55 Enchanting Names That Mean Pearl

In the sea of names, finding the perfect one for a newborn can be as thrilling as looking for pearls in the ocean’s depths.

And speaking of pearls, isn’t there something magical about them?

Pearls, with their soft, lustrous glow, have inspired cultures and artists around the world, symbolizing purity, beauty, and wisdom.

It’s no wonder that many parents prefer names that reflect the elegance and simplicity of pearls.

Whether you’re seeking names that mean pearl or one that conjures the serene and timeless beauty of pearls, you’re about to explore an exquisite collection.

These names, shimmering with potential and meaning, are like tiny treasures waiting to be discovered.

Ready to find a name as precious and unique as a pearl for your little one?

Why Choose Names That Mean Pearl

Choosing a name like Pearl is about more than just its pretty sound. It’s packed with meaning and tradition, something a lot of people want to pass on to their loved ones.

Pearls stand for purity and innocence, just like their flawless natural beauty suggests. They’re also seen as symbols of wisdom that come with life’s experiences.

Plus, pearls have this cool vibe of being unique and rare, which is something awesome to wish for a newborn or a character in a story, right?

When you name someone Pearl, you’re basically hoping they’ll grow up to be resilient, graceful, and stand out, just like the gem has for so many years.

It’s a pretty deep and meaningful choice, connecting someone to a rich history, the wonders of nature, and a whole lot of personal significance.

Girl Names That Mean Pearl

Girl Names That Mean Pearl

  1. Annemette: A name of Danish origin, means “bitter pearl,” reflecting a unique mix of sweetness and bitterness, akin to a pearl’s journey.
  2. Daisy – Linked to Margaret through history and language, Daisy symbolizes the purity and simplicity of pearls, providing a gentle and cheerful choice.
  3. Durdana: From Arabic, meaning “single pearl.” Associated with entrepreneur and advocate for women’s empowerment, Durdana Ansari, it symbolizes strength and independence.
  4. Ghita: Rooted in Greek, the name Ghita carries the simple yet elegant meaning of “pearl.” It’s a short and sweet name that reflects the timeless beauty of pearls.
  5. Gredel: Also of Greek origin, Gredel is another name that translates to “pearl.” It shares a similar resonance with Ghita, emphasizing the classic and pure essence of the pearl.
  6. Greta – A shorter form of Margareta in several languages, Greta carries with it a strong, vintage charm. It shares the “pearl” meaning in a more succinct and powerful presentation.
  7. Gretel: This German adaptation of the name Margaret also translates to “pearl.” Gretel evokes images of traditional German folklore and carries with it a sense of heritage and timelessness.
  8. Irta: With its origins in Greek, the name Irta is an unusual yet captivating choice, referring to the precious gemstone known as the pearl. It’s a name that resonates with rarity and beauty.
  9. Jewel: As the name suggests, Jewel is evocative of all things precious and valuable, akin to the revered status of pearls. It’s a name that speaks to the inherent worth and beauty of its bearer.
  10. Jumana: With Arabic origins, Jumana is a beautiful name meaning “silver pearl.” It stands out by specifically referring to a silver pearl, emphasizing uniqueness and beauty.
  11. Margaret – A classic name with roots in Greek, meaning “pearl.” It’s a name that has stood the test of time, offering a blend of tradition and timeless elegance.
  12. Margarita – Derived from the Latin form of Margaret, Margarita is not only a name but also the Spanish word for “pearl,” evoking images of beauty and rarity.
  13. Marjorie – An English variant of Margaret, Marjorie is a name that has evolved over time but still retains the precious meaning of “pearl.” It offers a blend of vintage charm and modern appeal.
  14. Mairead – A Scottish and Irish Gaelic form of Margaret, Mairead brings a Celtic twist to the timeless value of “pearl,” honoring both heritage and beauty.
  15. Megan – A Welsh diminutive of Margaret, Megan carries the same precious meaning in a more modern package, ideal for parents looking for a blend of contemporary and classic.
  16. Pearl – Direct, simple, and beautiful, Pearl is a name that goes straight to the heart. It suits those who find beauty in simplicity and value the gemstone’s richness.
  17. Perla – The Italian and Spanish word for “pearl,” Perla is a lovely, melodious name that captures the essence of its meaning with a romantic flair.
  18. Rita – Short and sweet, Rita is derived from Margarita. It stands on its own as a name that’s both elegant and accessible, carrying the pearl meaning in a concise form.
  19. Lulu – Though it may come as a surprise to some, Lulu is an Arabic name meaning “pearl.” It offers a playful and affectionate option for a little girl.

These names, each unique in its own right, offer a connection to the beauty, purity, and elegance embodied by the pearl.

Boy Names That Mean Pearl

Looking for boy’s names that mean Pearl?

Yeah, it’s a bit tricky since pearls usually make us think of girl’s names. But, don’t worry! We’ve dug around and added some boy names to our list that are inspired by or related to pearls.

  1. Chau: With its roots deeply embedded in Vietnamese culture, this gender-neutral name translates to “pearl.” It is a symbol of purity and rarity, much like the precious gem it represents.
  2. Durmus: Originating from Turkish, this unique name means “pearl.” It’s a less common choice that offers a strong, distinctive option maintaining the pearl’s symbol of purity and value.
  3. Jauhar: Originating from the rich linguistic traditions of Arabic, the name Jauhar stands for “gem” or “pearl.” It evokes images of preciousness and the refinement of beauty.
  4. Jhinook: With its origins in the Hindi language, Jhinook signifies “sea shell” or “oyster,” objects that are often associated with the birth of pearls. This name captures the essence of nature’s ability to create beauty from simplicity.
  5. Magan: Deriving from Greek roots, Magan means “pearl.” This name reflects the timeless elegance and unparalleled beauty of pearls, which have been treasured by various cultures around the world for centuries.
  6. Margarito: A Spanish variation of Margaret, Margarito embodies the essence of “pearl” with a masculine flair. It offers a cultural depth and a connection to the gemstone that is both elegant and bold.
  7. Margus: A name of Estonian origin, Margus is derived from the Latin name Margus, a variant of Marcus or Mark but often associated with the meaning “pearl” due to its phonetic similarity to Margaret.
  8. Marvin: An English name that, though primarily associated with the sea, shares a linguistic link to the Welsh name Mervyn, meaning “sea hill.” Over time, its connection to maritime elements has allowed for a loose association with pearls.
  9. Murat: Coming from Arabic and Turkish origins, Murat signifies “wish” or “desire.” Like the coveted pearl, it represents something sought after and highly valued, embodying the allure and preciousness of pearls.
  10. Pearce: Derived from the name Piers, Pearce itself is an evolution, suggesting the purity and perfection found in pearls, with a modern twist.
  11. Pearson: An English surname that translates to “son of Piers,” it carries an indirect connection to pearls through its derivation from Peter, meaning “rock,” and symbolizes the enduring and precious nature of pearls.
  12. Peregrine: A name of Latin origin meaning “traveler” or “pilgrim.” Peregrine invokes the image of journeys across seas, akin to the pearl’s voyage from the depths of the ocean to the light of day, symbolizing beauty born from endurance.
  13. Pericles: Of Greek origin, meaning “far-famed,” Pericles carries with it a legacy of rarity and esteem, reflective of the pearl’s status among gemstones.
  14. Perlman: A name of English origin, meaning “pearl merchant.” Perlman directly links to the trade and value of pearls, symbolizing wealth, rarity, and the beauty of the pearl.
  15. Perlo: A playful, yet meaningful name, Perlo is directly inspired by the word “pearl.” It provides a modern and unique option for parents looking for a name with both character and significance.
  16. Pirl: A rare, yet charming name, Pirl is directly derived from the word “pearl,” representing the same qualities of beauty and rarity in a more succinct form.

More Names That Mean Pearl

  1. Airi: Of Japanese origin, Airi means “love, affection,” and can also be written with the characters for “pearl” (珠) and “reasoning” (理).
  2. Finnuala: An Irish name meaning “fair shoulder” or “white shoulder,” Finnuala is linked to pearls through its connection to clarity and purity.
  3. Gwendolen: A Welsh name meaning “blessed ring” or “white circle,” Gwendolen has often been associated with pearls, symbolizing the union of beauty and perfection.
  4. Hali: Originating from Old Norse, Hali translates to “hall” or “dwelling,” with connotations of shelter and protection, much like the nurturing environment in which a pearl is formed.
  5. Hessa: With its roots in Arabic, Hessa means “destiny” or “fate,” suggesting a sense of purpose and rarity similarly found in pearls.
  6. Inola: Coming from Cherokee roots, Inola signifies “black fox.” It draws inspiration from Native American cultures that hold pearls in high regard for their natural beauty and value.
  7. Manon: A French diminutive of Marie, Manon is linked to the Hebrew name Miriam, meaning “star of the sea.” Its connection to aquatic elements allows for a loose association with pearls.
  8. Mikimoto: A Japanese surname associated with the founder of cultured pearls, Mikimoto represents the innovation and beauty of pearls in modern society.
  9. Nita: With origins in Native American cultures, Nita means “bear,” an animal known for its strength and resilience, qualities that also align with pearls.
  10. Moti: With its roots in Sanskrit, Moti translates to “pearl.” It evokes images of the precious gemstone and represents the beauty and value associated with pearls.
  11. Nuri: Originating from Arabic, Nuri means “my light” or “my fire,” linking it to the glow and radiance attributed to pearls throughout history.
  12. Jinju: A Korean name meaning “pearl,” Jinju (진주) is a popular choice for its simplicity and direct association with the gemstone.
  13. Ambra: A name of Italian origin, Ambra means “amber,” a gemstone often associated with pearls for its similar color and rarity.
  14. Raine: Coming from Old French roots, Raine translates to “queen,” representing the regal status of pearls among gemstones as well as their association with beauty and elegance.
  15. Gohar: Of Persian origin, Gohar means “pearl,” directly linking it to the precious gemstone and its enduring value and beauty.
  16. Muirenn: A Celtic name meaning “sea white,” Muirenn connects to the oceanic origins of pearls and their connection to purity and perfection.
  17. Shinju: A Japanese name meaning “pearl,” Shinju (真珠) carries with it both a modern and traditional feel, making it a popular choice for parents looking for a unique yet meaningful name.
  18. Ngoc: With roots in Vietnamese, Ngoc means “precious stone” or “gem,” making it a fitting name for those looking to honor the beauty and value of pearls.
  19. Inci: A Turkish name meaning “pearl,” Inci carries both a sense of rarity and beauty, making it a timeless choice for parents seeking a meaningful name.
  20. Maris: Derived from the Latin word for “sea,” Maris represents the oceanic origins of pearls and their connection to purity and perfection.


Choosing a name is more than a mere selection; it’s a heartfelt endeavor, one that imbues your child with a legacy, a story, and an essence that they carry throughout their lives.

In the realm of pearls—a symbol of uniqueness, purity, and timeless beauty—we’ve explored a treasury of names that echo these qualities.

Whether drawn to the direct simplicity of Pearl and Perlo, the cultural depth of Margarito and Mairead, or the rare charm of Pirl and Jauhar, each name is a gem, waiting to shine through the personality and adventures of your child.

May your little pearl’s life be as radiant and precious as the name they bear.

Which will you choose?

Reflect on these options, discuss them, and when the time feels right, select a name that promises to encapsulate all the love, hope, and beauty you see in your child.

Here’s to the beginning of an extraordinary tale, penned with affection and adorned with the most exquisite name.

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