250 Beautiful Scottish Girl Names and Their Meanings

If you’re on the hunt for a name that is as distinctive as it is charming, why not journey with us through the misty highlands of Scotland?

The land of brave warriors, enchanting folklore, and hauntingly beautiful landscapes, Scotland offers a wealth of elegant and unique names for girls.

These monikers, deeply rooted in Scotland’s rich history and incredible tales, offer a perfect blend of tradition and elegance.

So, whether you’re expecting a wee lass of your own, or you’re just a name enthusiast, come along!

Let’s explore the captivating world of Scottish girl names together.

Popular Scottish Girl Names

Popular Scottish Girl Names

As we delve into the realm of popular Scottish girl names, you’ll find that each carries an antiquated charm and a rich narrative.

These names, each melodious in their own right.

  • Aileen: Scottish version of Eileen, meaning ‘bright, shining light’.
  • Ailsa: Named after a Scottish island, Ailsa means ‘elf victory’.
  • Blair: Of Scottish origin, it means ‘plain, field’.
  • Bonnie: A popular name that means ‘pretty’.
  • Cait: This is the Scottish version of Catherine, meaning ‘pure’.
  • Catriona: Scottish Gaelic version of Catherine, meaning ‘pure’.
  • Davina: A feminine version of David, meaning ‘beloved’.
  • Deidre: A Scottish name meaning ‘she who chatters’.
  • Eilidh: Pronounced Ay-lee, it means ‘radiant’ or ‘beautiful’.
  • Elsie: Scottish diminutive of Elizabeth, meaning ‘pledged to God’.
  • Fergie: A Scottish name meaning ‘man of vigor’.
  • Fiona: Meaning ‘fair’ or ‘white’, this name is quite popular in Scotland and beyond.
  • Flora: It means ‘flower’ in Latin, but is very popular in Scotland.
  • Gillian: Scottish version of Julianne, meaning ‘youthful’.
  • Graeme: Traditionally a boy’s name, Graeme is now being used for girls, and means ‘gravelly homestead’.
  • Heather: Named after the plant that is widespread in Scotland.
  • Hollis: A Scottish name meaning ‘near the holly bushes’.
  • Innes: Scottish unisex name meaning ‘island’.
  • Iona: A Scottish island name, it’s gaining popularity.
  • Isla: Named after a Scottish River, Isla is a popular choice for its simplicity and elegance.
  • Jean: Scottish version of Jane, meaning ‘God is gracious’.
  • Joan: Scottish version of Jane, meaning ‘God is gracious’.
  • Kenna: A name of Scottish origin meaning ‘born of fire’.
  • Kennedy: A Scottish name meaning ‘misshapen head’.
  • Lesley: Of Scottish origin, it means ‘holly garden’.
  • Lorna: Made popular by the novel ‘Lorna Doone’, it means ‘fox’.
  • Mairi: The Scottish take on Mary, with the same meaning ‘bitter’ or ‘wished-for child’.
  • Moira: An anglicized form of Máire, it means ‘bitter’ or ‘sea of bitterness’.
  • Nairne: Pronounced Narn, it’s a Scottish place name.
  • Nessa: With origins in both Scotland and Ireland, it means ‘pure’.
  • Orla: A name with roots in Scotland and Ireland, meaning ‘golden princess’.
  • Oighrig: A traditional Scottish name meaning ‘new speckled one’.
  • Paisley: A town in Scotland as well as a popular pattern.
  • Pru: A Scottish name meaning ‘cautious’.
  • Quinn: A Scottish surname used as a first name, meaning ‘wisdom, reason’.
  • Quincy: A Scottish name meaning ‘estate of the fifth son’.
  • Rhona: Named after a northern Scottish island.
  • Rory: A Scottish name meaning ‘red king’.
  • Senga: A unique Scottish name meaning ‘slender’.
  • Shona: A Scottish name meaning ‘God’s gracious gift’.
  • Skye: Reflecting Scotland’s stunning landscapes, this name is inspired by the Isle of Skye.
  • Tara: Of Scottish origin, it means ‘hill’.
  • Teagan: Of Scottish origin, it means ‘attractive’.
  • Una: In Scottish, this name means ‘lamb’.
  • Ula: A Scottish name meaning ‘gem of the sea’.
  • Vaira: A unique Scottish name meaning ‘wisdom’.
  • Vevina: A Scottish name meaning ‘sweet lady’.
  • Willow: Named after the willow tree, it has a Scottish origin.
  • Winifred: Of Welsh and Scottish origin, it means ‘blessed peacemaking’.
  • Xandra: A Scottish name meaning ‘defender of the people’.
  • Xena: A Scottish name meaning ‘guest, stranger’.
  • Ysabel: Scottish version of Isabel, meaning ‘pledged to God’.
  • Yvonne: Of French and Scottish origin, it means ‘yew’ or ‘archer’.
  • Zara: Of Arabic and Scottish origin, it means ‘blooming flower’ or ‘God remembers’.
  • Zena: A Scottish name meaning ‘woman of Zeus’.

Traditional Scottish Girl Names

The allure of traditional Scottish girl names is in their authenticity and deep-rooted heritage.

Hailing from the enchanting lore and timeless tales of Scotland, these names are more than just mere labels; they carry a piece of the country’s history, folklore, and natural beauty.

  • Adair: A Scottish name meaning ‘oak tree ford’.
  • Alana: Scottish name meaning ‘rock’.
  • Alison: Scottish name meaning ‘noble’.
  • Ainsley: Of Scottish origin, it means ‘one’s own meadow’.
  • Blaire: Scottish name meaning ‘plain, field’.
  • Brenda: Of Scottish origin, it means ‘blade’.
  • Bryce: Of Scottish origin, it means ‘speckled’.
  • Caitlin: Scottish form of Catherine, meaning ‘pure’.
  • Cameron: A Scottish name meaning ‘crooked nose’.
  • Carrick: Scottish name meaning ‘rock’.
  • Dallas: A Scottish name meaning ‘waterfall’.
  • Dacey: A Scottish name meaning ‘southerner’.
  • Deirdre: Of Scottish origin, it means ‘sorrowful’.
  • Elspeth: Scottish form of Elizabeth, meaning ‘pledged to God’.
  • Eilidh: Scottish name meaning ‘sun, radiant, shining one’.
  • Euna: Scottish form of Una, meaning ‘lamb’.
  • Fiona: A Scottish name meaning ‘fair’.
  • Gilda: A Scottish name meaning ‘sacrifice’.
  • Greer: Scottish name meaning ‘watchful’.
  • Isobel: Scottish form of Isabel, meaning ‘pledged to God’.
  • Isolde: Of Scottish origin, it means ‘ice ruler’.
  • Kenna: Of Scottish origin, it means ‘born of fire’.
  • Kelpie: Named after a water spirit in Scottish folklore.
  • Lindsay: Scottish name meaning ‘linden tree island’.
  • Lilias: Scottish name meaning ‘lily’.
  • Makena: Of Scottish origin, it means ‘happy one’.
  • Mairead: The Gaelic form of Margaret, meaning ‘pearl’.
  • Mairi: Scottish form of Mary, meaning ‘bitter’.
  • Morven: Named after a district in Scotland, it means ‘big gap’.
  • Nan: A Scottish pet form of Ann, meaning ‘grace’.
  • Nessie: A diminutive of Agnes or Vanessa, means ‘pure’.
  • Nessa: A Scottish name meaning ‘pure’.
  • Nora: A Scottish name meaning ‘light’.
  • Peigi: A Scottish version of Margaret, meaning ‘pearl’.
  • Rhona: Named after a Scottish island.
  • Rona: Named after a Scottish island.
  • Siobhan: Scottish form of Joan, meaning ‘God is gracious’.
  • Senga: A rare Scottish name meaning ‘slender’.
  • Sorcha: Scottish name meaning ‘bright, radiant’.
  • Tavish: Scottish name meaning ‘twin’.
  • Torrance: Of Scottish origin, it means ‘from the knolls’.
  • Tavia: A Scottish name meaning ‘eighth’.
  • Una: A Scottish name meaning ‘lamb’.
  • Ula: Scottish name meaning ‘gem of the sea’.
  • Vaila: Named after an island in Shetland.
  • Vera: Of Scottish origin, it means ‘faith’.
  • Vevina: Scottish name meaning ‘sweet lady’.
  • Verina: Scottish name meaning ‘faith’.
  • Wylie: Scottish name meaning ‘tricky’.
  • Wyn: Of Scottish origin, it means ‘friend’.
  • Wylla: Of Scottish origin, it means ‘resolute protection’.
  • Wylie: Scottish name meaning ‘tricky’.
  • Wyn: Of Scottish origin, it means ‘friend’.
  • Ysabel: Scottish version of Isabel, meaning ‘pledged to God’.
  • Yvette: Of French and Scottish origin, it means ‘yew’.
  • Yvaine: Named after a character in an Arthurian legend.

Modern Scottish Girl Names

The allure of Scottish heritage is continually evolving, reflected in the modern Scottish girl names that are gaining traction today.

These names embody the timeless charm of Scotland, yet are infused with a contemporary twist, making them perfect for parents seeking a unique name with a rich backstory.

  • Adair: Meaning ‘oak tree ford’.
  • Aila: Meaning ‘from a strong place’.
  • Aileen: Meaning ‘light’.
  • Ainslee: Meaning ‘one’s own meadow’.
  • Alba: Meaning ‘Scotland’.
  • Auden: Meaning ‘old friend’.
  • Bree: Meaning ‘hill’.
  • Brianna: Meaning ‘strong’, ‘virtuous’, and ‘honorable’.
  • Blair: Meaning ‘plain, field’.
  • Bonnie: Meaning ‘pretty, attractive’.
  • Callie: Meaning ‘beautiful’.
  • Cadence: Meaning ‘flow of rhythm’.
  • Carina: Meaning ‘beloved’.
  • Carys: Meaning ‘love’.
  • Demi: Meaning ‘half’.
  • Edina: Named after the city of Edinburgh.
  • Eva: Meaning ‘life’.
  • Elspeth: A Scottish version of Elizabeth.
  • Fia: Meaning ‘dark of peace’.
  • Fay: Meaning ‘fairy’.
  • Gia: Meaning ‘God’s gracious gift’.
  • Greer: Meaning ‘watchful’.
  • Heidi: Meaning ‘of noble birth’.
  • Kenna: Meaning ‘born of fire’.
  • Kenzie: Meaning ‘fair’.
  • Kylie: Meaning ‘narrow strait’.
  • Lorna: Named after a character in a Scottish novel.
  • Lindsay: Meaning ‘linden tree island’.
  • Maisie: A pet form of Margaret, meaning ‘pearl’.
  • Megan: Meaning ‘pearl’.
  • Morven: Named after a district in Scotland.
  • Nessa: Meaning ‘pure’ or ‘holy’.
  • Nova: Meaning ‘new’.
  • Paisley: Named after a town in Scotland.
  • Piper: Meaning ‘pipe player’.
  • Quinn: Meaning ‘wisdom, reason’.
  • Rowan: Named after the rowan tree.
  • Sasha: Meaning ‘defender of mankind’.
  • Shira: Meaning ‘my song’.
  • Skye: Named after the Isle of Skye.
  • Sorcha: Meaning ‘bright, radiant’.
  • Tara: Meaning ‘hill’.
  • Teagan: Meaning ‘attractive’.
  • Uma: Meaning ‘flax’.
  • Vera: Meaning ‘faith’.
  • Willow: Named after the willow tree.
  • Xena: Meaning ‘guest, stranger’.
  • Yara: Meaning ‘seagull’.
  • Zara: Meaning ‘blooming flower’ or ‘God remembers’.

Unique Scottish Girl Names

Scotland’s rich cultural heritage comes alive in its unique names that are steeped in history, landscape, and folklore.

These distinctive names, often derived from Gaelic, Norse, or Celtic roots, make for compelling choices for parents seeking something different but meaningful.

  • Ailsa: Named after an island in the Clyde.
  • Aine: Meaning ‘radiance’.
  • Aislinn: Meaning ‘dream’.
  • Annis: Meaning ‘pure’.
  • Beatha: Meaning ‘lively one’.
  • Blair: Meaning ‘field’ or ‘plain’.
  • Bryce: Meaning ‘alert’ or ‘ambitious’.
  • Cait: Meaning ‘pure’.
  • Deòiridh: Meaning ‘pilgrim’.
  • Doileag: Meaning ‘noble’.
  • Ealasaid: Meaning ‘God is my oath’.
  • Eara: Meaning ‘from the east’.
  • Eilidh: Pronounced ‘Ay-lee’, this name means ‘sun ray’.
  • Eiric: Meaning ‘eternal ruler’.
  • Ermina: Meaning ‘pearl’.
  • Fia: Meaning ‘wild’ or ‘weaver’.
  • Flora: Meaning ‘flower’.
  • Gairia: Meaning ‘short’.
  • Gavenia: Meaning ‘white hawk’.
  • Gormlaith: Meaning ‘blue princess’.
  • Haley: Meaning ‘ingenious’.
  • Ianina: Meaning ‘God is gracious’.
  • Iona: Named after an island in the Hebrides.
  • Islay: Another name derived from a Scottish island.
  • Jaimi: Meaning ‘supplanter’.
  • Kaira: Meaning ‘dark’.
  • Keavy: Meaning ‘gentle child’.
  • Laire: Meaning ‘mare’.
  • Liusaidh: Meaning ‘graceful light’.
  • Mairearad: Meaning ‘pearl’.
  • Malina: Meaning ‘raspberry’.
  • Malvina: Meaning ‘smooth brow’.
  • Malmuira: Meaning ‘servant of the Virgin Mary’.
  • Mor: Meaning ‘great’.
  • Nessa: Meaning ‘pure’.
  • Oighrig: Meaning ‘new speckled one’.
  • Orabel: Meaning ‘beautiful seacoast’.
  • Peigi: Meaning ‘pearl’.
  • Quiana: Meaning ‘silky’.
  • Rona: Meaning ‘rough island’.
  • Senga: Meaning ‘only choice’.
  • Sorcha: This name means ‘brightness’ or ‘radiance’.
  • Tira: Meaning ‘land’.
  • Tulsa: Meaning ‘peaceful hill’.
  • Una: Meaning ‘lamb’.
  • Vevina: Meaning ‘sweet lady’.
  • Wylie: Meaning ‘beguiling’.
  • Xandria: Meaning ‘defender of mankind’.
  • Ylva: Meaning ‘wolf’.
  • Zaria: Meaning ‘princess’.

Scottish Girl Names Inspired by Famous Scots

There’s no shortage of inspiration when looking at famous Scottish women throughout history.

  • Aileen: Inspired by Aileen Paterson, beloved children’s author.
  • Alison: For Alison Watt, painter.
  • Amy: After Amy Macdonald, a successful Scottish songwriter and singer.
  • Annie: After Annie Lennox, iconic Scottish singer-songwriter.
  • Arabella: In honor of Arabella Scott, suffragette.
  • Carol: After Carol Ann Duffy, the first female Scottish poet laureate.
  • Catriona: After Catriona Matthew, professional golfer.
  • Dorothy: In honor of Dorothy Dunnett, historical novelist.
  • Edith: After Edith Bowman, radio DJ.
  • Eilidh: After Eilidh Doyle, Scottish track and field athlete.
  • Elsie: Inspired by Elsie Inglis, a notable doctor and women’s rights activist.
  • Evelyn: After Evelyn Glennie, virtuoso percussionist.
  • Eddi: Inspired by Eddi Reader, famous Scottish singer.
  • Emeli: Paying homage to the talented singer-songwriter Emeli Sandé.
  • Fiona: Named for Fiona Ritchie, broadcaster of Scottish and Celtic music.
  • Gail: For Gail Porter, television presenter.
  • Hazel: Named after Hazel Irvine, sports broadcaster.
  • Irvine: For Irvine Welsh, the Scottish female novelist.
  • Isla: For Isla Fisher, actress and author of Scottish origin.
  • Janice: In honor of Janice Galloway, novelist and writer.
  • Jean: Named after Jean Redpath, Scottish folk singer.
  • Jessie: Named for Jessie Kesson, Scottish novelist and radio playwright.
  • Joanna: For Joanna Baillie, famous Scottish poet and dramatist.
  • Judy: In honor of Judy Murray, tennis coach and mother of Andy and Jamie Murray.
  • Karine: After Karine Polwart, folk singer-songwriter.
  • Katie: In honor of Katie Archibald, Olympic track cyclist.
  • Kelly: Inspired by Kelly Macdonald, famous Scottish actress.
  • Kirsty: After Kirsty Hume, Scottish model.
  • Laura: Inspired by Laura Muir, a Scottish middle-distance runner.
  • Lesley: After Lesley Riddoch, journalist and broadcaster.
  • Lorraine: For Lorraine Kelly, television presenter.
  • Lulu: In honor of singer Lulu Kennedy-Cairns.
  • Maggie: After Dame Maggie Smith, accomplished actress born in Scotland.
  • Mairi: In honor of Mairi Chisholm, known for her bravery during World War I.
  • Moira: For Moira Shearer, notable Scottish ballerina and actress.
  • Muriel: After Muriel Spark, renowned novelist and short story writer.
  • Myra: For Myra Hess, eminent pianist.
  • Nan: For Nan Shepherd, writer and poet who appeared on Scottish banknotes.
  • Nicola: For Nicola Sturgeon, the first woman to serve as Scotland’s First Minister.
  • Rhona: After Rhona Martin, gold medal curler at the 2002 Winter Olympics.
  • Shirley: Commemorating Shirley Manson, lead vocalist of the band Garbage.
  • Sheena: After Sheena Easton, a successful Scottish singer.
  • Shona: In honor of Shona Robison, former Scottish Health Secretary.
  • Sophie: In honor of Sophie, Countess of Wessex.
  • Stella: Named after Stella Tennant, model.
  • Susan: In honor of Susan Boyle, singer who gained fame on Britain’s Got Talent.
  • Tilda: Commemorating Tilda Swinton, acclaimed actress.
  • Violet: For Violet Jacob, notable Scottish writer.
  • Irene: In honor of Irene Curie, prominent scientist and Nobel laureate.
  • Yvonne: After Yvonne Murray, Scottish middle-distance runner.

Final Thoughts!

We’ve had a grand tour through the bonny land of Scottish names, haven’t we?

From the shores of Orabel to the peaceful hills of Tulsa, there’s a world of beauty and meaning in these monikers.

And don’t forget the names are not just steeped in history, but resonate with talent and perseverance.

So, pour yourself a wee dram, put your feet up, and take your time to ponder.

Whether you’re drawn to the allure of ancient lore, the melody of the Scottish lilt, or the pluck of the heroines who’ve worn these names before, there’s a perfect Scottish gem just waiting for your girl.

Dive in, explore, and who knows? You might just discover a name that feels like it’s been yours all along.

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