55 Girl Names That Mean Mother

When choosing a name for your little one, it’s always special to find one with a deep and meaningful origin. One type of name that holds great significance is those that mean mother.

These names can honor the important role mothers play in our lives and serve as a reminder of the strong bond between mother and child.

Why Choose The Girl Names That Mean Mother

Choosing a girl’s name that means mother goes beyond mere aesthetics or trends.

It’s about bestowing upon your daughter a name imbued with the qualities of care, nurturing, and unconditional love—qualities universally associated with motherhood.

Such names carry with them a profound sense of warmth, protection, and resilience, promising a connection to the timeless role of mothers in nurturing life and fostering growth.

Opting for a name with such deep-rooted significance can also serve as a daily reminder of the bond shared between the child and her parents, encapsulated in the sound of her name.

Moreover, names full of cultural heritage can inspire a strong sense of identity and purpose in your daughter, reminding her of her inner strength and grace as she grows.

Girl Names That Mean Mother

Girl Names That Mean Mother

Acca – This Latin name means mother, and is also the nickname of Saint Acca, known for her compassion and kindness towards others, much like a mother’s loving nature.

Adanne – A beautiful name of African origin, Adanne means ‘her mother’s daughter’, symbolizing the strong bond between a mother and her child.

Aadya – This Indian name translates to ‘first’ or ‘original’, representing the primal mother, who is the source of all creation and life.

Aimée – While not directly meaning ‘mother’, this French name means ‘beloved’, capturing the deep affection and love that is intrinsic to motherhood.

Amma – Originating from African cultures, Amma directly translates to ‘mother’, embodying the unconditional love and nurturing essence of motherhood.

Bayarmaa – A Mongolian name meaning ‘rich mother’, Bayarmaa reflects the abundance and richness of a mother’s love, care, and sacrifices for her family.

Bestla – In Norse mythology, Bestla is the mother of Odin, representing a nurturing and wise figure who guides and supports her children in their journey.

Candace – Of Ethiopian origin, Candace means ‘queen mother’, symbolizing the strength and authority of a mother in her role as a leader and guide for her family.

Demeter – In Greek mythology, Demeter is the goddess of the harvest, who was also revered as a maternal figure. The name suggests nourishment and protection.

Dori – In Japanese, Dori means ‘child of the Earth’, representing the deep connection and nurturing love that mothers have for their children as they grow and flourish on this planet.

Ela – This Turkish name means mother earth, symbolizing the nurturing and life-giving qualities of a mother, as well as her ability to create and sustain life.

Emese – A Hungarian name meaning ‘motherly’, Emese embodies the gentle, loving and nurturing qualities of a mother’s love.

Gaia – Rooted in Greek mythology, Gaia is the personification of the Earth and mother of all life, symbolizing fertility, birth, and nurturing.

Hera – The queen of gods in Greek mythology, Hera is known for her powerful maternal instincts, fiercely protecting her children and family.

Ina – Derived from various languages such as Spanish, Swahili, and Dutch, Ina means mother or strong water, representing a mother’s strength, resilience, and protective nature.

Isis – An ancient Egyptian goddess name, Isis embodies the ideal mother, renowned for her strength, magic, and protective instincts over her son, Horus.

Lakshmi – In Hindu tradition, Lakshmi is the goddess of wealth, prosperity, and beauty, but is also regarded as a motherly figure, bringing good fortune and nurturing care to her devotees.

Maeve – In Irish mythology, Maeve is a powerful queen, known for her fierce maternal instinct and unwavering love for her children.

Medea – From Greek mythology, was a sorceress and mother, embodying maternal love’s complexities and the extents a mother can go to protect her children.

Mater – Derived from Latin, Mater means mother, representing the universal role and importance of a mother as a source of love, care, and guidance.

Mamata – A Sanskrit name meaning ‘affection’, Mamata encompasses the pure and unconditional love that a mother has for her child.

Maddalena – An Italian name derived from Magdalene, often associated with the idea of a nurturing and caring person, echoing the qualities of a mother.

Mayim – Derived from Hebrew, Mayim means ‘water’, symbolizing the life-giving properties of water and embodying the nourishing role of a mother.

Maylis – Derived from French, Maylis means mother of God, reflecting the immense love and devotion that mothers have for their children, often compared to the divine love of a deity.

Mastorava – An ancient Slavic name meaning ‘mother of the family’, Mastorava embodies the strong maternal figure who holds her family together with love, patience, and wisdom.

Mazu – Derived from Chinese mythology, Mazu is the goddess of the sea and protector of sailors, known for her compassionate and motherly nature towards those in need.

Nnenne – Of Nigerian origin, Nnenne means mother of mothers, representing the wisdom and nurturing qualities of a mother who guides and supports not only her own children, but also other mothers in their journey.

Nokhanyo – A Xhosa name meaning ‘mother of light’, Nokhanyo embodies the bright and guiding presence a mother has in her child’s life, illuminating their path with love and care.

Nana – A name with roots in many cultures, Nana means mother, reflecting the universal understanding and appreciation for the importance of maternal love and care.

Nothando – A name of African origin, Nothando means mother of love, representing the importance and impact of a mother’s unconditional love in shaping her child’s life.

Oma – In German, Oma means ‘grandmother’, symbolizing the maternal figure who provides love, support, and guidance to not only her own

Ochmaa – Derived from Mongolian, Ochmaa means mother earth, representing the deep connection and respect for nature that mothers often pass on to their children.

Panima – Of Hawaiian origin, Panima means mother of a child, reflecting the special bond between a mother and her child, and the endless love and support that she provides.

Ria – A name with roots in various cultures, Ria means ‘river’ or ‘mother of a king’, symbolizing the flow of life and growth that is nurtured by a mother’s love and guidance.

Qamaria – Derived from Arabic, Qamaria means moonlit or motherly, representing the gentle, calming presence of a mother who shines light onto her children’s lives.

Uwa – A Nigerian name meaning ‘Mother Earth’, Uwa represents the nurturing and life-giving qualities of a mother, who is often viewed as the caretaker of her family and community.

Umay – In Turkic mythology, Umay is the goddess of fertility, motherhood, and family. She embodies the nurturing and protective qualities of a mother who ensures the well-being and growth of her family.

Vira – Of Slavic origin, Vira means ‘faith’ or ‘mother of faith’, embodying the strength and resilience of a mother who instills values and beliefs in her children, guiding them towards a meaningful life.

Walda – In Germanic mythology, Walda is the goddess of fertility and protector of mothers and children, representing the natural cycle of life and the nurturing role of a mother in ensuring its continuation.

Yao – Of African origin, Yao means mother of twins, symbolizing the maternal figure who brings balance and harmony to her family, often taking on multiple roles and responsibilities with grace and love.

Zemfira – A name with Persian roots, Zemfira means mother earth, representing the nurturing qualities of a mother who provides sustenance, stability.

Unique Girl Names That Mean Mother

Aimata – Derived from Polynesian roots, Aimata significantly holds the meaning ‘eye of the mother’, symbolizing the watchful and protective nature of a mother.

Carmine – Of Italian origin, Carmine means ‘song’, symbolizing the soothing and comforting voice of a mother, reminiscent of a lullaby that calms and reassures her child.

Ema – A lesser-known variant spelling common in various cultures, Ema means mother, simplifying the universal representation of motherhood in a single, elegant name.

Felicia – Stemming from Latin, Felicia means ‘happy or fortunate’, representing the joy and blessings a mother brings to her family’s life.

Giselle – Of German origin, Giselle means ‘pledge’, symbolizing the commitment and unconditional love a mother pledges to her children throughout her life.

Liora – Derived from Hebrew, Liora means ‘my light‘, reflecting the role of a mother as a guiding light in the lives of her children, leading them with love and wisdom.

Madreina – A unique blend with origins in Romance languages, Madreina means ‘queen mother’, offering a regal and nurturing connotation.

Marisela – With Latin roots, Marisela means ‘sea of bitterness’ or ‘rebelliousness’, but in the context of motherhood, it represents the enduring strength and resilience of a mother.

Matriona – Of Russian origin, Matriona carries the meaning ‘mother’, encapsulating the traditional and loving aspects of maternal care.

Morwen – Stemming from Celtic roots, Morwen translates to ‘maiden mother’, highlighting the balance of purity and nurturing motherhood.

Mutterliebe – A German name that directly translates to ‘mother’s love’, Mutterliebe embodies the deep and unconditional affection a mother has for her child.

Svea – A name of Swedish origin, Svea means mother of the nation, symbolizing a maternal figure who embodies the spirit and nurturing qualities of a nation.

Tien – Of Vietnamese origin, Tien means ‘fairy, spirit, or angel’. It symbolizes the protective and guiding nature of a mother, akin to an angelic presence in her child’s life.


Motherhood is a universal experience that transcends cultural boundaries and languages.

These unique names reflect the diverse qualities of maternal love, strength, wisdom, and guidance that mothers provide to their children.

Each name contains a deeper meaning and symbolism that highlights the importance of motherhood in shaping individuals and communities.

As we celebrate mothers, let us also honor their role by recognizing these powerful names that represent the essence of motherhood. 

Next time you meet someone with a unique girl name, remember the deep meaning behind it and its significance in celebrating mothers everywhere.

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