  24. Into The Abyss
  25. The Temple of Gods
  26. Race To The Finish
  27. The Interrogation Room
  28. Dying Hard Max 2
  29. Sons of Hogwarts
  30. The Vault of Mystery
  31. Deathly Dungeon
  32. Subterranean Showdown
  33. Darkness Descends
  34. Friendship Forest Fiasco
  35. Box of Death
  36. Think out Fast
  37. The Dark Circus
  38. The Lost Island
  39. The Lost City of Atlantis
  40. Forbidden Fortress
  41. Memory Maze
  42. Grim & Scary

Memorable Escape Room Names

  1. Deadly Secret
  2. Escape Lab
  3. On Our Way Out
  4. Danger Zone
  5. No Way Out
  6. Race To Escape
  7. Final Exit
  8. Running Out of Time
  9. Mission Impossible
  10. Break Free
  11. Escape Plan
  12. Fear Factor
  13. The Mud Trap
  14. True Vault
  15. Infinite Tsukuyomi ( for anime lovers )
  16. The Lost Key
  17. The Forgotten Ones
  18. Scary Bee
  19. The Hidden Eye
  20. A-1 Escape Room
  21. The Maze of Doom
  22. Endless Hallway
  23. Escape the Room with a View
  24. Lost in Time
  25. Codename Freedom
  26. Clue Quest
  27. Escape the Castle
  28. The House of Horrors
  29. Riddle Room
  30. The Den of Mystery
  31. Crazy Labyrinth
  32. Escape the Maze
  33. The Lair of Evil
  34. Time Limit Escape Room
  35. The Locked Tower
  36. Darkroom Mystery
  37. Run Away
  38. Very Scary
  39. Bull City Escape
  40. Until Dawn
  41. Escape Hunt
  42. Clue Chase
  43. Rousers Room
  44. The Escape Room X-Perience
  45. Clock Tower Chronicles
  46. The Keymaster’s Keep
  47. Timeless Temple
  48. The Cursed Castle
  49. Unlock the Room
  50. Houdini Hideaway

Cool Escape Room Name Ideas

  1. Code Breakers
  2. The Key Players
  3. Enigma Escape
  4. Secret Doors
  5. Inside Jokes and Personal
  6. The Ultimate Escape
  7. Puzzle Panic
  8. The Adventure Room
  9. The Mind Trap
  10. The Crypt Keeper
  11. Cipher Chamber
  12. Escape the Room Challenge
  13. Lost in Space Competition
  14. Time Bomb Run
  15. Mystery Mansion Mission
  16. The Great Escape Game
  17. Brain Busters
  18. Cursed Room Challenge
  19. The Gauntlet of Doom
  20. Solve the Clue
  21. Escape the Chamber
  22. X-treme Escape Room
  23. The Out of Time Challenge
  24. Breakout Breakthrough
  25. Mission Unsolvable
  26. Escape Room Boot Camp
  27. Impossible Mission
  28. Nightmare Mansion Raid
  29. The Locked Room Mystery
  30. The Impossible Puzzle
  31. Clue Seeking Adventure

Escape Room Business Names

  1. Escape Quest Games
  2. Adventure Rooms Locks
  3. Puzzles Clues Breakouts
  4. Mission Keys Codes
  5. The Mystery Mansion
  6. Game Lock Adventure
  7. Clue Puzzles Breakout
  8. Quest Missions Escape
  9. Breakout Keys Adventures
  10. The Mind Maze
  11. Code Room Quests
  12. Escape Locks Puzzles
  13. Missions Clues Keys
  14. Game Code Adventures
  15. Locks Breakout Quests
  16. The Escape Artist
  17. Puzzles Mission Escape
  18. Keys Room Codes
  19. Adventure Clue Games
  20. Houdini’s House of Escapes
  21. The Code Room
  22. Quest Locks Breakouts
  23. Codes Puzzles Missions
  24. Escape Adventures Keys
  25. The Basement
  26. The Great Escape Room
  27. Breakout Games
  28. Escapology
  29. Enigma HQ
  30. The Puzzle Parlour
  31. Crack the Code Games
  32. The Lockdown Room
  33. Escape Masters
  34. Try to Escape
  35. Time is Ticking
  36. MysteryX Games
  37. The Puzzle Palace
  38. CodesQuest Challenges
  39. Escape Room Mania!
  40. ClueCrackers

How To Pick a Name for my Escape Room Business?

Choosing a name for your escape room business is an important decision that can set the tone for your entire business.

With a thoughtful and strategic approach, you can come up with a name that captures the essence of your brand and speaks to your target audience.

Following are some tips that can help you choose the perfect name:

1. Consider Your Audience:

The name you choose for your escape room business should be memorable, catchy, and easily recognizable by your target audience.

Consider the age range, interests, and personal preferences of your ideal customer. Is there a common theme or style that resonates with them?

Think of creative and fun ways to incorporate these elements into your company name.

2. Think Beyond the Obvious:

While many escape room businesses opt for names that include words like “escape,” “adventure,” or “quest,” those terms have become quite common in the industry.

Try to think outside the box and come up with a unique name that sets your business apart.

A clever pun or play on words can be memorable and help your business stand out in a crowded marketplace.

3. Keep It Simple:

Your business name needs to be easy to pronounce, spell, and remember.

Avoid using obscure words or complicated phrases that may confuse potential customers or be difficult to find in online searches.

Aim for a name that is straightforward, easy to say, and easy to remember.

4. Check for Availability:

Before you settle on a name for your escape room business, you need to ensure that the domain name, social media handles, and trademarks are available.

A quick search on websites like GoDaddy or Namecheap can help you determine if your top name choices are available for purchase.

If your preferred name is already taken, consider adding a location or qualifier to differentiate your business.

5. Brainstorm with Your Team:

Don’t go through the process of finding the perfect name alone. Involve your team in the brainstorming process and listen to their suggestions and ideas.

They may have a different perspective that could lead to a name that better represents your brand and resonates with your customers.


In conclusion, the right escape room name can be the difference between success and failure. It should be catchy, memorable, and unique in order to draw in potential players.

With the suggested ideas above, you’ll be sure to create an unforgettable experience for your guests.

Your escape room will soon be the talk of the town, as adventurers come from far and wide to see what thrilling puzzles you have in store.

With a creative name like the ones we’ve mentioned, you won’t be disappointed with the response and satisfaction of your guests. 

Get ready to experience the rush of an escape room adventure!

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