240 Adorable Japanese Girl Names and Their Meanings

Japanese culture continuously inspires people worldwide with its rich history, traditions, and vibrant aesthetic.

When it comes to Japanese girl names, the meanings behind them are just as significant. The names chosen for girls in Japan often represent virtues and values rooted deep in their society.

Popular suffixes like -mi (beautiful), -ko (child), and -ka (fragrance) are commonly used in feminine names.

For example, two-syllable and short names like Mei, Rio, and Rei are can be personalized by adding suffixes -ko / -ka / -mi, creating modern names Mieko, Rioka, and Reimi with no historical ties.

What’s more, kanji characters can be combined in creative ways to make truly one-of-a-kind names.

While traditional names like Sakura and Hana continue to be popular, modern twists like adding contemporary suffixes to classic names have become trendy.

Whether you’re searching for a classic name or a name to suit today’s world trends, our comprehensive guide to 240 cute Japanese girl names has got you covered!

Top 100 Japanese Girl Names and Meanings

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Top 100 Japanese Girl Names and Meanings

Now, let’s talk about what’s fascinating in the ‘Japan-name-land’. Here are the top 100 Japanese girl names with their meanings:

Ai (あい)

Meaning: “love” or “affection”

Aiko (あいこ)

Meaning: “love child” or “beloved child”

Aimi (あいみ)

Meaning: “love beauty”

Airi (あいり)

Meaning: “love jasmine” or “affectionate truth”

Akemi (あけみ)

Meaning: “bright beauty”

Akiko (あきこ)

Meaning: “bright, beautiful child”

Amaya (あまや)

Meaning: “night rain”

Aoi (あおい)

Meaning: “hollyhock, althea”

Asuka (あすか)

Meaning: “tomorrow fragrance”

Asami (あさみ)

Meaning: “morning beauty” or “beautiful morning”

Arisa (ありさ)

Meaning: “there is sand”

Ayaka (あやか)

Meaning: “colorful flower”

Bunko (ぶんこ)

Meaning: “literacy child” or “child of literature”

Bambi (ばんび)

Meaning: “young girl” or “child”

Bisei (びせい)

Meaning: “beautiful star”

BiBi (びび)

Meaning: “beautiful doll” or “beautiful princess”

Bemi (べみ)

Meaning: “beautiful eyes”

Chika (ちか)

Meaning: “scatter flowers”

Chiaki (ちあき)

Meaning: “very fine in autumn”

Chinatsu (ちなつ)

Meaning: “thousand summers”

Chiyo (ちよ)

Meaning: “thousand generations”

Emi (えみ)

Meaning: “blessed with beauty”

Emiko (えみこ)

Meaning: “smiling child” or “blessed with beauty”

Eri (えり)

Meaning:  “blessed prize” or “beautiful reason”

Etsuko (えつこ)

Meaning: “joyful child”

Fuka (ふか)

Meaning: “deep blue”

Fuko (ふこ)

Meaning: “child of good fortune”

Fumi (ふみ)

Meaning: “history” or “beautiful story”

Hana (はな)

Meaning: “flower” or “brilliant and beautiful”

Haru (はる)

Meaning: “spring” or “clear weather”

Hikari (ひかり)

Meaning: “light” or “radiant energy”

Hikaru (ひかる)

Meaning: “shining”

Hanae (はなえ)

Meaning: “blossom”

Harumi (はるみ)

Meaning: “spring beauty”

Haruko (はるこ)

Meaning: “spring child”

Hiroko (ひろこ)

Meaning: “generous child” or “prosperous child”

Hoshi (ほし)

Meaning: “star” or “beautiful starlight”

Iori (いおり)

Meaning: “colorful” or “flower village”   

Izumi (いずみ)

Meaning: “fountain” or “beautiful spring”  

Izanami (いざなみ)

Meaning: “she who invites”               

Junko (じゅんこ)

Meaning: “pure, obedient child”

Kaida (かいだ)

Meaning: “little dragon”

Kameko (かめこ)

Meaning: “turtle child”

Kichiro (きちろ)

Meaning: “lucky son”

Kimi (きみ)

Meaning: “noble”

Kioko (きおこ)

Meaning: “meets the world with happiness”

Kana (かな)

Meaning: “beautiful flower” or “powerful love”

Kanae (かなえ)

Meaning: “seedling”

Kaori (かおり)

Meaning: “fragrance” or “beautiful fragrance”

Kiko (きこ)

Meaning: “hope” or “beautiful future”

Kimiko (きみこ)

Meaning: “rare beauty” or “noble child”

Kokoro (こころ)

Meaning: “heart” or “soul”

Kumiko (くみこ)

Meaning: “beautiful companion” or “long-time beautiful girl”

Kyoko (きょうこ)

Meaning: “respectful child” or “pure and clear

Maeko (まえこ)

Meaning: “honest child” or “beautiful blessing”

Mami (まみ)

Meaning: “true beauty”

Mana (まな)

Meaning: “true love” or “beautiful truth”

Megumi (めぐみ)

Meaning: “blessing”

Mei (めい)

Meaning: “beautiful” or “gorgeous”

Miho (みほ)

Meaning: “protected, guaranteed beauty”

Miki (みき)

Meaning: “beautiful princess” or “beautiful hope”

Miya (みや)

Meaning: “three arrows”

Miyako (みやこ)

Meaning: “beautiful night child”

Nami (なみ)

Meaning: “wave” or “beautiful wave”

Nanami (ななみ)

Meaning: “seven seas” or “beautiful seven”

Naoko (なおこ)

Meaning: “honest child” or “beautiful honesty”

Noa (のあ)

Meaning: “my love” or “affectionate flower”

Nori (のり)

Meaning: “seaweed”

Noriko (のりこ)

Meaning: “lawful child”

Oriko (おりこ)

Meaning: “weaving child” or “beautiful origami”

Rei (れい)

Meaning: “lovely” or “charming beauty”

Ren (れん)

Meaning: “water lily”

Reina (れいな)

Meaning: “pure, clean”

Rika (りか)

Meaning: “fragrant pear”

Riko (りこ)

Meaning: “child of truth” or “beautiful child”

Rina (りな)

Meaning: “white jasmine” or “beautiful jasmine”

Ryoko (りょこ)

Meaning: “refreshing child” or “beautiful journey”

Sachi (さち)

Meaning: “bliss”

Sakiko (さきこ)

Meaning: “blossoming child”

Sakura (さくら)

Meaning: “cherry blossom” or “beautiful cherry blossom”

Sana (さな)

Meaning: “blossom” or “beautiful bloom”

Sato (さと)

Meaning: “sugar”

Shika (しか)

Meaning: “deer”

Suki (すき)

Meaning: “beloved” or “charming”

Takara (たから)

Meaning: “treasure”

Tami (たみ)

Meaning: “beautiful people” or “kind people”

Teruko (てるこ)

Meaning: “shining child”

Tomoko (ともこ)

Meaning: “knowing child”

Toshiko (としこ)

Meaning: “clever child”

Umi (うみ)

Meaning: “ocean” or “beautiful sea”

Umeko (うめこ)

Meaning: “plum child”

Yoko (よこ)

Meaning: “sun child” or “ocean child”

Yua (ゆあ)

Meaning: “gentle love” or “tender flower”

Yui (ゆい)

Meaning: “bind” or “beautiful unity”

Yuri (ゆり)

Meaning: “lily” or “beautiful flower”

Yuriko (ゆりこ)

Meaning: “lily child”

Yuka (ゆか)

Meaning: “gentle flower”

Yumi (ゆみ)

Meaning: “beautiful truth” or “beautiful dream”

Zuki (ずき)

Meaning: “moon” or “beautiful moonlight”

Zumi (ずみ)

Meaning: “pure” or “beautifully pure”

Strong and Powerful Japanese Girl Names

Looking for a name that exudes strength and power? These Japanese girl names are just what you need:

  • Akio – “bright man”
  • Doi – “mountain or earth”
  • Eiko – “prosperous child”
  • Fujiko – “child of the wisteria”
  • Haru – “sunlight”
  • Hoshi – “star”
  • Izumi – “spring, fountain”
  • Juro – “tenth son”
  • Kagami – “mirror”
  • Kana – “mighty”
  • Keiko – “blessed child” or “respectful child”
  • Maki – “true hope”
  • Nami – “wave”
  • Osamu – “discipline, study”
  • Rei – “bell”
  • Rin – “dignified”
  • Sora – “sky”
  • Taki – “waterfall”
  • Tomiko – “child of wealth, wealth”
  • Uta – “song”
  • Yori – “trust”
  • Yumi – “reason, cause”
  • Zen – “type of Buddhism”
  • Zumi – “pure, beautiful purity”

Unique Japanese Girl Names

If you want to stand out and have a truly unique name, check out these creative Japanese girl names:

  • Aiko – “love, affection + child”
  • Aimi – “love, affection + beautiful”
  • Ayame – “iris”
  • Aya – “color, design”
  • Ayu – “beautiful”
  • Etsu – “delight, joy”
  • Hisa – “long-lasting”
  • Isoka – “beach, shore”
  • Kaida – “little dragon”
  • Kiku – “chrysanthemum”
  • Kiyo – “pure”
  • Kiyoko – “pure child”
  • Koto – “harp”
  • Mari – “true village”
  • Mayu – “true gentleness”
  • Mika – “beautiful fragrance”
  • Mitsu – “honey”
  • Moe – “sprouting”
  • Miwa – “beautiful harmony, peace”
  • Nao – “honest”
  • Rumi – “beauty, flow, lapis lazuli”
  • Saki – “blossom of hope”
  • Sayu – “small, night”
  • Yoko – “horizontal”
  • Yorie – “dependence, reliance”
  • Yume – “dream”
  • Yumeko – “dream child”
  • Yuki – “snow”

Japanese Girl Names Meaning – Dark, Moon, Warrior, Sweet, Luck, Magic etc.

Looking for a name with a specific meaning? Here are some popular themes and Japanese girl names associated with them:

  • Dark: Kurai, Yami, Kuroi
  • Moon: Tsuki, Kaguya, Mika
  • Warrior: Akira, Chiyoko, Emiko
  • Sweet: Amane, Mai, Nao
  • Luck: Akari, Eiko, Sachi
  • Magic: Aria, Maho, Rina
  • Light: Hikari, Akari, Yumeko
  • Flower: Sakura, Ayame, Yuriko
  • Sea: Umi, Nami, Mio
  • Love: Aiko, Miho, Ai
  • Strength: Isamu, Tsuyoshi, Takeo
  • Beauty: Miyo, Kiyomi, Yumi
  • Rain: Ame, Amaya, Miki
  • Bird: Tori, Asuka, Suzume
  • Wind: Kaze, Kazuko, Fuu
  • Star: Hoshi, Aiko, Stella
  • Fire: Hinote, Hino, Kaen
  • Earth: Tsuchi, Chi, Terra
  • Joy: Haru, Nao, Etsu
  • Dream: Yume, Yumeko, Miki
  • Nature: Midori, Shizen, Sora
  • Spirit: Rei, Yurei, Kokoro
  • Peace: Heiwa, Yasu, Kazuko
  • Sky: Sora, Aozora, Sorako
  • Harmony: Ai, Mika, Chou
  • Hope: Kibo, Nozomi, Miki
  • Time: Toki, Jikan, Itsuki
  • Wisdom: Chie, Chiyo, Tomoko
  • Courage: Yuuki, Isamu, Miki
  • Life: Seimei, Inochi, Ikigai
  • Soul: Tamashii, Kokoro, Rei.

All Other Japanese Girl Names

Still haven’t found the perfect name? Don’t worry, we have a plethora of more options for you to choose from.

Here are additional Japanese girl names and their meanings:

  • Ayane – Colorful sound
  • Chieko – Child of intelligence
  • Eriko – Prosperous child
  • Fumiko – Child of abundant beauty
  • Harumi – Springtime beauty
  • Hiroko – Child of tolerance
  • Itsuko – Child of courage
  • Jun – Obedient, truthful
  • Kanako – Child of fragrance
  • Kiyomi – Pure beauty
  • Maho – True jewel
  • Masami – Elegant beauty
  • Narumi – Beautiful wave
  • Nobuko – Faithful child
  • Riko – Child of truth
  • Sachiko – Child of happiness
  • Sumiko – Child of clarity
  • Toshiko – Clever child
  • Yasuko – Child of peace
  • Akemi – Bright, beautiful
  • Chiyoko – Child of a thousand generations
  • Emi – Beautiful blessing
  • Fujiko – Wisteria child
  • Hiroshi – Generous, prosperous
  • Izumi – Fountain, spring
  • Junko – Pure, genuine
  • Kaori – Fragrance
  • Kyo – Cooperation, capital
  • Masako – Elegant, refined
  • Natsuki – Summer hope
  • Nori – Belief, rule
  • Ritsuko – Child of righteousness
  • Saori – Elegant, charming
  • Takako – Noble child
  • Yoshiko – Child of good fortune
  • Aoi – Hollyhock
  • Chisato – Thousand villages
  • Etsuko – Child of joy
  • Fuyuko – Winter child
  • Hinako – Sunny child
  • Izuko – Spring child
  • Kaede – Maple leaf
  • Kumiko – Companion child
  • Misato – Beautiful village
  • Nao – Honest, straightforward
  • Noshi – Child of tradition
  • Rumi – Beautiful lapis lazuli
  • Sayuri – Small lily
  • Tamiko – Child of many beauties
  • Yuina – Bind together, vegetables
  • Asuka – Fragrance, tomorrow
  • Chiyo – One thousand generations
  • Fumika – Fragrance, flower
  • Hana – Flower
  • Izanami – Female who invites
  • Kei – Reverence, respect
  • Kurea – Clear, pure
  • Miu – Beautiful feather
  • Nozomi – Wish, hope
  • Otsu – Ninth
  • Sakura – Cherry blossom
  • Setsuko – Child of purity
  • Tomoe – Circle, spirit, kindness
  • Yui – Bind together, tie
  • Ayumi – Step, walk
  • Cho – Butterfly
  • Fuyumi – Winter fruit
  • Hanako – Flower child
  • Izumi – Spring, fountain
  • Keiko – Blessed child
  • Kumi – Long-time beautiful
  • Miyuki – Deep snow
  • Oka – Hill, ridge
  • Sayo – Evening, world
  • Shoko – Auspicious, child
  • Tsubaki – Camellia flower
  • Ema – Whole, universal
  • Naomi – pleasant, gentle
  • Himari – sunshine
  • Tsumugi – pongee
  • Masuyo – Benefit
  • Tsubame – swallow / bird
  • Yaeko – Child

Bottom Line!

Well, there you have it, folks!

We’ve just taken an exciting journey through the lush and captivating world of Japanese girl names.

From “Ayane” meaning Colorful Sound, capturing the beauty of diversity and resonance, to “Yasuko” meaning Child of Peace, embodying tranquility and harmony.

Or whether you’re in love with the image of a tender “Sayuri” (Small Lily) blooming under the spring sun, or captivated by the depth of “Chieko” (Child of Intelligence), the world of Japanese girl names has something for everyone.

What’s incredible about these names is how each one tells a story and paints a picture.

In the end, remember it’s all about finding that name that hits the right notes in your heartstrings.

After all, your little one deserves a name as unique and wonderful as she is going to be.

So, go ahead, and imbue your love and dreams into her name.

Happy Naming, everyone!

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