480 Creative and Memorable Hotel Name Ideas

Every great hotel needs a great name that guests will remember. A memorable hotel name can establish your brand and help create a loyal following of guests.

A name can generate buzz, allure, and give your business the necessary branding push it needs to succeed.

As a hotel owner or operator, you want a name that is unique, catchy, and creative, but also one that reflects the theme and ambiance of your hotel.

With so many hotels out there, it can be difficult to come up with a great name that is creative, unique and memorable but not yet taken.

Fear not, for we have put together a list of 480 creative and memorable hotel name ideas that will get your creative juices flowing!

From good names for a motel to luxury hotel names ideas, funny hotel names ideas, cute hotel names ideas, and more, this article has it all.

Top Hotel Names in the USA to Get Inspired by

Top Hotel Names in the USA to Get Inspired by

Looking for a winning name for your new hotel? Take a cue from the most successful hotels and motels in the USA! Let the names of these industry leaders inspire your own hotel naming brainstorm and pave the way to success.

  1. The Little Nell
  2. Encore
  3. The Setai
  4. White Elephant
  5. The Beverly Hills
  6. Baccarat Hotel
  7. Four Seasons Hotel
  8. The Post Oak Hotel
  9. Hotel Bel-Air
  10. The Langham
  11. Boston Harbor Hotel
  12. One Ocean Resort
  13. Hotel Madera
  14. Faena Hotel Miami Beach
  15. The Peninsula Chicago
  16. Rosewood Mansion
  17. The Mark
  18. Perry Lane Hotel
  19. Hotel Emma
  20. The Lancaster
  21. Hotel Anvil
  22. CIVILIAN Hotel
  23. La Siesta Resort & Villas
  24. The Green O
  25. Viceroy Chicago
  26. Inn of the Five Graces
  27. The Lowell
  28. Holiday Inn Resort
  29. Hotel Bel-Air
  30. Coachman Hotel
  31. The Houstonian Hotel
  32. The Greenwich Hotel
  33. Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills
  34. InterContinental
  35. W New York
  36. Trump International
  37. Marriott’s Royal Palms
  38. Hyatt Regency
  39. Gaylord Texan Resort
  40. Moody Gardens

Good Names for Motels

If you’re looking for a good name for your motel, check out this list of creative and unique names perfect for any roadside retreat.

  1. Sleep Classic
  2. Lodge Haven
  3. Cozy Nights
  4. Panthera Resort
  5. Cloud 9 Motel
  6. The Backyard Inn
  7. Starry Nights
  8. The Willow Way Inn
  9. A Peaceful Place
  10. Red Brick Inn
  11. Harmony Motel
  12. Rustic Retreat
  13. Cozy Corner
  14. Safe Haven
  15. The Hideaway
  16. Sleepy Bear Motel
  17. Oasis Inn
  18. The Patrician
  19. The Comfy Coop
  20. Rock Harbor Inn
  21. Beacon Motel
  22. Motel Magic
  23. Nationwide Motel
  24. Sunrise Motel
  25. Sea Breeze Motel
  26. Cozy Inn
  27. Royal Palm Lodge
  28. Lakeside Motel
  29. Starlight Motel
  30. Moonlight Motel
  31. Quaint Motel
  32. Golden Cherry
  33. Dreamland Motel
  34. Highway Haven
  35. Serenity Stay
  36. Driftwood Motel
  37. Redwood Retreat
  38. Sunseeker Motel
  39. Evergreen Escape
  40. The Cottage

Unique Hotel Names Ideas

Looking for something a bit different and out of the ordinary? These unique hotel names ideas are just what you need to stand out from the crowd.

  1. Whispering Winds
  2. The Gentleman’s Lodge
  3. Moonlight Manor
  4. The Sunflower
  5. High Peak Resort
  6. Treetop Retreat
  7. The Enchanted Woods
  8. The Haybarn
  9. Ivory Tower Inn
  10. Icon Hotel
  11. The Serenade
  12. The Belladonna
  13. The Horizon
  14. The Lavender Field
  15. The Laurel Inn
  16. The Vintage Rose
  17. The Olde Globe
  18. The Ivy Boutique Hotel
  19. The Baron’s Palace
  20. The Antique Hotel
  21. The Minstrels Retreat
  22. Fairy Tale Palace
  23. Sapphire Splendour
  24. The Skyscraper
  25. Florence House
  26. The Soaring Star
  27. Cloud Nine Inn
  28. The Castle Hotel
  29. Zenith Resort
  30. Palace of Heaven
  31. Heavenly Hideaway
  32. Holiday Inn
  33. Orange Eye
  34. Southern Hospitality
  35. Nude Moon
  36. Chaté Lakefront
  37. Four Points
  38. Queen’s Rest
  39. Inn at the Park
  40. Sunset Lodge

Luxury Hotel Names Ideas

Set your hotel apart from the competition with these luxury hotel names ideas.

  1. Royal Palms
  2. The Majestic
  3. The Ambassador
  4. The Ritz-Carlton
  5. The Grand Hyatt
  6. The Mandarin Oriental
  7. The Four Seasons
  8. The Waldorf Astoria
  9. The Peninsula
  10. The St. Regis
  11. The Beverly Hills Hotel
  12. The Savoy
  13. The Plaza
  14. The Connaught
  15. The Dorchester
  16. The Shangri-La
  17. The Carlsbad Resort and Spa
  18. The Enchanted Garden
  19. The Grand Hotel
  20. New View
  21. Hampton Inn & Suites
  22. Homewood Suites
  23. Aloft Chicago
  24. Hotel Joy Stick
  25. Hotel Red Lions
  26. Beher Le Resorts
  27. Hotel Lemonade
  28. Bluebird Resort
  29. The Exquisite Estate
  30. Hotel Royal Resplendence
  31. Elite Enclave
  32. Sapphire Sanctuary
  33. Lavish Heights
  34. Elysian Estates Hotel
  35. The Bay Club
  36. The King’s Inn
  37. Villa Florence
  38. Sweet Bungalows
  39. The Hakka Resorts
  40. Fort Harrison

Funny Hotel Names Ideas

Sometimes a bit of humor is just the thing to put your guests in a good mood. Check out these funny hotel names ideas and get ready to start laughing!

  1. The Clueless Traveller
  2. The Departure Lounge
  3. The Sleepaway Camp
  4. No-Vacancy Inn
  5. The Slumber Shack
  6. Hotel Fiasco
  7. No-tell Motel
  8. The Sleepy Dog Inn
  9. The Nut House Hotel
  10. The Quirky Quail Inn
  11. Chez Pooch
  12. The Mango Tango Inn
  13. The Odd Duck
  14. The Raging Bull Lodge
  15. The Wacky World Hotel
  16. Hotel WhatsApp
  17. The Chill Inn
  18. Mad Hatter Hotel
  19. The Laughing Llama
  20. The Nutty Lodge
  21. Hooters Motel
  22. The Funky Cow
  23. The Sneaky Squirrel Inn
  24. The Lark’s Nest
  25. The Starlight Shuffle Inn
  26. The Grumpy Bear
  27. The Snore-fest Suites
  28. Elephant Butte Inn & Spa
  29. French Lick Resort
  30. Step Back Inn
  31. Mesa Rica
  32. Town and Country
  33. Moonlight Manor
  34. Forty Winks
  35. Zzzz’s Please Hotel
  36. Pajama Party Palace
  37. The Comfy Coffin
  38. Lazy Llama Lodge
  39. No-Tell Motel
  40. Snore & More Hotel

Cute Hotel Names Ideas

Cute and creative names are sure to draw attention and make guests smile. Here are our favorite cute hotel names ideas for your business.

  1. The Hideaway Haven
  2. The Sunshine Inn
  3. Fernwood Fort
  4. Riverbank Retreat
  5. The Garden Getaway
  6. Mountain Meadow
  7. Bubbles Inn
  8. The Home Away Hotel
  9. The Dream Catcher Resort
  10. Salty Surfers Lodge
  11. Paradise Palms
  12. Beach Bum Resort
  13. Pebble Shore Inn
  14. Treetop Treasures
  15. Butterfly Breeze Hotel
  16. The Oasis Cove
  17. Kitten Cabana
  18. The Doodlebug Inn
  19. Lovebird Lodge
  20. The Honeybee
  21. The Foal Inn
  22. Cupcake Cottage
  23. The Robin’s Nest
  24. Baby Elephant Hotel
  25. The Cozy Cafe Inn
  26. Huggable Hotel
  27. The Furry Friend Inn
  28. The Snuggly Snail
  29. The Cuddly Otter
  30. Family Fun Inn
  31. The Cuddle Hut
  32. The Snug Bug Inn
  33. The Bumblebee Hotel
  34. The Sweetheart Inn
  35. The Naptime Palace
  36. The Fuzzy Bear Inn
  37. Mushroomz
  38. Chispas de comida
  39. The Budget Inn
  40. Magnum Hotels

Creative Hotel Names Ideas

Be as creative and inventive as you can when choosing a name for your hotel. Here are some of our favorite creative hotel names ideas.

  1. The Stardust Palace
  2. Moonlight Sonata Hotel
  3. Hotel Wonderland
  4. The Library Suite
  5. The Bold and Beautiful
  6. Hotel Mirage
  7. The Artist’s Retreat
  8. Serendipity Suites
  9. The Moon Palace
  10. Quirky Hotel
  11. The Redwood Inn
  12. The Grapevine
  13. The Sugarpack
  14. The Iceberg Hotel
  15. The Lakeside Inn
  16. The Yellow Brick Road Hotel
  17. The Artisan
  18. Suprema Lodge
  19. The Pomegranate Inn
  20. The Sunflower Hotel
  21. The Bright Spot
  22. The Odyssey Inn
  23. The Salted Olive
  24. The Flourish
  25. The Shimmering Sands
  26. The Echo Hotel
  27. The Oceanview Resort & Spa
  28. The Tangerine House
  29. The Ruby Red
  30. The Coral Reef Inn
  31. The Saffron House
  32. Hotel Jolly
  33. Red Velvet
  34. Hotel Agoura
  35. 5 Star Getaway
  36. Grand Motel
  37. Lime Wood
  38. London House
  39. Your Tokyo Hotel
  40. Five Star B&B

Catchy Hotel Names Ideas

Make sure your hotel stands out by giving it a catchy name. Check out these catchy hotel names ideas to get started.

  1. Lamplighter Hotels
  2. Silkwood Suites
  3. The Nautical Miles
  4. Aurora’s Palace
  5. The Royal Flush
  6. Safari Holiday Hotel
  7. Hotel Italia
  8. Lemonade Palace
  9. Cottonwood Hotel
  10. Gingerbread Mansion
  11. The Cotton Club Inn
  12. Azura Beach Resort
  13. The Grand Plaza
  14. Highland Hideaway
  15. Passion Pit Inn
  16. Dream Castle Hotel
  17. Laguna Luxury Suites
  18. Velvet Valley Inn
  19. Gran Gala Resort
  20. Sunny Side Up Hotel
  21. Paradise Getaway Inn
  22. The Sapphire
  23. The Velvet Touch
  24. The Chromatic Hotel
  25. The Indigo Inn
  26. The Solstice Hotel
  27. The Luminescence
  28. The Mosaic Hotel
  29. The Element Hotel
  30. The Branded Boutique
  31. The Opulent
  32. The Radiant Inn
  33. The Electra
  34. The Diamond Hotel
  35. The One and Only
  36. Dreamcatcher
  37. The Opus
  38. The Crimson Collection
  39. The Starburst Hotel
  40. The Elite

Hotel Business Names

If you’re starting a hotel business, you need to come up with a memorable name that will stand out. Here are our favorite hotel business names ideas to get you started.

  1. Luxe Lodging
  2. Royal Residency
  3. The Sona Resort
  4. Home Away From Home
  5. Vacation Village
  6. Twice Happy Resorts
  7. Hotel Haven
  8. Elite Lodging
  9. Grandeur and Grace
  10. Pillar Properties
  11. Red Lion Inn
  12. Be Our Guest Motel
  13. Quick Stop
  14. Country Inn and Suites
  15. Paradise Inn
  16. Serendipity Hotels
  17. Pacific Pearl Resorts
  18. Chateau Deluxe
  19. Hotel Havana
  20. Sea Breeze Suites
  21. Golden Plume Inn
  22. The Lodge
  23. Windmill Inn
  24. Lighthouse Suites
  25. The Haven Hotel
  26. Blue Ocean Resort
  27. The Starlight Hotel
  28. The Sweet Retreat
  29. The Huntington Hotel
  30. Cape Grace
  31. Welcome Stay
  32. Budget Suites
  33. Beyond Fun
  34. Hotel Sea Crown
  35. Hotel Peach
  36. Yellow Leaf
  37. OMG Hostel
  38. Indian Zest
  39. Lime Woods
  40. The Croosroads

Best Names for Hotels

Your hotel name should be memorable so that people will remember it and return. Here are some of the best names for hotels to get you started.

  1. The Grand Tour Hotel
  2. Soaring Summit Resort
  3. The Luxe Lounge
  4. Bayside
  5. Vacation Villa Inn
  6. Paradise Palms Inn
  7. The Magnificent
  8. Hotel Fleix
  9. Zen Garden Inn
  10. Bluebird Guesthouse
  11. The Serenity Hotel
  12. The Cool Breeze Suites
  13. Pearl Hotels
  14. Hilltop Inns
  15. Lucky D’s Hostel
  16. Summit Suites
  17. The Happy Stay Inn
  18. Classic Elite
  19. Royal Stay Inns
  20. Crown Jewel Resorts
  21. Vista Hotels
  22. Signature San Francisco
  23. The Boulevard Inn
  24. Timeless Suites
  25. The Boutique at Nine Mile
  26. Stone Hedge Hotels
  27. The Vineyard Inn
  28. The Latymer
  29. The Harmonious Lodge
  30. The Tranquil Quarters
  31. The Noble Nook
  32. Malibu Motel
  33. Where Travelers Rest
  34. La Mirage
  35. Hotel Tomtit
  36. Langston Hotel
  37. Hotel Hill Crown
  38. The Red Picket
  39. Continental Hotel and Casino
  40. Qualia

Clever Hotel Name Ideas

A clever hotel name will make your business stand out and create a lasting impression. Here are some of our favorite clever hotel names ideas to get you started.

  1. The Happy Snoozer
  2. Fancy Feathers Inn
  3. The Pillow Palace
  4. Luxurious Lodgings
  5. The Cozy Cabin
  6. Tiny Town Hideaway
  7. The Dream Den
  8. Cotton Clouds Hotel
  9. Restful Retreats
  10. The Loft
  11. The Square
  12. The Source
  13. Always Welcome
  14. The Classic
  15. 19th Century Inn
  16. Honeymooner’s Paradise
  17. Cabin Retreat
  18. Vintage Inn
  19. Grove Hill Bed and Breakfast
  20. Maple Leaf Bed and Breakfast
  21. Cloud Nine Inn
  22. Birdsong
  23. The Paisley
  24. The Whiskey Jack
  25. Eden Roc
  26. The Tamarack
  27. The Pine Cone
  28. Rustic Inn
  29. The Lodgepole Pine
  30. The Aspen Chalet
  31. The Blue Spruce
  32. Anu’s Lodge
  33. Newhouse Hotel
  34. Relax Inn
  35. Hotel Happy Springs
  36. Century Hotel
  37. Quality Suites
  38. Roaming Retreat
  39. The Room with a View
  40. The Escape Artist

Guest House Names

Your guest house name should reflect your business and create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Here are some of our favorite guest house names ideas.

  1. The Blissful Retreat
  2. The Tranquil Nest
  3. The Comfort Corner
  4. The Relaxation Retreat
  5. The Haven Hideaway
  6. The Serenity Suite
  7. The Abode
  8. Peaceful Place
  9. Calm Cottage
  10. The Cozy Corner
  11. Zen House
  12. The Cozy Cabin
  13. Home Away Haven
  14. The Bliss Bungalow
  15. The Sanctuary
  16. Dreamy Dwelling
  17. Sanctuary Suites
  18. Homely Haven
  19. The Comfy Corner
  20. Dreamy Bed and Breakfast
  21. Heavenly Hideaways
  22. Gentleman’s Rest
  23. Harbor Hills
  24. The Peaceful Paradise
  25. The Edge of the Woods
  26. Escape Inn
  27. Tranquility Inn
  28. Quiet Corner Retreat
  29. Gentle Breezes
  30. Hillside Haven
  31. The Ultimate Relaxation Retreat
  32. Forest View Inn
  33. Mountain Getaway
  34. Tranquil Dreams
  35. Dream House
  36. The Serene Suite
  37. Morning Star Inn
  38. Tranquil Pines Suites
  39. Relaxation Residence
  40. The Refuge

Naming Your Hotel: Best Practices and Examples

The name of your hotel can greatly affect its success. A great hotel name should be memorable, unique, and reflect the personality and values of your brand.

To assist you in making the right choice, we’ve put together a helpful guide with tips and real-life examples on how to choose the ideal name for your hotel.

Consider Your Target Audience and Brand Identity

Before you start brainstorming names, take a step back and think about your target audience and brand identity.

Your hotel’s name should reflect your brand’s values, personality, and unique selling proposition.

For example, if you’re a luxury hotel targeting high-end travelers, your name should convey sophistication and elegance.

On the other hand, if you’re a budget-friendly hotel catering to young backpackers, your name should be fun, quirky, and catchy.

Make it Memorable

Your hotel’s name should be easy to remember and catchy, making it more likely for customers to recommend it to friends and family.

A name that is unique, easy to spell and easy to pronounce is also important. A good example is the Ritz-Carlton. The name is simple, memorable, and synonymous with luxury.

Use Descriptive Words and Phrases

When choosing a name for your hotel, it’s important to use descriptive words and phrases that accurately convey the type of experience guests can expect.

For example, if your hotel is located near the beach, consider using words like “oceanfront” or “seaside” in the name.

If your hotel offers luxury amenities, use words like “boutique” or “resort” to convey that upscale experience.

Using descriptive words and phrases not only helps potential guests understand what your hotel offers, but it also helps with search engine optimization (SEO).

Research the Market

Before naming your hotel, it is crucial to research the hotel market in your area.

Check out the names of hotels that have a similar target audience, determine what makes them unique, and come up with something that differentiates yours.

For example, if most hotels in your area have long or complicated names, consider a shorter and simpler name.

Consider SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is essential in today’s digital age. When naming your hotel, consider keywords that people would likely use to find your hotel online. This can make it easier for potential guests to find your hotel when searching for keywords online.

Check for Availability

Before settling for a name, ensure that there are no legal issues or trademark restrictions on the name.

Check trademark databases, legal directories, and domain names to ensure that the name is legally and commercially sound.


Selecting a name for your lodge, motel, or hotel can be challenging, but with the help of our list of 480 creative and memorable hotel names ideas, you are sure to discover one that will fit your business perfectly.

Depending on the type of lodging experience you want to offer, you can choose a name that is quirky, funny, cute, clever, creative, luxurious, or unique.

From cozy corner to the majestic, every name on our list has been carefully chosen to convey a particular message and evoke a specific feeling.

By carefully selecting the right name for your hotel, you can create a brand that will attract the right clientele and help your business succeed.

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