500 Epic Game Room & Arcade Name Ideas

Are you in the process of creating a game room and looking for ideas on what to call it? You’ve come to the right place!

Choosing the right name for your game room or arcade can make a world of difference when it comes to attracting customers and standing out in a crowded marketplace.

A catchy, unique name can draw the crowds, pique their interest, and leave a lasting impression.

Here, we have compiled an epic list of 500 unique and fun game room & arcade names that are sure to capture your guests’ attention.

Whether you want something with a modern twist or all-out retro vibes from back in the day, we’ve got plenty of suggestions from which to choose.

The Importance of a Good Arcade Name

An engaging and memorable name can be a game-changer for your arcade or game room.

It serves as the first point of contact between your business and potential guests, setting the tone for the kind of gaming experience they can expect.

Furthermore, a well-chosen name can reflect the unique personality of your establishment, helping to attract the right audience and make your venue memorable.

Categories of Game Room and Arcade Names

For those looking to name their game room or arcade, there are several categories to consider.

Retro-inspired names are perfect for those looking to evoke nostalgia for the golden age of arcade games.

These names can include references to classic games, such as Pac-Man or Space Invaders. For those who want to emphasize cutting-edge technology, futuristic names can be a great option.

These names can include words like “cyber” or “neon” and give a sense of being on the forefront of gaming.

Others may prefer pun-based names that add a touch of humor, such as “Joystick and Chill” or “Press Start to Play.”

Finally, themed names that align with a specific concept or trend can be a fun and creative option.

No matter which category you choose, a great game room or arcade name can add personality and excitement to your gaming space.

Epic Game Room & Arcade Name Ideas

Epic Game Room & Arcade Name Ideas

We’ve divided our list into categories to help spark your creativity.

Retro-Inspired Arcade Names

  • Pixel Palace
  • Joystick Junction
  • NBR arcade games
  • Arcade Odyssey
  • 8-Bit Emporium
  • Token city
  • Space Invaders City
  • Blip & Blop Arcade
  • Pinball Palooza
  • Golden Age Games
  • Joypad Oasis
  • PixelTime
  • Classic Cabaret
  • Pixel Playhouse
  • Retro Rewind
  • Control Pad Conglomerate
  • Rock N’ Roll Retrocade
  • Blast from the Past Arcade
  • The Quarters Kingdom
  • Electro Playground
  • Classic Coin-Op Corner
  • Flapper’s Arcade
  • Superhero Showdown
  • 8-Bit Paradise
  • Console Cabana
  • Old-School Den
  • Pixel Pioneers
  • Pac Man Alley
  • Retro Redemption
  • Q’bert

Futuristic Game Room Names

  • Virtual Venture
  • Infinity Arcade
  • Game Galaxy
  • Cy-Plex
  • Neo-Play
  • Cyber Station
  • Retrogaming Universe
  • Hypercade
  • Mind Maze Games
  • Electronic Eden
  • High-Tech Hideaway
  • Time Warp Arcade
  • The Grid Gaming Lounge
  • Neon Nightmare Arcade
  • Future Frontier Gaming
  • Digital Dreamscape
  • Aftershock Arcade
  • Supernova Retrocade
  • Gameport Galore
  • Intergalactic Games Inc
  • Technotopia Arcade
  • E-Zone Entertainment Center
  • Prime Time Video Arcades
  • Cyberverse Gaming Lounge
  • Virtual Vanguard
  • CyberZone
  • Digital Dimension
  • Galactic Gamers
  • Infinity Zone
  • TechnoTrail Arcade

Pun-Based Arcade Names

  • Game of Cones (Icecream and games)
  • Joysticks and Stones
  • Power Up Pub
  • Flippin’ Fun
  • The Gameroom of Thrones
  • High Score Saloon
  • Pac Manic Mondays
  • Level Up Lounge
  • Pixels and Pancakes (Breakfast-themed arcade)
  • Game Over Grill
  • Game Night District
  • Space Invaders Street
  • Win Zone Winners
  • Light Speed Arcade
  • Level Head Games
  • Coin-Op Convenience
  • Console Coliseum
  • The Button Busters Basement
  • Fruit Frenzy Funhouse
  • Pixel Playzone
  • Token Time Tavern
  • Joystick Jungle
  • Video Game Village
  • Laser Lair
  • Shoot ‘Em Up Saloon
  • Neo-Game Haven
  • Quarters Courtyard
  • Hypercade Hangout
  • Joypad Junction
  • Flippin’ Fantastic Funhouse

Themed Game Room Names

  • Alien Invasion
  • Undersea Odyssey
  • Galaxy Quest Arcade
  • Space Race
  • Fantasy Fortress
  • Root beer tapper games
  • Sci-Fi Sanctuary
  • Pirate’s Cove Arcade
  • Plus sides
  • Jungle Quest Game Room
  • Superhero Headquarters
  • Retro Gaming Retreat
  • Sports Fanatic Arena
  • BlackJack Arcade
  • Mystery Manor Arcade
  • Wild West Saloon
  • Space Odyssey Arcade
  • NetArcade
  • Medieval Mayhem
  • Casino Royale Game Room
  • Underwater Adventure Arcade
  • Family Gamers
  • Anime Arcade
  • Music Mania Game Room
  • Outdoor Adventure Zone
  • No Man Game
  • Candyland Arcade
  • Hollywood Glamour Game Room
  • Carnival Extravaganza
  • Game Throne

Arcade Game Names

In addition to choosing a memorable name for your arcade or game room, you’ll also need to find the right title for each of your individual games.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Alien Invasion 3D
  • Game Man
  • Space Race 3D
  • Game series
  • Pixel Pilot VR
  • All Day Arcade
  • Superhero Showdown VR
  • Compete Fleet
  • Pinball Palooza
  • Lonely Hearts
  • Control Pad Conglomerate
  • Action Arcade
  • Rock N’ Roll Retrocade
  • Points palace
  • Classic Cabaret
  • Happycade
  • Electro Playground
  • CyberScape
  • 8-Bit Paradise
  • Speed Demon
  • Pixel Playhouse
  • Galactic Quest
  • Retro Rewind
  • Action man
  • Quarters Kingdom
  • Car n Evil
  • Token City
  • E-Quest
  • Joystick Jungle
  • Pac Man Alley

Cool Arcade Names

  • Cyber-verse Arcade
  • Joypad Oasis
  • High Score Saloon
  • Command Center Arcade
  • Electric Playground
  • Ultimate Gameroom
  • Gameon Galaxy
  • Token Time Tavern
  • Pixel Palace Arcade
  • Pinball Palace
  • Arcade Animal
  • Space Game
  • GalaxyGaming
  • Sky Arcade
  • Allstar Arcade
  • Golden Token Arcade
  • Time & Space Arcade
  • Game Planet
  • High Alert Game
  • Winner Circle
  • Paradise Arcade
  • Arcade Man
  • Empyrean
  • Fun Land
  • Galaxian Avenger
  • RetroClub
  • Grand Play Inc
  • Retro Arcade
  • Gamer World
  • TechnoCave

Best Arcade Names

  • Joyplace
  • Spirit Arcade
  • Game Set Matched
  • Wild Times Arcade
  • RetroCity
  • Victory Arcade
  • Arcade Ideas
  • Fun Centre
  • Elm Avenue Arcade
  • The Arcade
  • Gamer’s Paradise
  • The Epicenter
  • The 8-Bit Command Center
  • The Den of Games
  • The Gamer Cave
  • The Battleground
  • High Score Heaven
  • Game Hunt
  • Asteroids Arcade Games
  • New Realty Arcade
  • Throne Room Arcade
  • Arcadia
  • Arcade Villas
  • Arcade Adventure
  • Player One Palace
  • Gamer Zone
  • Silver Strike Bowling
  • Coinlette
  • Last-shorts
  • Arcade Kickoff

Famous Arcade Names

  • Dave & Buster’s
  • Chuck E Cheese’s
  • Time Out Arcade
  • Joyland Amusement Park
  • Funtown Splashtown USA
  • K1 Speed
  • Lasertron
  • Pinballz Arcade
  • Video Vortex
  • Master Blaster
  • Coin Op Cavern
  • Token Kingdom
  • Joyland Arcade
  • The Downtown
  • Glamovante
  • The Big Arcade
  • Missile Command
  • Super Score
  • The First Arcade
  • Topstreet
  • Barcade
  • Button Mash
  • Coin-Op Game Room
  • Kung Fu Saloon
  • Avengers Arcade
  • Bazarcade
  • Quarter to Play
  • Space Invader
  • Pac-Man
  • Donkey Kong Jr.

Funny Arcade Names

  • Joystick Jungle Gym
  • The Funky Dungeon
  • Button Bashers Ballroom
  • The Party Palace
  • Quarters Courtyard Cafe
  • The High Score Room
  • Pac-Manic Mondays
  • The Lounge of Fun
  • The Land of Laughter
  • The Basement of Fun
  • The Whoopee Den
  • Funky Fortress
  • Arcade Asylum
  • Nerdlantis
  • Games Grotto
  • Fun Lab
  • High Score Haven
  • The Arcade Bar
  • Grey-Cloud Arcades
  • Chop lifter
  • Game day Arcade
  • Jump high
  • Happy Gamer
  • NightHawks
  • All that you can Play
  • Game-O-Saurus
  • Chuckle Arcade
  • Punny Playland
  • Laugh Attack Arcade
  • Funhouse Frenzy

Arcade Business Names

  • Old School Amusements
  • Arcade Zing
  • Gamer’s Arcade Paradise
  • Wonder World
  • The Joy Factory
  • City Arcade
  • Pinball Palace Pro
  • Blissful Play Of Knights
  • FunForce Games
  • Game Room Mania
  • Action Arcades
  • Metropolis Gaming Centre
  • Token Town Games
  • Fun Tas Tic
  • Hypercade USA
  • Sky Town
  • Retro Fun House
  • A Maze Ing Heaven
  • Time Points
  • The Flying Orbitor
  • Backyard Scrap Ball
  • Play To Win Fortune
  • Cloud Nine Arcade
  • Game City
  • Handhelds
  • Open Game Floor
  • Arcade Escape
  • The Fun District
  • Level Up Arcade
  • Player’s Place Gaming Lounge.

Unique Arcade Names

  • Pixopolis Arcade
  • Pixel Fortress
  • GameZone Central
  • Power Play Arcade
  • Interactive Lair of Fun
  • Electronic Entertainment Emporium
  • The Arcade Hub
  • Lost in Space Arcade
  • Pinball Palace Pro
  • Gamer’s Delight
  • Fun Force Games
  • Action Arcades
  • Token Fest of Games
  • Hypercade USA
  • Joyride World
  • Power Play Club
  • The Joy Chamber
  • Gameopolis
  • Playtopia
  • Retro Rendezvous
  • Infinite Fun Zone
  • Gamers’ Haven
  • Neon Nexus
  • PowerPlay Palace
  • Virtual Vault
  • Game Changer Central
  • Coin and Joy
  • Vector Ventures
  • Gamer’s Galore
  • Arcade Adventure World.

80s Arcade Names

  • Pac-Man Palace
  • Donkey Kong Den
  • Galaga Garden
  • Mario’s Mansion
  • Space Invaders Station
  • Centipede Cave
  • Dig-Dug Dungeon
  • Berzerk Base Camp
  • Q*Bert’s Quarters
  • Frogger’s Fortress
  • Missile Command Manor
  • Burgertime Barracks
  • Joust Jungle
  • Zaxxon Zone
  • Arkanoid Abode
  • Journey Escape Estate
  • Sinistar Stronghold
  • Xevious X-perience
  • Robotron Retreat
  • Scramble Retreat
  • Tempest Tower
  • Crystal Castles Castle
  • Marble Madness Mansion
  • Kung-Fu Master’s Manor
  • Venture Vault
  • Moon Patrol Pad
  • Defender Decentral
  • Tron Arcade Tavern
  • Juno First
  • Galaxian

How to Choose the Perfect Name for Your Game Room

Choosing the perfect name for your game room or arcade is a big decision.

After all, this is how people will refer to and remember it!

Luckily, there are some simple steps you can take to help you come up with the best name possible for your establishment.

First, consider the types of games that will be available at your arcade – this will help you narrow down your list of possible names.

For example, if you plan to offer classic arcade games like Space Invaders or Pac-Man, a name such as ‘Pixel Palace’ or ‘Retro Rewind’ would be appropriate.

Next, consider the overall atmosphere and vibe of your game room – this will help inform the type of language used in the name.

For instance, something like ‘Card Shark’ could be used to emphasize a competitive atmosphere, while ‘Joystick Jungle’ could evoke more of a fun and playful feel.

Finally, make sure the name stands out from the competition – this is especially important if there are similar game rooms or arcades in your area.

Consider incorporating interesting words or phrases that grab people’s attention and make them want to visit your place.

Naming Your Game Room: Dos and Don’ts

Naming your game room can be a lot of fun, but there are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a name. Here are a few dos and donts to help you out:


  • Consider the types of games that will be available at your arcade.
  • Think about the atmosphere and vibe you are aiming for.
  • Try to make the name stand out from other game rooms or arcades in your area.


  • Don’t limit yourself to one particular type of game when you name your arcade.
  • Don’t make the name too complicated or difficult to remember.
  • Avoid names that are overly generic – try to be creative and unique!

By following these simple dos and don’ts, you can ensure that you end up with a great name for your game room or arcade. Good luck!


The value of a well-chosen name cannot be underestimated.

It can help set the tone for your establishment, attract your target audience, and make your arcade or game room a memorable destination for gamers.

We hope this list has given you plenty of inspiration. Feel free to share your favorites or your own creative ideas.

Did you find a name that resonates with your gaming vision? Do you have any epic game room or arcade name ideas of your own?

We’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment below, share this post with your fellow gaming enthusiasts, or get in touch for more game room and arcade-related advice.

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