118 Baby Girl & Boy Names That Mean Bear (With Meaning)

Discover the wild, majestic world of names that mean bear!

These powerful creatures symbolize strength, courage, and leadership, influencing bear-related names across various cultures globally.

Explore names inspired by the bear’s spirit—perfect for newborns, characters in stories, or anyone intrigued by the rich symbolism of bear names.

Embark on a journey to find a name that captures the bear’s formidable yet noble essence, a moniker that is bold, beautiful, and bursting with life.

Dive into the grace of names that mean bear and find the ideal name that resonates with strength and majesty.

Baby Boy Names That Mean Bear

Baby Boy Names That Mean Bear

Adalbern – A Germanic name meaning “noble bear,” perfect for a warrior.

Airt – A stylish, four-letter Irish name that means bear, champion.

Alfbern – A magical name that blends the meanings of “elf” and “bear.”

Arcturus – Named after a bright star, it means “guardian of the bear.”

Arkos – A trendy Greek name for boys, Arkos means bear.

Art – An elegant nickname derived from Arthur or similar names, embodying upper-class charm.

Artair – A Scottish rendition of Arthur, meaning “bear,” it’s notably handsome.

Artek – A robust Polish name that translates to “bear.”

Arthmael – A majestic Welsh name, meaning “bear prince,” suited for leaders.

Arthur – A timeless name from Celtic myths, Arthur means bear.

Artturi – A Finnish variation of Arthur, shining among names with the meaning “bear.”

Ásbjǫrn – An Old Norse name meaning “divine bear,” it’s a heavenly choice.

Avonaco – A Native American name, not related to food trends, meaning “lean bear.”

Arth – Stemming from the Celtic word for “bear,” Arth signifies strength and leadership.

Arthur – With Celtic roots, this name means bear king, renowned for its heroic connotations.

Arturo – The Italian and Spanish version of Arthur, Arturo adds a Latin twist to the powerful meaning.

Barrett – A Germanic name symbolizing “bear strength,” indicative of might and endurance.

Benno – Unique and charming, Benno means “bear” and carries Teutonic heritage.

Bernard – Germanic for “strong bear,” Bernard has long been associated with distinction and courage.

Baavgai – A distinctive Mongolian name, Baavgai means bear.

Baloo – Named after the beloved bear in The Jungle Book.

Barney – Signifies “strong as a bear,” often used for fictional bear characters.

Barrett – An impactful name, Barrett fits a child with “bear-like strength.”

Bear – A charming name chosen by celebrities, perfect for little cubs.

Beowulf – A literary name meaning “bee-wolf,” symbolically referring to a “bear.”

Ber – A concise Hebrew name, Ber means bear.

Bérard – A strong French name for boys, meaning “strong, hard, bear.”

Berengar – With Germanic origins, this name means bear spear.

Bernard – A German name that translates to “bear-like, brave, hard.”

Bjarni – A modern take on Bjorn, with Old Norse roots.

Björn – A cool Swedish name that means bear.

Bjørnar – A name that combines elements meaning “bear” and “army,” embodying a warrior spirit.

Bruin – A Dutch name meaning “bear” and “brown.”

Dov – In Hebrew, Dov means bear.

Espen – Rooted in Scandinavian mythology, it means “god bear.”

Enyeto – A Native American name for one who “walks as a bear.”

Fozzie – Inspired by the Muppet known for his hat and scarf.

Freddy – Meaning “peaceful ruler,” inspired by the bear character in Five Nights at Freddy’s.

Gerben – A Dutch name meaning “spear bear.”

Hallbjörn – An Icelandic name meaning “rock bear.”

Humbert – An ancient name, combining meanings of “bear cub” and “bright.”

Humphrey – Signifies “bear cub, warrior,” and “peace.”

Jambavan – A unique name known as the king of bears in Hindu lore.

Karhu – A rustic Finnish name meaning “bear.”

Kenai – A Native American name meaning “flat lands,” popularized by Disney’s Brother Bear.

Lars – Means “crowned with laurels,” associated with The Little Polar Bear.

Mahoney – A smart surname meaning “descendant of the bear,” doubling as a cool first name.

Mathghamhain – An ancient Celtic name that translates to “bear.”

Mato – A Native American (Sioux) name meaning “bear.”

McArthur – Signifies “son of the bear,” a robust patronymic name suitable for a first name.

Mor’du – A Gaelic name meaning “giant, black,” inspired by Pixar’s Brave, perfect for a pet dog.

Nanuq – An Inuktitut name that distinctively means “polar bear.”

Orson – A name with Latin roots, meaning “bear cub,” embodies gentle strength.

Osborne – A surname that blends meanings of “god, warrior, bear,” derived from Old Norse.

Otso – A Finnish name that charmingly means bear.

Ozzy/Ozzie – Nicknames derived from Osborne, carrying a bear-like essence.

Paddington – Named after the beloved bear from British children’s stories.

Rupert – Means “bright fame,” reminiscent of a famous comic book bear.

Sooty – Named after the bear puppet star of 1940s British TV.

Ted – A cozy nickname for Theodore or Edward, evoking images of cuddly bears.

Thurburn – A unique take on Torbjörn, translating to “thunder bear.”

Torben – Combines “Thor,” the god of thunder, and “bear,” suggesting heavenly might.

Torbjörn – A powerful name meaning “thunder bear,” linked to the Norse god Thor.

Unwin – An Old English name meaning “bear cub, friend,” unique in its heritage.

Ulf – A succinct Scandinavian name meaning “wolf,” often connected with bears due to its wild connotation.

Urben – A creative name meaning “city bear.”

Urs – A concise German name meaning “bear.”

Ursel – A male variant of Ursula, translating to “bear.”

Urso – A standout among bear-related names for boys.

Uzumati – A Native American name meaning “grizzly bear.”

Vebjørn – A Norse name that carries the meanings of “home” and “bear.”

Vernados – A potent Greek name embodying “the courage of a bear.”

Vetle – A Norse name meaning “winter traveler” and “bear cub.”

Wyborn – An Old English name meaning “war bear,” indicative of a warrior’s spirit.

Woong – A compelling Korean name meaning “hero” or “bear.”

Yogi – Evokes the image of the cartoon bear or a spiritual guru.

Yona – A strong international name meaning “bear” in Native American cultures.

Yonaguska – Named after a Cherokee chief, translates to “drowning bear.”

Baby Girl Names That Mean Bear

Andarta – Inspired by a Gaulish deity, Andarta captures the majesty of the “great bear.”

Arktos – Rooted in the Greek word for bear, Arktos evokes ancient mythology and the untamed allure of nature.

Arthurine – A distinctive twist on Arthur, meaning “bear,” offering a gentler take on the traditionally masculine name.

Artio – Attributed to a Celtic bear goddess, this name holds deep spiritual significance.

Bernadette – Combining French and German origins, Bernadette signifies “bear-like bravery,” blending resilience with grace.

Mischka – Of Russian origin, “little bear,” alternatively spelled Mishka.

Nanook – Inuit for “polar bear,” Nanook symbolizes the endurance and adaptability of Arctic wildlife.

Nita – With global appeal, Nita means both “friendly” and “bear.”

Orsa – Derived from Latin for “bear,” Orsa radiates power with a distinctly feminine essence.

Orsolya – In Hungarian and Latin, it means “strong she-bear.”

Panda – A fun, bear-inspired name, Panda could serve as an endearing nickname for Pandora.

Sisire – An Akan name meaning “bear,” offering uniqueness and depth.

Ula – A variant of Ursula, this concise name carries bear symbolism in a refined manner.

Ursa – Echoing celestial constellations, Ursa connects to “bear” with a cosmic elegance.

Ursina – A graceful variation of Ursala, Ursina introduces a distinctly feminine touch.

Ursula – A Latin name for “little bear,” Ursula has charmed for ages with its strength and gentle grace.

Uschii – German for “little she-bear.”

Ursule – The French rendition of Ursula, Ursule adds a touch of Gallic sophistication.

Ursuline – An elaborate version of Ursula, Ursuline stands out for its elegance and rarity.

Urszula – The Polish version of Ursula, preserving the endearing “little bear” meaning.

Urška – A Slovene take on Ursula, offering the same “little bear” meaning with a unique cultural twist.

Yrsa – A compelling Viking name, Yrsa means “wild, she-bear,” symbolizing fierce autonomy and power.

Gender-neutral Names That Mean Bear

Gender-neutral Names That Mean Bear

Aata – A captivating, gender-neutral Maori name that signifies “bear” or “stone.”

Armel – With Welsh roots, this name translates to “bear prince,” evoking a regal and saintly aura.

Artis – A Scottish name of unisex appeal, Artis charmingly hints at “bears.”

Bernie – A versatile nickname for Bernard or Bernadette, carrying the meaning “bear” across genders.

Carmen – Symbolizing “song” or “charm,” this name gains fame from the Hulu series protagonist in The Bear.

García – A prevalent Spanish surname, García embodies youth, strength, or the essence of a “bear.”

Garsea – An intriguing alternative to García, sharing its bear-inspired significance.

Koda – Evoking companionship, Koda is a delightful name popularized by Disney’s Brother Bear.

Misha – Endearingly Russian, Misha references the beloved 1980 Moscow Olympic bear mascot.

Smokey – Named after the emblematic U.S. Forest Service figure, Smokey blends coolness with a message of safety.

Tarlo – A rare Native American name beautifully meaning “bear cub.”

Teddy – Fondly derived from Ted, Teddy evokes the warmth of cuddly teddy bears.

Wendell – Signifying “traveler,” Wendell pays homage to one of Disney’s Country Bear Jamboree stars.

Winnie – A name that whispers “fair, gentle,” reminiscent of the cherished literary character, Winnie the Pooh bear.

Yona – With roots in Native American cultures, Yona means bear for both boys and girls, offering a distinctive gender-neutral option.

Zalman – In Hebrew, Zalman translates to “peaceful bear,” conveying tranquility and strength.

Zakiya – Originating from Arabic and Swahili, Zakiya articulates “intelligence” and “bear-like,” lending an exotic touch.

Zarek – A name originating from Eastern Europe, Zarek signifies “little bear,” exuding a cute yet powerful quality.

Bottom Line!

Choosing a name for your little one is a remarkable adventure, one filled with love, dreams, and a touch of magic.

The names we’ve explored, inspired by the strength, courage, and enchantment of bears, offer a gateway to stories and legacies as diverse as the world itself.

Whether you’re drawn to the majesty of Andarta, the companionship suggested by Koda, or the gentle resilience of Ursula, each name holds a universe of possibilities.

So, take your time to discover the name that speaks to you and your family’s legacy. And remember, as with bears, there is always more than meets the eye!

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